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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2011
After reading horrible reviews I braced myself for the worst...that never came. If your expectations are a couple of hours of fun, action, humor and love, they will be entirely met and also exceeded by a twist end (you will predict it, but it is nice nonetheless) and the extra pleasure of seeing Mr Depp and Mrs Jolie together on the screen. Almost a parody of the spy movie with a heart, this is sure to please if you like James Bond with self-irony and if you are a fan of Depp and Jolie.
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on 23 April 2011
This is a good old fashioned film. No extreme violence, no explicit sex, just gentle comedy and a reasonably good story. Venice is beautiful, so are Jolie and Depp; if you just want to escape the brutal mayhem of real life, this is the film for you. Any way what's not to love about Johnny Depp?
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on 22 September 2012
A different sort of mystery film, all about an American tourist who gets picked up by a beautiful woman while travelling on a train to Venice, and his adventures after being mistaken for crooked banker who is on the run from a gangster and the tax man. Some people might consider this a slow film, I would use the term gentle, although there are a couple of violent scenes, James Bond and Jason Bourne it is not. all the major players play their parts well, but the film belongs to Johnny Depp, who brings his own brand of bewildered innocence to the main character. To sum up a must for Johnny depp fans, and an enjoyable one and half hours escapism for every body else.
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on 1 April 2011
If you're looking for 2 hours of good fun and entertaining you have a good option in The Tourist. Lovely scenarios, interesting and intriguing plot and a very funny Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) will certainly give you a good and relaxing time. It's not a masterpiece but it's not definitely bad as some critics considered it... Johnny can do better when facing different challenges (this one was too simple for his genius acting) but goes as far as he can with this tricky character - he's perfect.
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on 30 June 2011
I love Angelina in her action-girl roles. Strong, beautiful and (in this one) with a knock-out English accent - what's not to love. She also gives tremendously good frock in this movie as she swans around in glamorous Venetian palazzo parties in between beating up bad guys. She looks amazing as does Venice. The whole thing is a visual treat - and that's before you even get to Mr Depp who appears a little podgier than usual but is as delightful and watchable as ever.

In terms of the story it's an ass-kicking spy action pic that also features the fabulous Paul Bettany as a frustrated British cop. There's something endearingly old-fashioned about the look and feel of the movie - I could almost imagine it being a remake of a 50s film. No extreme sex or violence, just a gorgeous setting, gorgeous actors and a twisty turny tale.
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on 5 January 2011
I'd been looking forward to this film as Angelina Jolie can be a very strong actress, Johnny Depp is a great character actor and the setting for this caper was the incomparably beautiful Venice. But alas, from the very start it showed itself to be what it ended up as - a mere vanity vehicle for the preening sex-queen Jolie, who came over as believing herself serenely superior to all women (there were barely any others in the film apart from a scene at a ball when all the men were rubbernecking to see Jolie) and the male members of the cast - who were like mice around a big cat - reduced to gibbering idiots on account of her blinding beauty. In some of her earlier films Jolie appears rather pug-faced and I guess she may have slimmed down to get those cheekbones, but her body in the dazzling gowns was bony, and she totally lacked the warmth or sassy humour of Sophia Loren - with whom she's repeatedly been compared in this film. In fact the plot used both her and Depp badly as they could have got more out of her by giving her character more dimension; as for Depp, he seemed more like a pet dog to his man-eating goddess, than a potential suitor.

The plot could have done with a more thrilling structure anyway and the only character apart from Jolie who made any impact was Paul Bettany - who has presence in every role he takes, and despite the fact that in this one he was supposed to be a rather gormless sap. Altogether I found that the egotistical vanity of Jolie ruined the picture. I know she was supposed to play an enigmatic beauty - but she played her mouth as overtly lacivious and couldn't even hold a wine glass without appearing to engage in sexual congress with it. It was all too extreme.

When you think of comparable beauties of the past - Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly and Ava Gardener - you know that any one of them would have played that role far more subtly - and with charm and magic.
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on 17 December 2011
Elise Clifton Ward (Angelina Jolie) has a boyfriend who has stolen several billion dollars from a gangster (Steven Berkoff) who is after his blood. The boyfriend, who she later reveals disappeared on her and she has not seen him for two years, gives instructions via a letter that Elise should get on a train and pick up a stranger of about the same age and height as the boyfriend. This stranger turns out to be Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) who is a math's teacher and doesn't know what hit him when the gorgeous Elise sits opposite him on the train and makes conversation. They part at their destination in Venice and Frank, a widow of three years, is standing there minding his own business when Elise turns up in a speed boat and asks him if he wants to get in. He does, naturally, (poor twerp) and she takes him back to a fabulous hotel where a wardrobe full of designer clothes and jewellery await her. Unaware he is being used as a decoy, Frank goes to dinner with her and later, when they get back to the hotel, she makes him sleep on the couch. The next morning, looking cute in his lovely blue-striped pyjamas, he wakes up to breakfast and to the fact that she has gone. Next thing, two thugs come into the apartment with guns, and Frank is off out of the window, legging it across rooftops (he still runs like Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies), perching on ledges, and leaping off balconies, all the while wondering what the heck is going on. Nothing is as it seems.

This is a great movie with lots of funny moments. I've also reviewed it on my website.

Also playing supporting roles are Timothy Dalton as Chief Inspector Jones, Rufus Sewell as The Englishman, and Paul Bettany as Chief Inspector Acheson.

It's a fun movie which makes me laugh out loud. I love Depp in comedic roles as he does them so well but you might like to check him out in a more serious role that many seem to have missed: Nick of Time (1995).
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on 4 January 2011
If the DVD is the same as the film, it is great fun. We saw the film last evening, and had a wonderful time. Stylish people, stylist action, and, of course, very stylish Venice. Highly recommended if you want to enjoy a couple of hours of pure joy, without too many intellectual demands!
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Shockingly gorgeous comedy thriller The Tourist features beautiful people (Depp, Jolie) in beautiful locations (Paris, Venice) doing and saying beautiful things. The plot twists and turns with occasional homage to the Jason Bourne movies (witness the chase over roof-tops), and makes excellent use of both its locations and its international cast. The only problem is, this is a film that bears all the hallmarks of being made by Europeans to European plot and production values, only to have a Hollywood executive producer mark out the places where he wants the plot explained _really carefully_ in case someone missed it.

The premise is that the police and gangsters are both chasing an elusive British thief via their only point of contact -- the thief's aristocratic girlfriend, played by Angelina Jolie. Jolie does moderately well with the English accent, and just as creditably with French, and a lot of the film seems to have been constructed around showing her figure and perfect cheek-bones in the full gamut of flattering and dramatic lighting and costumes. Shortly after the start of the film, she receives a message to find a tourist (any tourist) on a train and pretend that the tourist is the thief. The missing term? Andrew Pierce, the enigmatic man, has spent £20 million of his ill-gotten gains on a complete facial transformation, so nobody knows what he looks like. Naturally, the man she picks on is a shy US math teacher (or maths) played by Johnny Depp.

From there on, it's twists and turns right up to about ten minutes from the end. You'll enjoy it most if you don't try to figure out the ending.

In a lot of ways this is a film aching for a director's cut version with all the laboured explanations of what's going on removed, so we can simply focus on the brilliant look and super-smooth action. There's enough comedy near the beginning to engage us quite closely with Depp's character, though the shift from funny-scary to scary-scary is a bit abrupt.

As a one off evening's entertainment, this is actually a very good film to watch. It's just so much less than it might have been.
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on 17 July 2011
What a disappointment! I settled down with my wife hoping for an hour and a half of enjoyable escapism - but just ended up feeling rather hollow and cheated that so much money and effort had been expended on such a worthless piece of cinema. I know that the stars CAN act, but you wouldn't believe it from their wooden performances. Depp is the biggest disappointment - he looks pudgy faced and half-drugged and stumbles around exuding zero charisma (it is hard to like/empathise with or even understand his character), Jolie looks like a beautiful porcelain doll but surprisingly has no sex appeal at all -at least not in this offering. Blame must go to the writer/director for such an uninspiring and suspense free film. The script is appalling and the filming of the 'action' scenes is lifeless and pedestrian. The British support actors are much better - but aren't featured enough to save this film from disaster. You could save 50 million by ditching Depp and Jolie, get Rufus Sewell (criminally underused in this film) alongside Caterina Murino (his co-star in Zen) - invest some of the saved cash in employing a decent scriptwriter and someone who knows how to direct action sequences and then you might end up with a half decent film!!! Alternatively just watch a better caper film from the 60s like Arabesque, Topkapi or How to Steal a Million instead.
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