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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 November 2015
What a perfect little film this is! Heart felt and heart rending in equal measure, this is the perfect little British Indie film. Full of heart and emotion, James (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his friends Miles (JJ Feild) Davy(Tom Burke) and Bill (Adam Robertson) go on a camping trip walking to beautiful Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire from which only three of them will return. For James in dying of cancer, so this is a buddy road movie but much more than that - the journey they all take is something else again. The landscape is an extra character, and there are some sweet cameos (nutty turn from Hugh Bonneville as a crazy beachcomber, a grubby and badly behaved angel...and more) This is a story of love, and friendship, of grasping life and also of letting it go.

Hattie Dalton has drawn great performances from her cast, and has also had the confidence to let a glance, a move, a gesture speak volumes rather than overwhelm the film with too much dialogue. A cast of this calibre does not need it. Great to see JJ Feild able to step up to the plate and really act rather than just be a handsome elegant presence, as he is so often cast. But the heart and the soul of the film belongs to Benedict Cumberbatch. This man acts from his core with amazing technique. skill and subtlety, And such empathy, too. A rare talent that deserves all the success he is now achieving. And the final scenes are beautiful to watch. Sad yes, but uplifting and quite, quite beautiful.
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on 3 April 2017
This is such a touching story of friendship and loyalty. Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing as the lead actor but Tom Burke and J.J. Fields are also very good. The story centers on Cumberbatch's character who is terminally ill and even though the story focuses on how far his friends will go to make him happy; it is also apparent that the film is a comedy, tragedy, survival story etc.
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on 19 May 2017
This is one of those films that someone recommends to you, but you put off watching it because it's understated.

It's the kind of film that takes you on a journey through the simple, sad and at times funny life of a character that isn't long for this world. I won't go into detail, but it's engrossing. Quite a simple story, well told and acted.
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The affection afforded this British movie by other UK reviewers is absolutely on the money - "Third Star" is a superbly realised little film with a huge beating heart. I was very moved...

The story goes like this - James' lifelong but hapless pals decide that one last adventure will be a hoot and morale booster for their mate who is dying from an incurable disease - so they drag his three-wheeler chair loaded up with tents, drug suplies and a potted tree they will plant at journey's end - across fields, forest and coastal terrain. Their destination is Barafundle Bay - a stunning, secluded inlet in Wales that James adores. And you can see it in James' face too. He thinks that if he can just get there 'intact' - everything will be all right somehow. But of course nothing goes to plan and despite the odd belly-laugh along the way, the journey tests their friendship and loyalties to the absolute limit...

First up - praise has to go to HATTIE DALTON for her warmth and steady Direction in what could have been awfully cheesy material that's been done to bits too many times before. She's given this buddy-buddy story a lightness of touch that feels real and isn't forced. In fact, the constant wit and pranks reflect just how guys are when they're in real emotional turmoil - downright childish even. Kudos should also go to the four male leads who had to gel together convincingly, muck in on the arduous trek and physically brave the coastal weather - none of which can have been easy - or in the case of the freezing Irish sea - deeply unpleasant. And when the reality of their friend's terminal illness slowly begins to kick in and intrude on their 'fun' - they're skills as good actors make you 'feel' the heaviness of what their characters are all trying to block out.

Principal lead Benedict Cumberbatch has many fans - and on the strength of his acting chops both here and on "Sherlock" (the UK TV series) - it's easy to see why. His James is a demanding lead-role - a frustrated 29-year old who is being eaten-alive by cancer. His longing to live - to have more time - to realise at least some of his dreams - are always at the surface - and you ache for him as he slips in and out of a morphine-induced stupor that is numbing his escalating physical agony. As well as the pain - James has to also contend with his squabbling, tetchy pals - who are trying to be cool about it all but are freaked out inside and increasingly awkward with his now impending loss.

His fellow travellers consist of Adam Robertson as the witty and yet dependable Bill, Tom Burke as the needy but sincere Davy and JJ Feild as the handsome devil-may-care Miles (surely a new Jude Law in the making). They will even encounter Hugh Bonneville (of Downton Abbey fame) as a nutty Beachcomber looking for rare Star Wars toys. The dialogue is playful, smart and confrontational when it's needed. And then they're faced with the ultimate true-friendship decision - but can any or all of them - actually go through with it? Even with this much sadness at its core and end, "Third Star" remains hopeful - a sign of a great film rather than just a good one.

EXTRAS include a brief 'Making Of' and two shorts by Hattie Dalton called "The Banker" and "One Of Those Days". The only real let down for me is that it's on DVD only - and not BLU RAY - where all that great camera work would surely shine even more.

There are moments in "Third Star" when you genuinely ache for James' loss - when you hurt at the arbitrary cruelty of life - snubbing out one person, but letting another live. This is a very good movie - one that celebrates life and makes you think about it too.

Put it high on your rental/to buy list...
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on 11 April 2015
Road movie about a dying man and his final road trip with his friends. I love it.
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on 5 April 2017
Excellent. Disturbing. Forces you to think beyond your everyday commercial life. Worth every minute spent watching it. Enjoy.
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on 25 December 2012
So glad that this is now offered region free as it is an amazing film and now it's in my collection! I wish more people know about this!
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on 10 November 2011
Since BBC's "Sherlock" (it aired in Germany this summer) I'm crazy about Cumberbatch's performances. He can show so much emotions with his eyes, it's amazing. And there are really a lot of emotions in this film. I'm a fan of Great Britain and English TV productions and movies for many years. I buy a lot of DVDs in the UK.
I found this film by accident, but I'm glad I did. "Third Star" was very touching and I have to admit, I didn't understand all of the dialogues when I watched the film for the first time.
I found the screenplay on a blog and the more often I watched the film (I think I watched it at least 7 times), the more I understood of the dialogues. I don't like a German dubbing it's never full of emotions and often the voices don't fit to the actor. I prefer to listen to the actors and the emotions they deliver while playing the scene in the English version.
If I don't understand all of it it's ok for me, the feelings the actors express with their faces and voices are enough for me to know what is going on. This film has touched me deeply and I still have to cry when I remember the beautiful scenes. The tragic theme (terminal illnes and pain) is well balanced with a lot of fun the boys have on their trip. This Buddy-movie is one of the best films I have ever seen. And I love sad films, the last film that made me cry like this was "reign over me" with Adam Sandler.
I love to watch films, that really make me feel and here I got a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It goes from comic, to sadness to bravery, trust, dignity and the bounderies you are able to cross for the ones you love. And you fall for the complete cast and wish to know people like that, friends you can be so close with, like James (Cumberbatch) is. He is sick, in a lot of pain and trusts them and isn't humiliated in any way. There is a great chemistry the actors deliver on screen together.

My favourite scene is set right after the boys went for a swim at Barafundle Bay. They take a walk on the beach and enjoy themselves, James (Cumberbatch) just sits there in some distance by himself and watches them with so much love in his eyes. Then he smiles warm and happy at them. This is the scene where I usually start to cry and can't stop till the end of the film. Very, very touching. I didn't have to cry about that part, when I watched it for the first time, just when I already knew what will happen in the end. I think the scene has become more beautiful with the knowledge of how this story continues and you can watch this film over and over again.

I've read, that the film was shown in Zurich with German subtitles. It's sad that we don't get any subtitles on the DVD.
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on 23 April 2012
Oh my lord, if you think Benedict Cumberbatch is good as Sherlock then you really should see him in Third Star.

Benedict plays someone who has terminal cancer and whilst the premise doesn't sound particularly inspiring or uplifting, let me tell you it's much, much more than that. The film is beautifully bittersweet and immensely thought-provoking. It's just on the right side of each feeling it makes you endure. It's funny, moving, painful to watch at times and just incredibly emotional.
Everyone delivers wonderful performances in their respective roles (the film solely focusing on just the four male friends), but it's a sheer tour de force by Benedict playing the cancer-stricken young man who knows he has little time left, but wants just that extra bit more.

I found myself laughing quite a lot at the beginning, but the more the film went on, the more distressing I found it, particularly some of the scenes where Ben's character is in such pain. And ultimately, well, I won't spoil it, but let's just say that the ending delivered the final blow so that I was an emotional wreck by the time the credits rolled.

Beautifully told, beautifully acted and just a beautiful film. Watch it, but have the tissues handy....
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on 25 April 2012
Third star actually has four stars in it (maybe five if you count the scenery) and certainly deserves 5 stars as a movie. Beautiful, beautiful film. I didn't laugh 'til I cried, but I laughed and cried in equal measure until the end, when the lump in my throat and the tears in my eyes became constant. Simply brilliant. I've just turned 60, so to die now wouldn't be something I'd welcome but at least I have children and grandchildren carrying my genes and memories of me onward, and I've reconciled myself to an unexceptional life. To face death at less than half that age, with no children and a sense of a future unwritten would be so hard. Hats off to B.C. and cast and crew -- best film I've seen this year.
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