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on 28 October 2008
Interesting man, with lots of credentials. I would not presume to match Sitchin's academic expertise, but although I found this book a fascinating read (and others in the series) its biggest contradiction is in its conclusion. In a "cracking" chapter called "The Greatest Theophany," Sitchin suggests that YHWH is one of the Annunaki (at least that's how I understood him?) and the encounter between Moses and YHWH is exactly that: an encounter with an "elohim" of very high rank, if not the highest, who comes down in a "Kabod," a spaceship and reveals himself to Moses. The description on the mountain is then described as being a fantastic UFO encounter, radiation burns and all on Moses' face! (Never thought of it like this before!)

However, in Sitchin's concluding chapter, he refutes all the Sumerian/Egyptian possibilities that suggest that YHWH could be one of the Annunaki. Like a good Jewish lad, he ends up affirming his monotheistic roots by saying that YHWH is NOT a member of the Annunaki at all. Rather, YHWH is the only God who rules even the Annunaki, and all beings and celestial objects are used to further the plans of YHWH for the development of the many worlds that exist in the universe.

As a result Sitchin manages to hold together his belief in the appearing of Planet X, or Nibiru and its surrounding moons and other orbiting planets? his belief in the Annunaki as "Elohim," and of course his monotheistic belief in YHWH, The Lord of the Universe. Though I think there is a contradiction in the way Sitchin put this book together, his numerous books are fascinating, and his depth of knowledge is immense. and every chapter in this book presents the reader with new perspectives. Anyone who thinks this man is "barking mad" needs a paradigm shift in the way they read the Bible, especially with regard to ancient near eastern texts. As Einstein said, "If the idea is not absurd in the first place, then there is no hope for it."
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on 3 August 2017
Sitchin is One of The greatest individuals of all time. His genius reflected in his books. Unfortunately he has Been attacked By so Many zealots likely annoyed at their own mistakes and findings vis a vis Ancient World history. Thank You Mr Sitchin For everything
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An in-depth look at divine encounters (contacts, dreams, visions) from Sumerian, biblical and other ancient sources. This book does not have the flow of his Earth Chronicles but is interesting nevertheless. For many pages the author speculates about the Hebrew tribal deity YHWH and where it fits in amongst the Sumerian (Annunaki) gods - but the speculation is so endless that I must confess I cannot remember the conclusion he reached. Another great book in the same vein is Colin Wilson's "From Atlantis To The Sphinx."
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on 19 February 1998
How can life exist on Nibiru when its elliptical orbit takes it so far away from the sun that no life-sustaining light or heat reaches it for most of its orbit? And without life being possible on Nibiru, there can be no Anunnaki. And without Anunnakis, Mr. Sitchin's theories are without foundation. Can he give a plausible explanation to this key point?
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on 1 July 1998
Another masterpiece by my hero. And if that's not enough, at last, the answer to the burning (bush?) question... just who was the God of the Jews?... was he "just another annunaki"?... or more? A "don't miss this" for readers of the "Earth Chronicles". Awesome!
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on 20 March 1998
Why do you assume that Nibiru has to orbit "the sun?" What if Nibiru has its own internal heat source? What if Nibiru has its own sun? The truth is that Planet Earth is probably unique in the universe; therefore, can you consider that Nibiru is also unique in its own way and that just because it is different from our Earth, i.e., its 3,600 year orbit, doesn't mean the planet doesn't exist or that it doesn't support lifeforms. Mr. Sitchin asks that we not limit our thinking; if we remove the limits from our thinking processes, we will realize that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, not just US! Zecharia Sitchin has shown us more of our real history than any other contemporary author. I applaud him for his courage in writing this and his other "Earth Chronicles" books.
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on 5 June 2016
This is a good book, though most of it is recycled material, it would worthier to read the first four earth chronicles books first, then if you are hardcore fan or if you want an introduction read this one. Very little new material there. It is not a bad book though, that is why three stars, but be prepared for Gilgamesh again and again...
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on 26 March 2014
You can probably tell by now from my reviews that I was pretty much addicted to this never-ending series. :)

Same formula as the 12th Planet with much of the material revamped. If you have read the first in the series then you are not going to be surprised with any new revelations in this one.
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on 17 February 2013
This book was written by Zecharia Sitchin who,,unfortunately, is no longer with us.
I have now read 9 of his books and never been disappointed with one of them.
He is in my opinion the most erudite in this field and I will miss his further input.
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on 31 March 1998
I loved this book! I think that this is a must for anyone interested in UFO's and alternate explanations for religious interpretations.
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