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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£14.97+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 8 October 2015
Words cannot describe how awesome is to play these legendary games!!! I never got my hands to play Metal Gear games before because they seemed too PlayStation 2-styled, outadeted and... nerdy? So a few monts ago I bought MGSV: Ground Zeroes because it looked awesome on YouTube. It was hard for me, first few days I STRUGGLED because how realistic the stealth was in that game. Slowly, I got a grip on it and I was immedeately sucked in the small story that game had.

So I bought MGS4. Without knowing the previous story it was a little overwhelming at some times but during the game I figured it out! (Except small hints from the previous games of course). In fact, I enjoyed it SO much I bought this.

I watched the interactive comic on MGS1 story before starting MGS2. The controls were very outaded so it took me several hours of dying and replaying the first mission. THANK GOD I DIDNT LEAVE THAT GAME! Just now I have finished MGS3 and...IT COMPLETELY BLEW MY MIND!!! MUST BUY!

I'm not even going to describe the gameplay because it is super satisfying, you feel like on a real infiltration mission, managing your supplies, ammo, health and gadgets but still feeling vulnerable all the time! The absolutely best way to play is silent + minimum kills. The levels are like puzzles where you need to study enemy's potrol routes and when you nail it you feel like a pro, it's an OLD SCHOOL STEALT, HARD AT TIMES but if you die it's only your fault. Boss battles can be tricky too until you figure it out.

HD Collection is probably the best of it's kind. Graphically it was not possible to play the games like this on PS2, you SEE the clear difference the original titles and the updated HD collection.

SUMMARY: The controls can feel outdated in MGS2, playing this game is a hard work, it's very intense; enemies are very tough; you have to constantly be aware of your surroundings, think and strategise BUT! Rarely when a video game can give you MORE sense of accoplishment than the Metal Gear series! Must buy if you have arms to play and brains to think! This is the Dark Souls of stealt games!!!
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on 10 February 2012
There is no need to be too in-depth here. Metal Gear Solid HD is a MUST HAVE.

Without doubt, Metal Gear Solid has the strongest storyline, characters, soundtrack and gameplay of all video games I have played. The storyline is at first confusing but totally gripping with fantastic characters, atmospheric and exciting music that betters even film soundtracks, a tangling and educational storyline that involves many areas of science, history and genetics so yes this is much more than a game.

Included in this HD collection are three of the greatest games I have personally ever played, and I am sure many would agree.
Furthermore, on the PS3 edition you also recieve the very first Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2 released on I think the NES/SNES. This is not to be mistaken for Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation 1.

My all time favourite game remastered in HD; Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater was enough to grab my attention above any other game, even though it should really be over shadowed by newer titles of the current generation; but Metal Gear Solid is unrivaled. I loved the Playstation 2 version to bits, replaying the game at least ten times to unlock every secret and gadget and the HD version included in this package brings the game back to life with further detail that you missed on the Playstation 2 version. This game alone is worth the price of the HD collection even if you have played the games before.

Any Metal Gear fan must definately buy this, I looked forward to for a very long time and I could live with this game and no others; honest truth - it's that good.

You also receive Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, both also excellent games enhanced with HD graphics. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty was another brilliant game with a mind-boggling yet in depth storyline while Peace Walker is perceived as one of the BEST Metal Gear titles originally a PSP exclusive.

If there is one purchase this year that you know will be worthwhile it will be this one. Personally I think Metal Gear Solid is the greatest game series ever created and to have 3 of the best games all in one package is an absolute bargain.

10/10 - no regrets

*Now let's hope a Metal Gear Solid (PS1) version is remastered in HD so that we can all replay the title that fired Metal Gear Solid into history
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on 26 August 2015
A masterpiece in every sense of the word. this was my first outing to the metal gear solid series and I cannot believe what I have been missing all these years. now in saying that this game is not for everyone if you hate cutscenes you will hate these games they are very story focused and some cutscenes can go up to 20 minutes but in saying that the gameplay is fun very fun the boss fights are all interesting with sort of a mega man feeling to them in the sense that they all have a weakness and the challenge comes in finding that weakness and useing the tools you have to beat them. the rest of the game revolves around sneaking yes you can go in guns ablazeing but if you do that then you will have no ammunition for the bosses so sneaking about exploring everywhere and everything is very important. I could write 1000 good things to say about these games so I'll just end it on this. The value you get here is amazing getting 5 game in 1 the 5 being metal gear solid 3 snake eater metal gear solid peace walker metal gear solid 2 and the original 2 metal gear games from the nes. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game trust me it's worth every penny
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on 4 April 2012
Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection is what it says on the tin. It's a collection of some old classics, brushed up in HD and put on one disc (two on the Xbox 360), not much more nor less really. However, it's an opportunity for not only hardcore fans (like myself) to reconcile their love with these games but a great opportunity for those who missed a few of the games or are simply new to the series and have heard all about Metal Gear and want to give the series a try for themselves, and at a good price.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Originally released in the UK in March 2002, this was the sequel to the critically acclaimed PSOne game, Metal Gear Solid which came out in the UK in 1999 and the first Metal Gear entry on the PlayStation 2. This game is divided into two chapters, the Tanker (which is more of a prologue) set in the year 2007 and the Plant/Big Shell set in 2009 chapters. In the Tanker chapter you play as Solid Snake who is now a member of the UN recognised anti-Metal Gear group, Philanthropy who, with the backup of old Shadow Moses (see: MGS1) colleague and friend, has been sent to investigate and expose the development of a new Metal Gear project being developed by the U.S. Marine Corps, of course all this goes horribly wrong. The Plant/Big Shell chapter is set two years later and you play as newbie green agent Jack or "Raiden" as he's codenamed to dismantle a terrorist threat and rescue the U.S. President, or so he believes.
The graphics of MGS2 was quite simply stunning and the best ever when this came out, and today in 2012 they still stand their ground, especially with the HD lighting although it's obvious the textures are from the PS2-era. The gameplay and camera feels outdated compared to later entries, but it's faithful to the original MGS1 and introduced new gameplay mechanics such as first-person view/shooting, hiding in lockers, tranq. gun, hiding guards bodies in lockers and toilet cubicles, etc.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

This was originally released in the UK on the PlayStation 2 in March 2005. Rather than a sequel to MGS2, it's a prequel to the entire series set back during 1964, the height of the Cold War between the East and West, and is appropriately themed.. given that the MGS series have strong storylines which are usually very political and lets not forget the espionage aspect of the stealth genre. In this game you play as Naked Snake (later known as Big Boss), a former US Special Forces "Green Beret" who is a founding member of a new CIA unit called FOX headed by ex-SAS man, Major Zero, and is sent on the debut mission to rescue a Soviet scientist in the prologue chapter (Virtuous Mission), which ends up going wrong of course.
This is the Subsistence version of MGS3, NOT Snake Eater, despite the name. You have the 3D camera (with the option of using the original Snake Eater camera)and you can play the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in the menu, however there is no 'Snake vs. Monkey' like in the originals for some reason. The HD lighting in this game makes it a lot more beautiful than it originally was, and it makes a good change that it's ran at 60fps rather than the original 30fps which is noticeable playing the game - it's the best version of the game yet.
This is my favourite game in the series and one of my favourite games ever. The game features quite a few environments, but it is primarily set in a Soviet jungle and features "survival"-based gameplay.. you hunt animals for food and you have to patch up your wounds from insect bites, stings, leeches, gunshots, burns, etc. The storyline is not as cyberpunkish/complicated as MGS2's, being that it's set several decades beforehand, but the storyline is the most beautiful in the series, the whole game pays a lot of homeage to 1960s movies and the intro/theme song ("Snake Eater" by Cynthia Harrel) is James Bond inspired.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

This is a fairly recent game, it was originally released in the UK in June 2010 on the PSP. This is set in 1974, 10 years after MGS3, and you yet again play Naked Snake/Big Boss who is the commander of a small private army known as Militaires Sans Frontieres (MSF) based in the Barranquilla Coast, Colombia. His second-in-command is a Japanese-American former member of the Japanese Self-Defence Force and now-mercenary known as Kazuhira Miller, or just "Kaz" (he is the man Liquid Snake murdered and then impersonated in MGS1, as explained in the timeline). They are approached by a supposed university professor and a 16 year old student who request their services in freeing neighbour country Costa Rica from an unknown armed group who are being backed by the CIA, Big Boss is given a personal motivate when he hears a Walkman tape with the voice of his former mentor, The Boss (see: MGS3) talking to an unknown British woman and wonders whether she might still be alive. Like all Metal Gear games, the storyline gets more complicated.
I enjoyed this game when it came out on the PSP nearly two years ago and still do, but out of the three in this collection, it's definitely my least favourite. However, it does look beautiful pepped up on the big screen with the assistance of HD, which is a good feat considering the game was intended for a small screen, however the graphics make it obvious that it's not a PS2 game, the textures are quite blurry and pixelated, the game also retains the comic-book cutscenes from the PSP version which disappointed me because I'd heard they were being replaced with CGI ones which are in the game, but minimal (only at the end and 1 or 2 other parts of the game).
This is different to all the other MGS games in which it has RPG elements. You have to recruit soldiers by effectively kidnapping them and "convincing" them to join, when they join you can sign them to any part of MSF you want. The Combat team, the Research + Development team, the Mess Hall team, the Intelligence/Reconnaissance team and the Medical team, depending on their skill-sets which vary a lot and are ranked. Most of the soldiers you recruit are useless so they aren't any good as you progress through the game, so you have to rely on unique (storyline)characters and POWs which you find around the place, as well as the 'recruit option'. It's a bit like the old Pokemon games really. Fundamentally, it's a Metal Gear Solid game, in the storyline missions you can only play as Big Boss and alone. Despite some of it being jungle environments, you don't use much MGS3 style gameplay except for camouflage. What I love about this game, which bugs me in MGS2/MGS3, is the shooting style (over-the-shoulder and you can aim whilst shooting, rather than stopping and shooting in First-Person View) and how you can crouch-walk. But for some reason you can't crawl through ducts anymore or use lockers, which was a bit of a shame.

So that's all three of the games in this collection summed up, I recommend this collection to all and any Metal Gear fans and it's a great opportunity for those thinking of giving the Metal Gear franchise a go, which you'll either fall in love with, or not like, depending on your tastes in gaming. If you're expecting a mindless Call of Duty shooter with glitzy graphics, turn away. If you're looking for a series with arguably one of the best plots in gaming and a unique gameplay style and a sense of humour, definitely give this series a try. The downside to this collection is that it doesn't include the original Metal Gear Solid or the other PSP MGS, Portable Ops. Another plus, though, is that this is also an opportunity for Xbox 360 owners to play the series and it will also be coming out on the new Sony handheld; the PlayStation VITA.
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on 11 April 2013
I bought this because i am a huge metal gear fan, and do not own, nor will i ever own a psp. So really i bought this for "Peace Walker".

The price of this is perfect, as a single game costs around £20, and its only really the one game i wanted. The fact it is the HD collection (which snake eater and sons of liberty are both slightly different to the original games in relation to extra's not in game story) is great i find.

I recommend it to anyone who likes metal gear solid, as Peace Walker is essentially you taking on the role as "Big Boss" and you built "Outer Heaven" the way you want it, by chosing your army, and roles they play in the building and sustaining outer heaven, as well as playing through the Peace Walker mission, which as always lives up to the great metal gear expectations.

My only dislike is the cutscenes of Peace Walker, i really dont see the need for the "Comic Book" like scenes, and they just irritated me, as i enjoy playing the games as though they are sort of movie like.

All in all BUY THIS GAME!!
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on 11 February 2012
This is a beautiful mix of old and new for me. As a huge fan of the PS2 titles MGS2 and MGS3, I was looking forward to revisiting those titles in shiny new HD. As for Peace Walker, having never played it on PSP, it was all new to me! So I opened the box expecting a 2:1 ration of old to new.

However, I must say I have been impressed beyond all expectation. Starting with MGS2: This game is just as amazing ever - the visuals look fresh and crisp; new yet familiar. Loved this game the first time and have been equally impressed on my return visit. A steady framerate and seemingly improved sound helped keep a very old game feeling like it still had a place on current generation platform.
This brings me to MGS3. This game has probably impressed me the most of the 3! Unless you were lucky enough to get hold of a copy of the now very rare (and expensive) Snake Eater:Subsistence, you have probably only played the flawed masterpiece original MGS3 (or not played at all). The new free roaming camera and GORGEOUS HD visuals of this PS3 version make this feel like a completely different - and much superior game. The game just seems to flow better - and once you get past the lengthy opening and have access to your weapons etc. the game just opens up and feels amazingly current - seriously, it feels more like playing a current PS3 game than it does a PS2 Classic. Thoroughly recommended on the strength of this game alone!

Which bring us to PeaceWalker: A very worthy entry into the Metal Gear universe - and though you can sort of tell this game came from a PSP game when looking at the backgrounds in some blander areas, overall the graphics are just as stunning in HD as the other two games (though they are NOT in 1080p as was previously rumoured, all games play at - a still impressive - 720p). The controls have been well adapted to the PS3 pad (as PSP only has one analogue stick, I was VERY glad of this) and the gameplay has all the elements of classic metal gear PLUS the added bonus of creating BIG BOSS' army as you progress (very different, very addictive!). I can't talk of comparisons to PSP version, as I never played it - but I was sort of glad to have new content in a Classics collection.

Feeling very much like the ratio of old to new has shifted to 1:2, I am heartily impressed with the MGS collection HD. If, like me, you're sitting on the fence with this game feeling like you've seen it all before - I say go for it! MGS3 remake alone is worth the money!
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on 7 April 2013
Everyone knows how the PS3's retrocompability's pretty much null, and having bought these games in different occasions I was a tad uncomfortable knowing that I couldn't manage to port them to my PS3 (the same with Peace Walker, a former PSP exclusive, whose controls lacked versatility, thus being improved in this PS3 version).
This release was a blessing to gamers, since it packs some of the most beloved games in an affordable HD edition, and it looks even better than I thought initially.
If you're a fan of the genre and series, buy them!

P.S.: I ordered this game alongside MGS4 and the delivery was swift, but interrupted by two national holidays.
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on 11 February 2015
This is a game that I've been meaning to get around and playing, Being a Huge Metal Gear fan from PS2 and PSP era this is something that I have been really looking forward to playing on the big screen in full HD once again

For those that are a advent fan of the Metal Gear franchise this is a must have it's the perfect collection bundled into one if you're a newcomer even better. this game suppresses all factors that a game should be It's a intense third person shooter with a in depth storyline that will leave you wanting more. MGS3 Is by far my favourite game out of this collection it has the "james bond" feel to it even though it's set in a jungle everything from the Music the characters the romance and even the story has the feel of a spy movie which gives a unique taste as to what this game has to offer The game has a vast semi-linear world for you to explore from you hunting wildlife to you climbing all the Flora and fauna the game even offers a vast amount of guns and "CQC" actions for you to perform on enemies. And with the crisp frame rate and the glorious High Definition makes it all the more better.

MGS2 Has a heart-felt storyline a fast pace action gameplay that will amaze you from belief with how good the game looks and runs the game runs at a steady frame rate and the visuals pop out better and have a "cleaner" look to them. they look like they came from a PS3 title and not a PS2 title MGS2 Is one of THE best metal gear games with a set of interesting characters and a storyline that will blow you're mind

Last but not least Peace Walker a very important entry in the Metal Gear franchise now compared to the other two games which we're PS2 titles Peace Walker is PSP and that definitely shows in the game Some textures look stretched and over all don't look as clean but that doesn't stop this game from being incredible. In this game you follow "BIG BOSS" In the game you build an army of revolutionaries called "MSF" this game has innovative Gameplay compared to the other two as you build you're army you gain access to bigger and better guns and missions. the game has a Bundle of miscellaneous missions for you to complete, and you don't have to do this alone you can play with friends with the four player online mode or the versus feature to gain even more fun with this game. in terms of story the game delivers it answers so many questions we were asking at the end of MGS3 and expands on the Metal Gear universe.

In summary this game is a MUST have even if you're not a fan this game is innovative and unique and delivers on all aspect I am thoroughly Impressed with this Collection with it's Glorious High Definition graphics and steady frame rate. This remake is worth the money even if you played the game twenty times over.
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on 18 June 2013
As a big MGS fan, I was super happy to get this collection. I had so much fun playing MGS3 (Snake Eater) that I ended up playing it for the third time in a row. When I was playing Snake Eater I saw things that I never noticed with the PS2 version. This collection was done right, the graphics are much nicer than the PS2 and PSP versions, and all games are 720p, including the cut-scenes. I especially liked the jungle environments in MGS 3 which looked really amazing. If you never played Metal Gear and you like stealth games then the time has come, this collection would be a great opportunity to check them out, plus the games also have trophies. Snake Eater is probably my favorite game of all time in this collection. Amazingly great story from beginning to end, lots of unique boss fights and plenty of stealth in-between. This game would be worth the price even if the other two games were not with it.

The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection contains remastered versions of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. I still remember how exciting MGS 2 was back then and how controversial it was as you played Raiden instead of Snake during the rest of the game, it still hasn't aged one bit and offers a fantastic storyline (although it does get a bit confusing at the end with all the plot twists). Instead of adopting the near future setting of the previous games in the series, MGS3 goes back to the cold war in 1964 and follows Big Boss who is Solid Snake's father, as he goes on a mission in the Soviet territory. What I really liked about this game was all the changes they had which made it fresh and unique, this time there is no soliton radar and the codec was ditched for an old radio keeping up with the times. The game also comes with the two original Metal Gear games which were available on the msx2 and nes. Anyways, I'll keep it short.

The game was superb with great graphics, cutscenes and superb gameplay and old favorite characters return like Ocelot. Now The third title in this collection was Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker which I haven't played previously. The game was so far pretty good although I haven't completed it yet. You again play as Big Boss as he heads off to Costa Rica, the stealth and camouflage elements are still there but they've added a few more strategy like stuff as you build the MSF headquarters into a size-able force. This was very interesting but the only issue I had with the game is the aiming, which becomes a bit hard especially with the boss battles. This was an awesome collection that was worth checking out for MGS fans. When you bundle together three games that people define as "classics," you expect an amazing product and The Metal Gear Solid Collection delivers that.
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on 19 November 2012
Metal Gear Solid HD - Collection is 3 Metal Gear Solid games previously available on Playstation 2 (Metal Gear Solid 2 & Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater) and PSP (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker).

Rather than just a rehash compilation of the old games, the games have been reworked with stunning new cut scenes and gameplay in glorious HD graphics.

It was a joy to play these games the first time around but now thanks to this collection you can now re-live these games and I can't recommend the Metal Gear Solid Series enough.
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