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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2012
5 star board, should be 10 stars!

I have recently built 2 systems for my home office, one based on Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 rev. 1.2 and the other on ASUS Sabretooth - both have similar builds (AMD FX 6-core CPU, 8GB RAM) so can give an unbiased comparison.

ASUS system was much easier to set up and runs more stable now and much faster. I did not need to upgrade BIOS to use Bulldozer CPUs, and Corsair Vengeance Memory (2x4gb) 1866mhz is working at full speed (1866 without overclocking) on ASUS - but only at 1333mhz on Gigabyte without overclocking, and "overclocking" it just to 1600 would crash the system every time.

I totally liked ASUS UEFI BIOS which is not just easier to work with, but gives much better control over all settings. Overclocking is a breeze too - in fact I overclocked my system without even knowing I did! I just pressed "performance" settings on the first screen, and FX6200 went from 3800 to 4400Ghz without a squeak. Temperatures still are well under 30C with CPU fan @ 700-900RPM! I even get warnings every now and then that it "fails" as it goes under 600RPM! Why it should go for more when CPU is at 27C?

As I set my system with Samsung SSD drive and USB3 external storage, data transfer rates were very important for me, and ASUS Sabretooth tops the charts here, which I can confirm.

I honestly can not think of anything I would like to improve here.

I am neither Gigabyte nor ASUS fan as I used both makes in the past, with mixed results, but judging on my recent experience I would recommend Sabretooth for anyone as it is 1) faster 2) easier to set up/tune/overclock and 3) more stable.
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on 20 February 2012
Recived the sabertooth today nice solid bord chucked my fx 8120 in it and worked straight out of the box even on the old bios 0705 now updated to 0901 for those that went out and bought a cheap am3 cpu just to flash the bios there was no need even if it did not support cpu with old bios all you need do is download the lates bios from asus and put bios file onto a usb pen drive and simply boot the pc and enter the bios go to tools and select easy flash this will detect your usb pen and the bios file just hit flash and all done.. board is extreamly well made with great feachers and bios for easy tweaking and ovrerclocking. plenty of cha fan pin headers : 5 year warranty is good to know to sllso got a cool transfere sticker that says TUF INSSIDE that i applied to the clear widow on the nzxt phantom 410; i reccomend this bord
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on 11 June 2012
Here is how you tweak the Ram settings to make it work with ram other than the default standard 1333 speed

Remember - your processor has to be a more modern FX/Vision one that supports as standard 1866 RAM speed
(Phenoms and older are 1333 Ram speed or you are overclocking your processor which is why the motherboard defaults, annoyingly, to this older standard)

I bought 2 sticks GSkill TridentX 2400 cas9 8GB each (on spec not on Asus approved memory list) and they work great. By applying the following I boosted thruput by nearly extra 600MB/s according to benchmarking prog!

Look in your Sabertooth 990FX bios and find the button containing a setting called "D.O.C.P." in "advanced" UEFI bios menu.
> "Ai Tweaker"
> "Ai overclock " button > Set it to 'DOCP'

Immediately below a few previously 'hidden' ram settings are now 'revealed'!
> Click on newly revealed 'OC Profile' button
>scroll down the list of Ram Settings and at the bottom you should find
> Profile#0 (with your matching ram Cas settings)
>check they are correct & select this 'profile' and 'load' button (by clicking on the Profile #0 line)

> Save Bios > restart 'puta!

You are finished - no other manual tweaks of any other ram or voltage settings are required! (So remember to load bios defaults before applying the above - if you fiddled previously)

Now find out how to save a new 'O/c profile' in the bios (Manual) which I call "1866 default" in case it kicks you back to 1333 board standard default setting at some point! (weird to do this since you are NOT overclocking but that's ASUS)

My 2x8GB GSkill TridentX 2400 run fast and furious devouring video HD edits at over 7000MB/s
16330 MB System RAM (Score: 213)
- RAM Speed: 7268 MB/s
(This is nearly a 600MB/s improvement over 1333 ram setting - so worth applying)

Hope this helps you!

Very stable - no glitches with correct bios/mem settings
I now enjoy using the UEFI style bios after a month or so getting used to it.

I never Overclock my PC's for max data precision
'Puta is used for HD video editing and compiling hence need for minimum 16GB ram

For you to compare roughly I got

NovaBench Score: 1318

08/06/2012 11:33:31
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
AMD FX8150 EightCore @ 3600 MHz
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

GSkill TridentX cas9 8GBx2
16330 MB System RAM (Score: 213)
- RAM Speed: 7268 MB/s

CPU Tests
FX8150 (Score: 644)
- Floating Point Operations/Second: 236926104
- Integer Operations/Second: 609886640
- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 892529

Graphics Tests
Saphire "OC version" 7770series (Score: 439)
- 3D Frames Per Second: 1220

Hardware Tests
Western Digital Caviar Black 6GB/s sata (Score: 22)
- Primary Partition Capacity: 250 GB
- Drive Write Speed: 65 MB/s
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on 28 March 2012
...that this motherboard is phenomenal.

I would run-down the long (LONG) list of features, but that would be pretty redundant as they're littered about extensively, online. I will, however, say that this motherboard is absolute quality, feature-packed, and very overclock-friendly. The BIOS alone is reason to buy this; I've never seen such an awesome BIOS in all my years of computing.

OK, I cave; I'll list some features I mostly love:

1. This motherboard is perfect to "future-proof" your rig for a good few years. If your graphics run dry, then there's always 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way SLI/Crossfire!

2. The 990FX hosts an 8-pin power connector for two 4-pin CPU power connectors, supporting over 1.5v of computing power; you can't get much more future-conscious than that! Of course, this motherboard also supports the latest AMD socket, AM3+ which will also support AM3 CPUs.

3. The BIOS and sheer amount of features within it, are astounding! I was blown away by it, seriously. The "UEFI" as they call it, support a mouse (including full USB mouse support) and features pleasant but subtle animations during the menus, which really gives a feel of luxury. In all my years of computing, I've seen a lot of different BIOS' and they've all been boring! I love a good BIOS, and this wins, hands down.

I can't recommend this board enough; it's superior in so many ways. I was overtired and had a little to drink, when I bought this 'board; I'm so very, very glad I did!

5 stars, easy.


Still using this board and it still kicks bum. Thanks to this board, I was able to effortlessly OC my CPU to 4.2GHz from 3.6GHz on all 4 cores, so I'm pretty happy about that! This board is awesome, seriously... sure there's new ones out there, but I don't care.. I love this one. :P

4-way SLI support is an ace feature that I don't even use. :( It's so depressing. I don't even use 2-way SLI. I sort of gave up on the whole SLI/Crossfire support thing because I knew the micro-stuttering would really piss me off, so I'm sat with a £130 motherboard that I'm not getting the most of. -.- Maybe they'll fix the micro-stuttering, SOMEHOW. xD

Anywho, I recommend!!!
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on 11 July 2012
Allright let me start with this: This motherboard is more than I bargained for, its flipping amazing. You might want to ask why is it amazing? Good question papi, good question. Well starting from very important thing called updating BIOS, I am a newbie and I know how to do it but I was always missing something like not having a little USB stick to put new BIOS on (I only have big extrernal HDD's for my college work). Well with this motherboard you don't have to worry about it, all you do is you fire up the software that was given with the motherboard and it updates itself while the windows is on (sure it laggs a lot and you have to restart for it to take effect but my grandma could do it).

Another thing good thing is fan control, sure there is loads of good cases that control fans for you but if you don't have it or by some weird coincidence you can't "tame it" to your speed likings you can always do it with the motherboard software which shows you all the temperature readings of every single corner of your mobo and also let's you change all the fans speed from turbo when your gaming to standard if your doing some work and want it little cooled to quiet mode which will bring the noise right down when your not doing anything or watching a movie or something.

I never really was into buying motherboards because they show you those cool stuff on the covers armour plating for good heat resistance new technology ceramic whatever the hell it is, but with this motherboard you can really see those new features in action and how they help you with running your PC, Asus it was about time you get off your butt and do something right :P
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on 22 April 2012
Running with
Corsair 4x4GB 1600MHz CL9 DDR3 Vengeance
AMD FX-Series FX-8120
(Old) 9600GT 512MB
and a cheap 780W psu (with a 4+4 EPS12V - Don't forget this and try to avoid just using an adapter as I did!)

Board running superbly with no problems so far (1 week in).
Thought I'd just highlight that I've had no problems with using my FX-8120 (as some others claim to have had issues with FX CPUs).

Was initially running with a 500W psu which blew after 4 hours due to me asking too much of it. I was using adapters for both the board (8 pin EPS12V) and my Graphics card (6 pin PCIe). Was worried my PSU would take the board with it but I made a narrow escape which I believe is a testiment to the board's stability and design.

Note: The board will run RAM at 1333Mhz by default. A simple change in the user friendly BIOS got my RAM up to speed.
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on 7 June 2012
I bought this motherboard month ago thinking that will be great product. I have also added to it 16gb 1866mhz vengeance memory and I am disapointed that this mobo doesn't detect this frequency even after BIOS update that's why I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 apart that is great. Well just one more thing to wish faster start as the asus gate is not so fast comparing to other asus products.
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on 5 May 2012
Used this Sabertooth 990FX in my first build desktop PC together with an AMD Phenom II X6 1045T CPU. Nice board, plenty of I/O at the rear especially USB ports compared to other boards which skimp on these. Easy to fit into a CiT Jupiter PC case, black interior of case goes nicely with the dark coloured motherboard not that you ever really see the interior once the case is closed.

Still running 0705 stock BIOS, latest BIOS available for download from Asus is 1102 which has some fixes to performance issues. Overclocking and tweaking relatively easy once you get the hang of the UEFI BIOS interface.

One thing I'm not too pleased with is the quality of the audio connectors at the rear. The plastic coloured rings for each connection are only mounted to the rear of the motherboard lightly in two places along the circumference of the circle rather than the complete circumference being solidly mounted. I've had to disconnect the audio plugs a few times when opening the case. If you happen to pull the plugs out at a slight angle thus putting a bit of pressure on the coloured circle for that connection it will break off easily, not good !

Another niggle is the SATA connectors which are positioned flat rather than upwards like on most other motherboards. Whilst this ensures a more sturdy connection and kind of avoids the SATA cable being pulled out accidentally, it presents a right faff when trying to connect SATA cables especially to the lower connectors. Might be easier in some PC cases than others depending if there is something or not in the way of the SATA connectors once the motherboard has been fitted, but I found it difficult to connect up the SATA cables to the motherboard SATA connectors in the PC case I have used.
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on 24 October 2011
My first new build motherboard ever, seems to have all the features under the sun and the software to let you tweak everything to the maximum. Idiot proof bios even for a novice like me, have an Phenom 1100T stuck to this and a GTX580 and feels a well matched build. Can cope with multi SLI/Xfire setups and huge amounts of RAM. After updating GPU drivers and installing windows 7 afresh, works well and noticeably faster than my original Asus motherboard with a much older chipset.
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on 1 January 2012
The item was received very quickly , was well packaged , accepted all components with no issues i am running 8Gb of ram and have an AMD Phenom II 6 core processor with an nvidia high end graphics card all runs well!
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