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I'm With You
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 19 June 2016
I've owned this album since it's release,& yes I'm a big fan of Rhcp, so feel compelled to stick up for them. I'm with you was always gonna be criticised,just like one hot minute was,because of the absence of John frusciante. Yep, John is a very talented guy(check out his solo stuff, genius stuff), but he wasn't necessarily the back bone of the band.imagine Rhcp without Anthony,now that would be crazy.
And on to the album, personally I think I'm with you is a excellent piece,a very strong selection of songs. Yeah,we have some that sound similar (sort of) to past Rhcp songs(but isn't that what we love about them?),and some that still break new ground even after all these years.and what's consistent about them is meaningful music,there is no filler here & I think it's better then one hot minute.check it out,but not if your just after criticising a great band that's lost a great guitarist.life goes on.
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on 4 September 2011
There is a moment right at the beginning of Ethiopia that neatly sums up this RHCP effort. Flea introduces the track 'We're rolling everybody, it starts with bass'. And this whole album seems to do exactly that - put the funky bassline at the front and guitars second. There is a joy to hearing the funk/pop/rock of RHCP. This effort is no different. However, it isn't a vintage effort. It starts off strongly with the opening four tracks delivering great hooks and you find yourself humming them after they've finished. However, as good as they are they aren't classic RHCP tracks. Sure they just beg for you to sing along. But they seem to miss the magic spark that tracks on Californication, By The Way or Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic had. On first listen you are really underwhelmed by the whole album. Some tracks stick but most are forgettable. However, repeated listens make them stick.

Ethiopia, Brendan's Death Song, Factory of Faith, Monarchy of Roses, Look Around and The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie are good tracks. And they are the strongest on offer here. But some of those would struggle to stack up against the very best RHCP tracks and on the best albums wouldn't probably get a mention. That coupled with the tailing off of the album after Raindance Maggie leaves you feeling a little let down. Its taken a lot of thought to come up with the star rating here. It scrapes four stars because of the sheer joy of hearing new RHCP material and the ease and joy you have when listening to it. But it isn't amongst their best works. Worth it for fans and lovers of funk pop. But don't expect a masterpiece - although I am sure that some tracks will really come good live.
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on 22 September 2017
I can only echo all the sentiments expressed in the review by TV Dad below. RHCP developed from a hit -and- miss white funk outfit into confident, thoughtful funk rockers from 1999 onwards. One of the best bands ever. And I've been listening to them all since the 60s.
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on 19 October 2011
I really wasn't sure how I'd take to this latest production of the awesome Chilis, especially after seeing it played live, streamed to a cinema. The sound is quite different to their previous work as was inevitable with the swapover of Frusciante to the new kid Josh. The first time I played it through I wasn't struck by the first two tracks, but found new resonance in the third and felt quite comfortable with the record from then on in. A week later I found myself having played it countless times over and struggling to get to grips with Keidis' complex and inspiring as ever vocals. I love the first two tracks now! The bass and drums bring joy to the soul in a world where the radio plays increasingly terrible music, and Josh's lead adds a refreshing new dynamic. If you miss Frusciante, buy his solo stuff. My perspective is that if you love this band and retain an open-mindedness, you will come to love this album. The world needs the solidarity this album brings. The world needs to hear, "I'm With You".
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on 23 October 2011
...we miss John. Josh does a very good, if subtle and often low-key job providing the guitar parts, not forgetting some novelly different backing vocals to add another dimension. I'm not criticising the lower key guitar, it just gives the album quite a different feel from previous outings with John. This album is very musical, and feels a little more commercial/soft than the last few, but then maybe the band members are just mellowing a little with age. Whatever, they're keeping things fresh for sure. Flea injects the funky backbone into many tracks and takes over a fair bit in lead instrument duties - I love the Stranglers for their strong lead bass guitar sound, so this is never reason to lament - it is Flea after all, and his soul is 29-carat funk!

While the guitar sounds accomplished throughout, I don't find myself reaching feverishly for my Telecaster, hungry to emulate (John's) catchy riffs and solos, but I have just treated myself to a Fleabass Junior and Line6 bass amp, so I'm still hooked on RHCP, just switching focus a little with this great album. It's an awesome first outing with the new guitarist. Only three slightly weaker tracks for my tastes - "Goodbye Hooray", "Police Station", and "Even You Brutus", the rest is great.
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on 3 October 2011
I'm With You boasts some funky basslines and well-crafted lyrical-musical fusions, but doesn't pack the same punch as some of Red Hot Chili Peppers' previous works (namely Californication, Blood Sugar Sex Magick, Mother's Milk).

As a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan I can't bring myself to give this album a mere 3 stars, as some of the tracks have made me pick up my bass and learn them (Ethiopia, Factory of Faith).

Looking at I'm With You in the realm of Chilis fandom, it turns out to be a worthy addition to their repertoire. As a Chilis fan at heart, it's hard for me to look at the wider picture, but I'm sure anyone would enjoy this CD you just have to take the first step and buy it.
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on 27 November 2011
People say that this album is not quite as good as their previous albums. I don't think this is true. The new guitarist (klinghoffer) has resulted in a slightly different sound to the band that has taken them in a new direction. If you are a true Chilis fan you will love this and appreciate what they are doing, remember,this isn't the first time they've had a genre change.

I saw them live in Sheffield on their I'm With You tour and they are still the amazing band they always were
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on 4 December 2014
Whole World knows RHCP are one of the greatest. But this is "light", in terms that it lacks the freshness expected from RHCP, based on previus albums . Flea is definately up for it - Perhaps I expected more from the others as well, even after all these great great music that they donated to the world.
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on 6 December 2011
This album will be growing on you, really chilled and typical RHCP, some people complain that its too much like the other stuff they do but if you want something different buy something else.
Love love Monarchy of roses, ethiopia and more but these two were played at their concert in november and they were brilliant !
Basically if you are fan and love them the album will not disappoint
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on 19 April 2013
A new guitarist and experimenting with new sounds. It sounds like they have tried a drum machine even (despite having one of the world's finest drummers)? Not their classic sound perhaps but some great stuff too, they're bravely pushing into new territories. Will be interesting where they take it from here...
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