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on 21 August 2016
After finally getting a copy from my local game shop because musicmagpie screwed me over i was at first sceptical due to the bad reviews and negativity this sh game got but that all soon changed it plays very different to any other sh games yet feels very right the combat is more brutal with more crude weapons such as fire axes hammers and kitchen knifes so when you engage in combat it feels very brutal and gory and some how adds to the feel of the main game you are a fighter and can use your fists if you wish so you feel like you have the chance to defend yourself even if unarmed on to the main game it Being free roam is very odd at first as an old school sh player it was very hard to get used to but when i did it just made the game all that more better side quests are cool as i love doing all in other sh titles that give weapons or a new ending this added more to the story and added many more hours on to my gameing experience just this is how sh should of evolved if you haven't played it yet then you should
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on 9 August 2012
Having never played a Silent Hill game before I decided to give it a go. Personally I was pleasantly surprised, the story was fairly well written and character development was done decently. The gameplay overall was pretty good and the game did well creating a disturbing atmosphere in most places (Especially inside St Maria's) making you not wan't to turn around the next corner. The random town exploration made the game last a lot longer than it would should it have been a simple point to point game, but the only real reason you would randomly wander around town would be for the many side quests which, although very irritating to find and complete they were a pretty fun feature to have in the game. The combat was something many reviewers seem to have a problem with, but personally I could get through the game (Even on hard) never once thinking "If only the combat was better then maybe this game would be easier" and besides in this game a sense of helplessness adds to the fear factor in the sense that half of the time its better to run than fight. One of the features of the game which I found quite funny is that every so often the loading screen will display a threat or warning aimed towards the character, my favourite being "They're in the room, you just can't see them" Completely irrelevant but enjoyable non the less.
Of course there were bad sides to the game as well. You could only carry a single fire arm and an extra melee weapon (which is dropped instantly after drawing your fire arm) I have never played another Silent Hill game before so didn't have much to compare it against but I know for a fact that isn't in the other games. The game also has a very bad frame rate issue, whenever the game saves or loads a new area the frame rate will instantly drop or even freeze the game altogether, the frame rate may also randomly drop while adventuring the streets of Silent Hill. Perhaps one that is very disappointing is the lack of scares in the game except for the few jump scares encountered when you're not expecting a weeping bat hiding as you go past a door (Or if you're as stupid as me staring out into the peer looking for a boat until a monster runs up behind you and punches you in the face) but over all not that scary.
Overall, however a very good game which I enjoyed very much and would recommend to most horror game lovers.
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on 3 March 2017
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on 20 January 2016
absolutely perfect
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on 19 May 2017
This game is total waste of time.
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on 13 August 2015
Playing on a PS3 slim with a clean disk, this game is plagued with bad framerates and stutters. The severe frame drops give me a headache, and sometimes it pauses for seconds at a time when you're travelling forwards through levels. And these problems are incredibly abundant too, with those pauses happening at least once every 10 minutes. With these kinds of problems, it's unplayable to me.

And like I said, the disc is clean and in good condition. I made sure of that.
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on 20 January 2017
The game was in mint condition but... it was one of the worst Silent Hill games I have ever played...
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on 2 June 2012
Like most people i was put off buying this by the reviews and the lack of retail support (couldn`t find it anywhere!).However i`m glad the Silent Hill fan within me took over and after much searching i purchased my copy and eagerly began playing it.

First impressions of the game were ok.It looks like Silent Hill,it sounds like Silent Hill and some of the voice acting is terrible and wooden,like Silent Hill. (whats.going.on.with.that.radio??) To start with i had none of the famous glitching UNTIL about an hour into the game (it may only be 10 mins for most,i spend AGES looking around). If you like spontanious fog then this is a game for you. Now you see it,now you don`t,now you see it..... Oh and the character started taking leaps and bounds in a jittery way rather than walking in the normal one-foot-infront-of-the-other form that humans have adapted.But then this is Silent Hill afterall.......

But hey ho! i was not bothered too much by this latest development and continued to enjoy the many areas and puzzles of the game. Some of the puzzles are fab and worth playing the game for. They really come alive,you`ll see what i mean. Some are just your run of the mill moving things about or finding keys but its always pleasantly frustrating to find a locked door knowing (hoping) you`ll find a key soon enough.There are lots of buildings big and small to explore,my fave so far being the monastry.There`s nothing better than entering a building,finding a map and thinking "wow,this place is big!".

Is the game scary?I would say yes,some of it. Some days when i`m feeling brave i play for hours,shouting obsenities at the monsters i encounter.Other days however i can bearly muster the courage to go through the door/window/hole in wall etc etc and my cat only has to brush up against me while playing and that`s that,off goes the playstation and i`m off to replace my soiled knickers!But then i am a girl,and girls get scared of scary things!I have to say there is alot less time spent in the hellworld side of the game and on the few occasions you do find yourself unwittingly transported there,you will most likely be busy getting p*ssed off with the red light that is determined to engulf you unless you run blindly at breakneck speed only to realise you have already seen this corridor/room/metal grate.Three times.But again,not enough to tarnish the game as a whole.

Now to the monsters......I`m not totally sold.I`m not sure who thought it was a good idea to use a homeless guy and his shrieking bit on the side as the main monsters but there you go.It`s still satisfying to club them over the head with various tools and I suppose we have still come a long way from the waddling 2 foot tall brown lumps from SH1!Still preferred the good `ole nurses though.There are other monsters too but again,they could have been a bit scarier. A primark dummy that some kid has used mummy`s make up on?Hmmm....judge for yourselves!

All in all,a pretty good game but you can`t deny the flaws are there. Unless you are lucky enough not to have any! I am playing on a very old,chunky PS3 afterall.I`m very glad i got this and the interesting side missions more than make up for the lack of other things in my opinion as there is always something to do!
If you are a SH fan,buy this. :-)
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on 14 April 2013
I was pleasantly suprised by this game after hearing bad stuff about it. Personally, It's my favourite Silent Hill game since the sencond and third ones (and I'm not so much of a fan of the third one to be honest). What really does it for me is how the story progresses. It feels a bit like it did in the second game, which is just great in my opinion. It's far from perfect, however. The four stars is because of the storyline and exploration feel to it. Now the things i do not like so much..
*Optimization. Not good, not good at all. Choppy when it loads new areas and stuff like that. Feels broken that way.
*Enemies - They get a 2/5 from me for the most part. They just aren't that scary or well made, feels a bit cheap.
*Sidequests - Meh. Dunno about them, personally i could have done without i think.

Those things may seem like a big deal, especially the enemy part. To me it doesn't matter as much since the storyline is really great. If you agree with me that story and exploration is probably the most important. If you are the adventure game type, then you will probably enjoy it. Otherwise, It's not worth more then three stars.
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on 10 July 2012

You play as Murphy Pendleton, a convict incarcerated for several years at Ryall State Corrections Facility. An unspecified incident requires Murphy to beat the crap out of another inmate, which has been orchestrated by a shady corrections officer, George Sewell. Sometime later, Murphy and a few other inmates are scheduled for transfer to a maximum-security facility. The bus journey takes the inmates towards the outskirts of eastern Silent Hill. The road suddenly turns into nothingness, and the driver violently turns the steering wheel, crashing through the road barrier and tumbling down the steep hill. You awake from the wreckage and slowly make your way past some rocky surroundings, eventually venturing into Silent Hill. An eerie meeting with a mailman and a cryptic sighting set the tone for many bizarre events to come. Your objective is quite simple - escape the spooky town!

Murphy is definitely one of the more interesting protagonists the franchise has offered, but the story still suffers from the plot branching out into different areas, and never giving them true closure. What I admired about Murphy is that he is vulnerable when wandering Silent Hill, which is further enhanced by his girly screams he lets fly when being chased by all kinds of monsters. Support characters are interesting, but they are very underdeveloped. The strongest character is the creepy town itself, it takes on a life of its own and it warps reality incredibly well. The dialogue is quite effective throughout the game, which helps backup the shaky performances of some characters.

G R A P H I C S & S O U N D

The gloomy fog; industrial rust of the nightmarish world and the decay of environments are all synonymous with the visuals of the franchise. Built on the Unreal Engine, Downpour presents mood and atmosphere incredibly well. The viscosity of the fog engulfs the town, obscuring the surrounding view and creates a very unnerving experience. The town is completely free roam, which is a fantastic way of adding exploration and giving the players the freedom to fully immerse themselves in this abandoned hellhole. There are a lot of obstructions that can block roads, which may limit some freedom, but it helps streamline navigation.

Downpour uses rain to great effect, sometimes it drizzles, but other times it will seriously drench you. Adding to the atmosphere, lightning flashes across the sky when there is heavy rain, it looks amazing and oozes a chill factor. The other world is Silent Hill's nightmarish state; the real world peels away to present a darker version of itself. The result is fantastic, walls have deteriorated with rust, strange creatures lurk around corners and an evil entity relentlessly chases you. The colours consist of slimy oranges and grungy reds, which just adds to the foul nature of these environments. The lighting is a strong component, which applies to the use of your flashlight amidst dark environments. Certain levels can become incredibly dark, this may seem like a blinding sensation, but the illumination from the flashlight works well to aid your path ahead.

Animations are smooth, but there can be annoyances with collision detection when running through tight spaces. If you are easily disturbed by blood, then Downpour is sure to make you cringe with some truly gruesome effects. There are some violent moments to witness, but I have to say that the visceral aspect is an eye-popping spectacle. Voice acting is generally very good and never borders on melodrama. Sound design is strong, the shift between reality and nightmare create some spine tingling effects.

Unfortunately, the quality of texturing is an odd inconsistency. Outdoor environments are pretty sharply detailed, but the indoor areas suffer from repetitive designs and predictable art direction. Character models are also a mixed bag, but this can be most attributed to the uninspired designs of the creatures. Daniel Licht attempts to bring Downpour's soundtrack out of the ashes since the departure of famed composer Akira Yamaoko. Licht may not succeed in outdoing Yamaoko, but he competently creates a bond between the music and atmosphere.


Murphy can only carry one weapon at a time (excluding pistols that he holsters), which puts a greater strategy on how effective your chosen weapon can be. Handheld weapons range from rakes, fire axes, steel pipes, knives etc. Firearms will consist of pistols and shotguns, but ammo is a very scarce resource throughout the town. There are a generous amount of weapons to be found and it will help to experiment with different types. I'd advise blocking often, as enemies can use a quick succession of attacks to throw you off guard. Weapons can also break from over usage, so it's very wise to chop and change your instrument of death. Med-kits, a flashlight and other essential items are stored in your inventory, but pressing the D-pad can quickly access specific items. What the enemies lack in design, they make up for with anger and unpredictability. There are screamer types that send out high-pitched noises to give you a serious earache, muscled brutes that use heavy attacks and creepy mannequins that project aggressive poltergeists. At certain points during the game you'll have no choice but to square off against enemies and defeat them, in order to progress further.

Gameplay can vary between light and dark environments, which is where your trusty flashlight will come into play. There is also a UV light available to help discover hidden clues. Downpour's main story will take players all over the town and introduce new characters along the way. There is also a morality system, which will enable Murphy to make certain decisions. These decisions will affect the outcome of the game's ending. At key points in the main campaign the town will shift into its other world state. The other world is infested with terror and an extremely hostile entity, which sadistically enjoys chasing you. I loved these sequences, as they add a level of desperation and struggle to the gameplay. Moving away from the main quest, there are a healthy dose of side missions, which involved locating missing people, searching for valuable items, and solving some cryptic puzzles. The puzzles are a strong element of the experience, they require thought, and for those who want to be riddled a little more, it is possible to adjust the difficulty of the puzzles before a new game is started. There are also multiple endings to unlock, so it's wise to keep an eye on the choices you make throughout the game on subsequent playthroughs.

The combat just doesn't come together, and it provides more frustration rather than satisfaction. Murphy's movements are clumsy and not responsive. Enemies will find it very easy to attack you and, if many surround you at once then you rarely stand a fighting chance. Using firearms can be difficult, the aiming is very erratic and it is very easy to miss your target when firing repeatedly. The side quests are a decent distraction, but a handful of them begin to feel all too familiar.


Vatra Games should be commended in trying to capture the essence of the franchise and not straying too far away from the proven formula. The story is a hit and a miss, the morality choices could have been expanded upon, and the relationships between Murphy and other characters needed a little more substance. The visuals are atmospheric and pull you in, but the creatures form a weak link to the presentation. The gameplay feels dated, but the moments in the other world are truly heart stopping.
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