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on 11 June 2013
Ok, I already have the other yoke, had it 8 years, you know the one. I was umming and arring about this Cessna one as my other yoke had loads of dead spots, wouldn't centre properly, wasn't smooth and needed me to open it up and do the old elastic band mod and lube it till I needed shares in ann summers. I ended up buying this anyway, what the hell, had an amazon voucher.

Not even out of the box and I can tell the build difference. It just looks solid. Picking it up confirms this, it's slick and just looks so darn good. Tentatively I try the action out... happily it totally wipes the floor of the other one I had. It centres automatically, and most importantly returning to the same place; action is smooth and actually feels more expensive than its price tag. There are lots of hat switches and enough nobs to shake the now redundant lube at, joy.

The throttle controls are great. Can be mounted on top of or in front of the mounting bracket which is a nice option. Others have commented positively on it so I feel no need.

Is it worth it? Well, if you're wanting a sound yoke and throttle controller, yes. Lets face it, you're probably not bothered about the cost, sure, it'd be better £60 cheaper but you're still going to buy one or the other aren't you. All I'm telling you is that this blasts the other brand of similar price out of the sky. Oh, and the throttle movement is far superior to my other one which had the throttle integrated into the top of the yoke, more movement and more control on this one.

No doubt I'll slag this one off in 10 years when I've saved up for a £700 yoke ripped straight out of a cessna and lovingly modded for a pilot wannabe like myself. Until then however, for sim flight. This is the nuts. Now... I've totally wasted flight time writing this. Bye.
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on 12 January 2014
I got this item as a Christmas present. As a recently retired professional pilot and long-time flight sim enthusiast, I was keen to try this yoke and throttle quadrant. The throttle quadrant is well made and is an excellent addition to the flight sim experience. It operates smoothly and has plenty of programmable buttons. The yoke is also well made (better than the standard Saitek Pro Flight Yoke) and again has plenty of programmable buttons. However, it has a fundamental design flaw which stops it from being usable for precision control. The stainless steel shaft has a slot along each side in which runs the roll sensor mechanism. Whilst roll response always feels smooth, pitch response is only smooth with no roll input. With any roll applied, the added friction of the roll sensor mechanism means that fine pitch control is almost impossible and becomes quite notchy, most noticeably near the neutral point of the spring centring where fine control is most needed. Whilst a yoke most closely simulates what you find in many general aviation aircraft, this one simply can't match the accuracy and smoothness of a high-end joystick. 5 stars for the throttle quadrant (which can be bought on its own) but brought down to 2 stars for the yoke. My experience doesn't seem to match the other reviews here but looking around the net I'm not the only person to have this problem. If you want something that looks the part, then buy this yoke. If you want something that allows you to control your flight sim aircraft accurately, buy a really good quality joystick (or a MUCH more expensive professional quality yoke). Tested in Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
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on 13 December 2014
Same problem as Les H - movement is sticky and jerky around the neutral position when combining roll and pitch (as in e.g. flying a pattern), making fine control of altitude a chore rather than the easy operation it should be. Appears to be a defective unit, though perhaps the engineering tolerances on this design are such that some units suffer very little with it, whilst others are poor, but still pass QA. Nonetheless, I have returned my unit and requested a refund. Its unfortunate because there are precious few affordable yokes out there.

On an unrelated issue, the build is of plastic apart from the shaft and a small vanity plate on top of the unit, and the yoke itself feels slightly cheap. I have probably been spoiled by my joystick, the Thrustmaster Warthog and its metal construction, but it would have been nice to have something on the Saitek that feels a bit more substantial, even if this increased the cost a little.
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on 5 April 2016
Poorly made. only arrived today and had a fault from new. Customer service from manufacturer is very poor. Amazon were fantastic in sorting out a replacement. Amazon replaced, but that one became faulty as well. Look, the manufacturer will claim that this item has not got inherent issues, but I and many other people who have bought this "expensive" item will tell a different story. Allow me to explain the major flaws in this product before I come to the couple of pluses for buying it. At £179 you would expect and deserve an item that works as described and works well, in fact that is the basis of the UK consumer sale of goods act. This item has poorly designed switches, which feel as they are about to break any minute, because they are so flimsy. This yoke's X and Y axis both have sticking points along their travel which makes controlling an aircraft very difficult.Try and turn the aircraft ant the same time as pulling its nose up, and you will witness the saitek grind, as the plastic gears try to work.More seriously though THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT CALIBRATE correctly. All three of mine had this same issue, which Saitek suggest is not inherent. really?? So the good points. It looks good, and it has a Cessna badge in its centre. JUST AVOID THIS ITEM. READ REVIEWS ON GOOGLE AND AMAZON. Better to buy a good joystick than this inferior product. Oh also this all goes for the Pro flight version as well. RUBBISH ITEM....BE WARNED.The company also do not give a damn concern fixing issues with equipment
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on 14 April 2014
The flight yoke feels very solid and the clamp secures it well - there is no movement of the body once clamped and you don't have to clamp it to the extent that you think it's going to break.

The Yoke moves through 90 degrees on each axis. All of the buttons feel solid and are of very good quality. There are USB ports on the site of the body so the other modules can be attached. There is also a power socket which I assume is to boost the USBs (my PC provides enough power for all the components in this set).

The Yoke has a very nice feel to it and is stable enough to used with one hand.

I was surprised by the quality of the thrust controls - they are great and have a very nice feel to them. Three levers and three two-way buttons. Again, there are no issues with the clamp. The thrust control can be mounted so that it sits in front of or on top of the flight desk.

If you are flying by keyboard then you need to get the Cessna set right now for a much, much more realistic 'sim' experience.
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on 19 August 2013
The use of a Yoke and separate throttle /prop/mixture controls for GA aircraft is far more enjoyable than using a standard joystick -
the level of control is fat superior

A definte must have for the serious simmer
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on 4 January 2014
It does not have the same sensation of a flight yoke, but does have the feel. Spring loading cannot duplicate the forces when flying but if you want light aircraft simulation forget joysticks.
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on 26 December 2013
Works a treat first time, responsive built to Last. Fast delivery
Smooth action and great fitting to desk top, thanks
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on 18 November 2015
This is the better of the Pro Flight Yokes available from Madcatz.

The construction is far better and there is little or no deadzone. I genuinely like the feel and the buttons are well made. Adds considerable realism to the flight simulator I use.

Just wish it had Vibration or force feedback on it. I built my own and message me if you want to know how.
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on 21 July 2016
I was wondering wether to get this Cessna yoke or the regular pro flight yoke but I chose this as I preferred smaller airplanes, the first one they sent me was faulty and took ages to come. Sent back faulty one for free and got a new one which works and feels amazing. To conclude this yoke was a very good purchase (when it was working.)
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