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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Trivium's fifth album In Waves is their first album with new drummer Nick Augusto, and their first to be produced by Colin Richardson. Nick's style of drumming fits the band well so there is no need to worry about Travis's absence. Additionally, the general standard of production is brilliant and even the quality of the lyrics has improved.

At first, I was a little worried that the album mightn't be all that good, as I wasn't too keen on the pre-released tracks like the more radio friendly `In Waves,' and `Built To Fall,' or the heavier, more mid-album type tracks `Dusk Dismantled,' and `Inception Of The End,' all of which were objectively good songs but all seemed to be missing something.

That many tracks should be indicative of the album's quality as a whole, so I didn't get my hopes up. They did all grow on me however, and definitely make even more sense within the context of the album as a whole, so if you weren't keen on those tracks either, don't let it put you off listening to the whole album.

As a general rule, the songs are shorter than they were on the previous album Shogun, and a little more straight-forward in terms of composition and structure but this is not necessarily true of every single track. The best way to describe In Waves would be a mixture of radio friendly songs and Ascendancy type songs; when you get right down to it, its another regular Trivium album. No grand departure really.

Every Trivium album so far has had some alteration to the style of the vocals, some harder, some softer and some mixed. In Waves could be described as more mixed, but with some additional styles not heard on a Trivium album before too.

Overall; when you get past the vocal styles, the track lengths, the line up, the production and the albums historical context, at the end of the day the album will stand or fall on whether or not the songs are any good. In Waves has a lot of good songs on it, and for that reason alone you should pick up a copy.

So to summarize, In Waves is a well written and well produced album, perhaps not the single best release in the band's career by leagues and leagues, but ultimately a strong release that long time Trivium fans should definitely add to their collection.

*** If you should get the special edition version; you will find the bonus tracks `Slave New World,' which is a cover of the Sepultura classic, and `Shattering The Skies Above,' which previously featured on the Blood & Metal EP that was released to promote God Of War 3, as well as two bonus tracks `Ensnare The Sun,' and `Drowning In Slow Motion,' added into the actual running order of the album. This set comes with the discs housed in a double-digipak.

In addition to the bonus tracks, there is a DVD featuring the music video for `In Waves,' as well as a `Making Of,' documentary which is fairly substantial at 41 minutes and much more serious in tone than `The Making Of Shogun.' Furthermore there is an astounding quality live concert filmed in the band's practice area at Chapman Studios, in a similar style to Nine Inch Nail's The Slip. The track listing is:
`In Waves,'
`Built To Fall,'
`Watch The World Burn,'
`The Deceived,'
`Suffocating Sight,'
`Down From The Sky,'
`Ember To Inferno.'

The visuals, audio and editing of the live concert are absolutely superb and I highly recommend you buy this version.
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on 15 August 2011
First reviewer pretty much said it all...but despite some great metal so far this year not a lot of it has had that 'kick your face off' quality that In Waves totally does, so I had to do a quick track-by-track here

As a day 1 Trivium fan I was biased from the start, so this album not moving too far in any direction from the Trivium template had me hooked instantly...if the heavily plugged title track is not your thing...don't worry there are at least another 6 tracks you will love.

Fast, energetic, tuneful...aggressive when it has to be with lots to enjoy and headbang along with up front but plenty more to like on repeat and repeat and repeat listens.

If you like anything Trivium ever did you should get this, it is arguably their best yet! Two other points...I have never cared what lineup a band has you shouldn't either...and as Ltd editions go this is really good with a great DVD, although I would say not worth if you have to pay a whole lot more.
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on 25 August 2011
It was asking of a miracle for this album to equal or better the epic 'Shogun' and it has not. A more hardcore album which took several listenings to get into. Change of producer was a step backwards, as the overall sound is a little less refined, especially listening through earphones. It's still a good album, and well worth buying.
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on 8 August 2011
I'll start by saying that I'm a huge Trivium fan and have waited eagerly for this album since it was announced last year. However, I have to say that the album is something of a disappointment. Firstly, the "5" bonus tracks included on the Deluxe edition are actually only 2. One is a lackluster 1 minute interlude which in my opinion doesn't constitute as a track. And two are "Shattering the Skies Above" and "Slave New World", both of which have been available to purchase through various sites and CDs for over a year. The other two tracks are nothing to get particularly excited about - that was my first disappointment.
My second came when I realised that having listened to the album once through, upon second listen I couldn't remember anything I had just listened to. The songs are instantly forgettable (with the exception of "Of All These Yesterdays" and "Inception of the End") and blend into a giant hardcore mess. The album is clearly attempting to recreate the aggression of Ascendancy when really they should be trying to progress away from an album that was released over half a decade ago.
All that said, there are some merits to this album. Matt Heafy has never sung better, the impressive guitar solos still remain and the drums are thrashier than they have been on previous albums due to the new drummer. The DVD provides a classic Trivium documentary where they all voice opinions and give you an insider look into how they do things (which I always enjoy but admittedly is nothing new).
My advice? If you are Trivium fan, buy this album because it is undoubtedly still Trivum and there are some good tracks on there. If you are a first time listener to Trivium, don't buy this album - go for Ascendancy or Shogun instead, both are better, catchier and more unique.
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on 30 March 2016
Bought for son who's into LPs (amazing how things come around again!). Great to feel an old fashioned LP and it brought back fond memories. Great album cover and arrived quite quickly. I have only given 3 stars due to the ridiculous cost of £27 for what is essentially a flat piece of plastic and card! The CD is a third of the cost and I cannot see how they can justify £27.
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on 13 July 2012
When they get it right they really do make you want to bang your head `Dusk Dismantled' and `Caustic are the Ties that Bind' are really quite exceptional, what is quite frustrating however is that they don't do it consistently enough to come close to their second album `Ascendancy' which should be your first purchase. Don't get me wrong I still think that Trivium have the potential to make a really good album, I just think they need to go into it with a bit more fire.

The package is brilliant with its five bonus songs a live in the studio performance, which actually helps to make a couple of the tracks on the album a bit more enjoyable (I don't know why it just does) and a mini making of documentary which tries to be a bit arty and apart from a few nice shots doesn't really make it

It was the song `in waves' that made me want to pick up another Trivium album to be honest I had lost interest in them. Unfortunatly if it wasn't for the DVD with the live in the studio I might have only given it three stars. Trivium; be more consistant.
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on 23 November 2011
it seems that too much of a good thing can work against you, this special edition was the copy i bought, my mate bought the cheaper version, well , the version that wasnt so special, the version that had 5 songs less, the studio album,generally bonus tracks are tacked on at the end, in this case they are fed through the album and i feel that holds back the flow.
This is something that i have rectified as i put the album in order as it was born to be into my mp3 player and then it appears more than brilliant.
Trivium are now one of metals most consistent bands for me, maybe the crusade was an idea too radical but aside from that they have released brilliance after sheer brilliance. In waves is a great album, not their best perhaps, ascendancy will take some beating, but this is one strong album. I would say 3 out of 5 for all the tracks and 4 out of 5 for the proper studio album.
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on 26 September 2011
First of all, Trivium, for me, it's the best band of this generation. They are simply awesome in each song they create.
Now, the album... I was a little apprehensive about this album, new drummer and probably some music differences, but the result was impressive in the good way! When I listened the whole album, I found it much heavier than the past albums, more similar with "Ascendancy", but still heavier. The voice is different, personally, I didn't like Matt's voice on "Skyline's Severance" and "Chaos Reigns" at first, but then I liked it very much. It's very melodic at some points and the only thing I have against Trivium on this album it's because I think that "Drowning in Slow Motion" and "A Grey So Dark" shouldn't be bonus, instead they should be on the album. The songs are awesome and the drums are perfect!!
01 - Capsizing the Sea -> Introduction to "In Waves" 9/10
02 - In Waves -> 9/10
03 - Inception of the End -> Awesome riff at the beginning 10/10
04 - Dusk Dismantled -> 9/10
05 - Watch the World Burn -> 10/10
06 - Black -> 10/10
07 - A Skyline's Severance -> Very melodic at the beginning , then, very heavy! 9/10
08 - Ensnare the Sun (*) -> Divison of the album, only in acoustic with some percussion. I liked it! 9/10
09 - Built to Fall -> I loved this song! 10/10
10 - Caustic Are the Ties That Bind -> One of my favourites on the album, simply perfect! 10/10
11 - Forsake Not the Dream -> 10/10
12 - Drowning in Slow Motion (*) -> 10/10
13 - A Grey So Dark (*) -> 10/10
14 - Chaos Reigns -> 8/10
15 - Of All These Yesterdays + 16 - Leaving This World Behind -> Perfect Ending! 10/10
17 - Shattering the Skies Above (*) -> Made especially to God of War 3. It's very good! 10/10
18 - Slave New World (Sepultura Cover) (*) -> They done it perfectly. 10/10
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on 8 August 2011
All i can say is if you are a Trivium fan or not, buy this album.
This is what Trivium sound like, it's incredible. A pure mix of everything they are and everything they have done, a mix between their other albums styles and some new ones mixed in. Everything is new about this album. Album of the year, i say.
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on 13 March 2012
Love this CD. I kind of fell out with Trivium after 'The Crusade'. I didn't bother with 'Shogun' but I am
very glad I have this one as it is brilliant.
Trivium know how to be very heavy and at the same time put a good melody in there.Loads of great riffs and as usual great playing from all.
Makes my trip to work all the more fun when this one comes round in the cd changer. Just before 'Unto the Locust'.
Highly recommended stuff.
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