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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£14.99 - £69.99

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on 8 October 2011
I've just spent the best part of a day playing a very small section of Dark Souls in that time I've dead nearly 10 times, lost 1000's of souls(the in-game currency) and nearly given up the desire to keep playing. So why do I love this game so much?
The answer lies in the feeling of euphoria after defeating a boss or in making a little bit more progress. Make no mistake this is one unforgiving game: make a mistake, the game punishes you; get too complacent around any enemy, the game punishes you. But you learn and you (very) gradually get better.
If you've played Demons Souls, you'll encounter some of the same gameplay mechanics. But there is much that has changed. In Demons Souls, you could make the game slightly easier by playing as a magic user. In Dark Souls, magic is restricted to a number of uses and then you have to engage in combat. In the previous game, there was a central hub with access to all the levels; in the new game, it is more of an open world.
There are some niggles such as an occasional frame rate drop and the game explains very little (though some may see this as a positive!).
Would I recommend this game?
Absolutely. Just be prepared. Don't be afraid to use a wiki-the game cover actually mentions one. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Don't be afraid to stop playing if it gets too tough. This is not a game to be played whilst you're angry about your previous death. Don't be afraid to take it slowly. This is an epic game.
It's certainly not for everyone but this is a game that makes me happy to be a gamer.
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on 20 May 2017
Awesome seller, item looks great and friendly service, thank you!
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on 16 October 2011
Dark Souls is incredibly engrossing, very challenging, and for me, an extremely addictive game.

I find myself thinking about it when I'm not playing, I lie awake in bed planning my next foray into it's dark and twisted world. Maybe I'll have better luck next time with that electricity-spitting Drake....

When I am playing, I find myself staying up into the early hours of the morning, getting later and later. The game is bad for my health, and my married life!
A game that does these things, has got to be good!

It's predecessor, "Demon's Souls", is one of my all time favourite games, in fact I bought a PS3 just so that I could play it. I've really looked forward to Dark Souls' release and I'm pleased to report it has not disappointed in any way.


If you don't like hard games, if you need games to point you in the right direction, If you need hints to get you going, if you expect your character to be an instant rock hard fighter from the very beginning, if you don't like grinding, If you don't like losing all your hard fought-for souls (the games currency)and then going all the way back to the last save and doing the level all over again, If you don't like dying again and again and again - if you don't like these things in a game then Dark Souls may not be for you.
You have been warned.
If you buy Dark Souls after these warnings and find you don't like it, then it would be unfair for you to come back to Amazon and award the game a 1 star score like some other reviewers.
This is how the game is, it was created to grind you down, to destroy your spirit, to make you feel alone and helpless and lost, but also to give you a fantastic sense of achievement whenever you prevail under such difficult circumstances.

On the other hand...

If you like games that make your palms sweat with tension, if you like having to think for yourself, if you like a challenge, if you like being lost and clueless as to what to do next, if you get an almost masochistic kick out of dying, again and again and again - BUT still come back for more because you think that this time, yes, maybe this time, you may just defeat that impossible creature, or if you like exploration, the feeling of exultation that you will get when you finally make it to a new area, then I think you will love Dark Souls.

For me, a fantastic game, well worth every penny and well worth 5 stars.
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on 7 October 2011
Ignore the troll review that was posted before this - I ordered the xbox 360 version from amazon and the PS3 limited edition - one of which came early.

I've invested about 15 hours so far, and let me tell you, this game is utterly fantastic, just like Demons Souls was previously. To check my validity, please see my previous Demons Souls review as the same title - I am a Demons Souls vet and I invested around 500 hours total into Demons Souls (NG+++++). Needless to say, it is my favorite game of this gen and Dark Souls had a LOT to live up to. But thankfully, it does.

If you are a Demons Souls veteran, you will already know what to expect here - Rich, deep and a challenging gameplay in a dangerous and atmospheric world filled with ridiculously powerful enemies and very little mercy. From Software is easily my favorite developer now and for me, this is their Magnum Opus.

If you have never played Demons Souls, nor this, here is my review.

Dark Souls is a spiritual successor to Demons Souls, 2009's game of the year (Gamespot, IGN, etc gave it more than just that award too). It's a dark fantasy action rpg set in the medieval period where you play an undead fellow on a pilgrimage through possibly the most brutal game world I've ever seen. You start in a damp and destroyed asylum for the undead, you must pick your class from a range of different abilities and stats (Knight, warrior, barbarian, Pyromancer, Sorcerer, Cleric, Thief... just to name a few, there is 9 total to chose from). Once you select your class, you are given a broken set of armor and a terrible weapon and kicked out of your cell into a very unforgiving and very tough world. The story is a familiar tale in the genre, some evil dragon world has descended into darkness causing everyone to turn undead and you must save the day - etc. The story is actually fairly decent, while basic, but that is not really what this game stands out for.

It has to be said, this game is 100% NOT for everyone. If you are timid, if you are easily angered by game difficulty, this one is not for you. It is incredibly challenging, so much so that the average reviewer put 90-100 hours into the game to complete it the first time around, while some put over 100 hours in and didn't manage to complete it.

The reason it is so hard is that it's completely unforgiving, you can not just run in swinging a giant axe and mow your way through hoards of enemies a'la your average RPG. The gameplay is a masterful blend of hack and slash with deep RPG character development, you upgrade your chap with Souls collected from slain enemies, and every soul counts. Souls are the currency of the game - you upgrade, buy items and use them for just about everything. The game knows this, and they are very scarce. If you die in combat, you lose every soul you have collected up until that point, and return to the last save point - which brings me on to the next part of the review.

The game does not have a manual save feature as such, instead, you must make your way to the few and far 'safe havens', called Campfires. Here, you light up the bonfire and huddle around the only safe area in the game. You can rest your character and automatically heal up - filling a flask with health potion that will get you through the next area. Whilst here, you can upgrade your characters abilities, skills, magic and even help other players in their single player game.

The multiplayer aspects are masterfully woven into the single player - while playing you can see the live ghosts / phantoms of other players on the PSN, playing the same area as you, dying, and you can also leave them messages be it a hint or a simple 'good luck'. You can use a special stone to write messages on the floor of the world for other players on the PSN to read as they play their single player story. This is so cool, and unique to the series. The multiplayer goes even deeper as you get further into the game - you can start to invade other peoples single player worlds as a demon to slay them, or as a good phantom to help them defeat a difficult boss. Players and yourself can summon for help by leaving a special stone on the ground signaling players who have a little more experience to drop into their game and help them should they want. On the flip-side, if you manage to reclaim your human body form at any point in the game for its various perks, your world can become invaded by Black Phantoms, a rogue player from the PSN who is coming to kill you. It all sounds great and trust me, there is far more than I have time to write about here.

Lastly, ii will talk about the game world and the graphics. The graphics are decent, Ps3 version certainly seems to look better as I believe they built the game on ps3, and ported it over to 360. That being said, things look nice, not quite groundbreaking but the artistic flare of the game shines through. The world is an open-world, semi-linear experience of Ruins, castles, poison swamps, lush green forests overshadowed by mist, deep underground caves and volcanoes, just about every area you could imagine is present and is beautifully created with that classic From Software atmosphere. It doesn't get much better :-)

In short, a fantastic and true spiritual sequel to Demons Souls, my favorite game of the PS3 generation may just be toppled by Dark Souls. A must be for fans, and an incredible challenge. It is far harder folks - and much larger. 100+ new enemies, a giant explore-able world, a fantastic atmosphere and a great soundtrack.

It's a Souls game, what more could you want?
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on 14 October 2011
So the reviews have come and gone and Dark Souls slides down the rankings as bigger games start to fight for the Christmas 2011 market. Games aren't cheap and I wonder how many of those who bought Dark Souls last week - and didn't realise the work they would need to put into the game - are now trading in their copy for something requiring a little less patience.

As for me - a week later I have managed to drag my beaten hollow body up to the top of the cathedral and rung the bell. I've raised my shield and prayed that this time the white mist wouldn't lead to another unspeakable monster. I've clung to every shard, splinter and chunk, terrified I will waste them. I've run frantically swinging my sword after scurrying lizards and cried as they disappear before me - wondering if Ill ever finish this game .. cos next time Ill get you. I've stared into the distance and realised I have only just scratched the surface when suddenly... 'YOU DIED'.

No game has gripped me this way since 'Demon Souls' and before that, 'Elite'. The reviews you have read speak the truth. People will either learn to beat it or they wont - and their reviews will reflect this fact.

This game will reward you with a memory that other games forgot to include - if you let it beat you there is always the trade in option.
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on 19 April 2012
Yes, this game WILL punish you mercilessly. You WILL die a lot, and you WILL get frustrated after losing all your hard-earned Souls. That is simply the way this game is.

However, under the initial shock of the game repeatedly kicking your backside, there is an extremely well-made and perfectly formed RPG, with a lot of replay value. There's a lot of different weapons, weapon types, forms of magic and character classes, and the game opens up more each time you complete it, so there's definite impetus for trying your hand at different methods of approaching your enemies. The game world is a very dark fantasy in a manner rather unprecedented of Japanese RPGs, and as such it may not appeal to everyone, particularly if you're used to the realms of something like Final Fantasy. That said, the lore is genuinely quite interesting, if somewhat vague, and the world itself is tragically beautiful.

Gameplay, as said, holds a number of different approaches and encourages strategical thought, and your chosen class has distinct advantages and disadvantages. This is partially where the difficulty comes from; you need to figure out your enemies and modify your strategy appropriately, but the game is very unforgiving should you make a wrong move or a misjudgement. The game isn't being unfair, rather it encourages you to think your strategies through more diligently. Of course, if you're having a hard time, you can call upon another Soul to help you out, the core principle of the online part of the game. It isn't an MMO, but seeing the ghosts of other players wandering around your world makes the game feel more alive.

If you're seeking a fresh challenge and something to dedicate time to, then this is definitely worth considering. The game world and level of difficulty will put some off, but if you stick with it you'll find that From Software have made a very solid RPG indeed.
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on 23 February 2012
What can I Say that has not already been said about Dark Souls?
Addictive, Fantastic, Enthralling, Brilliant.....the list goes on. !

However, that wasn't always the opinion I held of the game.
Based on PSM3 reviews, I preordered the game before it was released and actually had the game a day before its release date. I then went ahead and signed up to the Amazon Forum and added a few people to my PSN online account.
After a week - I ended up getting frustrated with the game and ended up trading it in.

My situation is that I am a father of 3 (aged 6, 2 & 1) and the youngest likes to wake up in the middle of the night. Thus I need to get to him and reassure him and make sure he gets back to sleep.
This led me to my first issue with the game - NO PAUSE feature. You can't pause the game. The only way to stay safe if you have an errand to do is to either Rest at a Bonfire (which might not be close by) or to actually quit out of the game.
Secondly, I couldn't get use to the fact that the enemies (even lowly undead zombies) could kill me so easily. That with the fact that you energy bar did not automatically regenerate started to irk me.

A few months later, I wanted to re-buy the game and give it another go. It stayed in the back of my mind for some reason - maybe due to the stunning graphics and wonderful environment.
Thus, just after Xmas GameStop were selling the game (Limited Edition) new for 27 (£23.50) and I picked it up on the PS3 format. I also picked up a copy of the Strategy guide (which is an absolute necessity).

I then went ahead and posted a help request on the Amazon forum (Dark Souls Co-op) seeking guidance on the best class and gift for a newbie to start the game on.

That was that - eight weeks later and I am still playing the game daily.
I have finished the game twice - once on my Xbox 360 and once on my PS3 and I am currently playing through NG+ on both simultaneously.

If you give the game a chance and are prepared to put a bit of time into it (I have currently racked up over 230+ hours) to farm and level up, you will love this game.
Also, if you have a friend that you can co-op with, this really adds to the game experience and makes it easier to take out enemies and Bosses and also helps to fend of invaders.

I can't praise this game enough and it is my favorite game of all time (so much so that I subsequently also bought it for my Xbox 360). Of course there are some issues with it that slightly detract, such as the slow Frame rate Per Second that you encounter in a section of the game called BlighTown. Also, the online part of the game where you can be invaded by other players can sometimes be annoying - but this can be avoided by staying Hollow and only reverting to Human form when you wish to get help and summon a player to aid you.

If you want a game that consists of a wonderful and rich world, fantastic graphics, well-thought gameplay and strategy, tough enemies, different endings, changing NPC paths based on decisions and plenty of action - go ahead and buy this game today.

You will love it and no other game will infringe on your game playtime until you have completely exhausted this game.

Score: 96%
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on 15 November 2011
I like to think of myself as a hardcore/ old school gamer, if I'm starting a game I always select the hardest difficulty setting helping me to wise up quickly to the controls and enemies and grow use to the environment around me, whilst at the same time offering myself a decent challenge to question strategy in weapons, tactics and choosing the correct upgrades to use on my character.

Enter Dark Souls, I game so hardcore its tag line is simply 'Prepare to Die'. Oh, and die you shall over and over again as I learnt through my 85 hour completion time.

It's easy to say that Dark Souls isn't for everyone, going by positive reviews most major media has given this game your average current generation console gamer has run out blindly to buy it, hearing about massive boss battles, open world environment and something about a difficulty being really hard and so on. Ha! Nothing for a person who has completed Fable 3 in record time.
Only after a few hours in the game do the accusations begin, an accusing finger being pointed at broken controls, cheap kills and impossible difficulty... well, I suppose there's always Fable 4 to look forward to.

Safe to say that I found Dark Souls overwhelming at times, I came close to breaking my PS3 controller, I've swore in pretty much every bad word in the Scottish dictionary, I've given the middle finger to my TV countless of times and switched off my PS3 and stormed away in pure frustration to go cry and rock myself back and forth in a corner.

But, regardless, I've always kept coming back because of my love for this game and I was too stubborn to quit!

Dark Souls isn't revolved around a major story, this game is all about gameplay and all equipment, environments and enemies are taken in to consideration. If you think ultimate weapon and unstoppable armour equals unstoppable force then the harsh truth hits you pretty fast that everything has to have balance, an important benefactor ignored in most games nowadays.

Souls are your currency for everything, levelling up your stats, upgrading your weapons and buying items in general. If you die during your time in the game you only have one shot to return to your scene of death and reclaim your lost souls or lose them. I have lost 30,000 in one turn and it's a very gutting feeling.

Heavy items can build resilience and do more damage but can cause you to move slower and drain your stamina fast. Lighter items cause faster mobility and quicker dodges but less damage, though faster to inflict upon them. Slash weapons aren't that great in narrow corridors but can take out a larger group of enemies, magic requires a catalyst (or wand if you only understand Harry Potter). All in all button mashing is out the window.

This is probably one of the few times I would actually recommended a strategy guide just from the sheer amount of information and within this game. Not just for upgrading your weapon and armour but the volume of secrets that are hidden away. There are a number of items which I still have on my play through that I've got no idea what to use for.

Now, when I said there's not a story it was exaggerated a bit, you do get an opening cut scene saying the world was rid of dragons but left everyone undead and it's your job to act as the chosen one to purify the world. Your left in the dark about it but it's not really important, think along the lines of Zelda, you need to collect a triangle and save the world but your too busy fishing and grabbing chickens and jumping off roofs to notice. It comes down to gameplay at the end of the day!

Environments are certainly worth a mention, not just for eye candy (though the graphics are top notch and set the correct atmosphere) but on how they can effect your gameplay and every room and open field you enter needs to be treated with absolute caution. Caves and labyrinths are pitch black and only a set of glowing eyes telling you your not alone, heat haze coming off of lava and the occasional monster, water falls giving off a fine mist, forest haunting and fog like and like any good old dungeon roamer there's booby traps... everywhere. Statues concealing spikes, trip platforms releasing arrows, enemies falling from the roof, floors that will give way, caution is highly advised.

Now the important part, enemies and boss fights. Where do I begin because this is essentially 95% of reason you will die in this game. The other percentage being falls and traps.
Every single enemy and boss in this game are unique, not a copy/ paste and change the colour to distinguish their difficulty, you'll have to judge the way they move to find that perfect opening to strike, take into consideration the armour your wearing to be nimble and mobile or heavy and solid, using magic at a distance or combine with your weapon to combine extra damage.
Even later in the game, when you've levelled up and found better weaponry and armour that the lesser enemy types can still overwhelm you and kill you in mere seconds if your not careful.

Though admittedly the game has it's glitches, some enemies you come across will have the 'run of the edge of a cliff' syndrome. Yet you'll be exposing this as a relief instead of a fault.

The online mode is were Dark Souls brings in it's on unique style to the gaming genre. You will find hints left by other players throughout the game, some leading to secrets and difficult enemies ahead or others leading to your death. Blood stains can also be viewed to see other players deaths to avoid there mistakes and if your in a particularly difficult area you can summon other players to help you co-operatively to defeat the area boss.
Though I will say there is less satisfaction in this unlike beating them on your own.
Vice-versa, players can invade your game giving particular annoyance when your progressing through a difficult area to have some a**hole stab you in the back when your not looking.

The game isn't perfect though, the problem with playing 85 hours is most of stuff that should be nit picking becomes a heavy annoyance.

When you discover items it doesn't tell you what it is on screen, you have to pick them up and then it tells you. Not a major complaint but after obtaining the same broken sword or armour over and over again it just causes your inventory to become overstocked. Yes, you can drop items (you can't sell items) but it becomes a pain to continually spring clean your inventory all the time.

Another pretty large annoying factor in the game is warping to a different bonfire, this is something when you've progressed a significant amount of the way you are given as a gift. So what can be bad about this, quick travel is really convenient and works as a relief in games.
The problem is there's no proper structure to it, I get that when I die I have to go to the last bonfire I rested at and between bonfire and boss can be a trek in itself, but those are the rules the game has set and I'm fine with that.
When you defeat a particularly big boss a bonfire is available after and normally is added as a warp zone, you can use this to grind, kill enemies that give a large amount of souls and level up faster. So why can't a get one next to a blacksmith I use to modify and upgrade my weapons, why is there three pretty close to together in one area yet the rest are really far apart and why is there one needed in a void area (Four Kings boss battle, you'll find out soon)
It's a blemish on a other wise excellent playing experience, I'm not a particular fan of back tracking, less so on constant repeated occasions.

Those discrepancies aside, Dark Souls aims to the hardcore. The level design is vast and dangerous, the gameplay mechanics are tight and the online makes it anything but dull. And the packaging of the art book, soundtrack, making of DVD and online strategy guide is just the icing on the cake. If you consider yourself a gamer, you owe it to yourself to have this game.

The only thing I will say to all new comers within this genre, don't go out and buy Gran Tourismo and expect Mario Kart. That's the best analogy I can describe it. 9/10
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on 9 January 2012
I felt I should write a revue of this game. Aimed for people, like me, who normally steer clear of games like this.
I got this game as I wanted to play something out of my comfort zone and the press reviews of it were very good.
Are you are scared of dying (countless time) in a game, wet your pants when you see the most impossible bosses to do battle with, scarred of not having countless save points every where, want a game to hold your hand in the first few levels, or have instructions on what is what? Then go and buy another game dude.
This game has sent me on a game journey that I did not expect, At times I wanted to give up. At one point I nearly took it out of my PS3 and sold it on Amazon Market. I kept going back for more, and more, until for me it all clicked. Yes I can die a thousand times, but when I have worked out how to lay that boss to rest, oh the joy and fulfilment when they are defeated. The sense of achievement is something I did not expect. As the game progresses the challenges and bosses become more difficult. But with patients and the correct weapon, armour and levelling up you will win.
The game is beautifully crafted and game play is excellent. The only drawback I can say is that there a some camera angle issues sometimes, but these are minor and can always be corrected by moving your character.
My advise, try it. 100 + Hours of game play, wow. Be patient. You will die, but will be able to work out each bosses move and flaw. Exploit it.
At the beginning of the game I would stay far away from big bosses, now I am right up there with them slogging it out toe to giant toe, or tail or wing or axe or sword or fire.....bring it on baby !!
Games that was purchased back in October, are still yet to see the light of day. That is how much I rate this game.
It may not be for all but if you get it...be patient and don't quit.
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on 9 January 2012
yeah i couldnt think of a clever title. basically i didn't play this game before the newest patch (1.05 at time of writing), a lot of people are saying it made the game much easier so ill take their word for it.
part 1 - for those new to the souls series, part 2 is for the Demons souls veterans

so ok, if your reading this you have probably been told over and over that it is very hard and wont hold your hand and cuddle you like so many games these days. very much true and all the better for it.
but what really makes this game great is the sheer level of immersion, your character never speaks but you'll grow to love them. watching him die in so many horrible ways creates the sort of empathy normally associated with children in need adverts (no disrespect intended there btw). this also creates a genuine sense of fear in the player that i for one haven't felt since the old survival horror days of silent hill and resident evil 1. the main thing to create fear in videogames is the consequence of your failure, and not, as so many games seem to think. how ugly your opponent is and what it will do to your limbs. when you come back to life immediately after evisceration, the act is rendered redundant. but when you lose 2 hours of experience points and know that if you want to get it back you have to get through something you totally fluked the first time around, believe me, that will create true fear. and the setting of the game is perfect for amplifying the dread, the game feels much bigger than it is due to the way the map expands. which doesn't so much strike you with awe at how big it is. but instead makes you feel really small and insignificant. all the more reason to fear some of the enormous enemies who will inevitably kill you. the graphics aren't the most mind-blowing thing you'll see on the ps3 but they do the job. and whoever did the boss designs needs a beer on me because they are the stuff of legend.

whats also worth pointing out about this game is the combat. put simply, its incredible, at first you may have some problems with the way it moves as it is somewhat unconventional, but i like that. it doesn't feel aped from anything else. it also requires you to actually learn how to fight. if you just wail on attack buttons, you will die. if you dont hold your shield up, you will die, if you constantly keep your shield up, you will die. you have to learn to balance absolutely everything if you wanna see this game to the end
so to sum up. is this game worth buying, this depends on your attitude to gaming. if you've read any reviews of this game then you know what i'm gonna say. if you thrive on difficulty and reward then you should, quite frankly, already own this. i can only assume your waiting for a price drop but believe me when i say that for £40 there isnt much better available to you right now
if, however the idea of dying and having to do anything except immediately fight the enemy that killed you sounds silly to you then...you know what you should still play this game, you might discover a whole new world of gaming you didn't know about - and decimate your social life and become one of us!!! so maybe rent it first but if you end up buying it after this ill feel good knowing you entered our world, and then ill find you in pvp and kill you! nothing personally, just a friendly welcome to the world of dark souls.

part 2 - for those who played demons souls to the end theres only really 2 things to cover isnt there?

1:is it harder - no
2:is it better - yes

now this is not an opinion everyone shares but it is mine and i didnt come hear to write about what everyone else thinks! so yeah essentially the difficulty isnt much different. you certainly wont find anything as challenging as when you first played demons, but you played demons so you have hundreds of hours of practice at this games combat system. it doesnt change the combat much, but what it does change, and what it expands on is all for the better, making combat much more fun this time around. but there are 2 main reasons why this isnt as hard as demons. the bosses are easier, and bonfires

bonfires are like the ...arch stones? forgot what they're called- in demons. checkpoints. there are much more of them in this game and they often interlink over the expansive map so when you die you dont always have to do the entire level again. often you only have to get through a few enemies from bonfire to boss, but theres no consistency here so dont count on it.

overall ive found this game to be a lot more fun, my only main gripe is that the bosses are nowhere near as challenging as demons. never did i get anywhere near as enraged as i did against the maneaters or the false king allant. thats not saying the bosses are bad by any means, there are some truly epic battles to be had here. they just arent quite as hard.

so the summary, i really dont care much about your style, if you like rpgs you should buy this. i would also recommend it to fans of survival horror, you havent had a good scare in a long time i know, and while this mayu be an uphill struggle if your new to rpgs, you may just find the fear youve been looking for. if your scared then by all means rent it but heres hoping you just end up kicking your self for wasting the rental money and come join the world of hardcore gaming.
praise the sun and all that jive
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