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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
Belkin Wireless N600 Modem ADSL Router (BT Line) - Black
Style: N600 Modem Router|Change
Price:£22.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

TOP 50 REVIEWERon 6 July 2017
And I thought this was going to be so easy!

I have two other Belkin products, the modem below this one and a router and have not had a problem with them. Unfortunately, after an hour of fiddling with setting and rebooting the modem and the PC on numerous occasions I was left with a modem that wouldn't recognise the separate router and although I could get the internet (that was easy to et up), the wireless was 'throttling' and so my DAB radio was intermittent constantly.

I have had to apply for a refund and replace this with A TPLink modem router that was set up in minutes.

Really unfortunate as I like this brand. Hopefully this was a one off and if it had come from a shop I would probably have just exchanged it but nevertheless, still a day wasted
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on 6 January 2016
Took about 30 minutes to setup but I had to first order a RJ11 - RJ45 cable to work between BT ADSL filter and Belkin Modem.


After day 2 started having issues with losing internet connection. Started getting Amber light every 10 minutes. Had to switch router off and on to reconnect.

I've reverted back to Standard Plusnet router to test and have no connection problems with their free router.

I've been in contact with Belkin Customer support today (Saturday morning) via live chat. After about 10 minutes they seemed to think I have the router setup up incorrectly. Using the live chat was impossible to re setup the router with their help if you only have one computer. Only option is to ring them. After being on hold for 15 minutes I gave up.

It's likely that this router will get returned.

Don't buy it with reading the other reviews

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on 24 July 2012
This rooter constantly drops my BT Broadband line. After contacting Belkin customer service I received two very easy to follow emails to try and fix the issue. Subsequently I had two calls with their technicians who ensured that the software was up to date and went through all the settings. Both these calls were quite long. The second technician suggested that the problem may be caused by the wireless BT telephone I used. I moved this to the other end of the house without making any difference. I then tried removing the wireless phone and used a landline phone only. None of these actions made any difference! I have now gone back to my BT router/modem that runs without any problems (it just does not have as many LAN connections as I would like). The Belkin N600 has been a total waste of money and the cause of a lot of frustration and diversion from work I should have been doing! Sadly I think I have had it too long now to return it.
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on 9 January 2012
Received this about an hour ago. I'm on a BT line and installation was s-l-o-w but very easy (slow because of the amount of time the PC spent 'doing stuff' in the background. So plenty of time for a cuppa and to tidy the office.

It's already WPA/PA2 security enabled and the username (SSID) and password settings are provided. All in all, it was much easier to install and connect with my home network than any of my previous three Netgear routers.
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on 1 May 2017
Purchased for others.
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on 10 March 2017
Cheap rubbish from a name I thought I could trust. 5Ghz network was completely unusable and web interface is slow and buggy as f***. My advice to anyone considering this... spend more, get something that actually works.
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on 30 July 2017
would not work with windows 10
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on 16 May 2017
After several attempts I gave up. Couldn't make it work.
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on 13 December 2012
OK first things first, this product seems to be listed at prices ranging from £115 to £250. I bought it for £40 by pre-ordering while Amazon were waiting for stock. For the price I paid this is a decent router + modem combination, for the prices currently being asked - not so much.

The router itself looks good. Somewhat unusually Belkin have decided to fit the ADSL modem not inside the router casing as you would expect but inside the power plug. This results in quite a bulky and ugly wall-wart if that is a concern for you (it is not for me). This separation of modem and router also leads to something I shall go into greater detail about later, the router and modem can be rebooted independently of each other.
The wireless signal seems to be pretty good, I live in an old house with solid brick internal walls and the signal drop-off is significant but a vast improvement on my old netgear in the 2.4 GHz band. Hopefully I shall acquire some 5 GHz kit soon.
Set-up was straight forward I simply used a wired connection to navigate to [...] which is the default router address. The management web-page is a bit cluttered and changes seem to take a long time to apply (10s to change DNS servers, 60s to change the default address range). Once I had put in my ISP details the web page alerted me that new firmware was available for the router. I downloaded and applied this, I also applied the update to the modem firmware that I was not alerted to. Hopefully future firmware updates will add a feature to alert the user to modem updates as well. Set-up from the web browser is your only option if you run linux, but then again it's usually the best way of setting up a router anyway. Incidentally if you are connecting from a server the web page fails to load in text-mode browsers (lynx, elinks, links2).
In the interests of writing a decent review I booted windows and actually gave the bundled software a try. It didn't get off to a good start when the CD installed adobe reader without asking and without need since I already have sumatraPDF when booting windows. The system tray app seems inoffensive though mostly it just opens up a browser on the relevant management page. The install assistant however is a nuisance, for some reason it refuses to accept that the network and internet are already set-up, and this silly little program insists on running every time you start the sys-tray app. Possibly if you are uncomfortable with setting up a router then this hand-holdy assistant will be useful - but then I doubt you'll be dropping the £100+ now being asked for what is essentially early adopter wireless ac kit. For the likely audience my advice is to open the box and throw the CD straight into the coaster drawer.

Now for some of the problems - the modem seems a bit unstable and will occasionally drop the internet connection, but then it sometimes takes a week or so for a line and modem to figure each other out. The router management web page has an option to reboot the router, but that is all it does, it reboots the router and not the modem - it took me a while to figure that out. The management page has no option to send a reboot signal to the modem - a major oversight that would be very useful and hopefully a future firmware will enable such an option. This means you have to physically go over and reset the modem, and the little red reset button is so fiddly to press that what you will actually end up doing is pulling the plug out waiting 15 seconds or so and plugging it back in - thereby forcing a router reboot as well and denying yourself the option of continuing to use your local network while your internet connection resets.
The DLNA server built in is not very good. It seems to only remember the state of any USB storage you attach as it was at the time you attached it, if you add or delete files to the network attached storage (the samba implementation seems fine) then the dlna server will ignore these changes (but again the samba share shows the changes just fine). So if dlna is important to you then unless a future firmware improves things you have the choice of either rebooting the router or unplugging and re-plugging the storage to get your changes to show up.

All in all for the price I paid this is a good router with a mediocre modem (if the current modem doesn't settle down I may just set up my old netgear modem/router as a modem only). For the price currently being asked, well unless you are one of the 5 people on earth with ac wireless kit I'd steer clear for now.

Update - as anticipated the modem has now settled down and is maintaining a good connection.
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on 6 September 2013
Simple to install. Bought to replace same model which got torched by close lightning strike. Replaces BT-supplied hub on BT Broadband connection
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