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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
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on 12 February 2012
Didn't expect too much coming into this title, but to be honest some 25+ hours in I am loving the game. Seems from reviews around the web people either love it or hate it, not sure I understand why unless people are coming into this game expecting something that it isn't. Firstly this is not Skyrim. The world is vast but it's not an open world in every sense of the word. Think of KoAR more as Fable's big brother but with more RPG elements, more fun and challenging combat, deeper storyline and lore, with a pretty neat crafting system. I guess there are bits of a lot of RPG's in here, touch of Neverwinter Nights, feels a little like a single player version of World of Warcraft too in some ways.

Graphically again it's more Fable than Skyrim in terms of technical achievement but personally I find it really endearing and easy on the eye with some very nice lighting and art design. Music is great throughout though the voice acting can be a little hit and miss but generally it's pretty good with a spread of accents. The lore is solid and the world begins to pull you in if you give it a few hours.

Now on to what is the master-stroke of this title, the Combat. For a fully fledged RPG the combat is both fun and visceral whilst not being too button mashing or too many combo's (I am an older gamer with not the reflexes I had as a twenty year old). It's a great balance for both advanced and novice players. Again, after a good amount of time playing I still enjoy every fight - that in itself says something. Some people bemoan the camera angles, but personally I have not found it an issue at all.

So why only four stars? well there are a couple downsides - the graphics whilst great are a little dated looking some might say - personally I think it adds to the charm, but if your wanting something to push you system to the max look elsewhere. Again, more Fable+ than Skyrim. Only other thing is the age old problem of the inventory system being a bit fiddly, actually if you learn all the shortcut buttons on items it's not too bad, however there is no printed manual (it's in the game menu system) - bit of a dropped ball there EA for an RPG as large and deep as this, but still you get the hang of things over time. Finally, if you have one, use the 360 controller on your PC, the mouse and keyboard is a little fiddly and non-intuitive. I am sure the expansion or next release will fix a lot of these things and overall they don't detract from the fun of the game.

If your prepared to be open minded and you will be pleasantly surprised with this RPG romp, especially if you enjoy some involving and fun combat. I can't recommend it enough the price for the PC version is well worth the entry fee as you will get at least 40-50 hours doing the main storyline and possible over 150 if you do all the side quests too.

Now back to those Trolls...
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on 3 June 2013
Requires Internet connection & EA Origin account to install & register the game product key.

KoA is a 3rd person role playing game that takes a variety of influences from RPG's over the past decade, and combines a little bit of each of them into a no nonsense game. KoA is very much a combat orientated RPG, as around every corner you can see enemies or have them jump out at you in large groups of 4-8+ similar to Fable, where dispatching them with AoE weapons, spells etc.. is often a necessity. In this repect the game is challenging with it's plentiful combat, but also enjoyable with the various game "destinies" character archetypes to build & combine with various side bonuses. All wrapped up in a fascinating yet familiar new World to explore, where everyone needs your help with something.

+Loads of challenging combat, never a dull moment (enemies vary in level depending at what level you are at when entering new area's for the first time. The level of enemy is locked for that area for the duration of the game).
+Five guilds to join, side quests around every corner & main quest to contend with (20+ hours for MQ + a few side quests alone. All side + guild + MQ your talking 50+ hours of play).
+Story quality varies, but some of the morality choices are better than say Skyrim in places (no good/bad karma tracking system, but you can choose evil/good options for your own sins to contend with).
+Multifaceted character builds to experiment with (Might, Finesse, Sorcery. Pure or combine them all or dual build with various abilities for each class. limited skill points to distribute, 3 per each level up, 40 is max level so 120 total).
+Can respec/reset your skill points for your character at any time through fateweavers, for gold(Also can change minor character features in homes that you can buy/given as reward).
+Varied weapon & clothing types restricted for each character class level + Unique/rare outfits/weapons to find in game(limited inventory space).
+Visually nice with plenty of varied World locations to explore + interesting game lore(can fast travel to known locations).
+Believable & experienced voice acting with nice ambient sounds(main character doesn't talk though).
+Decent character customization options(male or female. 4 races, 2x human 2x elf. Choice of starting God's + they're bonus. 7x face options. 5x hair. 4x accessories(jewellery/tatto etc.. ).
+Quite adult gore in places & eerie, similar to Tomb Raider 2013's corpses in places etc..
+Pretty stable & flowing game (not experienced any crashes).

-Obviously a console port at heart (keyboard + mouse can be cumbersome to use in places e.g QTE's).
-Quite a few generic side quests & stereotypes etc..
-Some path finding issues around some objects/areas + projectiles can disappear through high ground if you/enemy above/below each other on high ground.
-Odd glitch's with inventory/character appearance in menu, along with some quest logs info. disappearing.

-Camera sensitivity is high. Lower that.
-Game options -> sprint mode = Press (default is press & hold, which will kill your fingers with all the running around).
-Putting items you don't want directly into junk, will save you time when selling goods with the "sell all junk" auto button.
-For the best possible challenge for experienced players, play on hard difficulty.
-Don't explore too far, too early. As just entering areas you will set that area to low level enemies & make it harder to build your character & level up evenly (take your time and explore one area at a time to begin with, until about level 10).

In conclusion, KoA is just a really nice all round RPG, it's not trying to be epic or cutting edge, just entertaining & it succeeds in my humble opinion. If your looking for a break or change of scenery from Skyrim or the like, you won't go far wrong here. Recommended.
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on 17 June 2017
one of the best rpgs out there...sad that it didn't get the recognition it deserved.
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on 15 June 2017
Cannot believe that they insist you use WASD keys to move and they won't let you configure it. I like to use arrow keys so I'm not bothering to play.
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on 17 March 2017
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on 19 February 2016
Played till a certain point, then it froze... unable to ever play without problems.
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on 10 April 2012
... and not haute cuisine, this one - which suits the game perfectly.

The strenght of KoA: Reckoning is excellent gameplay, vast and immersive world, exhaustive questing and highly enjoyble action oriented combat that works exceptionally well for a PC, and does not feel like a cumbersome, downgraded emulation of console commands.

Great attention has been paid to production quality, and I have not encountered a single glitch or technical issue this far. The game looks fine to my eyes, and while they are not the most memorable bunch, all NPCs are carefully voiced and animated.

The notion of fate - or lack thereof - is used as the backbone of the story, which is carefully spinned, while remains in the mainstream of fantasy genre. The character development is both flexible and satisfying, and is not locked into a single path. With a leghtly main quest, several factions and significant number of side quests, the fun gameplay notwithstanding, I find this game one of the highest value for money in recent years.

The relative weakness of this game is a certain absence of dramatic pull in the writing: for most characters, you quest alongside them or for them, yet affection for their destiny is slow to build.

This said, there is actually certain understated elegance to this story treatment, as the lack of fate as such also logically implies absence of moral quality in main protagonist's actions. The hero is not meant to be a good or bad guy, except maybe incidentally - what matters is that he can pull a sleigh of hand against Fate itself.

The stenghts of this game in my view far outweigh any weaknesses, and I would give it 4.5 stars if this were possible.

The story flows forward robustly while leaving a lot of freedom to explore, with major impetus from an exceptionally enjoyable gameplay. If you get pulled into the combat - and the likelihood is that you will - you will end up enjoying Reckoning for many hours.
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on 17 February 2012
Fourty-eight hours in and I'm very impressed with this game. The combat system is the reason you'll want to play it, choosing between wizard, rouge or fighter to 'fate-shift kill' the local bad guys with an endless array of special moves. It blend's story and combat well, using a 'feel-good' believeable story line with a good depth of lore throughout. It reminds me a lot of Fable TLC, with bold, colourful styling and a world that draws you into interesting characters that like and dislike topics. This was not unexpected with the shiny star casting team though!
The map is large, and the varied regions are broken with load screens, but the feel of the world is of a place with many secrets to be discovered and dungeons to be cleansed of monsters. The camera has a nasty habit of trying to fly to the best bit of action during fights and when you are being mobbed this does not make for an easy fight, but keep an eye on the health gauge and learn the dodge and block moves and you'll muddle through.
There is a variety of equipment that is far too available from every corpse you make and you'll find yourself going to and fro far too frequently to the nearest available shop, clocking up horrendous amounts of money in no time. Weapon styling is a simple piecemeal affair with the clothing following the same suit (it would be so nice to see a game that gives some control to the look and feel of your armour), but these small niggles do not withdraw from what appears to be a very smooth, bug free game. I can see myself playing this game a lot in the coming days. For a first Big Huge Games title purchase, I look forward to more of the same.
If you like RPG's or the Fable series this is a good investment, if you prefer a more gritty realistic D&D, buy Skyrim.;)
A good week (maybe more) of fun to be had here...
Requires Origin.
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on 5 February 2017
I have loved this game on Xbox. Bought it new for my PC. First, can't install game without downloading and creating an Origins account (EAs 's version of steam), second have to download game not install from disc (I don't have unlimited broadband so this will cost me), and thirdly after game installed, can't play because of divX error message. This is the last PC game I will buy.
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on 26 June 2015
Two problems here:

1. There is no game on this disc. You have to download it. Fine if you have reliable broadband which I do not. Honestly, what is the point of buying a plastic box with a DVD that has nothing on it? Pay attention amazon, if I buy a game in a box, I want the game to be in the box!

2. And I should have paid more attention to this. Its made by EA, the worlds biggest scum bag game developers. Should have known this would end in tears!
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