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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Size: Kindle (6" E-Ink Display)|Colour Name: Red|Change
Price:£7.99+ £4.50 shipping
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on 20 October 2010
Clearly the official Amazon covers are not worth the premium. So which alternative to go for? I can speak only for the Duragadget. I have been using it for nearly a month and am very pleased. The case is attractive, tough and gives very good protection for the Kindle when carrying it around in an overloaded bag. All controls are totally accessible. The Kindle will never drop out of the case as there are no elastic grips securing it, unlike some other products on the market. Despite the added weight you can still comfortably hold the covered device in one hand. However I have come to really appreciate the stand. This gives you the alternative of reading hands free. The in-car charger is an added bonus at the price. In conclusion I would recommend this excellent product.
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on 25 October 2010
I can't recommend this cover enough. We've bought a couple of others and not liked them but this is spot-on. It fits like a glove but keeps all controls accessible. The magnetic catch works both to keep the cover tightly closed and to "latch" the cover out of the way when using the Kindle. The stand feature works a treat to hold the kindle in a good position to read whilst munching on the morning toast :-)
If you're looking for a cover, buy this one!
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on 17 August 2011
As someone addicted to reading this case has been the perfect choice. I like reading while I eat my meals and now someone has created a case that allows me to prop up my Kindle and read "handsfree" while eating my lunch etc. For other circumstances the cover folds back on itself and is comfortable in the hand. All the other Kindle users I know have the type of cover which recreates a book cover and I am so delighted that I didn't fall into that trap. My parents have Kindles and both bought these covers after seeing mine while several colleagues at work have commented on it enthusiastically. It's leather and at the price it is a steal. I love mine so much I am tempted to buy another one in a different colour as a "spare"
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on 21 November 2010
I actualy received this item two weeks before my kindle arrived. It was on pre-order but arrived way earlier than stated.
I tried leaving feedback when I first received it, but Amazon kept it listed as not available(probably to get people to buy their own well over priced items.)

I'm very impressed with it.

I've just come back from a trip to Iceland and it has been used, standing, waiting for a bus, train, plane. On my lap in a bus, plane, train, jeep & taxi, hotel room. Using the stand on tables, knees, lying in bed, on settees and various other places.
It has kept my Kindle clean and protected. The built in stand is a very usefull feature and works well. I personaly find it easier to hold the Kindle in the cover as it makes it thicker - easier if you have slightly arthritic fingers.
My Kindle is still a very firm push fit in the cover and everything is still in one piece.
I really don't know what people are complaining about in some of the reviews. £10.50 with free charger vs £30.00+ for Amazon item, it's a total no brainer.
I'm not a qualified tanner but it looks and smells like leather to me (unlike another reviewer)- these people would complain if they won the lottery because it wasn't enough.
I personaly cannot fault this item and for the price I think it's a real bargain. The money you save over the Amazon covers is enough for 6 months newspaper subscription or 3 to 4 full priced Kindle books.

I have bought several Duragaget items and whilst not of absolute top quality they always seem to provide better than expected quality for the price.
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on 9 June 2011
I was first drawn to this when looking for a kindle case was due to it's design. I think that compared to some of the others this looked like the best to have the kindle in yet still be able to read with ease. Another feature that caught my eye was the ability to stand it up. I thought that I wouldn't really use this feature that much but it was still a nice thing to have. On reciving the product however I've found that I use it a lot more that I intended! It really adds to the kindle reading experiance and to me makes me feel a bit safer with it when using my kindle outdoors as the case adds good protection and hold the kindle extremely securely in place. I've saw a few people mention in their reviews that the leather gives off a strange smell but I haven't had that problem with mine at all. It's a great value for money product which I would recommend to any person buying a kindle as I literally can't imagine mine without it! The only 'flaw' I would mention is that I would have prefered the ridges on the back, which are used to stand the kindle up, to be longer so that I could raise it lower or higher if I wanted because sometimes I just want it moved that slight bit, that is however just a personal preference.
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Ordered in black, this case designed for the All-New Kindle (ANK) is definitely an improvement in quality terms over the Duragadget cases of Kindle Keyboard (KK). The case is made from decent quality, soft-feeling matt-finished leather and (presumably in response to criticisms regarding the materials of the previous generation of cases) has the 'genuine leather' hide-mark stamp embossed on the reverse of the cover. The case opens and closes via magnetic fastenings at the top and has a nifty incorporated adjustable tab stand. Thanks to offers, the case is reasonably priced and (for some users) handily incorporates a charger.

So why not 5 stars?

Firstly, although the materials and finish of the case are an improvement on previous generation of cases, the fit of the one I received leaves something to be desired. On the case I got, the leather strips at the top and sides of the Kindle bulge badly. This is un-aesthetically-pleasing, but also casts shadows on the screen of the Kindle making the text more difficult to read - particularly under electric lighting.

Secondly, the bulging of the side strips of leather leaves them partially obscuring the page turn buttons, despite their cut-out design, thus making the buttons harder to press. Since the ANK has narrower, more bevelled buttons than the KK this can make page turning much fiddlier.

Finally, there are users who have liked the previous generation of cases from Duragadget and/or want a stand-type case but don't need the bundled charger. Fair play to the manufacturers for spotting the significant flaw in the ANK release and trying to exploit it by combining two of their products. Unfortunately, though, there is no way to buy the case on its own. For those who need it, the charger is a wonderful add-on, but for those who don't it's a bit of an unenvironmentally-sound nuisance.
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on 7 February 2011
Did a bit of research before buying this case cover. I didn't want a cover that had to be removed as I thought that the possibility of losing it would be greater
I think this product is great and makes holding my kindle easier, I purchased the white one and it is leather!, the flap at the top does actually fasten when closed up and I love the feature that supports the kindle in an upright position.
Overall it is a great product for a good price and like a previous reviewer I may even get another colour.
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on 9 November 2010
The price is right for this very good looking piece of kit and I have just ordered a new red one for my wife. It is a very good, snug fit for my kindle and should give excellent protection for casual knocks and travelling.
In common with other covers, it blocks off the speakers but the headphone socket, and all the other controls are easily accessible. The two connecting strips for the main pieces look a bit lightweight but may well turn out to be hard wearing in the future, I hope so! The optional'prop up' feature is a masterpiece of design and give it a decisive edge over its more expensive rivals. A well done to whoever thought this up! Drawbacks? the name DURAGADGET is 'naff' and unimaginative.
I would have called it a FIREGUARD, or perhaps KINDLEGUARD.
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on 28 March 2011
I have bought 3 cover/skins/case and this is the only one I have liked. It is lightweight and am really pleased with the quality. It looks really great in white! I like the fact it folds back on itself - I can't see the point of the covers that open like a book. Would really recommend - don't waste your money on other covers like I did.
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on 8 November 2010
Ordered 2 of these through Amazon. One was delivered promptly (but with no car charger). I contacted DuraGadget and after some confusion the other case and the two chargers were sent overnight. The cases are excellent, well-fitting and well made. One of the chargers charged very slowly (I estimate it would take about 24 hours to charge a Kindle and the results charging an HTC Desire were similar) The other charger worked well: I'd advise not to buy if the charger is important to you. Case on its own is well worth 5 stars.
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