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on 17 September 2014
Brilliant! I am returning to developing after being out of the industry for 5.5 years. As a VS developer I was never hot on CSS. VS 2013 requires than you have knowledge and skills in HTML5 and CSS3. This was a daunting prospect, and something I was not looking forward to. But this book delivered exactly the information I was looking in a nutshell kind of way with good examples and explanations. The fear of HTML5 and CSS3 is now gone, and I am making good use of the new bells and whistles these technologies bring to the development world. Fab book for all skill levels in my opinion, and as a reference book as well. Oh and the Kindle version was less than a fiver making it even better value.
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on 15 December 2012
For anyone looking to get their heads around html5 this is the perfect starting point. It does go through some very trivial stuff that cost it a star on my review but other than that, its a perfect reference book to have in your library
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on 11 May 2015
Although I generally make it a habit to only review a book once I've finished it, I've had this book for nearly a year now and have only managed to make it probably a little over half way. This is no criticism against the book or the author, on the contrary, there is so much packed into it that I've been busy using everything I've read thus far (up to the chapter on the Canvas and a couple of subsequent chapters) that I haven't had much time to plod on and finish the rest of the book. Which isn't a problem because it is as much a reference book as a book that should be read cover to cover.

The new HTML5-related technologies are covered more than adequately and I have found very little need to pick up other resources to supplement my information.

If you are coming from and HTML4, CSS2 background and you had to buy one book to teach you what's new in HTML5 and CSS3 as well learn about most new HTML5-related technologies such as CSS transformations, transitions and animations, Canvas (2D and WebGL), the Web Audio API, new <video> and <audio> elements, drag and drop, the fullscreen API, the Offline API (an essential component when it comes to writing for mobile apps) and a host of other new features, this is easily the best book I have found and what I believe is the only book out there (at this time) that covers these technologies. And the price is an absolute bargain, especially compared to a lot of other publishers who are asking for £10-£15 and delivering considerably less content.

On the downside, the JavaScript which is covered in that book isn't that great, and the book doesn't really make much attempt at teaching JavaScript. This is not a problem as there are plenty of good books to teach JavaScript. Also, if you're looking for any information regarding SVG, it isn't included as the author felt it wasn't that important and has left it to the reader to research it for themselves.

It is also worth noting that this book doesn't really teach HTML from scratch, rather it assumes the reader has at least some knowledge of HTML4 and at least some knowledge of CSS as well, although it does make a better attempt to teach CSS and does quite a good job.
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on 10 November 2011
This is "THE" HTML5 book, no doubt about it. The first chapters introduce you to the HTML5 elements, CSS and Javascript, and after that you are able to understand complex subjects and the Javascript APIs presented in the rest of the book. Highly recommendable.
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on 14 November 2011
This is a super great book to start learning all about HTML5. It is very straight forward and easy to understand. it covers every topic thoroughly and tells you exactly how to work and develop codes for each part of the specification, step by step. Very informative. I recommend it.
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on 4 August 2014
Bit disappointed to find that there was a new edition published about 3 days after my purchase and there does not seem to be any way to upgrade without buying the book again.
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on 4 March 2013
This book is good and the information is useful - it helps to learn the basics quickly. Explanations of HTML5 syntax are usually detailed enough and it doesn't waste too much time on the basics.
However I can't give it 5 stars because of two reasons:
- in some cases a few of the CSS properties are mentioned in detail and then the book says "the rest can be checked on our website". Well, thank you, I'm buying a book because I want to have all information in one place, I know that there are websites that have this information.
- the writing style isn't too good. I'm not an English native speaker and yet my head aches after encountering countless "simply", "basically" and occasional "magically". This basically costs the book another star because simply it makes it irritating to read.
- some of the code listings are repeated several times while the new code is gradually added and explained. It's not a serious flaw, but it makes the book artificially longer than it should be. I would very much prefer to have each listing only once and then to see a reference to a specific section.
Despite these flaws the book is OK and the price to content ratio is good. With some editing the next edition may be very good.
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