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on 3 September 2008
When I stopped dieting and decided that I'd eat foods I loved and really enjoy cooking again regardless of calories or points or carbs, this book provided lots of wonderful ideas and I enjoy following her recipes and adapating them. I love Nigella's attitude to food. Her dishes are full of flavour and colour - so welcome after years of low fat, low sugar, low everything in a vain attempt to get the perfect body - ironicaly I've lost loads of weight and kept it off, cooking myself and my family lovely meals from this book. When I stopped depriving myself I re-gained balance and enjoyment and overate a lot less - thanks Nigella!!!
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on 17 July 2014
I am forever cooking and I have a lot for reading cookery books as well but strangely enough till now I had never bought a book by Nigella, maybe because when I want one of her recipes usually I go online and print it. Now I don't have a printer I decided to buy this book. Like Nigella I also believe that food doesn't need to be difficult to prepare and take loads of time in order to have a smashing meal on the table. As a matter of fact often are the most simple dishes that make everybody rave about them. I fully enjoyed reading this book (there are a few recipes that are maybe a tad too simple for my taste) and now I have tried a few of them I can testify that this is a great addition to my culinary library.

Yesterday evening I tried the “Mustard Caper Sauce for Broccoli” and it was simply delicious. It will also go very well with other vegetables like any greens, carrots, etc. Like Nigella suggests I tried it out as a side dish with the “Turkey Fillets with Anchovy, Gherkin and Dill” but I didn’t think that it was a great combination, too many strong flavours for my taste and I will try the main dish with maybe some pork instead of the turkey filets which are too dry for my taste and taste better breaded. I also loved the “Scallops and Chorizo” which go very well together with the “Chickpeas with Rocket and Sherry”, a dish I made years ago after seeing Nigella making it on TV and which I had to try again as soon as I bought this book. Tonight I am going to try another recipe.

I was surprised thought that Nigella cuts the fat from the pork chops before cooking. It is known that if you want to cut it off (which I actually don’t) you should do it after you have cooked the meat as most of the taste is in the fat. She also uses lettuce in a bag but after watching a programme on TV where they said that we are actually eating a lot of chlorine and other chemicals I now prefer to avoid them. I found it interesting that she says that seafood is traditionally eat on Christmas Eve in much of Continental Europe but… to be honest, although I come from there and have lived in a few countries I have never heard of such a tradition.

I am sure that this is a book I will thoroughly enjoy: I love Nigella’s style, the book is well organized by chapters according to the occasion, most recipes are easy but not so basic that you can’t present them to your guests all recipes come with photos of beautiful quality so what is there not to love? The introduction to the recipes is also very useful as Nigella gives the read tips and advice, more cookery books should have such introductions!
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on 28 May 2012
Nigella Express is so accessible, I always cook a fresh meal every night and this book has provided us with many gorgeous weekday dinners. My husband and I both work so we don't want to be cooking for hours of an evening but we both enjoy fresh, wholesome food. Nearly all of the recipes in this book are just one page long with easily found ingredients. I also love how Nigella makes recommendations as to what you can do with any leftovers.
Nigella Express is split into thirteen sections ranging from Instant Calmer, Against the Clock and Workday Winners. There are some sections that are a little more specific; there's a whole chapter on speedy Mexican food and a whole chapter on Christmas, both have some great ideas.
Some of my favourite recipes from this book are the Chicken, Mushroom and Bacon Pie (page 175), this is perfect in the Winter and includes garam masala in the sauce so it's really tasty. My husband also loves the Pollo alla Cacciatora which is known as Nigella Chicken in our house. It is like an Italian chicken stew, really filling and perfect served with big pieces of crusty bread. Nigella also includes a gorgeous recipe for Chocolate Pear Pudding; I have lost count how many times I have made this as people always love it and it is incredibly easy.
The pictures in this book are very clear and most are full page; I prefer this as I think it gives you confidence when cooking to have a good picture of the finished product. Nigella also make useful suggestions for alternative ingredients but I have never been unable to get something for her recipes.
As I said, my copy of Nigella Express is extremely well thumbed but I still find new things that I want to try when I look through it. Next on my list are the chocolate macaroons and the black pasta with red mullet which looks delicious.
If you are looking for an accessible book that you can cook from in the week then Nigella Express is perfect. She does have some dishes that take longer and are more suited to a special occasion but in the main I know that I can always rely on this book for tasty weekday dinners.
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on 25 July 2008
This is another triumph for Nigella Lawson. If you watched the TV show to accompany the book you will not be disappointed.

Recipes are delicious, easy and as the title would suggest - very quick!!

I have made loads of dishes from the book and they have all turned out fantastically.

I would just like to point out that I live outside of London and contrary to another reviewer's beef about problems getting ingredients from 'posh deli's' I have been able to get most of the things I have needed from a small local Sainsburys.
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on 9 January 2009
I absolutely love this book! It is an excellent resource for making good food, fast. It's a pleasure just to read, and the recipes are all the sorts of things you really want to cook and eat. I cook from this book more than any other recipe book in my collection, and use it frequently for mid-week meals after a long day, when I want something tasty to eat, but haven't got the time or energy to cook anything too complicated.

Covers a wide range of foods, from different cultures and for different meals, including breakfast, food on the go, plenty of chapters on meals you could make mid-week or the weekend, and special occasions.

My only criticism is that Nigella sometimes assumes we all have access to the wonderful food shops she must have in London, and some of her ingredients are a little 'out there'. She quite often writes, 'you should be able to find this in your local supermarket', and I have to admit to saying in my head 'have you tried shopping in Morrisons in Yorkshire for that, Nigella?' A minor niggle though, I would still recommend this book very highly.
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on 31 October 2011
I've been a ' Nigella ' fan for a long time but only just purchased my very own copy of this book, its wonderful. I love reading her thoughts on each of these recipes...So far, I've made 3 of the recipes and they've all been delicious...A really good buy, thankyou amazon.
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on 6 March 2014
Mating is too feint and soon dissappears. Rubs off in your pocket. Sticking to a cheap marker pen and a few dots.
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I await the latest instalment from Nigella with eager anticipation, and have not been disappointed by this latest offering. I am currently dealing with two faddy children, one husband on a complicated diet and me and an eighteen month old who will eat anything that passes our way. This makes meal times long, complicated and often frustrating. Nigella has saved me from despair with this book.

The recipes are easy, common sense and most importantly tasty. They allow you to cut corners and save time without feeling like a charlatan and a poisoner, and they satisfy most of the faddy eaters in my house. What more can a woman want?

The triple chocolate biscuits are hugely popular with us, particularly because they swell to the size of dinner plates in the oven and are very impressive to small children everywhere. The hokey pokey is brilliant and easy. The cheesecake is fantastic to make with small kids because no cooking is required and they feel like chefs. The curry in a hurry is a firm favourite. In fact, everything I have cooked has gone down a storm and the pages of another one of her books are yet again coated in residue from many afternoons of hard use.

I don't know what I'd do without her frankly. Brilliant.
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on 10 November 2009
I was sceptical of this book when I bought it but my word, it has been a fantastic buy. I was never really a fan of Nigella Lawson previously, I was always so put off by her constant oozing over the food and sexual undertones!

However, this book has without a doubt been one of the best I have ever purchased. I have tried a great deal of the recipes in it and every one of them have been fab! Simple recipes that taste great. Some reviews are moaning about how boring the food is, I disagree completely. The focus is on easy, quick cooking that tastes good. You don't need to slave away for hours in the kitchen to make something that tantalises your taste buds and Nigellas book does just that.

Five stars and any foodie that wants to create some midweek magic certainly ought to have this in their collection. :)
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on 13 November 2011
Fab and easy to follow receipies giving superb and excitiing dishes which look far more time consuming and difficult to achieve........................just LOVE the ice cream cake...........certainly caused a Wow at my recent dinner party and was one of the most simplest desserts I have made.
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