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on 21 May 2016
Set-up is dead simple - just plug the 2 cables from the control speaker into your pc's usb & headphone sockets and that's it. Make sure to push the audio cable ALL the way in. At first only 1 speaker worked so I plugged them into my Samsung smart tv to check and both worked fine. Plugged them back into my pc and hey presto beautiful stereo sound. Don't know if my tv woke the sleeping speaker up or I just pushed the audio cable in a nanometre further. Once they're plugged in they cut off the sound from your pc.
The design is fairly plain but solid, I doubt they'd break if you dropped them. They're weighted towards the bottom and, coupled with the 4 little rubber studs on the bottom, they're pretty stable. From the front they don't look too wide (just under 3 and a half inches) but they do stick out a bit behind (4 and a quarter inches) For me, though, the sound they give out compensates for the extra space taken up on your desk top.
When you switch on there are no rasping or crackling noises but you do have to turn the knob at least 10 degrees before any sound comes out. The sound increases gradually and evenly i.e. there is no point at which it suddenly gets louder.
As for the sound itself, it covers the spectrum well with as much detail, richness of sound and bass as you could expect from a £24 pair of speakers meant for pc's and not as part of a hi-fi stereo sound system. Any type of music comes out well, with full, rounded clear tones - no thin, tinny sounds here! The instructions indicate a setting of just over 50% for your pc volume and then you adjust the speaker volume accordingly. This is adequate for unobtrusive background music while actually sitting at your pc but I find you need at least 70% if you want to actually listen to what's playing, and 90% if you're away from your pc. If you want loud it does this too. At a pc setting of 110% and with speakers turned up to max.the bass really does start to thump and the sound fills the room (though it doesn't actually blast as you'd need for a party etc.). All of this with absolutely no distortion! Only at a pc setting of 117% and speakers up full did I start to get noticeable distortion.
When I decided to get myself pc speakers I wanted to be able to listen to audiobooks and music away from my pc and with decent quality sound. These do this with ease and for £24 you just can't go wrong. Highly recommended.
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on 4 February 2018
Arrived very quickly, pretty, easy to set up

I was disappointed with the bass (it just doesn't have the power to create a good thump and really really struggles with the low end) but don't exactly know what I was expecting, should have bought a 2.1 system really

Everywhere else it's crisp, clear and accurate though. If you're just plugging these into your laptop so that it at least sounds better than your laptop speakers, these will do the job. The sound quality is really good, just doesn't have the power and thump that I prefer

EDIT: After 3 hours of use they cut out. They did turn on and work again, but with the caveat that there's this slight whirring whenever you turn the knob past a quarter of the way. Something's clearly gone ping. That's a pity because these were cheap (hence why they broke I guess) and looked so so pretty. Even though they weren't working properly I was a little sad to see them go when I returned them.
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on 4 October 2017
Arrived day after ordered. Well boxed. Plugged into computer head phone socket, and into computer USB for power. Turned on. I am very impressed at the sound. They're not mega speaker's and not as good as my sound bar ! ;) - I paid £18.16p for these... - The sound is very good with some bass, don't rattle and are clear.. There's a bit of weight to them. There's also a headphone jack on the side of one of the speaker's. The blue light behind the on - off - volume switch is nice and the movement is smooth. There loud enough and don't have distortion when turned up.
I also connected them to my phone jack - 3.5, and the USB to a USB power pack I use for charging my phone when out and about.
Or the phone can be plugged straight into the side of one of the speakers if you have a two-way 3.5 jack. Next to the headphone out jack on
the speaker.
Again the speaker's work so they can also be portable. Just take a USB power pack with you.. :)
( They passed the Phil Collins In The Air Tonight drum beat and HEY YOU, Floyd, without embarrassment so they'll do.. ;) )
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on 27 August 2016
The trouble with the new small TV's is that the sound is really poor. Breakfast TV sounded like they have their heads in a bucket!

These Trust Remo speakers however are just perfect for our new 22" Samsung TV in the kitchen.

I tried some Bose speakers which dramaically improved the sound but were a little bit too 'bassy'. They also needed a plug-in transformer which looked ugly.

These are just perfect and work off the USB on the TV for power and the 3.5 headphone jack for sound.

The balance between treble and bass is good with clear speech (not tinny or echo-y) and also just the right setting for listening to music.

Our TV is on the work-top in a corner and these speakers sit nicely behind it angled in line with the wall so they can't be seen.

The Trust Arys speakers are just perfect for use with our PC. Nice sound that's far better than the standard TV/Monitor built-in speakers.

PS: One extra point is that when I put the TV into stand-by the speakers also switch off. Al.

UPDATE: I decided to test the Arys speakers on my PC and they were perfect. However, if you plug into the USB on the back of your tower then the power may not be switched off in the sleep mode. I've overcome this by plugging the usb power into the back of my LG tv/monitor (no headphone socket unfortunately). The tv switches to stand-by when I put the PC in sleep mode and the speakers go off...until I wake the pc and they're ready to go.

So; Remo for a small TV and Arys for a PC.
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on 9 January 2018
I was looking for a twin set of speakers that I could use connected to my TV and also use for presentations connected to my media player or projector. So I've had them connected to the TV, and they give excellent sound all round. I was concerned that maybe they wouldn't have enough bass for various music (which I feed through the TV from an HDMI media player), but they perform really well with all types of music.
I connect them using the TV USB slot, with the volume up full on the speakers and control the volume with the TV remote. No buzz or distortion and I can get a decent level of volume for music, movies and general listening.
When doing presentations I have found them to be exactly what I need, giving sound enough for a room with about 20 people.
Ok, so they are not Bang and Olofson, but for less than 20 quid, I am extremely happy as they fit my requirements perfectly.
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on 1 May 2015
I figured on testing these before going through the rigmarole of getting to the back of the table to plug them in the back, and I wasn't overly impressed because of the crackling from one of the speakers. But after some tweaking I managed to figure out how to minimize the noise while still allowing the audio to be heard at an acceptable level. I always knew that, being on the cheaper end of the speaker market, that they were not going to be crystal clear, and was happy enough to set them up more permanently. And I'm glad I did!!!

After using the rear output, I was pleasantly surprised that the crackling wasn't present at all. A bit more testing reveals that the crackling was merely because I tested them laying down, and now upright they give genuinely clear audio. They are powered over USB (so no extra power sockets are required), and look great against my similarly reflective jet black monitor frame. They compliment each other perfectly. And the build quality is as good as my previous speakers, which cost a crazy amount of money and broke pretty much straight away.

Another really nice feature, is the volume/power button. Normally (from my experience anyway) with these joint function dials, to turn the speakers off requires so much pressure to turn the dial to off, that you have to hold the speaker steady with the other hand. That's not the case here, and turning on and off requires only a bit more effort then turning the volume up or down. And honestly, volume control requires zero effort as its so smooth as responsive. On the off chance you are unaware if the set is on or off, a nice cool (as in soothing, not hip and rad, man) blue light resolutely glows in confirmation.

Overall, these are excellent, and deserve frankly to be marketed in a higher price range. Of course, they are not perfect, but for their price, I simply cannot - AND I MEAN CANNOT - fault these. Highly recommended!!!!
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on 9 September 2015
Excellent sound at an excellent price. It could do with a little bit more bass but for the money £24, the clarity, sound stage and power make for a really enjoyable listen. I would recommend these to anybody. (beware, these speakers are rear ported so need a bit of room behind them)
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on 2 October 2017
Thought this would be a decent buy with the discount as a back-up incase mine broke, alas mine broke, used these 3 times, after the 3rd use the secondary speaker started crackling, no damage to wires, after setting them up they haven't even been moved, so my only thought is that it can only been down to cheap parts. Really wouldn't recommend even at £20ish.
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on 15 October 2017
You can tell that these are on the cheap side - there's e.g. no connector on the cable between the speakers so they always hang together. The sound is ok to play Youtube vids etc that one might watch on the screen, which is what I bought them for.

One thing to point out is that the volume control is on the left speaker and not the right one as all pictures may lead one to believe. There's no left/right indication whatsoever on the speakers, and the manual doesn't say a word about it. The only way to figure it out was to play sounds on the left and right channels. I wanted the volume control to the right for various reasons, so I'd definitely wouldn't have bought them if I'd known this. However now I think I'll just switch the connectors on the circuit board - looks easy enough with a soldering iron.
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on 4 October 2017
The sound itself is fine, but the speakers already make a buzzing and crackling sound whilst not in use and even whilst in use, this is random and has nothing to do with the loudness setting or digital/electrical equipment around the speakers as there is none. Very disappointing and will be requesting a refund as I've had them for 2 days.
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