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on 10 June 2016
Glitchy in places the worst hd port ive ever played but dam its just silent hill it gets gold every time
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on 28 October 2017
Item brand new!
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on 22 October 2015
Huge fan of silent hill. Came fast!
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on 10 October 2014
Use to play these on my pc, glad they came out on PS3
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I got this item through the post last week and was surprised to see that the old voices and new voices were included on Silent Hill 2,I did not know this.The game plays the same as on the Ps2 and looks great having a upgrade onto the Ps3.I had no trouble in loading in the game and was playing it as soon as I set up the Ps3 and preferred options.The game includes the Maria story which was good too.I have not yet played SH3 but played it years ago.I would say this,for the money and if you liked the games in the first place,go and order it now!!!
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on 24 January 2017
At first I was put off by reviews, but in the end curiosity got the better of me.

And actually... It's not THAT bad. The much-famed "Comic Sans Sign" isn't actually that noticeable in a general playthrough. Obviously the original sign looked much better. But, after 4 years of not having played the game, playing it again on the PS3 was a much more fun experience than I expected it to be. Probably because my expectations were so low, the game actually turned out to be unexpectedly.. Fine

If you're a die-hard Silent Hill fan that is going to play the original Silent Hill 2 & 3 immediately to this just so you can compare, then you will likely find many inferior elements. However, if you haven't played the games before and wish to try them out for the first time... Or if you haven't played them for a long while and you wanted to play them again without plugging your PS2 in, I would give this a go.
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on 16 August 2015
2 of the best games ever made, let alone Survival Horror games.

Both games still have a ton of fear factor / replayabilty to them, still have the same feel as the golden age of survival horror when they came out.
if you're going for all andings and bonuses you'll be looking at around 8 playthroughs each you're probably looking at well over 40 hours entertainment.
and if you count the creeps that stay with you long after you've finished playing you're looking at a whole lot of bang for your buck!
the vibes, the monsters, the lines, the music, it's all still there, and it's still great.
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There are enough reviews on here listing the problems with the HD port (represnting the fun rating) so instead I'll focus on the games themselves as opposed to the technical issues; which do unfortunately affect the gameplay experience.

Silent Hill 2 redefined what horror video games were, prior to it's release Resident Evil sat firmly atop the pile, while fun they were rarely scary, more akin with a homage to cheesy horror films complete with hammy dialouge than an actual frightening experience.

Silent Hill 2 changed all that, there's a reason more than a decade on its still looked back on with such adoration, held as the gold standard. Indeed the six sequels since have never been able to recapture what made Silent Hill 2 so great.

So what is it that makes Silent Hill 2 great? Simply it's the story. You take on the role of James Sunderland who receives a letter from his previously terminally ill, now deceased wife Mary asking him to return to their special place of Silent Hill where she's waiting for him, upon arrival James begins scouring the town but finds it overrun with monsters.

While it sounds like a fairly run of the mill horror scenario it's not, evoking cinematic ques from the likes of David Lynch's darker works or Adrian Lyne's Jacob's ladder, it's an incredibly atmospheric tale that will completely suck you into the oppressive world, loaded with dark, sexual and nihilistic imagery that will leave a lasting impression. Certain scenes in particular as you watch one of the characters walk away from you up a burning staircase as they become slowly enveloped remain haunting even now.

James meets a selected range of characters including Maria, a doppelganger for his wife albeit a more flirtatious and sexual one, Eddie a overweight seemingly twitchy young man, Angela a young woman whose emotionally unstable and Laura a small girl who seems oblivious to the horrible goings on around her. All these characters will play into the larger canvas of the story in various ways as they all confront their own demons. There is also of course the series icon Pyramid head who appears repeatedly throughout the game to torment you, ingrained into the franchise DNA following his appearance here. All the characters human or otherwise directly relate to James in ways you can only fully appreciate upon finishing the game.

Games with great or even good plots, you can effectively count using the fingers on one hand, Silent Hill 2 will always be at the top for me, a psychological tale which deals issues of sexual abuse, bereavement, mental illness, and suicide to name a few, adult issues. How many games can you say that about? As you play you piece together the past of some of Silent Hill's main institutions, like the hospital, you can see positions were abused long before things went bad.

The tale leads to a harrowing gut punch of a conclusion, one that will not leave you accentuated by a powerful score as amidst the ruins of the Lakeview Hotel you learn Mary's final fate. Depending on how you play the final motivations and fate of your character change dramatically, giving way to multiple playthroughs, leaving you with either a poignant or oppressive ending.

Simply put Silent Hill 2's contribution to the genre cannot be overstated, by todays standards the controls are clunky the camera angles occasionally awkward and the combat hit and miss (though deliberately so), if the rebooted Resident evils are the type of 'horror' you want then Silent hill's probably not for you, but if you appreciate slow burning, psychological and engaging horror and have never played the game before, I implore you to give it a go.

Silent Hill 3 the second game in the package serves as a direct sequel to the PS one original Silent Hill game, so if you're picking it up for the first time while you can dive straight in some of the story may be somewhat lost on you.

Silent hill 3 is an enjoyable yarn but it trades out a lot of the deeper storytelling for a more conventional horror plot of cults and evil deity's akin to The Wicker Man and the monster designs are a bit more literal than the prior instalment. It still retains the oppressive atmosphere of the Silent hill 2 and memorable moments; a particular room in the hospital will no doubt bring back a few memories for older players.

Ultimately Silent Hill 2 is the main draw of this package Silent hill 3 is an added bonus together marking the glory days for the franchise which would soon be shopped between different developers and never again reach the quality here. Annoying technical issues aside if you have never played these games you owe it to yourself to give it a go, nothing else can compare.
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on 16 July 2015
Love it, So great to be able to play this in HD, Brought back some good memories, Classic
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on 10 September 2016
Not as good as i thought it would be but it was playable
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