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Halo 4 (Xbox 360)
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on 30 November 2014
Along with HALO REACH, probably the best in the series and one of the greatest FPS along with COD.

Story and graphics are stunning, as you would expect, feels like you've entered STAR WARS or STARSHIP TROOPERS, except HALO has it's own universe and characters. I think you definitely have to like sci-fi fantasy and SHOOTERS to enjoy HALO, otherwise you'll find it irritating, although not as flat as some of the Japanese Manga anime.

The only problem I had with the game, is firstly that I prefer to play shooters on 'difficult' level rather than 'normal', because the enemies tend to be too easy and the game moves to quickly. On H4 I put the difficulty level on 'heroic' and find most of the enemies take almost an entire round of ammo to kill, meaning that you're constantly running out of weapons of ammo, and making the whole game experience utterly frustrating. Even on COD, when you play it on hard, the game designers never let you run out of ammo completely, so that you atleast have a fighting chance rather than committing suicide to restart from the checkpoint. Hand to hand combat with the larger enemies also seems ridiculous, unlike COD or FAR CRY 3, where you can stab the enemies with a few blows.

Secondly, for some reason, I don't know if it's a fault with the game or XBOX, but occasionally the game doesn't save properly and you end at an earlier checkpoint. I eventually got tired of this and didn't finish it.
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on 31 December 2012
With all the hype, my review is probably going to be lost in a sea of other 5 star reviews; but here's my short and simple piece.

I've owned every single Halo game since the first one first came out. Halo was the reason I bought an Xbox back in the day and I played it with those enormous controllers that, ironically, were perfect for my hand size.

Now we come to the 5th true Halo FPS game; Halo 4. Whilst I enjoyed playing Halo 2 some; Halo 3 lost me near the beginning and I found I just couldn't get into the story of Reach. I didn't connect with the story at all. Halo 4, to me, is the first game in a while that is true to its roots. Ironic considering it's now 343 and not Bungie; but perhaps it took a pair of fresh eyes to get the game back to what it should be.

There's nothing specific really. There are a few ideas: the higher resolution frame is noticeable, the AR sounds good enough to be a primary weapon again; just like the original. But there's just a feeling you get when you play it; the first mission especially. You're on a derelict ship that's going down towards a planet and there's a crazy alien contact(s) on board. There's some nostalgia going there for a start; and landing on the planet and getting up just like touching down on Halo.

I gave Halo 3 and Reach away; and I bought 4 as a present for my sister as I feared it was just another Halo; after stealing it and not giving it back; I plan on getting a second copy so I can play this with a clear conscience..

There's a lot of content so the multi player maps have to be installed onto your drive from the second disc; much like the extra cars in Forza games of past.
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on 2 April 2013
I have to say I didn't feel too much affection for this new Halo when I first started to playing it. Elements of it seemed to be a little off key, whether it was the weapons fire, the slightly changed Covenant foes, the muted graphic colour scheme but most of all the soundtrack,I really missed that soundtrack.Without that classically recognizably heroic score, it REALLY didn't sound like HALO. And that hurts it a wee bit.
However, the story ,if a little slow to start with ,is far better than I could have hoped.By the end its this, coupled with the fantastic designs and superb graphics that really make it a very strong and enjoyable sequel in the HALO franchise. The cut scenes are absolutely cinematic and the voice acting is superb.Overall, its a great game and a visual treat and the AI annoyingly proficient at killing you on the higher level settings.
So ,eventually, it ticked all the right buttons for me.The campaign was about averagely long for a game these days, ie short if you bought it on the day of release, okay if you've waited until it dropped in price to buy it.Cheap entertainment if you compare it to the cost of a cinema ticket these days.
Don't play on line so I can't comment on that but overall I have to say I really welcome this return to the Halo universe (at least until DESTINY arrives).
343, well done!!!
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on 17 January 2013
This game is good in many ways it has improved graphics the story is fantastic the gameplay has gotten more smoother and the forge is one of the best things they have done up. Its so easy to make what you want now
the thing that let me down was 2 things.
And Spartan ops
Infection is mostly broken at the moment its a pain to be a infected as sometimes you don't lunge even though you have a red reticle which gets so annoying and sometimes your team mates spawn as enemies even though there not resulting with them being team killed by idiots.
but Spartan ops is what killed it for me.
the first episode and everything seemed to be fun grinding them missions but them missions soon got boring and when they released the new episode i was excited.
oh how wrong i was to get excited.
the episodes are really lazy its not even fun its like they just done it all in forge it doesn't even seem worth playing anymore and i don't know if its just me but i don't think the story is making zero sense in it either i just gave up.

If you want a good online and story game get this its a great game. It just could have been alot more it would be perfect if they put firefight back in but oh well.
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on 11 August 2013
Before I start, I just want to be clear: I do not care about multiplayer. I use it (I can't count the hours my I and my friends have spent on Halo 2 and Reach), but it is not the reason I buy a game, and is not the basis for my review. I am only focusing on the single player campaigns.

I buy games for the single player story mode, anything else is a bonus.

Halo 4 is a return to Halo's sci-fi roots. Big story, big characters and the seed to a bigger story arc. Meant as the start of a new a trilogy, Halo 4 prepares the groundwork for a new galaxy spanning epic, foreshadowing the Promethean's return while still providing a satisfying personal story of two characters trying to save themselves in a universe that (they think) no longer needs them.

I loved Halo and Halo 2. The gameplay was excellent and the story was building nicely to give a sense of drama and urgency that other console FPS games simply weren't providing at the time. Even on Legendary mode, I never felt cheated on dying.

Halo 3 was an absolute mess. It dropped any sense of depth of character for big explosions and tedious big battles, usually with a handful of Brutes. Seriously, jetpacks? I am supposed to feel the fate of the galaxy is at stake, but this just made me laugh. And not in a good way.

The gameplay was largely similar to Halo 2, but new the new additions were mostly pointless, e.g. the brute vehicles that were at best annoying to use. Also, the game was utterly unbalanced in Legendary, snipers can one shot kill the second you round a corner for the first time. Also, all brutes take three weeks to kill (mild exaggeration).

ODST was DLC stretched as thinly as possible to justify it's full retail price tag. Ugly as sin, although with a great voice cast (you got me, I love Firefly). It added nothing to Halo's overall narrative, and if they hadn't copped out at the end (and had the team die as the narrative suggested) Reach could have been avoided.

Reach is utterly moronic, an insult to story telling. It would have fitted better as a Gears of War game.

Seriously, the story is completely unnecessary and adds nothing to the Halo universe (unlike the book it's based on) and is utterly devoid of character. Also, it's misogynistic. Everyone in it is a macho stereotype, except the girl who is good with tech (not fighting) and gets sniped. By a gun used multiple times on you causing shield loss... So her body gets carried away by a huge man... Who isn't overly sad because, y'know, men don't show emotion...

The men die in increasingly ridiculously manly ways and the only real substance can be found in the final level (I won't spoil it), but that's entirely up to the kind of player you are...

That said, and I know said I am not reviewing on multiplayer, but the multiplayer for this game is absolutely amazing and worth buying the game for.

Finally we get Halo 4. This isn't a perfect game, but it tries to reconnect the player to Master Chief as a man rather that an unseen killing machine whose sights to look through.

The connection between Master Chief and Cortana is the basis for the game and, although events spiral into a much bigger narrative, their relationship is the core the story.

Beat for beat the game is largely a clone of the original Halo, but the plot, character and world building is engaging enough and has something that has been lacking since Halo 2. It largely avoids the grand scale battles of the sequels, and aims to tell a smaller story giving you a genuine connection and caring for the characters you interact with. It also gives new and interesting enemies to engage with.

There are no brutes, which is a huge plus in my book. The Elites return along with several new antagonist and I'm fine fighting enemies with huge, regenerating health bars as long as they are interesting and fun to shoot at (i.e. not brutes).

That's not to say there aren't high stakes and epic warfare by the end, but that's not the point of this game. It remembers, finally, that the single player should tell a good story first, while also providing the 'Hell Yeah!' moments that makes gaming such an addictive hobby.

On a more superficial note as a sci-fi fan, there are mechs! Everyone loves mechs! MECHS!!!!!
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on 9 February 2013
The multiplayer aspect to the game is brilliant. The game comes with a 14 day xbox live gold membership trial so you can see what the online multiplayer is like. That being said the perks for kill streaks and customised armour abilities, etc. borrow heavily from the Modern Warfare games where new weapons are dropped as a reward and so on.

There are also some episodic online missions that can only be accessed if you have a gold account which are based around the UNSC's Infinity starship as it encounters the mysterious Forerunner planet Requiem.

The campaign is okay, but seems to be a collage of the missions undertaken in previous Halo games and in my opinion seems to be a desperate attempt to stretch the lifespan of the interlectual property that is Halo.

For example, the gondola sequences of Halo 2 are repeated in this game, as are the gravity 'catapults' reminiscent of 'High Charity in Halo 2. Also the usage of the voice-over of the antagonist aka the Didact is a repeat of the Gravemind of Halo 2/3 as are the promeathean crawlers that are copies of the Flood crawlers of Halo 3.

The way that the promeathean enemies are hard-light computer holograms that die and crumble/pixellate in such a way it makes me think that 343 Industries were watching Tron 2 for inspiration... need I go on?

An okay game, but not as good as earlier Halo games.
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on 8 September 2014
So this game was an impulse buy as it was cheap. However, I feel this price was a fair price for the game. 343 industries have made pretty much no effort with the campaign. It was completed in 3 hours. They seem to have tried to make up for the lacking campaign by making the enemies harder to kill. Which is just lazy if you ask me. One thing I can't get my head round however is how the crosshair is slightly lower than the centre of the screen, this makes it feel like you're looking up all the time.

However, they do seem to have made up for it a little by creating a multiplayer that will challenge COD, without becoming COD. But the multiplayer still has it's signature chaotic feel, that all other halos have had.

So to sum up, if you want to kill some time, and one of those "I'll play it when I've exhausted all my other games" game, then, yeah, it's ok. Hopefully halo 5 will be a bit longer and more un-bizarre storyline, but only time will tell.
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on 22 April 2013
It's fair to say that 343 Industries had a huge pair of boots to fill with Bungie leaving the Halo franchise. Instead of relying on the tried-and-tested Halo formula of fighting the Covenant, unleashing the Flood, then fighting both at the same time, they were brave enough to introduce a new faction, the mysterious Forerunners. After hearing so much about them in the first three games, it was great to see the Forerunners in the flesh (if you can call it flesh!) and full props to 343 for designing some brilliant new weapons and enemies. The story does move a bit slowly in places, and it's fair to say that a few missions in the game are a bit repetitive, but that was also the case in 'The Library' in the original Halo so it is unfair to criticise 343 for this. Its a brilliant first game considering it's their first one, and left me wanting to see where we are going next in this masterful storyline. The online multiplayer has added enough new content for it to differentiate itself significantly from Reach and is addictive and fast-paced. This is a very well-rounded Halo game and an unmissable addition to the franchise.
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on 11 January 2013
CampaignThis game should be judged in it's own right, far away from Bungie's own efforts. The single player is exactly the right mix of classic Halo point-to-point gameplay, with a battlefield dynamic that feels new and instantly more challenging. The multiplayer has plenty in there to attract new fans, and is an absolute joy to play, as it always has been. And the soundtrack is mind-blowing. 343 has added real artistic flair to a universe that needed rebooting with a splatter of vibrancy.

In short, Halo 4 is the definition of classic. It's quintessential, an embodiment of what made Halo so fantastic in the first place, but brighter, bolder and with a few tugs at the heart-strings. I can't promise you'll like it, because you've seen a lot of this before. But five years has been long enough to open our minds, and it feels great to be back.
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on 7 November 2012
I think this game is fundamentally brilliant. The graphics and scenery are beautiful, most of the sound effects are impressive, the gameplay is fun, and the campaign is good.

I have no problems with the campaign, but the Multiplayer is what we really buy Halo games for, and it needs an update desperately. Don't get me wrong, it's really fun as a social game, but it cannot work as a competitive game right now without updates.

There are no real ranks, just exp to unlock helmets and emblems. This sort of thing will never give anyone the incentive to come and play the game for years on end like Halo 2/3. Halo needs to go back to the 1-50 ranking system. Also, the weapons are imbalanced. This doesn't make the gameplay bad, but if it isn't fixed, there'll never be true competitiveness in Halo 4.

We need separate playlists for Ranked and social. I love it as a social game for fun, but the game does not and will not work as a competitive experience.
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