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on 7 January 2016
I wanted to reduce the piles of papers I had in my study - particularly business cards, flyers and meeting notes that would otherwise hang around in piles and therefore be considered 'lost' or at least difficult to find. So I did some research and opted for the Doxie Go. I didn't have unrealistic expectations for what I was getting, having used a Fujitsu Scansnap at work for many years which could eat a pile of 50 A4 sheets in next to no time. The Doxie Go doesn't claim to do that, but what it offers is brilliant and realistic for someone who wants to wander round their home, clearing piles of useful clutter.

I just wanted a simple solution that could sync easily and that is what the Doxie Go does brilliantly.

Being so small, literally just wider than an A4 sheet, light and battery operated, you can walk around your home with it in your hand and crank through a pile of paper. The battery lasts a good while which means that you can happily munch through 100 sheets and not worry too much about it running out of battery. Then simply plug it into your computer via the USB cable and it syncs beautifully to the Doxie software which is perfectly simple in its approach and regularly improved. The scans transfer to the app where you can edit, crop, rotate and export as needed.

I usually just transfer the scans into Evernote so that they are on all my devices and searchable there, however, you can save to pdf, jpeg and all the usual formats including word - which means that a scan can become an editable document in no time at all.

I really like the build quality of the Doxie Go and you can happily upgrade the storage capacity if you feel that the included memory isn't enough.

The standard scan resolution is absolutely fine for most documents, but you can quickly change the resolution by holding down the scan button... the only button on the device. You now have something that can archive treasured photographs at a quality that can display or print well.

There is a useful slider on the document feeder which will keep the edges from wondering if it is a business card or an A5 flyer for instance. It provides straighter scans which cuts down editing time.

I have never, in all the time I have used the Doxie Go had a jam. Business cards need a little push to help the thicker paper go through, however, that is not an issue.

This is a very useful scanner to have to hand that does what it does really well and without fuss - it always sits within arms length of my desk. It is quick and easy to get scans onto a computer at a realistic price - why have anything more complicated than this? I love it!
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on 4 June 2016
bought this portable scanner so I could just scan letters documents and receipts ect as they arrived

it works very well and very east to use the scans are pretty good I use it in 600 Dpi mode

the software that comes with it is very usable just the thumbnails are a bit small which matters when you are trying to Identify individual pages of the scans to staple together into a PDF document I have stapled together pages from other documents buy mistake because of this I think the software needs updating to make this task a bit easier

I would like the scanner to have a scan to PDF feature built in I would like to be able to press a button and to be able to keep putting pages in through the scanner and when you have finished doing that press the button and it converts them to a PDF document this would make life a lot easier than having to search and select the pages manually which is very time consuming especially when you have dozens of pages to look through

Even if you could select a folder to put the scans into so as to keep them separate so there easier to find and convert to PDF

Its a very good scanner and would recommend to others just bare in mind the issues I have highlighted.
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on 9 February 2016
For sometime I have kept digital documents that way and not resorted to printing them out. With the Doxie Go I am now able to do that with all the hard copy documents I receive and so head towards being totally paperless. The big advantage of the Doxie Go is being able to have it with you and ready to use at anytime and anywhere. So when I get a paper document I can scan it straightaway, store it and then upload it when the opportunity comes. Combine it with something like Evernote and you have constant access to every document. I'm still getting my digital files organised but the Doxie Go has really changed the way I work
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on 16 January 2016
Bought at the end of 2015 and has proved to be last year's best buy. What a fantastic machine.

I keep it at the side of my desk these days and as soon as I've read my incoming mail, whatever needs to be recorded is immediately scanned then shredded and at long last, I've managed to get on top of my "filing".

It is very simple to use and has immediately solved the "problem" of masses of bills/letters etc., lying alongside my old scanner/printer to be scanned "one day". With the Doxie, I scan *immediately*.

More than a good buy, it has been a very good investment.
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on 28 October 2014
I bought this scanner as a very portable scanning solution to scan all of my receipts, letters, documents etc into my mac (and recently directly into Evernote). I was amazed at how small it was when it arrived which makes it perfect if you want an ultra minimalist, space saving solution.

The scanner has built in software so it was very easy to switch on and attach to a computer to transfer the scans. Because there is built in memory and battery it is a completely portable solution. You can leave it next to your computer, take it to the office, take it whilst out and about visiting clients etc and scan on the go, then upload the scans when you return to base and connect it to your computer.

The software that comes with the device is intuitive and simple to use. You can stick several pages seamlessly into one document and there is the option to send the scans direct to Evernote or share via email straight from the software. It all works very well.

There is an option to buy a wireless card for the device which allows you to wi-fi the scans to your computer without connecting the lead, although Amazon reviews seem to be be mixed as to how well this works. The battery in the scanner charges quickly when charging via USB and has lasted through some pretty major bulk scanning sessions.

In terms of the downsides: for me the only key area for improvement would be to allow the paper to feed more easily. if the sheet you are scanning is not flat it can be a bit fiddly to feed it into the scanner (perhaps because the feed gap height is very narrow) but with documents in decent condition it's not a major problem. The other thing to note is that there is no auto/ bulk feed capability.

Overall this is easily the best home/ small office minimalist scanning solution I've found. If you only get standard documents (A4 or very slightly bigger seems to be the limit) and reasonably low daily volume this could well suit you extremely well. It's easy to charge, scan, carry on your travels with you and has good software - highly recommended.
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on 7 March 2015
Been using it for a few weeks. Very portable, light weight and small. It has helped to reduce the volume of papers that I need to carry around for my work and to store, like receipts and invoices for tax purposes for example.

Has a good rechargeable battery. Main drawbacks so far are, its feeding mechanism which is a bit fussy. It may stop half way when scanning documents that are longer than usual.
The bundled software can be improved to make it easier to use, and the OCR function/bundled software was poor at recognition standard text, therefore I had to purchase another OCR software. Scanning photos is easy but the quality/resolution is not as good as I hoped.
In all, this is a good product and I am happy to recommend it.
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on 22 December 2014
I purchased the Doxie Go to help me go paperless. I have countless receipts etc. that stick in my wallet for months and then either be binned or put in a receipts box.

The Doxie Go and bundled software means I can quickly scan all receipts, letters etc. and either store them on my computer, or in cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. This functionality means that I have access to my scans wherever I am.

I don't use the Doxie as much as I thought I would - that's probably because I haven't embraced the paperless game as much as I was hoping, but on the occasions I do use it I do like the ease of use and many features in the software such as stapling multiple pages and scanning to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to create searchable PDFs.

If you want to get organised digitally and get rid of paperwork lying around, the Doxie Go is a good choice.
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on 9 April 2014
The Doxie Go is very small, easy to carry around, and (after a couple of practices) easy to get good quality scans with. It does a surprising amount of scans with one charge. I've been using it to scan a few years-worth of old documents to shred them and free up space, and it's been incredibly easy. I just sit on the settee with papers to scan one side of me, and put them the other side when done, all the time watching TV. Much, much better than having to stand at a scanner to do them. Once they're scanned, you can convert to JPG or PDF, and it will add OCR to the PDFs if you want. (Takes a little longer with OCR). In my experience to date, the OCR has been fantastic quality (for printed text). Highly recommend this, I'm very glad I got it. It. Just. Works.
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on 2 January 2015
Very early days with this rechargeable scanner, but first impressions are that it is an excellent piece of equipment that suits my needs perfectly. I selected the Doxie Go after some excellent reviews elsewhere (as well as on Amazon), and wanted something that could help me achieve my goal of eventually going paperless at home and in the office: enter the Doxie Go! If you aren't *that* bothered about the risk of paper being fed through crooked (I am lazy and have been scanning on my lap, rather than on a flat surface like a table!) then you will be really impressed with the simplicity of the equipment and the software too!
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on 28 August 2014
I did a lot of research into portable scanners before deciding on the Doxie Go. I contacted the company in the States ( Apparent ), with several questions and in each case these were answered the same day. I read all the reviews on Doxie and 99% of these were positive. It works great with my Mac, downloading the software was a breeze. It is very user friendly. Very fast scanner with a choice of 300 or 600 dpi. Quality is very good and certainly helping me achieve my goal of going paperless. Takes a bit of time to get used to feeding the paper in straight but these can be corrected before downloading anyway. The World Wide Charger used to be an extra but is now included. You can scan whilst it is charging. Extremely pleased with my purchase.
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