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on 23 February 2013
Good quality, i have used it a couple of time now and it stays in place. The clear case cover allows you to use the iphone on the go however its very thin (not sure how long that will last) apart from that nice pce of kit for those who need to carry there phones while on the trail...

Had this for some time now... the unit tends to rattle alot on the trails and that is become annoying (yes have have tighten all the fitting and the little screw) most of the time i have to take off gloves to use the touch screen... the clear case is standing up really well and looks still looks OK.

still 5stars nice unit well made but it rattles
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on 2 August 2011
Product is rugged and great looking. Mine however does not lock properly. The mount will not take the case all the way and it can be jarred loose if hitting a large bump or pothole. It has dropped my phone twice - luckily the case itself is rugged and shock proof and my phone is ok. I would just suggest the seller test the product for fit before they send as both parts came in seperate boxes and not in one box as a unit together.
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on 27 May 2012
The idea of this case is very good. But it definitely needed to be implemented better.

As noted by another reviewer, the rotation of the case (e.g. vertically and horizontally), is a bit too loose. I tightened the inside center screw and that added a bit more friction, but still could be tighter. Maybe I will modify it later. Maybe it will be fine the way it is now.

I also do have some concern about possibly the case popping off. The two indents that clip the case into place are too small to be 100% worry-free in my opinion. To feel more secure I attached a wire or string from the case to the handle bars. But one should not need to do that; on the other hand I don't prefer watching my iPhone bouncing down the street and being squished by a car.
If I am using a charger while bicycling I wrap cable a few times around the handle bars. Then the cable would prevent the case from falling to the ground. Might get banged around a bit though.

The plastic cover works very well for swiping, etc.. However it scratches easily. (I guess everything scratches more easily after experiencing the super-tough, scratch-resistent iPhone screen.)

I found the handle bar mount too large; needed to add some tape onto the handle bar.
In addition, the bolt and nut that tighten the handle bar mount onto the handle bar I found inadequate. When I tried to really tight the nut the head of the bolt started turning. This was because the plastic surrounding the nut, which is meant to prevent the nut from turning, deformed. Not good. So I just replaced the bolt and nut with larger, stronger ones, and I am now much more confident that the handle bar mount will not slip.

After all my modifications I am pretty happy with this case. There are a lot of good things about it! So, you will need to decide if this is for you or not.
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on 26 March 2012
I bought this item for a number of reasons. Basically I wanted a waterproof/resistant tough iphone cover to go cycling, canoeing, hiking and for general outdoor use. I used it today on the bike for the first time and found it to be a great piece of kit. The bike mount fits on easy enough and has great 360 degrees adjustment. My iphone is a perfect fit for the case itself and the case really does seem to be a tough all round unit. Most importantly though the touch screen works as good through the screen cover as it would normally. It works a treat with maybe just a little more pressure required sometimes. The only fault I could find with it was when you make a call, the call screen goes black for some reason so I had to depress the function button and hold it down to get the call screen back. By doing this I could then depress the red 'end call' button on the screen to terminate the call. Why it does this I don't know but it was not a big deal. I have no intention of marking it down a star for that as it seems to work great in every other way.

The button covers work fine on every function button on the device and overall the case feels tough and it looks like it is going to protect my phone just fine for all the outdoor activities I intend to do. I do not know how waterproof it is going to be but I don't intend to totally submerse it in any way by itself, it will always be in at least one waterproof bag. The only thing I haven't checked is if any old headphone jack works with it. You can hear the music fine through the phone speaker so this will be no big deal to me. Finally when I used it today on the bike I used a GPS programme on it to record my bike ride and I had no problem in reading the screen on a really bright sunny day and I could access any of the GPS function buttons on the move through the screen when it was mounted on my tri-bars. Very impressive piece of kit and is ideal for what I want.
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on 22 February 2012
Overall, very happy with purchase. Have used this on 20+ rides now, mainly on roads, but also off road. Have purposely ridden over potholes and generally, everything stays in place. The case does swivel slightly left and right when on the go, but not too badly to annoy. I have tightened inner screw as recommended by others, but to no avail.....I'm sure I could resolve if it bothered me that greatly !
I use Mapmyride when on the bike and leave iphone switched on so I can see statistics/maps on the go. Plastic cover is clear and allows for full use of touch screen. All other iphone buttons can be used whilst within the case.
I have ridden in the rain and no water penetration found.
Handy strap that can be connected to the case/bike, should case dislodge - Has not occurred at all. (Please follow others advice and ensure 'CLICK' is heard when mounting case with mount. It does take some force !!)
Would the case survive a hard 'bike crash'? - probably not, but it should protect the phone from initial impact and reduce damage.
Would be 5 stars if swivel didn't happen !
Would I recommend - Yes.

UPDATE March 2013:- No longer use as I replaced iphone with a Samsung (regretting it !)and now have a Garmin Edge 800. However, this product lasted over a year through the extremes of summer, winter, snow, rain, and pressure washing. Not once did this product leak and survived various off roading venues (Aston Hill, Swinley Forest,etc)jumps and falls. This product never came out of its mounting. I have upped to 5 stars - The swivel seemed to reduce over time. Great product
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on 17 August 2012
I purchased this for several reasons; 1. to hold my phone on an off road track, 2. to allow me to play music as i ride, 3. to allow me to use my iphone as a cycle computer and 4, cause i am sad and like to check my email when i have a moment to stop!

I am pleased to say that this case is brilliant, it caters for all of my needs and more. I have read some of the reviews below and i can understand how phones have come off bikes and been damaged - this is purely down to people not following the instructions on how to engage the bracket to the case, in my view. Believe me when i say that this is a solid case and bracket, if you clip it in properly it is going no where. I cycle off road, down hill and hard and this thing is not moving!

I agree with a previous review that when rotating the case there is some play, but in my view it still isn't going to come off unless wrongly fitted.

I am about to buy one for my Mrs, as she loves it!


If you want to use this as a cycle computer "Cyclemeter GPS" is a fab ap available for £2.50. It does everything you would want, from being a speedo, to tracking time, mileage, cadence, heart rate - the lot! There are even analytics/graphs available on the phone to show elevation, ascent, descent etc. It even allows you to control itunes from the ap - heaven!

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on 6 October 2011
I purchased this product to mount my iPhone 4 on my road bike to follow routes using the gps mapping functions. The handle bar mount fractured on it's first use (yes it was clipped into the base properly), going over a bit of bumpy country lane not that bad). The mount fractured through the rotating base mechanism. To make matters worse the case burst open as it hit the road ejecting my iPhone down the road. Thankfully just cosmetic stratches on the back and corners. An oncoming car reacted quickly and went around it!!!! Well done driver... I would shop around and check feedbacks as this has happened with some other designs..
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on 23 May 2012
At first I thought this was a bit pricey, but when it came it was very good quality, and a breeze to fit and use, well worth the money, highly recomended.
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on 23 April 2012
Having read some excellent and some rather less than excellent reviews on here I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I'm happy to report that I'm very much in the former category.

Fitting the device took me three of four minutes as it was slightly fiddly at first. Once on I tried to dislodge it and it seemed (and has proved) safe. There is certainly a reassuring click when it's first fitted. I have followed others advice and attached the cable and wrapped it around the handlebar just to be on the safe side.

I stick to the roads and nothing has so far made it swivel from portrait to landscape but I dare say that off-road might cause problems. I use MotionX GPS (an outstanding app) and have set it to portrait only mode as another reviewer stated that the phone can sometimes flip.

The clips which keep the phone within the frame take some effort to open so I'm happy that the phone won't dislogde from the case as I'm cycling.

You may have to adjust the angle of the case when the sun is behind you as it can reflect so I'd suggest leaving a little give when attaching it initially.
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on 15 March 2012
This is an excellent piece of kit. The holder is very easily screwed on - you don't even need tools. As long as you make sure the cover clicks in the holder it's there to stay. Each pack includes a small leaflet pointing out that it should click. I find that the rotating mechanism could be more strict - on a cobbly road it does tend to rotate but no more than 45 degrees.
It's got a plastic outer and a removable inner rubber layer - great against scratches but also shock-proof. I've deducted a star because the earplug hole in the rubber is too small so my iPhone earphones won't connect with my iPhone properly. I have to push the plug through the rubber and then insert the phone in its case. I notified the manufacturer of this and they have offered me a replacement so this may just been a one off with the cover I received.
Haven't tried it in the rain yet but I feel confident that my iPhone will be tucked away dry and safe. Purchase.
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