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The Sims 3: Pets Expansion Pack (PC/Mac DVD)
Platform: PC/Mac|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£26.21+ £5.49 shipping

on 30 November 2014
Got this to go with my collection of expansions as ive spent ages playing on the sims. Had sims unleashed for the 1st sims game and thought this was going to be a cool edition.

The main pets you get are dogs, cats and horses which you get to raise. you can either buy them or adopt them at different ages.
once they are part of the family you can control the pets like you do with the humans. you can also catch smaller animals such as birds, lizards and tortoises but with these you cant control them.

The pets will get certain skills for themselves and you get a few new skills with the pets as well.

Theres a fair few new additions in the shop to buy as well as a new town to play in, with its own parks for cats and dogs.

Overall a good expansion pack
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on 12 March 2012
This is probably the best expansion that the sims have had in quite a while. Dogs and cats are pretty generic, the dogs get a little more useful with the ability to find treasure and the cats can hunt but the horses have stolen the show.
With the ability to train your horse to race and/or show jump you have a variety of ways to make new income and a whole host of different things to build onto your sims lot.
Training for racing is quite lucrative and needs a medium lot but show jumping is going to need some of the bigger lots available and will take a lot of space. Unicorns are interesting and, for once your going to have to work to see the new content rather than having it spoon fed to you whether it interests you or not (Nightlifes celebrities and vampires spring to mind). There is some new and interesting content to keep your house fun and enough play to even keep the most bored simmer occupied for a weekend.
Wait 'till the price drops then snap it up...
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on 31 March 2012
I was so excited for pets as i have been waiting since the sims 3 first came out for this game!

Its a nice addition and much fun to have pets in the game, it makes the family element complete!

In this game you have Dogs, Cats and horses which you can totally customise. There are other animals you can buy through the shops such as Lizzards, birds etc. You can also find unicorns.
There is a limit on how many you can have in the household. Which is a shame but on the plus side you can control them and chose what they do.
There is alot of customisation in this game and its really good fun to play!

There is a few new items which are for the pets, and a new town which you can explore filled with places for pets to go.

It's a nice addition to the sims games and im glad I have it!
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on 10 July 2012
I was a little worried about this EP as I had heard about a lot of graphics issues it had cause for others, but I've had it for a while now and nothing has happened so far - I think this may be because I waited untill the game had updated a few times and another EP had come out before I bought Pets, so EA had fixed most of the bugs by then.

The only problem I've had is it freezes more often because of stuck Non-Playable characters (NPCs), Townies and now wild animals, which is irritating, but understandable because of the sheer amount of activity in the neighbourhood now. It's easily fixed with the "ResetSim *" cheat though.

(You'll know if you've got this problem because your sims, animals and time freeze, but background animations and sounds (water, plumbob spin, trees moving) carry on.)
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on 12 May 2012
Bought this as soon as showtime came out so I could take advantage of the price dip.
It was good. I love the addition of pets, A few bugs that still need to be fixed, but you know, thats the sims. I like the new town, I like the horse racing.
I also liked puppies and kittens, but I dislike that there is no pedigree breeding thing, Two of the same breeds makes a mixed breed apparently? and it would be awesome if there was a sale thing for puppies and kittens as I feel sad sending them to the animal shelter :( Animal Shelters are so full already..

I love raising horses. The unicorn is a lovely addition if you can adopt one without cheating, and even then, it is just a horse.
I recommend this expansion pack, definitely. Good amount of pet related items, I can't think of any other addition for sims and things relevant..

It lost a star because.. Well. It is good, just not got the total x-factor.
But worth buying if its under £20
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on 3 February 2016
Worked well, only thing is i didnt realise i ordered one with what looks like arabic writing that is included, but the english setting worked just fine. That being said using the cd didnt work, so i downloaded it off origin online once i registered, as the online copy is now free also once you have a card copy. ingame there are a lot of glitches as well, but still fun to play.
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on 18 August 2012
I waited a year for this game after seeing that it came out with glitches. I've had the excuse to buy a new computer too, so selected one with 6mb of ram and 1tb hard drive with an Intel R HD graphics card. Runs it perfectly. The only time it did do little freezes was when the computer had some background microsoft updates to do so not the fault of the game, and once they were done, it was fine.
The horses look really good, and I've played a lot of horse games. Thank goodness for the money cheat as its impossible to work and own an animal in sims. The only thing I found is that owning more than one animal means that their social goes down fast, so I only have one animal at a time.
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on 8 May 2013
I gave this a five star rating because simply, it is. I have only recently bought the PC version because the price dropped significantly and I have to say I was impressed. It didn't take too long to install either which is always a bonus.
The game is VERY impressive even when only added to the base game. You can raise horses, cats or dogs. Each of those have a large number of breeds to choose from. You can breed your animals and keep your pets family tree going as well as your family Sims. You can have up to 10 sims/pets in your household in any variation (You must have at least one sim). I'm usually quite unsure with buying expansions because you never really know what's been added or how much you get or if its worth the price but I bought pets because its kind of obvious what its about and what it adds. You can control the pets this time round. No more having your sims running around hand and foot. All you really have to do with your sim is fill pet bowls and clean litter boxes. You can control the animals for every other aspect which gives your sims freedom to go about their daily routine. Pets can also look after themselves should you choose not to control them as long as you leave free will on. Pets can learn skills and sims can also learn horse related skills. There are extra traits included in the game such as "Cat Person" to add. You can also have small pets like snakes and birds and even turtles if you don't want the responsibility of a larger pet. These only really need feeding but you can teach parrots to talk.

Basically this game is exactly what it says on the tin. Pets pets and more pets. Good thing is that you are not required to have pets even with this expansion on. You can quite easily just have sims until you're ready for pets. I definitely recommend this game if you're an animal lover (And equally a Sims lover) and its going pretty cheap on Amazon right now. I don't have any complaints about the game at all.
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on 14 May 2013
This was the main expansion I wanted for the sims, and I wasn't disappointed. You get a new town, new clothes, new hairstyles, new career (although it is a self-employed one), new moodlets and new characteristics for your sim. There's also the ability to hunt for other minor pets, which I found quite addictive, sending little Mittens out to catch birds and turtles! Or you can send out Rover to sniff out metals and gems, which is interesting. The horses are, of course, a massive part in this expansion, and it seems everyone has raved about them, so I'm not going too! The one thing I did enjoy was the wildlife as well. This is new. I like the idea of wandering casually into a deer or racoon. All in all a wonderful game, but I have noticed it takes a little bit longer to load up now than before.
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on 28 May 2015
This expansion pack is pretty self explanatory, you can now create cats, dogs and horses along with a new town that is a nice sized map. I would say it is worth the price as it does help make the base game seem more realistic although I would say that it isn't a major expansion pack that you would need to make your game more interesting. Arrived on time also - thank you!
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