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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 23 June 2005
This is one of those low budget oddities that surfaced on home video in the eighties and developed a cult following among horror fans as well as people curious to see early performances from Daniel Stern and John Goodman. Mutant tramps living under new-york city are beggining to venture to the surface to find fresh meat, speading panic amongst the city's homeless population, a cop, a soup-kitchen worker and a professional photographer begin to investigate the mystery. Anchor bay's disc is great, with the best transfer I have seen yet and the film itself has been re-edited and presented as the director intended. The commentary track is both fun and informative and the disc also includes a superb easter egg. At the prices i've seen this go for on amazon this is an essential purchase for horror fans.
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on 6 April 2013
I will cut to it, Chud = Cannibal Humanoid Underground Dweller, need i say more, i guess yes is the answer. Greedy corporation hides Dangerous Toxic Chemicals under the city streets, Hobos become Mutated, turn to cannibals and go on a killing spree. The plot is of Epic 80's Madness with all that was Great about low budget 80's Horror Movies, as the late great Bruce Lee said to his student Lo, "Dont think, Feel!!!" so don't think, just have a few Drinks and enjoy life, CHUD Style.
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on 16 February 2017
Sadly C.H.U.D is region locked, am not sure why they just can't have all films region free.

Now if you have a region free Blu-ray player like me, and you are a fan of this film then please buy because the picture quality is just amazing, if not picture perfect, with no grain, i just hope for a region 2 soon.

You don't get a DVD with this copy, just two Blu-rays. Disc 1 contains the Integral cut, with the second containing the original theatrical cut. You also get a nice Booklet plus a revisable sleeve with original cover.
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on 26 February 2005
CHUD is a solid, fun movie, with a lot of things to recommend it. In terms of how the movie feels, although it's generally known as a horror movie there's very little scary about it so it falls into the 'sci-fi thriller' category along with Independence Day, Jurassic Park, Predator and the like. While those films are suitable for kids, aside from Predator anyhoo, CHUD is definitely not (of course the R rating and the fact that CHUD stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers probably tipped you off) and the admittedly few and far between instances of violence or gore are quite grim, so keep this one out of reach of the littlies, but otherwise this is a fun B Movie thriller that everyone will enjoy. The acting is solid throughout, and it's surprising given the time the movie was made (during the 80s slasher boom when most of the characters in movies got bumped off before they had a chance to speak let alone develop) but the writers have taken genuine pains to create characters who you actually care about and believe in. This movie reminded me of the kind of daft Sci-Fi I used to watch back in the 80s when I was a kid, so it instantly got accepted into my heart just for that, and it really is the kind of movie anybody should be able to watch, horror fan or not. The only things that stopped CHUD from getting 5 stars were that it seemed to end abruptly, and at times the movie didn't seem to know whether it was trying to be funny or frightening. Also the sound transfer on the DVD is a little haphazard, resulting in some of the script getting lost in the hubbub. Mind you, this is an old movie and one that's only just been reissued so the print had probably deteriorated a fair bit.
If you like CHUD and feel you'd want to check out similar stuff, try these: Return of the Living Dead(1 and 2, not 3), Repo Man, Humanoids from the Deep.
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on 24 September 2012
As a longtime lover of horror movies, I've seen my share of bad films. Sometimes though, being bad is a virtue; a b-picture with a shaky set, rubbery effects and a terrible script can be forgiven if the film is really trying its best to rise above the limitations of budget. If anything, an a-list movie that falls on its backside is probably worse. I'll champion the best of the worst, and when it comes to low budget 80's shlock horror, CHUD really is the little engine that could.

There's something hot beneath the streets of New York. Radioactive-hot. People are going missing, the homeless undergrounders are starting to hunt for weapons, and the NRC are sniffing around the streets. Accidentally drawn into this mystery is a photographer that has been working with the undergrounders, and he rapidly comes to the conclusion that something is very wrong beneath the streets. At the same time, a local police captain is following up his own leads, which eventually leads him to an ex-con now running a soup kitchen. The three of them soon gather enough evidence that rats and alligators are the least of your worries - there are killer mutants in the Big Apple, and when they get peckish, only a human snack will hit the spot. With no-one willing to listen and a possible cover-up in full effect, can the oddball trio save the city from becoming a hot lunch?

Sounds fairly run of the mill, but there is a little bit of magic in CHUD. It really is trying its hardest to not be the low budget creature feature it is. The script is occasionally wry and funny, and the cast do their best despite the evident poverty-row stock this movie comes from. You'll recognise half the people in this movie as the jobbing character actors they are (a real treasure trove of "It's that guy from..."), and almost all of them are doing a grand job, particularly Stern's sarcastic turn as the Reverend. The basic idea of where the movie's monsters come from is pretty neat if you ask me, and while the monsters themselves will win no prizes (save perhaps Most Glowing Eyes and Most Bizarre and Useless Mutation), they're not as bad as some. Rubbery as they are. There's some nice camerawork on show here too. CHUD really is a movie trying to surpass its limitations as best as it can.

However, for most people it will perhaps never raise itself higher than a cheap 80's b-movie. It isn't perfect by any means, but if you like these kinds of pictures for their own merits and entertainment value, CHUD is one of the best. It's amusing and entertaining, and really delivers if you enjoy a good beer-and-pizza movie. If you're expecting something meaningful, with incredible production values and star power, you'll be seriously disappointed. If you can't let things slide and you want to pick holes (like why the hell the NYPD has flamethrowers in their arsenal just for starters), you'll hate it. But if you love a good daft monster movie that harks back to a less pretentious era, like I do, CHUD is easily one of the best you'll find.

It's worth also pointing out that this version has one of the best DVD commentaries I've ever heard. Herd, Stern and Curry sit down with the director and writer to share anecdotes about the movie's troubled production, while also having a whale of a time poking fun at the evident issues with the film. It's absoulutely hillarious in parts (Danny Stern dissing his brother and Chris Curry doing an impromptu Bob Dylan impression are priceless), and you get an impression of a group of friends kicking back and having fun talking about good times as opposed to some guys dragged into a recording box to just retread what you're seeing on screen. If only more movie commentaries were this much fun.
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on 9 June 2013
c.h.u.d.is a brilliant horror film from the early 80s.ok its a bit outdated now but is still a must see horror.it features a awesome cast of heard/stern/curry and you have to give some credit to unknown tv director at that time douglas cheek who does a very good job,filmed in the new york sewers its about people who live in the sewers disappearing and the NRC dumping nuclear toxic waste which is creating this creatures called c.h.u.d,(cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller).0n the case is captain bosch played brilliantly by christopher curry with help of shepherd (daniel stern)who investigate the problem,also caught up in the investigation is photograher cooper (heard).the film is well written becuase it has a double meaning just when you thought it was all about murders and c.h.u.d,s its also about the NRC who are dumping waste which is also called c.h.u.d (contamintion hazard urban disposal.the film itself goes a long at a cracking pace and features some very good creature effects not to mention a great music score.i cant believe theres been no uk dvd release so i have had to get the region 1 copy although there is a european region 2 version available.
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on 17 October 2014
This is 1 of those classic low budget horror/thrillers that used to scare you when u would "borrow" the video that your neighbour hired out on a sat night. The special effects are so so for the yr,, but if your looking for a gruesome nights entertainment then ""chud"" is the movie for you....although its very low budget,,its up there with the classics......! Martin ralph....!
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on 31 January 2013
I had had the movie CHUD II for ages and thought I would like to try the original. I was disappointed it is no where near as good as the second film, But it is so bad it's good.
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on 12 May 2014
C.H.U.D. has been called a cult classic, and for good reason. "C.H.U.D." standing for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers" is an 80's horror film like no other. The film is such a great representation of 80's horror that anyone who considers themselves a horror buff should have it in their collection. The monsters are very well done for their time, and the great story-line tells itself quickly without getting boring. Some of our best horror films came out in this decade and I think more people should check them out. After a SoHo soup kitchen cook named A. J. (Daniel Stern) reports to Captain Bosch (Christopher Curry) that some of his patrons, those which reside in the city's sewage system, mysteriously disappeared two weeks prior, the duo attempt to account for the missing persons. However, upon the discovery of a political cover-up resulting in grotesque, subhuman mutations of the city's indigenous population, Bosch is told by the police chief, O'Brien (Eddie Jones) and the Commissioner (John Ramsey), to keep a tight lip. At the same time, photographer George Cooper (John Heard), has been convinced by free-lance reporter, Murphy (J.C. Quinn), that there is something strange going on in the sewers and he convinces George to go with him to investigate. Yet, as murders reportedly committed by monsters emerging from the city's sewers begin to pile in from throughout the city, Bosch and A. J. attempt to unveil the conspiracy before the situation gets out of hand. The film follows different characters investigating the disappearances of many of the underground population. Police captain "Bosch" is searching for his wife. Daniel Stern plays a great role as A.J. "The Reverend" Shepherd. Great interesting story mixed with some suspense, social commentary and good comedy. We even get a cameo by John Goodman playing the role of a cop. The film was later followed by a truly awful comedy sequel called Bud The C.H.U.D. 2 which had nothing to do with the first film (I suggest you avoid that sequel like the plague). C.H.U.D. however does have some flaws, after all the film has a really low budget and while it does have some decent gore scenes, the creatures really aren't explained too well and the ending leaves us hanging. BUT overall "C.H.U.D." is an unknown 80's gem worth checking out, I must have seen this film a hundred times and it never gets dull as it's one of my favorites. Highly recommend.
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on 30 July 2015
This is An Excellent Monsters under the City Flick with great Effects and some Cracking Performances from up and coming familiar faces.
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