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on 20 December 2011
Debated for several months about upgrading from my sony point and shoot that was good but not so brilliant in low light and for photographing my dogs doing agility which is high speed and the continous shooting meant I did not always get the ideal shot although in good light the ph otos were fine. Decided I also wanted more creative options and manual control but did not was full dslr because of size etc. So pleased I chose another sony - low light pictures with no flash are amazing and have done several shots with the old camera and the new and the Nex is so superior - you can easily see the difference and the photos are as good as any professional photo shoot I have seen. Every hair on the dog stands out and because I had a Sony before I find the menus easy to use plus the creative point and shoot options are great as I learn to use the manual controls better. I look at other options but based on reviews went for the Sony Nex C3 purely as it scored highest on image quality and low light conditions and very pleased that I shelled out the hard earned cash for this one. For a point and shoot amateur who wants to go up a level but still have a camera they can carry around I would always recommend this one as a contender. Did not see any point going to Nex 5 as not bothered about touchscreen or higher end video - what I have suits my needs. Only downside is that it is a bit top heavy with the lens but just need to learn to hold it properly. Instruction book good but for any new users you need to experiment a bit to find the menus that suit you and to navigate around. The resounding click as you press the button still thrills - treat yourself and enjoy!
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on 3 January 2012
Marvellous camera, intuitive and sexy, adore the way the tips guide you along at your own speed, starting from basic to more advanced techniques, already my comprehension and understanding of photography has expanded.With the 18-55 Zoom the camera feels well balanced in the hands, im happy with the adjustable lcd screen and have not so far missed a more traditonal viewfinder.The camera exudes quality, beautiful metal build, exactly the right weight in the hand.Not printed any pics out as of yet but on screen colours look perfect.Have had much fun with panoramic mode.I have found using this camera a joy and so easy to pick up and start taking interesting pics, just need some skill to go with the quality of the kit.Saving for the 200 mm zoom lens which I have heard is a cracker.If you are trepidant about buying a more "advanced camera" then believe me you could do worse than giving this little beauty a go.
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on 22 December 2011
Having debated between a DSLR and a compact for many months i finally decided on the sony NEX-C3 it does everything i wanted it to, to allow me to develop my photography skills and take great photographs. As i use it mainly when walking the size makes it very easy to carry and much lighter than a DSLR and it feels much more sturdy than the lower end DSLRs that you can get for a similar price. All in all a great little camera especially with the twin lense kit.
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on 11 November 2011
This is a great little camera which I bought to replace my rather bulky old Sony DSLR. While the menus and software on this model are much more modern, as there are very few physical buttons on the camera it is hard to access basic things to personalise a shot e.g. ISO settings. However, this is made up for by the excellent effects feature which includes toy camera, single colour exposure and so on. The lack of integrated flash is easily solved - the detachable one can be safely left on the camera at all times and folded down when not in use.

Definitely worth the money as many crossovers have problems coping without physical controls, but this camera overcomes the issues well with its pleasant UI and great image quality.
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VINE VOICEon 3 October 2011
Big-little powerful camera. Looks cute but that's a deception. It is well made and generally quick to operate. The buttons are few but can be customised for your most-used functions. The menus are quick enough and items generally near the surface layer of the menus to be quickly accessible. As ever a little practice is required. The SEL 18-55 f3.5-5.6 lens is fine for everyday use but not a stellar lens - tends to softness at the edges and f5.6 is a bit slow at 55mm. However, there are many many manual lenses available for good prices, eg Pentax 50mm f1.2, f1.4, f1.7 etc. All you need is a cheap adapter and away you go. Pentax has a long list of excellent manual lenses as does Canon et al. Searching the Net will reveal lots of information about them.

Before you spit and exclaim manual! you need to know that Sony has a 'peaking' function. This outlines on the LCD the infocus area of a prospective image. This peaking function can be altered to suit your taste. Needs a little practice to get right. Added to which is that the LCD screen is excellent - very clear. Sadly not so good in sunlight but a cheap LCD shade can solve that as well as upping the brightness on the LCD.

Just a thought. The NEX C3 here is about £400. The 18-55 lense is about £230. That means you get a great 16.2MP APS-C sensored camera for £170 ish that will knock any other compact system camera for six and will give many DSLRs a hard time. I think its greta value.

Okay it's not a NEX 5n but its IQ is. If you need an EVF (optional 5n add-on), a touch screen and 1080p video, then the 5n is fine. If not then the C3 at 720p is fine too. Both great value. Better than any compact camera and many DSLRs.
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on 15 February 2012
I am totally thrilled with my new camera. I am a long way from being a pro. but I can genuinely say that I find the operation of this camera very easy and clear. I did read a previous review (possible from another site) to say that the instructions and navigation are too technical. This I completely dispute! The main body of the camera is small and I would suggest that if you are the owner of a large pair of hands this could present a problem. For a novice I have taken some photos that I think are rather good and very creative. At the time of purchase I really considered this option to be the best for my available budget.
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on 11 November 2011
I managed to buy the NEX C3 brand new for £380 and at this price I cant give it less than 5 stars. I bought it as an upgrade from a Fuji Finepix S2950 and I'm extremely pleased with its performance. The C3 manages to take sharper, cleaner, pictures at ISO 800 than the S2950 managed at ISO 64. The S2950 is not a bad compact camera for the price but it just cant begin to compete with the performance of the C3's larger APS sensor.

Once you become familiar with the menu's on the NEX C3 altering settings and switching between shooting modes becomes a breeze. I can change aperture and shutter speed in two seconds or less, and theres always the automatic mode for carefree snapshotting. Its great to be able to shoot either JPEG or RAW (and both combined) and select Adobe RGB as well as sRGB.

Downside: No cable release or remote control support (timelapse can be done with an add-on mechanical intervalometer such as the Tempest unit). If this is important get the Nex 5N or Nex 7.

If you can live without cable release or remote control this is highly recommended as an alternative to a DSLR.
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on 7 November 2011
After waiting for a few years while keeping an eye on the mirrorless changeable lens camera systems I finally chose for the Sony NEX C3. The main reason is the larger and more light-sensitive APS-C sensor inside this very small camerabody. Larger than the competing micro 4/3rd camera systems.

The camera is pretty easy and intuitive to operate, and provides plenty of options for the more advanced photo amateurs while also giving a good automatic mode for the lazy point & shoot consumers who just want a more sensitive sensor compared to the compact cameras available.

I already made some really nice portrait photos of my kids, and also some very detailed macro photos of flowers and small objects. In time I can see myself purchasing more lenses, but for now the 18-55mm kitlens is giving me enough to play with.
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on 31 December 2011
Love, love, love it!! I'm no "pro" or own several SLRs so I can't compare and contrast but for me, it is fantastic! I took in excess of 300 photos over the Christmas period using the easy setting and each photo came out the way I wanted them to. Friends and family have commented on how "arty" the finished photos look, love that I can pick out certain colours in B+W settings, adjust colours to make pictures brighter (if in dark lighting), make colours warmer in cool settings, the options are limitless! I just love this camera. Only gripe I have is that I was looking at a higher powered lense (55mm to 200mm) and it is v v expensive! Any pros out there who can recommend cheaper alternates for high powered lense options for this camera would be very welcome and appreciated!
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on 15 September 2011
I brought this camera as an update to my basic point and shoot. I wanted something which would allow me to increase the quality of my photos without needing to read a complcated manual first. The shooting tips on the NEXC3KB have been invaluable in this as everything you need to know is explained on the camera itself. The functions and menu are easy to navigate and the two different lenses the camera came with increase your options.
The camera is small and light and much more easier to carry around than some of my friends DSLR's. The battery charge is good and I am happy with the look of the compact camera.
I have used the Sony website for video tips on using the camera.
I have not yet used the tilting screen but am sure it will come in useful.
It came with all the essential bits in the box.
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