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on 13 September 2011
Great Product, Great Service & Cheaper than Apple's case!...

When we ordered 2 new iPads from Apple, we naturally wanted Apple's own leather Smart Case, but were shocked by the £60 each price tag!

After a bit of searching, we found Invision's Smart Case Cover and it looked great in Amazon. We received the order next day and I have to say that we were even more delighted with them once we saw them in the flesh.

They fit snuggly around the back of the iPad (so protecting the rear), with next to no intrusion on the front (just very small grips on the 4 corners) and then the roll over cover looks just like Apple's. So you actually get more but for less money!

Take my advice... buy the Invision case instead of Apple's and get a better case, whilst saving money.
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on 2 December 2014
Having looked at the prices of iPad Air 2 Smart covers on Apple's site I decided there was NO WAY I would pay their exorbitant prices for one so had a look round for alternatives and found this beauty. I read the reviews of Invision's Smart Cover (and others) and decided to take a chance and buy it as it seemed, on the whole, to be good value for money. Well, I am glad I chose it as a) it fits the iPad Air 2 perfectly, b) it looks like leather, c) it is a great colour (their blue version) and d) it feels substantial, that it is, built to last. By the way, the iPad does automatically switch on and off when raising and lowering the front cover. Oh, and it also folds back completely behind the back of the iPad, in case you were wondering. Like Apple's version, the lid is divided into sections so you can prop the iPad up at an angle to view the screen. The gaps in the cover for the various buttons round the edges are exactly in the correct places so no problem being able to push the on/off button plus volume controls and for plugging in earphones. All in all, it feels solid and at £9.99 a bargain.
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on 5 January 2013
I wanted a case that would protect my iPad in my bag without adding a lot of bulk. This protects front and back, looks and feels nice, and the microfibre lining cleans the screen. It is light and slim, so I can still hold it in one hand easily (more easily than without the cover, in fact, because the rolled up front cover acts a little like a handle). It doesn't interfere with any of the functions of the iPad - all the buttons can be used, and it fits really well. Very, very happy with it.
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on 3 July 2014
It is a great case, it would be perfect if it had a clip on the back for ultimate versatility when open, but it's sturdy and good looking and doesn't crack and look cheap like many others. Definitely one of the better cases out there.
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on 15 August 2015
I have had two Apple ipads to date - one from the 1st generation (ipad 1) and one from the 3rd generation (ipad 3).

I have tended to be an Apple loyalist and generally stuck to Apple smart covers - however after 12 - 18 months they would start cracking at the seams and breaking apart. Out of frustration I switched this time around for my ipad 3 to the Invision smart cover. I did so with some apprehension. Hence I was pleasantly surprised when the case arrived. Crucially it seems a tad tougher and thicker than the Apple version and, perhaps as a result, I feel it will last longer. The outer 'faux leather' is stitched to the inner lining and the stitching appears robust.

Protection wise it probably does not protect your ipad quite as well as the original all encasing Apple smart case if used in the rain outside (but you really need a waterproof Overboard case for that scenario anyway). For daily office, home and commuting use however I think it provides a bit more protection to your ipad.

The Apple smart case encloses all the switches and buttons; in the case of the Invision the case is (pre-)cut away at those points to give direct access. I think it is a matter of taste which you prefer.

I had feared that it would not work to switch off the ipad correctly - I was wrong - it works perfectly - the magnet is in the right place and does the job.

Overall I am impressed and particularly when compared to the price of the Apple smart case this is far better value for money. I recommended it.
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I bought this Invision case to replace my original Apple case. Most might ask why buy this case and the reason is simple. The Apple case has the volume controls and slider covered, making them a nuisance to operate through the premium thick leather.

On the other hand the Invision has cutouts so these controls are exposed without compromising on protection of the iPad. It is well made, with perfect stitching, and very soft interior. I am not particularly fond of the shiny "leather" look though. Apple iPad Air cases have got a mat finish to them and it would be great if Invision could offer the same style finish.

I have put the Apple cover aside and am now using the Invision. The fact that I can control the volume buttons with ease is a good enough reason, not to mention that I actually like the look of the Invision more than Apple.

The weight of the Invision cover is 208.6 grams, the Apple one 148.7g so the difference is only 60 grams.

The Invision case is cheaply priced, yet it does not skimp on quality.

Highly recommended
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on 19 August 2011
This product is exactly what I was looking for. The low price in no way compares to the product quality. It's solid, elegant, practical and just great. I can't understand why people buy the overpriced, bulky, and useless cases on high street. I myself almost bought the Apple Smart Cover. Glad I didn't. It doesn't take much effort to go on-line and find a product like this. I'm really happy with the purchase. Highly recommend!
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on 22 May 2013
Bought it based on high number of good reviews. However after a few months this thing started falling apart. Corners snapped off, stitching came loose. Should've known at this price too good to be true. I'm betting all those positive reviews are based upon customers being initially impressed as I was. If they'd given it a few months they would say the same as me. Very unimpressed :-(
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on 19 July 2012
I had already bought and returned a similar case, the magnets kept turning it off when open, so I tried this one based on the reviews. It is amazing value and works really well and is half the price of the other one that I bought.

Have had it for 4 months now and still 5 stars. Product is really good, it's fantastic value for the money and beats most of the other more expensive options. Full screen access, just clips over at the corners.
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on 20 October 2011
Have just bought the iPad so was buying a blind but so far this seems hard to beat. It is a snazzy red so looks very smart, quality seems good and the iPad clips into place securely. iPad is automatically turned off when you shut the cover and the magnets are just the right strength to keep it closed. The cover can be made into a stand or folded to the back of the iPad. I have a friend who had an official Apple cover but dropped the iPad resulting in a dented corner as the cover only goes over the front. This case does offer protection to rear sides and corners. early days so will be interesting to see how it copes with wear and tear but for the money it seems like a winner.
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