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on 6 July 2013
I came to these Ultrasport poles after a bad experience trying to purchase Leki poles at £84 (only one arrived!). I am amazed at the value for money these poles represent, which seems to suggest that a lot of cash is being paid out just for the name in the case of the top manufacturers. I would say right away that the spring cushioning system in these poles travels a bit further and is a lot more comfortable than the highly-rated Lekis, having had the opportunity to compare them both.

The Ultrasport poles are definitely aluminium (one reviewer queries this) as a simple magnet test shows --- the magnet grips the pole only when you bring it to where the steel spring is located inside the tubing. The poles are a little more robust and slightly heavier than the big name models, which are possibly made from more expensive and narrower alloy tubing, but ironically this gives the user a better feeling of security. You feel that they will never bend or break, as they don't flex at all. I have found that they are absolutely secure after you have tightened the sections following adjustment for length. If this is not the case with yours, then you need to slacken them off and pull the poles apart, then adjust the simple locking mechanisms inside -- as described in the instructions. This really is as simple as finger-tightening a bolt or a screw. And the instructions are really detailed and sensible throughout, concerning both the poles and walking techniques generally.

The straps are very comfortable compared with the cords normally fitted to walking poles, but it is worth stressing that they are intended to prevent the loss of the poles if your grip relaxes: you are not meant to put your weight on them! Slip your hands through the loops and hold the moulded hand grips, applying your weight to them only. Otherwise the straps will not survive one strenuous walk! And I think the straps could very well be 'handed' (right hand, left hand) as they seem to be shaped slightly differently. This is not especially important in practice (which is why I have not checked it out carefully) but neither are the makers having a joke, as one reviewer suggests! When travelling downhill on very uneven ground you need to cup the top of the grip in your hand so you can put your weight on the pole comfortably, rather than gripping the handle, while keeping the straps around your wrists.

I have subjected mine to a lot of hard use since I bought them a few weeks ago, in the Lake District and elsewhere. I have found them to be utterly reliable and easy to use and adjust. I have had expensive poles in the past, and I probably bought these on the rebound after being disgusted by the awful service I encountered trying to buy expensive ones this time -- but I'm so glad I did!

I have never come across such a diverse collection of accessories either -- it may amuse you to hear that the Leki rubber boots for road walking are not supplied with the poles, but have to be bought separately -- and a pair of those will cost you more than one Ultrasport pole ... ! (And when you use these 'boots', remember that they are intended to muffle the click of the poles on tarmac and concrete, as well as providing a bit of friction and security on those surfaces. They are push-on accessories and so they will definitely be lost if you use them in soft mud or similar! They are not intended for that.)

Finally, the plastic spacers used in the excellent packaging to prevent the poles abrading each other in transit are the cherries on the cake -- don't throw them away, you can couple the poles together on those and run a small bungee around them to hold them together, so they can be packed securely in your rucsack, inside or out. And the final word has to be that they are provided in a smart colour scheme. So what's not to like?
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on 24 March 2014
I purchased these as I thought telescopic poles might be useful for skiing, depending on what kind of terrain I am on. After all, they are advertised as doubling up as skiing sticks, and they include snow baskets. However, the manual i received with them explicitly stated that they are ONLY for hiking, and I can back that up.

They cannot withstand a lot of force and wear. Within 30 minutes of using them, one of them was already starting to slip down into its telescope and would keep doing so, even after tightening. Within an hour, one of them completely disassembled on the piste. I hadn't fallen over, and I hadn't even being skiing particularly hard. They lack the durability that a skiing pole requires.

Based on other reviews it is apparent that they are good for walking, and I will confirm that the grips are comfy and the anti-shock feels good. This purchase is completely wasted upon me though.

EDIT: Changed review to 5 stars because of excellent customer service and this is no longer an issue
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on 7 March 2013
Having been talked into an ascent of Lansdale Pikes in the winter, an activity outside of my comfort zone, I thought that poles might be a good idea. They were. However on several occasions when I needed to shift weight onto a pole it would slowly collapse down its own telescope. This may well have been operator error, as said the activity was new to me. On each occasion I re-extended the pole and twisted it shut, only for it to later lose tightness and again slowly collapse. It may be that the tip, which never once slipped on ice stone or other surface, was so secure that my own wrist action was unwinding the mechanism against the tip's secure grip. I also emphasise that the collapse was slow and not sudden so I was not suddenly pitched on my face. Otherwise I found the poles light to carry, and they certainly aided my precarious crossing of several tall, ice covered boulders over an ice cold torrent.
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on 26 August 2015
Item arrive with one one basket missing but that was compensated - being replaced by myself. The original basket split one the third time out and indicates that the material is not as flexible as it should be. Certainly for rocky mountain tops. The two carbon/tungsten tips have come adrift also after use six or seven times mountain walking and one pole eventually buckled. Almost impossible to reinstate - but may yet provide a fixed pole that may be carefully used without exerting to much pressure. Whilst certainly light they are not much lighter than cheaper poles and I would say as a result they are less robust. OK for general path walking at low level but not for moderate hill walking over varied terrain where poles are most useful. Would certainly not buy again. Basically have got several months use out of them - far less than one season. Whilst initially looking good - have proved not to be reliable for moderate hill walking
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on 21 March 2016
Great value and work really well. We've both reached an age where we have aches and pains now, I've suffered a chronic back problem all my life. Can honestly say I was very surprised how they help when walking. Wasn't really expecting much but the difference was amazing, I only need to use one but it takes the pressure off so much. Wish we'd bought them years ago! Very sturdy and easy to adjust. We don't walk marathons so I can see these lasting a good few years. They even come with assorted feet, good for skiers and mountaineers I guess!
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on 4 September 2017
The poles are great but please can you send me the added feet as stated in the advertisement I have only received one foot which is no good. It's own. Please send me the other feet attachments. Thankyou
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on 10 January 2016
Had these a while now, used most days for my exercise walk. A little heavier than the pair they replaced but very sturdy. Shaped grips make my hands ache after about 45 minutes as they are ribbed for grip and straight. Whereas my old pair have a slightly curved smooth grip which is less strain on palms and wrists. Nevertheless a very good product which would suit most moderate walkers.
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on 17 January 2016
Now, walking sticks are a bit a pain in general. You need to find the right one and hope that they last. At the moment they don't seem to promise very much. The locks are ruining the metal and the bottom clips are very easy to loose. Additionally, the anti-shock system stopped working after few walks on one of the two. They could have been better.
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on 24 July 2015
Used these for the 1st time today and after about 10mins I was into my stride. They take the shock of hitting the pathways well, the straps are comfortable and they feel very sturdy. Had a pin and plate in a broken wrist 12mths ago and after 45mins my wrist was aching. I lowered the length of both sticks and with the sore hand held the top of the handle, holding the other one as normal. Was surprised to find this very comfortable and finished the 5 miles with ease. Will use them this way in future. A good and cheap buy.
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on 28 August 2013
Needed a set of walking poles to replace an old one. Wanted a matching pair and these fitted the bill. Been up a few munros with them and found no issues as yet. They are light enough and the locking mechanism is pretty standard. Would recommend to anyone climbing munros.
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