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on 11 February 2015
As part of my 'phone contract my Blackberry 9900 was replaced with a Blackberry Q10 in June 2014 and I just couldn't get used to it, I misdialled calls, it would make calls when it was supposed to be locked and I regularly got lost in its menus. I think it was me rather than the 'phone but why make it all so complicated. Anyway I eventually gave up and as I'd given my 9900 away at the time of the upgrade and as I'm not due a contract renewal until June 2016 I decided to buy a used 9900 with, I have to say, some trepidation.

It arrived swiftly and having now gone through the normal hassle of changing everything over it's pure bliss and everything works as it should. The problems presented by the Q10 have disappeared and although the 9900 has a touchscreen it also has the row of buttons in the middle which strangely enough Blackberry have just reintroduced on their latest model (perhaps customer feedback does work after all?).

I'll not go into the all the technical stuff as I don't really understand it but for e-mail, texts, limited web browsing and actually making telephone calls it's the bees knees. I can't comment either on how it performs on Twitter and those sort of things as I deleted those applications as soon as it arrived.

So there you go, progress isn't always good.
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on 28 October 2015
The phone received was brand new and not refurbished as some people indicated. It comes with a handy leather belt pouch, earphones and charger. Very good phone for calls, txts and messaging. Its really more of a workhorse than for avid consumers of content (internet and lots of different apps).
Secure, easy to use and feels right in the hand. Single hand use is no problem. Small enough to fit in your pocket. Made from good quality materials. This is my second one despite the model being over 4 years old.
Call quality is very good.
Also, if you have blackberry Internet with your provider, data usage is much lower as data is compressed.
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on 11 January 2012
Very attractive metallic chunky, yet slim, mobile. Mine had a few upgrades waiting for it. The battery lasts a long time on Stand-By but does drain a bit with useage and downloading but not excessively, mine lasted about 2 days useage, it would last a week on stand by easy.
The screen is very clear and the keyboard is easy to use, my fingers are not big though.
The voice calls are very clear indeed and texting with the keypad is easy.
Over all I would say, it's worth buying, especially if you don't want to follow the iPhone crowd but it ain't a 5 star phone but very near!
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on 13 October 2013
Had my BB Bold 9700 stolen whilst visiting the Police stand at an air show (!) and thought long and hard about buying another BB. In order to ease the pain a little thought I'd take the chance and buy a re-conditioned 9900... at least half the listed price. The 'phone came with all the plastic wrapping (and if you wonder why your first couple of photos look c..p try taking the protective plastic off the back!!) but no box, instruction, charger nor headphones. No problem in my case since I had all of those from the 9700. I can simply say that I am well pleased with this product. It looks like new, has worked perfectly and was an up-grade for me at a very reasonable price. I like the dual functions of using a proper keyboard AND the ability to scroll/zoom on the screen. I text in multiple languages and REALLY appreciate the fact that it remembers which language you use for each contact. No more changes languages as you whip through and reply to incoming mails etc. Updated operating system means a better BBM and as usual, using it on 3 different continents in the last 4 weeks has confirmed BB reliability. Rumours abound on BB's possible demise, but it does a great job for me, at a very attractive price and was delivered promptly, exactly as described. Initial reservations about a re-con model were proved to be unfounded. If the budget is a little tight, go for it with confidence!
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on 7 September 2017
The phone (Blackberry Bold 9900 Sim Free) is Ok but the seller is not (GLOBAL MOBILES 2010).
I opened the box after few months (as my old Blackberry Bold was still OK) and it turned out that the battery is too thick and the phone will not lock (I check it also with the old Blackberry). Now I cannot even complaint.
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on 10 March 2012
I was very fed up lately with Android, Apple and the pain to type in a touchscreen and have been looking for a Blackberry for a while. However, I didn't want to completely lose the touch screen luxury and I was trying to decide between Blackberry Bold 9790 and 9900! I don't know how I discovered AMAZON WAREHOUSE!!! I read review after review about products, service, etc. Although I was told by Amazon customer service that they can't give me much info about the product, I took the risk and got for 270£ a Bold 9900 'like new' condition. The price was just amazing, since I was just about to buy the 9790 for 320£!! I was sooo impatient that I ordered it Friday morning and chose 'next day' delivery (not express). The box was here before 11am which was amazing (didn't need to pay for express delivery by 1pm!)!

When I opened the package the box was not in a good condition and you could see that was opened and re sealed. I open the box and saw the phone - absolutely perfect! The only thing being opened was the phone and the battery, everything else was sealed. I guess this was a return from sb who changed his/her mind and the package was not in good condition,that's why the price was that good! But I don't mind since everything works perfectly!

Now about the phone...I just looove it :) The experience of the touchscreen but also the speed that you can check emails, reply to txts, check facebook and type a note is incredible. The screen and the resolution is really good and being an Android user for a while I'm so impressed about how responsive the touch screen is. I have this phone for less than 12h but I hope that it's going to last for a long time and I'm sure it's going to be the most functional phone I ever had! Now, browsing the App world, I can't see why people complaint so much...I really miss Skype but I'm sure that more and more apps will be on the way. Still a medium user like me (not a geek) will find more than enough! Also works perfectly with a 3 sim card. Definitely recommend it!
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on 11 August 2013
A Blackberry is never going to compete with an Android of Iphone IMO as they both offer a much more flashy home screens, apps, games etc, but it offers a user simple, almost no frills access to core services, email, test messaging, social networking and maps. It is designed around email and text based apps and for the user that lives with email/text messages this is a serious tool with a proper keyboard that Apple and android just cant match.

Bottom line, if your a sending emails, sending texts, sooting out twitter/facebook status updates. and find all that visual sexyness of a droid/iphone screen just fluff. This might be for you.
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on 20 January 2012
the 9900: a perfect balance of looks, feel, quality construction, practical performance and a fantastic keyboard!

everything works flawlessly together. the 9900 can easily be tweaked to get it working just how you want it without the need for pointless, costly apps. it feels like a phone rather than a slab against your ear. size is perfect, it comfortably fits in your hand and is a joy to use with just the one hand, leaving the other hand free.

there is a reason why this phone is still in the top 10 amazon sim-free phones sales ranking (as of 20 jan 2012) 6 months after its release! a superb product comes very highly recommended.
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on 3 April 2016
The phone works well for what I need it for. Unless you have a Blackberry data plan, don't count of being able to surf the net or check emails etc, unless you are in a good wifi spot. But If you like phones with buttons, this phone does the job great. Nextdaymobiles, the seller I got this phone from provided a great service, even when my first Bold developed a problem. The seller got back to me swiftly and provided me with a replacement quickly. Bear in mind the seller can only provide a like-for-like if he has the available stock, but still. no complaints here, very accommodating
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on 3 September 2015
I bought this phone advertised as 'new' via Amazon in August 2015. When I opened the package there were fingermarks on the casing, an O2 screen on start-up and it refused to connect to the internet - I kept getting the message 'Browsing over the mobile network is not included as part of your current service plan'. This was with a sim card which worked perfectly on my previous blackberry.
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