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on 7 September 2011
This is one of the best pieces of kit I have seen. Strong, lightweight, good quality, and well designed. The iphone fits perfectly into cushioned interior. Strong clips lock in iphone and seal it in. Phone can still be fully used with access to all buttons and headset socket can also be accessed via a sealed plug. Can make hands-free voice calls while still connected to the bike. Can also run a charge lead into case. Using the supplied mount it fits easily onto handlebars of bike without need for tools. Quick release button allows quick removal from mount. I have recently used this case over a two day 170 mile ride running sat nav on the iphone. Even cycled through 1 hours heavy rain and it remained perfectly waterproof.

NOTE: Some reviewers said it had poor fixings and kept falling off the bike - this is not the case if fitted correctly. The case slides easily, and loosely, onto the mount but you then have to apply considerable force to click the two pieces together solidly. Once properly connected, they do not come apart easily and will not fall off the bike.
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on 13 August 2011
Took a look at the various options on Amazon, this one seemed the safest bet.

Item arrived promptly. Fitting was very easy onto my Trek Hybrid Bike. The case fits my iPhone 4 very snuggly, no movement not too tight either and simple to lift in and out. Two clasps on the cover mean that the iPhone 4 is not going to fall out by accident, great design. On clipping the case to the mount (comes in a separate box) I was a little concerned at first that it was not a tight fit but I learned I had to apply more pressure downward and then the case click re-assuringly into place. It isn't going anywhere. Not tried it in the wet yet but certainly looks watertight.

Small snag: The only downside if there is one is that the rotation joint allowing you to turn the case landscape or portrait has a lot of play so I can imagine some movement on more bumpy terrain, but not a big issue. If this was a tighter fit I would have given 5 stars without a doubt. Not a deal breaker I can live with it.

Overall definitely worth the money, well made and good quality plastics.
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on 3 March 2012
Bought this last weekend, as I wanted something to hold the iPhone while I'm out cycling and using the Endomondo ([...]) app to track my route, mileage, average speed, etc.

Having read product reviews before using the item, it was clear that for the unit to function properly it was vitally important to slide the case onto the mount firmly and make sure a loud click was heard. Having experimented with it before attaching it to the bike, I can confirm the click is very loud. If you haven't heard it, then you haven't put the two pieces together properly and run the risk of them coming apart during use.

The overall quality of the product is good. The mount and case are of sturdy plastic and the iPhone sits in the foam insert very snugly. The way the product is designed, I felt very secure in trusting my expensive piece of electronics to it.

Having used it "in anger" for the first time today, I can confirm that when mounted on the bike the case is rock solid - no movement at all. Even when bumping over railway crossings (there were four on the journey today) and through pot holes. I had the lanyard tied round the frame just in case, but no need to worry: that case was not coming off!

The plastic front to the case allows full use of the iPhone while it is in the case, and the buttons are all fully functioning.

Overall, very impressed and glad I purchased.
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on 17 December 2011
I was initially skeptical about mounting my pride and joy on a bike but this iPhone holder is great. I've been using it on my mountain bike and it is very sturdy even over rough ground and small jumps.

I mainly use it for off road GPS but all the functions of the phone are available through the touch screen. I've only used it in light rain for which it is very effective. Its even possible to film your bike rides, but because of the mount you can only film effectively in portrait rather than widescreen but don't expect great audio.

Also, the quick release is very good on the mount and for the phone into the cover, handy if you need to pop into the shops or take a call.
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on 27 March 2012
Used this case for the first time over the weekend and must say I trusted this case 100% with my 4s inside. Even when enduring rough, downhill terrain, the phone case looks sturdy. I haven't had the chance to test its waterproof abilities yet, but from what I've seen so far, I am optimistic. The case clips on and off using a quick release button, which is handy and feels secure. Cable fits snug inside the case whilst plugged into my I phone for external charging using a travel charger I bought from Amazon. The touch screen function works better than I imagined, just the same as when it's not in the case. I now go on pre-planned bike rides near enough every weekend using the 'Viewranger' App on my I phone to map routes then sync them to my phone. This case just made it a lot cheaper than buying a standalone Garmin GPS system. Only thing I would advise; if you intend on riding for more than 4 hours, I would take an extra charging unit, £20 from Amazon :-)
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on 14 February 2012
I got this for an upcoming cycle ride from London to Paris but I will also use it when walking the hills at home. It's a solid bit of kit and provides great protection for the iPhone. Only a direct hit on the screen itself is likely to cause any damage.
All the ports are accessible with snug rubber fittings to allow you to plug in your power lead or accessory without compromising the unit's waterproof features.

The touch-screen works very well but you do have to be a little firmer of touch around the edges of the screen. Visibility is also good, although I had to get the angle right when setting it up on the bike to stop too much reflection off the sky or surrounding scenery.

Fitting to the bike frame was easy and I can see how some others might have struggled with the clip. On first fitting, you have to really push hard until you get an audible click - and you'll feel it too - to fit the mounting plate to the back of the waterproof/shockproof case. Once it's on properly, it's not coming off but it doesn't need to as there is a quick release button underneath allowing instant release from the handlebars or whatever else you have it mounted on.

It also comes with a detachable lanyard (I also fit this to my bike frame as an extra safety-belt should the clip ever fail. Unlikely but better safe than sorry) which you can use if you want to roam the hills or valleys with your phone round your neck.

All in all, I love this unit. I do have a very small gripe that there is only enough space inside the box for the iPhone and a standard Apple power cable for charging on the go. I have a generic power cable on a flexi-retractor which I would prefer to use but it's just a bit too big. You will also have problems with external battery chargers that want to plug directly into the iPhone - you just don't have that sort of access. So long as you can use the standard Apple power/usb cable to connect to your external power source, you won't have an issue.

Hope this helps.
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on 23 February 2013
Good quality, i have used it a couple of time now and it stays in place. The clear case cover allows you to use the iphone on the go however its very thin (not sure how long that will last) apart from that nice pce of kit for those who need to carry there phones while on the trail...

Had this for some time now... the unit tends to rattle alot on the trails and that is become annoying (yes have have tighten all the fitting and the little screw) most of the time i have to take off gloves to use the touch screen... the clear case is standing up really well and looks still looks OK.

still 5stars nice unit well made but it rattles
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on 25 May 2012
I got this and it is quite tough. However, it did fall off my bike twice in use. One time it managed to protect the phone, even when I rode over it. The other time it popped open on the ground, allowing my lovely phone screen to suffer cracks and scratches as it hit and slid across the road surface.

The problem is that the shoe is a friction fit, so it can work loose as you ride over bumps. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND superglue to make sure that any detachable part is actually fixed to the mount.

What I don't understand is why a proper locking mechanism is never used in these devices, like those seen on many bike lights...

Also, in use I have found that a small amount of water can find its way in. No damage caused so far.

Finally, the small bung to block the charger hole is incredibly easy to lose.
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on 22 October 2012
This is a fantastic case, which i use for navigating on my road bike. The case will not fall off not matter how rough the ground. WARNING !!!! the only way this case will fall off is if you don't put it in properly, it requires a little bit of force, not much, YOU MUST HEAR A CLICK to ensure the case is mounted properly. I found this out the hard way, i had not clicked the case in and the case flew of my bike going downhill at 30mph. The case is brilliant is totally protected my phone, my phone was totally intact. Brilliant product !
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on 6 October 2011
I purchased this product to mount my iPhone 4 on my road bike to follow routes using the gps mapping functions. The handle bar mount fractured on it's first use (yes it was clipped into the base properly), going over a bit of bumpy country lane not that bad). The mount fractured through the rotating base mechanism. To make matters worse the case burst open as it hit the road ejecting my iPhone down the road. Thankfully just cosmetic stratches on the back and corners. An oncoming car reacted quickly and went around it!!!! Well done driver... I would shop around and check feedbacks as this has happened with some other designs..
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