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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

on 19 July 2014
Fantastic game! Great adventure, interesting storyline, very good role-playing elements. Must have for Wii (and Wii U) owners.
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on 27 November 2014
One of the best games for the Wii and a define must have for fans of RPGs!

Xenoblade Chronicles is a beautiful, deep and satisfying game in so many ways with so much to do that you will find yourself playing for many hours. If I was going to write a full review for this game I would need a lot of time and possibly a small book to cover it all; there is so much to love about it.
For a modern RPG it doesn't suffer from the issues you tend to find in other RPGs, and the design is very helpful (like having story memos, the ability to look up tutorials whenever you need to, sorting systems for quests and so on).
Not to mention, it has great voice acting by British people (something I was really glad about, since so many games tend to have American voice actors. Not that there's a problem with that mind you; it's just refreshing to have a game with different accents in).
The characters are wonderful and have a wide range of personalities as well.
The soundtrack is amazing, and in my opinion is one of the best soundtracks in video games.
As for graphics, they look good. Being on the Wii you shouldn't expect too much from a technology stand point. That said, how the game looks aesthetically and how well it is presented is outstanding. The colours and design more than make up for the lack of resolution (people get too stuck on everything being 1080p and super detailed these days that they seem to look past the more important aspects of a game, like gameplay, stability (bugs, glitches) and design.)

In short, if you look past the somewhat lower resolution you will find a beautiful game which is more than worth the higher price of most other games (though do be sure to shop around for the best deal you can find).
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on 13 May 2012
I'm not gonna go on and on about the storyline, characters or gameplay; you can read one of the countless professional reviews for that. All you really need to know is that, as a big fan of JRPGs, this really hit all the right buttons for me. Plus, it's nice to hear a largely non-American voice cast in a game for once. Nintendo really surprised me, in a good way, by giving this title such a big marketing push, as it would probably have flown straight under the radar, otherwise. So, mega-kudos all 'round!

The Classic Controller Pro is great. For one thing, this is the only way to get one in red, which is especially important if you have one of the limited edition Mario Wiis. And, Xenoblade really isn't made for the standard remote controls, anyway. There is one nitpick, though: the CCP feels slightly lightweight and doesn't have built-in vibration. Also, it isn't quite as comfortable as a GameCube controller (but then, what is?), but it's still very good.

In conclusion, this package is highly recommended. I'd say £40-50 would be a reasonable price, £60 maximum, though, unless money is no object.
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on 20 August 2016
Arguably the best wii rpg game.

The story is really good and although Japanese rpgs are notorious for their cliches and tropes, this one somehow manages to distinguish itself and to appear fresh.

The graphics: while not HD, they are still impressive for a wii game probably because of this game came very late it the wii's life cycle and because of the excellence of the developers. The environments look so expansive and captivating. On the other hand, the characters' face models are not on par with the environments and they look 'washed out.'

Gameplay: it is an action rpg but battles play like mmo's and you upgrade your abilities as you defeat more enemies and collect equipment from monsters in the form of loot. To be honest the battle system is not this game's strong point, but is alright nonetheless. There are too many quests in this game. While they are optional, doing all of them is probably beyond the capability of normal humans, so if you don't want to feel burnt out, do not try to do all of them despite the amazing rewards for some of them.

Music: amazing soundtrack. Each area has its own theme which is both memorable and suitable to it.

In summary, although the story and characters are this game's strong point, everything else contributes organically to forming a very memorable strong experience despite the small nitpicks I mentioned earlier. However, if you don't have 100 hours plus to immerse yourself in this game, I still hope you can manage somehow at some point not to miss out on this gem.
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on 18 April 2014
Firstly let me say that I love the genre Jrpg. As a kid I grew up loving FFVII and FFVIII, Suikoden I & II, legend of dragoon etc. during the PS2 generation I liked shadow hearts probably the best. All this recent tales of franchise I really can't stand. This animation graphics really it's to cutesy I just want to vomit, grab a hammer and bash the game in...

FINALLY a game with decent 3d graphics that is good to the eye. This is a game that can be played and enjoyed for older gamers and lovers of the classic FF throwbacks. The gameplay is great, with the exception of the camera angle going a bit funny from time to time. The story is brilliant really drives the game and makes you want to play on.

There are SO MANY hundreds of side quests SO SO.... SO many. Oh my son of ned stark there's so much additional content. A lot of it is good and it has it's purpose but a lot of it is totally optional. If you are enjoying the game it is a way of making your experience last longer. I found it frustrating at times as the days in the game are a 24 hour cycle and characters in the towns and cities come out mostly either at day or a night at specified times. Some quests test your patience so I suggest if you start to feel angry that you complete a quest and then are offered three more from the same character you swiftly just continue with the main story and either come back to the side quests later or give them the middle finger and no happy ending. The hours of gameplay you can get out of this is 80-200hours. That's just epic. This game is surely one of the best of the Wii.

The controller this set comes with does the job it's the best one out there to play the game with. The box of this edition is pretty cheap to be honest and there's nothing really else of interest included. The game and manual are 'marked' making them pretty ugly if kept out the box, which is a shame. Much like if you were to buy a can of coke cola then then a multipack can this can will be labeled with this eye sore infection. Battles in the game are for the most part optional and you can teleport back and forth between sites you have previously visited and switch between day and night taking away some of the arduous tasks of walking between points and avoiding easy monsters which are just a waste of time to battle.

Overall this game gets a solid 9/10 - inventory system could be better that's all I would change and I would maybe give less quests out but as a say this is purely optional for the most part but if you are a perfectionist this game will leave you with a lot of headaches wanting you overcome all the content!
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on 31 August 2011
With the Wii on its final big year, not many big titles have been appearing on the system. That is until now. Xenoblade Chronicles by Monolith Soft comes over from Japan translated into English by Nintendo of Europe. This is hands down the greatest J-RPG to be released in a decade and the best RPG to ever hit the Wii.

The story in this game is quite hard to explain in a review since the main purpose of the plot is a big spoiler that happens in the first hour that you may never see coming. But what I can say is that the story in this game is truly epic in every sense of the word. I've ever seen so much action in a RPG story like this before. It's paced extremely well. The characters in the game are very likeable and each has their own unique quality to them. This is one of the best stories in a RPG I've seen in a very long time.

The gameplay in Xenoblade Chronicles is excellent. As you would expect from a RPG, you have many lands to explore, side quests to take part in and battle monsters of all kinds of sizes. When you start the game you're treated to an epic cutscene and then immediately put into the games battle system. It may look complex at first but the battle system in this game is well executed and simple to use. There are plenty of tutorials on how to use the battle system which are explained very well. Your characters attack automatically when close to an enemy but you can freely move around and also use various arts that will have different effects to damage enemies with. There are no random encounters in the game. You can target an enemy and start a battle within your own time. Some enemies later on will want to attack you first if close to them. What makes this battle system so great is that it doesn't force you into battle and it's very in depth while simple to get a grasp with. It's the best battle system I've played in a RPG.

Exploring the lands in this game is a sight to behold. The lands are absolutely humongous and there is so much to explore. There are items to find, new landmarks to discover, creatures that roam the lands, weather that changes as time goes along special heart to heart moments that will improve the friendships your characters share which will improve them in combat. Not only is this one of the biggest gaming worlds I've seen in a RPG, it has the best draw distance I've seen on the Wii. You can see for miles from high places. It's also one of the most creative worlds I've seen in a RPG.

The controls feel great and are very easy to get into. The game is played best with the classic controller pro or there is the option of Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

The graphics are the best the Wii has ever had. The lands look gorgeous, the character models look great and the draw distance is amazing. Besides the characters faces looking the weakest part of the graphics, they still hold up well with the rest of the game.

The soundtrack, what can I say? It's just outstanding. The music is beautiful, peaceful, upbeat and very epic. The first time you reach the area Bionis Leg after the first hour, the music that kicks in is simply amazing and I almost wanted to stop playing the game properly just to listen to it. The soundtrack is that good. The voice acting for the English dub is one of the most refreshing I've heard in a Japanese RPG as all the voice acting is British. The actors themselves give a solid performance. There are even a few little noticeable British traits the characters spew out like the line "Man what a bunch of jokers" from the character Ryen who speaks in a cockney accent to boot.

Xenoblade Chronicles is hands down the greatest RPG I have ever played. It takes the elements that make RPG's so great and enhances them for this generation making this game truly special. If you own a Wii and love RPG's from Japan or any other RPG's then get this game. It's one of the Wii's greatest titles and easily the greatest RPG of this generation. 10/10
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on 25 August 2011
Xenoblade-Chronicles is one of those great games that (for some unfathomable reason) Nintendo had initially decided not to release outside Japan. Until recently that is. So, if you live in Europe, count yourself lucky because the best RPG on the Wii is finally available outside Japan, fully translated and reformatted for the European systems.

This is the first thing that hits your senses. The music of Xenoblade reminded me of playing Final Fantasy VII years ago and being mesmerized by its music. The Prelude I can still remember. In Xenoblade, the music will range from atmospheric to epic rock, and all the shades and colors in between.
It will be a familiar companion while you travel and a strengthening presence when you do battle, greatly enhancing the overall experience. Every map has its own theme (most with day and night variations) and you will catch yourself humming them long after having turned your console off.
Sometimes the importance of the music in a game is underestimated and the focus remains on the graphics. Xenoblade is a perfect example of how essential music is in order to achieve a total immersive gaming experience.

Now, all of us who decided to go with the Nintendo Wii, we knew that it was not the most graphically powerful console. Its strengths lie elsewhere. Having said that, Xenoblade is the most beautiful and graphically detailed game on the Wii. Ever.
Set on two ancient biomechanical Titans frozen in mid-battle centuries ago, the world is simply enormous. There are about 20 maps, almost every map is huge and it is all open to exploration. Because there are only few and short loading times, you are practically flowing from one into the next as in a continuous world. And exploring the endless and open Xenoblade world is not only fun to do but also very rewarding.
The grass moves around your feet, birds sweep over your head, clouds roll by day, the galaxy scintillates at night and the whole world comes alive around you. In the heat of the battle the hits and special moves will be accompanied by impressive anime graphical events. Up close the characters may not be that detailed but the characters, their weapons and the environments have all been designed with great artistry. When the limitations of the Wii are reached you probably will not notice it either. Xenoblade has far better graphics than all the other notable Wii JRPG, such as The Legend of Zelda,Okami or Rune Factory Frontier. My Wii had never produced such a visually advanced game!

As any seasoned RPGer would tell you, the story is equally important to the graphics and the music, if not more so. And Xenoblade excels in this aspect as well. A tad clichéd at times, the story advances with beautifully made cinematic sequences and it manages to feel both reassuringly familiar and surprisingly fresh.
The human colonists (the Homs) are living on one of the frozen titans, Bionis, and are attacked by mechanical life-forms (the Mechons) who occupy the other. So, after the initial battle, it is up to Shulk, your hero, the young survivor from Colony 6 and the new bearer of Monado, together with (up to 3 of) his companions to save their world.
You bond with your companions by the choices you make - and this affects their abilities. Your choices also affect both the conversation options with Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) and the quests becoming available to you. In fact, everyone and their sister seems to have a quest for you. Conveniently, you do not have to go back to them once completed.
Xenoblade will enchant you with its sound vistas and ensnare you with its story.

As with any true RPG, there is leveling up, looting, crafting, bartering and re-equipping your character as well as his companions. Interestingly, the custom appearance you chose for them will not be lost during the cinematic scenes. If you enjoy earning achievements, Xenoblade has you covered. The game allows you to save almost anywhere but it also autosaves at nicely spaced Landmarks - and dying will only take you back to the last one encountered (without any XP or loot penalties).
The battle system is real-time but both the distance to their enemy and your relative position are factored in (hint: for such an oversized sword, backstabbing strangely pays off). Monado has powers that are unleashed after building up normal attacks. The legendary sword also allows you to glimpse into the future in order to avert enemy blows. Moreover, your hero and his companions have special abilities, called Arts (that need to recharge before they can be reused).
The enemies, especially the bosses, will focus on the character inflicting the most damage to it - and this allows for flanking maneuvers by the rest of your party. Most battles are not that hard however some of the bosses will tax your understanding of the game mechanics.
Equally important is that is not a one-ride-pony. Once the game is completed you can restart the entire story with your high level character to complete and explore everything you missed the previous time around.

I could not give the game less than a perfect score but one should be careful what he or she is paying for. The price of the standalone game combined with the price for a Wii Classic Controller (Black) should be higher than for a bundle package to be a good deal. On the other hand, you get that Wii Classic Controller in red...And a Classic Controller makes the game so much easier to play...Did I mention this one is red?

Xenoblade-Chronicles gives you the option to experience it either dubbed in (British accented and not lip-synched) English or in (partially) subtitled original Japanese. After I had clocked in about half a dozen hours in the game I decided to restart it and opted to keep the original Japanese instead. After all, this is a JRPG and it feels much more authentic.

A classic masterpiece, not to be missed.

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