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on 4 July 2013
Some time ago I bought a Samsung E1190 on a ridiculously cheap deal - the phone itself cost less than £5 - and I was very happy with it apart from one thing. You can't attach an alarm to a reminder that you put in the calendar. It was my own fault, because I had read in a review somewhere that the 1150 allowed this while the 1190 didn't, but I couldn't resist it at the price. Now, months later, having read all the reviews again I decided to go for the 1150. In light of everything that has been said I fully expected it to come set to the German language and the Berlin time zone, and also with a continental style charger. And it was indeed set to Berlin, but the language was English and the charger was a standard UK one, even though the box was properly sealed.

As all the other reviewers have already said, this is a very basic phone, but it does all the basics extremely well. I'll be perfectly honest - I want a phone that allows me to make and receive voice calls, that allows me to send and receive text messages (which I do quite a lot of), that I can use as an alarm clock to get me up in the morning, that includes a calendar and reminder function with an alarm facility so that it actually bleeps at me well before I miss an appointment, and that has a timer I can use to boil my eggs. Anything else would be surplus to requirements and would probably never be used. This phone does all that and several other things besides (which you can read about in the general blurb), but it doesn't have a camera, radio, MP3 player, bluetooth, internet connection etc. etc. It's a phone with a couple of useful extras, not a mobile entertainment centre.

Though the phone is small, it feels well made and quite solid in the hand without being heavy. The keypad is a good size, and I don't have any difficulty texting even though my fingers aren't exactly pipe-cleaner size. I've always liked the clamshell design, because the phone opens out to a better size for speaking into and the screen and keypad are protected when it's not in use. Since the phone is VERY similar to the 1190 I am expecting the battery life to be in the same ballpark, and that is phenomenal. I'm not a heavy user, but I do text a reasonable amount and I can go a fortnight on a single charge on the 1190. Sound quality on a call is perfectly adequate, and you can put the call on speaker if you wish. For this I've turned the volume down a little, as there is slight distortion on the speaker if you have it going full blast.

The screen is small, but quite big enough to see everything you need to for the above-mentioned basics. The texting interface has the usual tiny problem I've moaned about before - to put a single capital in the middle of a sentence you have to press the capitalisation key three times rather than just the one press required on Nokia phones - but it's not a big deal and I've got used to it. Texting is otherwise very simple and straightforward. There are five wallpaper pictures to choose from, and you can have the phone randomly select them for you if you want to see something different every time you flip it open. Alternatively you can choose to have none at all. There are quite a few ring tones, but most of them are pretty dire. All I want is a standard ring, which the E1190 actually has, but it isn't in the list on this model. However, there is a fairly bland non-musical one that fits the bill well enough. You get four options for the message tone, and again one of them is fine for me.

Adding a reminder to the calendar is pretty straightforward, which is just as well as there is nothing in the instructions to tell you how to do it. You can create an 'Appointment', an 'Anniversary' or an 'Event'. If you want to add an alarm choose 'Appointment' and the alarm options come up as you scroll down after entering the details.

The alarm clock allows you to set one that goes off only once, or that goes off only on days of the week that you specify. And you can set up to five different alarms all running at the same time.

The one gripe I have about Samsung is the abysmal quality of the accompanying paperwork, and this phone is no exception. All the things in the instructions are things you are likely to know already, but the more obscure bits you have to find out for yourself.

Since mine came already set to English I didn't have to change the language, but there is an explanation elsewhere on Amazon of how to do it. I also read one review that claimed the phone is stuck in the Berlin time zone. As mentioned earlier, mine was on Berlin time, but I managed to get it onto GMT by going into 'Settings' and then selecting 'Time & Date'. At the top of the list is the time zone, and if you press the 'OK' key while that is highlighted a map comes up in which you can move the time zone by using the sides of the large function key. Not that this is much of an issue, because you can set the time to whatever you want anyway, and unless you go to the world clock you won't know the phone is set to Berlin.

In a nutshell, this phone is meant to be cheap, cheerful and functional, and that is exactly what it is. It does everything that I require of it, and does it all very well in a neat, nice-looking package (the red colour is quite appealing too). If your requirements are similar to mine, then you can't go wrong with an E1150. I thoroughly recommend it.

UPDATE: The day after posting the above review I discovered that the texting interface isn't the same as the E1190 after all. If you use predictive text then the phone automatically starts each sentence with a capital and then reverts to lower case. On the E1190, if you then want to enter a single capital letter in the middle of a sentence (e.g. the first letter of someone's name) you have to press the capitalisation key three times to get one capital and then back to lower case. On the E1150 this option doesn't come up at all for the middle of a sentence. You have to press once for the capital, then type the letter, and then two more keystrokes to get back to lower case. I've never understood why Samsung appear to have different texting interfaces for different phones. On Nokias it's always the same, regardless of the model. Again, it's not a big deal - just something else to get used to - but it just seems odd that there are different systems for different models.
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on 18 March 2012
The product description could be improved. The handset is produced for the German market. It was not a big problem to reset the language to English even though my knowledge of German is zero. The charger is a two pronged European one for which I am using my own adapter. On the more positive side delivery was prompt and the handset itself is light and good for all places you don't want to risk damage to your smartphone.
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on 15 March 2014
A simple phone that doesn't take pictures, doesn't link to the web or use Wi-Fi. Just a phone with text facility and a few other things like alarm and games etc. (why do they have to fit games to everything?). If you do not suffer with social mediaitis and don't need to know where you are at any moment in time and need a phone for their original purpose to take and receive calls on the move, this is for you. Being a clam shell it is convenient and is shiny so slips in and out of the pocket or bag easily. Being small it is not intrusive when in a shirt pocket but if you have dry slippery skin as I have, the lack of a rubber surface means you should fit a lanyard or wrist strap to prevent it squirting out of your hand in use like a cherry stone. The fault of this phone though is that the clip for the strap is on one corner of the hinge end and makes it difficult to open. I would have preferred it on the base at the opening end so you open it away from the wrist strap. A small issue but a niggle to me personally. Performance of the phone is good and easy to use with the buttons of adequate size for an Oldie although if you are struggling with your hands, a bigger phone would be better.
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on 25 January 2013
Great little phone - just makes and receives calls, and does texts. And there's some games on it. That's all I want - I don't need an expensive mobile computer. As for comments re German language, its easy to switch over to English. Likewise its simple to change the time zone from Berlin to London. Cheap enough to buy one for every family member!
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on 7 August 2016
Love it
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on 15 February 2016
Love this phone. I have an iPad, so no need for a smart phone, which turns me into a mad woman! This little red phone does everything I need it to do.
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on 19 February 2014
I bought this phone for my husband, there is no internet or camera, but it does for him as it is not to complicated, my husband is quite deaf but the phone is quite loud and he can hear it, so when he is out somewhere I can keep in touch as he is disabled, with only the use of one hand, but he can use the phone easily.
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on 14 December 2012
Just disappointed, & I should have spotted in seller write up, that it has no Bluetooth feature.

Wrongly assumed this was a default item on all cellphones now, but not the case here.

Will do as a spare, but obviously can't be used hands free.
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on 18 September 2014
Do not use
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on 5 February 2014
I loved my little red Sagem phone that died on me after 7 faithful years. I was dreading having to find another to suit me and getting used to a change. I like the flip tops too. I was thrilled to find this phone and am delighted with it. Exactly what I wanted. Small, neat, flip top. Just a phone. I text and call. Nothing added apart from two games. It gives me Sudoku and Super Jewell Quest to which I am now addicted. The battery lasts for ages. At least a week and I am texting every day. It comes with a European plugged charger which was great on holiday. I knew this having read the reviews and followed the tip to buy a charger at the same time. Couple of quid. It is set to German on receipt but as in the reviews is so easy to change to English without knowing a foreign word. I've had my phone now for about six months and still love it.
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