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on 24 August 2015
DEiFIED by Justin Dillon-Shallard is set in a future in which virtual reality is a…er…reality! The book follows two stories: a story set in the real world and story set in a VR gaming world, The Third Realm. As the book continues, the two stories entwine and the reader discovers just how dangerous online gaming can be and how it can cross easily into real-life. It’s undoubtedly science fiction but with a touch of fantasy and a drop of thriller thrown into the mix. Imagine that with a black-ops military team, hard-core gamers, and a small-but-still-there side-order love story and you’re about there with DEiFIED. It’s got a bit of everything, and that’s not always a great thing to have.

This book is trying to be a lot of things and the question of whether it manages it is a good one. The phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ may come to mind. Actually though, that phrase is one that most definitely cannot be applied to this book, because it is masterful and Dillon-Shallard manages to wind the genres together seamlessly – quite a clever talent that. Having said that, whilst it may be a bit of everything to everyone, it is worth noting that if you don’t really like sci-fi, this probably isn’t the book for you.

Speaking of which, the sci-fi elements were done really well. The novel is not set too far into the future to be completely unrelatable and the developments in technology weren’t so outlandish to be not believable. In fact, I could easily see how the world we live in today could become the world of DEiFIED. What makes it all the more credible is how well world politics is dealt with. For the first half of the book at least, each chapter is prefixed with a paragraph about a particular country’s world standing and/or governmental control. There’s consistency and authority in the infrastructure of the world that Dillon-Shallard has created and that, in itself, is something to be in awe of. I have an image of an author so ingrained in his own-built political system that he has a basement (or better yet, an old bunker) littered with notes that are linked with strings and pins, with red circles and different coloured highlighters. Okay, so that might be a bit far-fetched (a girl can dream…) but in reality, the depth and consistency with which Dillon-Shallard has created his infrastructure can only possibly point to excellent note-taking or an awesome memory!

I did wonder, though, for at least the first third or so of the book, whether his own detailed knowledge of his world led him to forget that actually, the reader is coming to it with complete ignorance. It took me a good while to work out what was going on and with the introduction of all the different characters, I’ll admit I was a little blind-sided for a bit. It didn’t help that each character was actually two (or should I say that each pair of characters were actually one? See, I’m even confused now)! What I mean is that for every character, there was the person they were in the real world and then a whole new persona for them in the game – with different names, different looks, and different skill-sets. That can take some getting used to but the good news is, you do get used to it and ultimately, to write the characters in any other way would have been unrealistic. That’s what people often do, after all, when playing online. They create a new life for themselves. Once you get used to it, it’s great too because it creates a whole extra dimension in the novel and adds to what I shall now always refer to as that Dillon-Shallard Depth!

The story, too, was a little confusing if I’m honest. I’m still not entirely sure that I fully understand what happened (although I think I’ve worked it all out now, and there is good chance I was just having one long brain fart). There are lots of twists and turns and revelations that make for an exciting tale but my brain just couldn’t cope! That didn’t make me dislike the book though. Quite the opposite in fact – I relished the challenge and along with the great writing, the fantastic characters, and the roller-coaster ride, a bit of confusion was worth the effort.

It’s true that this is a complex novel but actually, the story was engrossing, the writing was peppered with humour and emotion throughout, and the characters felt real to me (even the fictional fictional ones – the gaming personas!) Dillon-Shallard has an amazing ability to create tension, at least one of the twists made me gasp aloud (to the surprise of my dog), and DEiFIED includes one of the best battle scenes I think I’ve ever read. I was genuinely rooting for one team over another and I felt their rousing spirit (not a great way to get yourself off to sleep, I can tell you now). It was one of those books that I was desperate to finish so that I could find out what happens, yet I was desperate not to finish so that it would carry on for longer but that’s okay, because I’m on my way to Amazon right now to download the next in the series!
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on 27 July 2015
Justin Dillon-Shallard has written a steady-paced novel that encompasses several genres, but does not compromise on integrity. Everything has its place. I would say that the novel leans more toward a fantasy/science fiction story rather than pure thriller. The key is in the balance, and it does flow naturally.

What I enjoyed most about DEiFIED is how the story interchanges effortlessly between the real world (set in the mid-twenty-first century) and the alternate reality of the game, Third Realm. The reader is never left wondering where the characters are and what the reality is. In fact, the two worlds overlap at times, taking us through an exciting loop, connecting various threads. I found myself wanting to learn more about the Third Realm.

While this is a combination of a science fiction, fantasy, and part thriller, it also feels grounded. There are no flashy effects shrieking for attention. There is just a good story told by a most capable author. There are no overly gory scenes in the book, which I appreciate.

DEiFIED is part of a series, but there is no cliffhanger, and it is neatly wrapped up at the end. The author has no need for these gimmicks. The story is good enough on its own, and merits a follow up. I look forward to reading Technopath shortly. Of course, now ... I also want Vmail!
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on 10 November 2011
I liked the cover from the outset and after the first few pages of thinking "what is this?", it all started to make sense and the premise is a very good one. It's exactly the kind of sci-fi sub-genre that I like and which is quite rare to find, especially written this well. I feel ever so slightly mean not giving this 5/5 but I've knocked off half a star because of many tiny niggling typo or Kindle-isation errors which take the sheen off what is otherwise a pretty brilliant book. 4.5/5
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on 17 July 2014
I couldn't put this book down, downloaded it a while ago and have just got round to reading it, one of the best books ive read in a long time.
Not many authors get the attention to detail correct along with storyline, but J W Dillion-Shallard has mastered it, should be up there with some of the bestsellers of today live Cussler, king, and more.

looking forward to a second book
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on 15 April 2016
A really enjoyable depiction of the near future, imaginative but with clear consideration leant to both the development of technologies with which we're all familiar and the world around them. Particularly compelling was the depiction of the development of Europe and its relationship with America, as well of as course the depiction of the virtual world itself. In this especially is a world imagined by someone who not only has an understanding of the medium as it is today and an interest in its ongoing trends, but a clear fondness as well. Frankly my sole complaint was that the story got a little intense for me, once or twice, and I felt compelled to take a break from reading - and that's hardly a knock against the book, I should think!
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on 8 October 2014
A thoroughly good read. A book that would appeal to gamers, Sci Fi and thriller fans. If a film was on at the cinema based on this book I would be at the front of the queue.
Looking forward to the next book
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on 17 July 2011
Decided to take a chance on this new book after searching within techno thrillers. It was a surprisingly good read, perhaps a little slow to start but once you are in you can not stop reading. The action sequences are fantastic and the characters and ideas are both interesting and refreshing.

The book definitely draws you in and the characters come alive, making you care about their outcomes in this gripping tale. I really enjoyed the dialogue within this novel which helps to add dimensions to the overall story.

Take a chance this is an exhilataring read and you won't be disappointed!
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on 10 January 2012
A Great futuristic thriller with intrigue, excitement and lots of characters to get to know. There is a somewhat unexpected twist at the end that adds to the depth of the book. A thoroughly enjoyable read
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on 8 July 2013
Strong characters, multiple story lines which are written in a way that makes them easy to follow whilst keeping you interested, leaves you wanting more. A great read, hoping for a sequel....
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on 25 March 2014
An excellent read for gamers and thriller lovers as the two worlds become entwined. Interesting characters in the real and virtual make a great page turner!
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