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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 September 2007
Simply the best of the September 2007 launch of cookbooks - like the tv progs - too many and some not as good others!
Like the lady herself, a classy publication which does take shortcuts and yes we know she likes Le Cruset cast iron and shops in Waitrose - loads of money, me dear! Who can blame?
Love the pantry shelf - bigger than my study at home, but who am I to dictate - that is her priority - fishing is mine!
Instant Chocolate Mousse - an egg-free recipe to die for!
John Chipperfield, Yorks. 09/12
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on 7 October 2007
First the positives - of the receipes I have tried the mirin glazed salmon is absolutely divine, peanut sesame noodles has become one of my staples for lunch and buttermilk chicken & New Orleans coleslaw will be tried again.

The book is beautifully presented and has a luxurious feel - the inclusive bookmark is a nice touch. I also approve of the prose - it feels like Nigella is chatting to the reader. I think Nigella should stick to writing rather than t.v. as she is coming across as smug on the programme. I have watched all her series and she never used to be this irritating.

I am horrified that she feels the need to use so much convenience food. I can't believe that an experienced cook like Nigella uses bottled lime juice ( it doesn't take that long to squeeze a lime!) or even worse ready cooked egg noodles! It only takes 4 minutes to cook a packet of dried noodles for goodness sake. I appreciate that our lives have got busier but not that busy to spare 4 minutes!

Also the buttermilk chicken can hardly be called express when it needs marinading overnight to reach it's best.

Overall I would recommend the book but I am more high speed than express and make no apologies for that.
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on 14 September 2007
Some people don't seem to get the "express" concept. It is fast food in that it doesn't take hours to cook; how else would one cook Minestrone in 9 minutes. Sacriligeous? No - practical!

Nigella does not pretend this book to be anything else. It is getting the best result in the shortest possible time, yet still ultimately achieving maximum taste.

Each of Nigella's books embraces something different. This book is no exception.

To give it 1 star is missing the point completely. It is worth every one of its five stars!

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VINE VOICEon 28 October 2007
Until I saw the TV show I was sceptical about Nigella's ability to produce another bestselling kitchen proposition. But based on people's need for good nutritious food that can be prepared quickly and easily, this hits the spot.

The layout is simple and effective, with recipes and excellent photography on every spread.

Having prepared a number of the dishes I can say that they are as good-and as quick- as they look.

A Cookery Book that is a boon in a cluttered pre-Xmas field of releases.
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on 11 November 2007
I love Nigella's confidence-inspiring cookery writing and her honest admissions to buying things like bagged salad and cooked onion in a jar. But as someone who prefers savoury to sweet, there were a few too many dessert recipes in here for my liking. But still a good book to have in the kitchen
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 December 2007
I love Nigella Lawson's recipe books. She writes so well that the books are a pleasure to read as well as being a good source of recipes. She always makes everything sound so delicious that you can't wait to try it. The photography in this book is also excellent and every recipe is illustrated.

The theme for this book is good food fast. The "fast" is somewhat loose (I can't see how her version of coq au vin could be turned around in less than an hour, which rules it out as an after work option in our household). Besides evening meals there are breakfast options, party foods and (as always with Nigella's books) plenty of cakes and sweet things. If you try to follow a low fat diet, this is probably not the cookbook for you. Her instructions are easy to follow and she suggests substitutions for hard to find ingredients.

We have tried and enjoyed the mustard pork chops (though I prefer pasta as an accompaniment rather than the potato gnocchi that she suggests), the mirin glazed salmon (though I already had similar recipes that were similar and equally good) and the quick calamari. They were all very simple to prepare and went down well with the family. I had less success with the croque monsieur bake which emerged burnt at the edges (although that could possibly be the fault of my oven). And while the chocolate peanut butter fudge sauce went down well with my children, it was too sickly sweet for my and my husband's tastebuds.

Overall a beautiful recipe book which I'm happy to add to the collection. I'm sure it will get a good workout over the pre-Christmas period.
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on 15 December 2007
I really can't believe it. Over the last few years I'd started using more and more ready meals because I couldn't face cooking after a long day at work. But since getting this book a couple of months ago I've been totally converted. I now have the pancakes with blueberries for breakfast at the weekend and tonight popped into the kitchen and in 10 minutes had the croissent pudding in the oven - its fabulously tasty. Everything really is cooked in the blink of an eye. There are a couple of recipies that you have to do a couple of times to get them done really quickly, but once you're used to them there are even more short-cuts that you can make. Added benefits are that my shopping bill is drastically reduced, I feel much better for eating home cooked meals and the smell of cooking in the house especially on the cold winter evenings just finishes everything off perfectly.
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on 9 January 2009
I absolutely love this book! It is an excellent resource for making good food, fast. It's a pleasure just to read, and the recipes are all the sorts of things you really want to cook and eat. I cook from this book more than any other recipe book in my collection, and use it frequently for mid-week meals after a long day, when I want something tasty to eat, but haven't got the time or energy to cook anything too complicated.

Covers a wide range of foods, from different cultures and for different meals, including breakfast, food on the go, plenty of chapters on meals you could make mid-week or the weekend, and special occasions.

My only criticism is that Nigella sometimes assumes we all have access to the wonderful food shops she must have in London, and some of her ingredients are a little 'out there'. She quite often writes, 'you should be able to find this in your local supermarket', and I have to admit to saying in my head 'have you tried shopping in Morrisons in Yorkshire for that, Nigella?' A minor niggle though, I would still recommend this book very highly.
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on 27 October 2007
Well I love Nigella everything but this is my first book by her.

I have had it a week and a bit and cooked scallops with chorizo - amazing and quick! I did the chickpeas and rocket to go with it... yummy and quick too of course. I made the breakfast bars and they are sat next to the toaster so I can grab one on my way to the office so I don't miss breakfast.

Tomorrow I am cooking the mirin glazed salmon... now I do admit that things like mirin and rice wine are sometimes hard to find but are available in supermarkets and may be a little pricey BUT if you like them then go online to japancentre or something similar or to your loacal oreintal store and buy the larger bottles which are about the same price but are so much bigger (and do keep too), this means not only do you save cash but you are prepared for next time!

The day I bought the book I decided I wanted to cook the scallops so I picked some up from the store and a bag of rocket - I had all the other ingredients at home already - FAB!!

This book requires you to read and plan your store cupboard, once thats done, meals in minutes are your destiny!!
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on 16 October 2007
The instant chocolate mousse is worth buying this book for alone! And there are many other yummy recipes too.

The Breakfast Bars are another one I would recommend.
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