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on 16 August 2013
I use this product to protect my Macbook Pro. It works very well for that purpose, however the little pieces of plastic that hold the case onto the computer snap off one by one over approximately the course of a year. Then you need to buy a new one if you want to have a case that will stay on your computer.
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on 24 March 2017
Will recommend. Keeps the laptop as new as first purchased.
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on 6 December 2012
A very nice cover, fits my 2011 macbook like a glove (though took me a little while to get it on, seems a bit awkward.). The choice of colours available is also very nice.
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on 30 April 2012
After reading all the reviews, I must admit to being rather baffled! There seems to be such a split of opinion on these cases.

I do think many of the points made are fair:

1) This is a 'hard case', so despite having a soft 'satin' look and feel to the outside, the inside is rigid moulded plastic. When mine arrived, it was dusty inside, with a few bits of shaved plastic floating around from manufacture, and needed a good wipe around before I would put it on my Macbook. It's there to avoid scratches, not create them, so this is a little dissapointing, but perhaps it can only be expected; they're making a plastic case after all, it's not for use in an operating theatre.

2) The satin cover does attract some fingermarks, but it's not a huge problem. Just use your mac with clean hands if it distresses you! It just requires a wipe over once in a while, like anything that you want to stay clean.

3) There is a SPECK logo on the top cover. On the black satin model, it's very hard to see - you have to be looking for it, and it doesn't distress me at all. Manufacturers put their logo on stuff - it's branding.

4) The Apple Logo shines through the back, which is quite cool - it does look really smart actually.

5) It fits well. Some of the reviews state that a lack of clips on the bottom cover along the front edge make the case sag at the front. Well, it does, a little, but it is a rigid case, so we're only talking about a millimetre or two in the middle, and if it is sat on a desk or other rigid surface, them it isn't a problem. If it had little tabs along the front to prevent this, they would hurt your wrists when you were typing, wouldn't they?

6) There are vents on the bottom of the case, which just seem to have solid metal underneath on my Macbook. Perhaps they're located over the hard drive, or some other heat-generating area, I'm not sure. We usually leave ours on 24/7, and it doesn't get hot.

7) It isn't cheap. I bought a second-hand Macbook Pro, and this represents around 5% of the cost, but I hope it will sell for a premium of at least 5% over other scratched units if I ever sell it.

In summary, it looks great, does what it is supposed to, and I will be leaving one on my Macbook Pro, and replacing it if it breaks or wears out.

Added November 2011; owned for seven months now:

As mentioned be several others, the clip at the back left corner of the base has snapped, causing the base section to flap loose. Will attempt to return for a replacement. Part of the problem is that the case can't extend around the back, due to the screen being in the way when it is open, and it can't extend around the side due to the power connection, so the base plate of the cover can only clip on with a tiny clip on the very corner, which makes it really weak.

Added February 2013

MacBook has started to get scratched by grit between this hard case and the computer. If there is any movement at all of the case, tiy bits of grit get lodged inside the case and cause marks. Will not be using another hard case, have moved to s fabric sleeve...
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on 13 March 2012
This is a really sleek and classy looking case, which was easy to fit and protects the exterior case of my Macbook from scratches. Well worth the money. However, be careful to get the more recent case as the pre 2008 ones, which are still for sale, do not fit. I bought one and wasted loads of money on postage back because it came from the States, which is really expensive to return to. A learning curve.
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on 21 June 2012
I must say I was a bit sceptical as to how well this would fit etc., but it turns out I needn't have worried - it fits like a glove, functions well, and also feels nice and looks great. Almost perfect, then...

... my only (slight) reservation is that the newer 'L'-shaped magsafe connector has some trouble fitting into the power input port (only fits with the cable pointing forward, and even then not 100% well), as the relevant hole in the cover is a bit too small. Moreover it looks (although I haven't tried) like the older 'T'-shape connector might not fit at all. It may be possible to cut a small bit of the cover off to resolve this, but on the other hand I'm a bit reluctant to start messing with knives and chisels just yet.

I guess if I wanted to be ultra picky I could also say that as the cover inevitably makes the MBP a bit thicker, this somewhat takes away from its usual slim & cool feel, but that's no biggie really.
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on 1 May 2012
I originally had an opaque case for my MacBook, which served me well for several years by absorbing the schock from small falls and preventing scratches. However, I soon realised that the MacBook itself looked much nicer without the cover.

I eventually bought this product and have not regretted it. The clear case provides the same protection against scratches and small drops but allows you to enjoy the look of your MacBook the way it was intended to be. It fits well, is stable and looks great - definitely a worthwhile product.
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on 2 May 2012
Arrived with next day delivery, great price. Same as the one in the Apple shop but cheaper. Fits the MacBook like a glove even makes the MacBook look that bit slicker.
Grips either corner of the MacBook and allows room for all the ports including the headphone jack as well as the CD Drive.
Overall I'm made up with this purchase and would recommend to anyone else.
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on 29 May 2012
I have had this case on my MacBook Pro for around 6 months and I am reasonably happy with it. It has protected my mac from scrapes and indeed it still looks like new. That may also be down to the fact that I am incredibly careful in the way that I treat my beloved computer. The case has faired very well with no damage to the soft velvet fuzzy coating thingy, they call it satin, and I must admit I do like the colour. Also another thing to love is that when you turn on your Mac the Apple logo appears through the case like a figure emerging from a fog. Although it has been given a slightly purple hue and fuzzy edges, which in my opinion makes it look a lot more cool.

Recently I have added stickers from various boarding and camera brands (my interests I guess) to personalise the case. I became bored with just the standard clean cut look and wanted to mess it up a bit :) All the stickers have stuck with no issues and who no sign of pealing off. So if like me you want to dress your MacBook Pro up like some 80's skateboard but are too anal to violate the Mac itself, I highly recommend this case.

The only thing I do advise is that you remove the case for regular cleaning as there is a slight gap between this case and the MacBook. If any dust or small grit particles should get in there, it would be really bad for the finish on the Mac. If you look online people have had issues with not being able to remove the case and some have even damaged their Macs trying. Luckily I have not had any of these issues.

Its a good case, bit plastic feeling but guess that is why they have added the 'satin' finish. If you want something that feels a little more plush I would recommend the Macally BookShell 2 at half the price. Looks fantastic in red and has a lining inside to help protect your Mac. That one does make it a bit thicker tho. In fact I would have stuck with that case if it fitted into the Twelve South Book Arc, which this one does.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 March 2012
On arrival it was noted that the corner of the cover had some of the Satin slightly rubbed off a warning to make us realise that it would not take long before other areas may rub off as well. It is our perception that it is not very hard waring and although attractive new would not keep its aesthetics for long. There is also the issue of the base now being larger than the specification which means that it will not fit in a normal MacBook Pro Tray. Disappointed then, they should have made the whole cover in frosted plastic instead of giving it a coating that comes off over time, we may then reconsider purchase. Perhaps the non satin version is a wiser option. As it is, we could not recommend as it is perceived a pointless purchase in its present state.
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