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on 1 July 2011
Coming from the Nokia E90 in 2007, I had great expectations for this device, and I was overall pleased with the purchase. Die-hard Symbian fans will quickly figure out the layout of menus etc, and with UI improvements expected before the end of the year, Symbian is looking rosy again.

User interface is practical enough, and being able to add short cuts to programs and web pages to any of the 4 home screens is a welcome addition; much better than the active desktop on the E90. However, there are some simple actions that still require 2-3 steps to complete. I found all actions were quick to perform, and switching between homescreen and browser, or apps, was quick. The processor is certainly adequate, and being 680MHz you get decent performance and, arguably more important, longer battery life.
The new v7.3 Web browser is a big improvement on the S60 3rd ed one, though perhaps not as quick as iOS/Android, but certainly up to the job; you can always install Opera Mini or Opera Mobile.
When the new 'Belle' update arrives, users may be able to reduce the size of the widgets they don't need frequently, and so make room for the ones they do.

The camera is great. A lot of fuss has been made about the differences between phones with autofocus, and ones with EDoF (like the E6). I like these non autofocus EDoF cameras because I can whip out the phone and snap pretty quickly without waiting for the phone to focus. However, you might not get an acceptable close-up of documents, and barcodes wouldn't scan. If you want to be the next David Bailey, get a DSLR. They are quite cheap now, and getting smaller.

Nokia Maps (aka Ovi Maps) continues to be excellent and was one reason for this phone. Free navigation is provided, and you don't need to download maps as you navigate. Just download whatever country you need from via a wifi connection, and that's that. There are more voices since the E90, which sound horribly robotic, but that pleasant woman we've all come to know and love through older Nokia devices can be found by choosing 'English (UK)-female' as opposed to 'English (UK)-with street names'.
Build quality seems good. My Nokia E90 was a brick... it weighed like one, and was solid like one. This E6 is lighter, so it felt, to me, a little fragile. However, it has a mainly metal case and gorilla glass so you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

The keyboard is ok, if not a little small, but additional features ensure a reliable experience. As with the N97 mini, there's the 'standby breathing light' which causes the keys to gently light up periodically. It's not bright, just a glimmer.

I had problems synching with my existing installation of Ovi Suite in Windows 7, but uninstalling and reinstalling cured this issue.

This phone looked promising and has so far done the job well. If you want a games device, look toward those with bigger screens like the N8, E7, or consider iOS devices, Playstation Portable/Vita and Android. If you want another Nokia/Symbian PDA-phone, consider this one. Usual cables included and plug in earphones. Can be bought for under 290 by using cashback sites.


- 2.5" Screen - resolution is VGA and whilst it isn't AMOLED, that's a bonus as it keeps battery usage down.
- QWERTY keyboard
- GPS with maps which does not require internet connection.
- Over The Air (OTA) software updates are expected to continue for all Symbian ^3 devices up to 2016 at least (according to the Nokia boss)
- DAB radio via optional headphones - Nokia CU-17a DAB Radio Headset - White
- TV out via suitable 3.5mm AV cable.

- keys may be too small for some.
- not suitable for big games like 3D driving sims.
- no memory card included.
- homescreens scroll fast, but not always as smoothly as the iPhone. But better than the Nokia N900.
- some Hotmail emails were noticeably slow to download, and some were fast; even using a wifi connection.
- Be careful when inserting the USB cable into the phone - get the orientation right.
- no NFC, which for 2011 is a little short sighted. Nokia should have made room for this.
- Respectable battery life but on par with iOS devices. Nokia's 28 day standby time is very optimistic. I used mine for texting and light browsing each day, and I would estimate 2-3 days before you'll need to recharge.
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on 20 May 2012
I have always been a nokia Fan. I started off with the trusty 3310 when Nokia was the leading mobile phone provider. I then went onto the gorgeous looking 7200 flip, followed by the Nokia 7373. I shortly moved onto Smartphones in 2007 and got an E61. Then the E71, E72 and after this the E6. I've always been impressed with nokia phones and would classify myself a loyal customer up until my purchase of the E6. At a first glance, the design is beautiful. Its sleek, shiny, black, slim, looks amazing. The camera on it is great at 8 megapixels and the HD videos are also decent, although sound can come out as noise/fuzz.

The first major issue with the phone is 1)LACK OF NOTIFICATION LIGHT! I don't know of any company that designs a phone so poorly that the notification light doesn't work at all and for it to work, you have to be in a pitch black room. Nokia care are offering replacement D pads whilst phones are still under warranty. Users should have the option as to weather they want a notification light or not. You don't shell out nearly £300 for a phone with a poorly designed front panel.

My second issue was the touch screen. Its extremely responsive which is both good and bad, but especially bad when in calls. So the phone rings, you answer it and for some reason when in a call - the screen doesn't lock! So i'd be in calls and my ear may have accidently moved slightly and bam the caller on the other end is on hold, this happened frequently. And at one point i was in a call and the phone somehow managed to get into my phonebook and call another person whilst I was in call one. Theres a paid software in the ovi store which is suppose to help with this issue but I never tried it, why should we have to fork out more money for a fundamentally flawed phone?

Apart from these two major issues, i actually liked this phone. However, I NEED a notification light and I NEED a phone which doesn't ring other people when i'm in a call or keep constantly putting the caller on hold - for those reasons the phone was returned and I doubt very much I will be buying another Nokia product. Quality has certainly diminished with this brand.
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on 2 February 2012
I have been using this phone for more than 3 months now and I have only good things to say about it. Off course, you probably won't get the amount of apps (most of them are plain useless anyway) like iPhone or Android phones, but it's not the point. Any really useful app has a version for symbian anyway, and if not, there are many developers who create apps, that don't really end up in Nokia Store and you can find pretty much anything you want. I know I can.

Firstly, keyboard is absolutely amazing. It was the main reason why I bought it, because typing on touchscreen using my old iPhone was pretty frustrating sometimes. With E6, i can feel what i type, which is great.

Screen is great, responsive and with upcoming Belle update the overall phone experience will be even better. It looks very sexy and it feels like a real solid device in your hand. I will probably go that far an say that this is the best phone I had so far. Just what I wanted.

Email works great, i don't have any issues now. In order to make it work well, I typed in my carrier settings manually, because previously it used to have problems with connecting when not on wi-fi. Now it's all good.

At first I was quite skeptic about the fixed-focus camera, but then I asked myself, why am i buying this phone? for regular random snapshots this camera is more than enough, and for anything else i have my nikon dslr anyways.

You might ask why i didn't mention battery life, so i can say it's normal. i get two days out of it, which is pretty good comparing to other smartphones on the market. Also, you can change this battery any time you want.

All in all, for this price that is now (£219) its a bargain and i can only recommend it.
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on 6 March 2012
I have been a fan of Nokia since the nineties. I bought this for my wife when her Nokia 2720 flip expired. I've had an E71 before and liked its build quality, usability and features. So, this updated version fitted the bill. She didn't want a touch screen per se.

The E6 arrived in true Amazon style, well packed and quickly. The first thing I noticed was the "cheap" feel of the creaky plastics. The keyboard had a nasty action. I updated the Anna firmware to Belle via Nokia Ovi successfully, with no obvious gains.

However, as I was setting the phone up for use, I began to have more concerns. The loudspeaker distorted at a moderate volume level and was thus largely useless. The screen resolution is very good, but it is still a tiny display and scrolling through web pages is very painful. The real killer though was the notification light. This is supposed to slowly flash a white LED around the nav button. Well it does, but you literally have to be in 100% darkness to just about see it. So of no use whatsoever. (I believe that post 2011 builds have slightly improved this, but I bought in Feb 2012... so?).

I ended up wholly disillusioned. This is not a cheap phone, but it feels cheap, is not rewarding to own and its basic functions are hopeless. I returned it. Bye Nokia.
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on 15 August 2011
Being my first smartphone, I think it's good enough for the pourposes I meant it. I don't think it's worse than a Blackberry for a business use. Ovi Maps are not as precise and useful as I'd like, and the overall internet navigation could be be improved. However I am quite happy with it and not disappointed at all.
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on 3 April 2012
At first glance the Nokia E6-00 looks looks a very nice phone,
It has a full qwerty keypad making texting and web browsing easier,
Add that with the touch screen and the phone give you ease of access.

The phone can be a bit slow sometimes but when this happens all you need to do is hold down the home key and close the open applications.

There are a wide variety of applications available from the OVI store, however not as many as there are on the Android or iPhone,
Also the Angry Bird games are NOT free, they cost £1.50 each, however the first one has been free for the past few months.

This phone comes with OVI maps (satellite navigation software) which is free for life and compared to most SatNavs very accurate, its not got me lost yet.
The other free software on the phone is Quick Office which allows you to create and edit Word document PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets which is very useful if your allays on the go and don't like carrying a laptop around with you, otherwise it's pretty useless.
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on 20 January 2012
I purchased this phone as i thought it'd be an upgrade from my Blackberry Bold 9700.

Please be wary about changing to Symbian Anna from Blackberry platform. This is a good phone and has similar features to match that of the Blackberry. However my main criticisms are:

1. Your facebook notifications and emails don't feed through to your home screen. Therefore you have to open your mailbox and facebook. Saying that, you can't see any group interaction on the facebook application built into the phone. If i also remember rightly, no messages or chat feature either. With emails, you can have a sound for when you recieve, but it does not tell you if you have a new email on your homescreen.

2. Loading times are probably a little longer than blackberry features.

3. No app available to mimic blackberry messenger.

However the battery life is competitive and probably lasts the same time with heavy usage. I had this phone for 3 weeks before selling it and returning to Blackberry.
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on 26 September 2012
I have always had Nokia phones in the past and found them to be rugged and reliable. When my last one was stolen (E63) at the start of 2012 I decided to stick with the Nokia brand and upgrade to my first smartphone. I like the fact of having a keyboard so it was an obvious choice for me. Since I've had it for 7-8 months now, I can't decide whether I have a good phone or not, it has some really good features but some bad ones too.

On the plus side, its an attractive phone, it has a good battery life, excellent pin-sharp screen, easy to use keyboard (keys look tiny but actually pretty easy to use), has GPS, its a good size and weight to fit into a shirt pocket, excellent video and still camera (including a front facing camera if you need it), works fine as a phone and for texting and takes a microSD card to upgrade the phone storage (I use an 8Gb card at the moment) and the new Nokia Suite software has improved greatly for synching and updating software on the phone.

On the down side, the processor is just too slow (it seems to take ages to boot up and doesn't like to multitask too much), it has nested menus which means that you have to keep digging into sub menus and more sub menus to make setting changes, the Symbian software is not 100% stable (I have to occasionally remove the battery to reset the phone when it locks up), the choice of available apps is very poor, the media player is not great (sometimes doesn't properly update podcasts with new items I have been added in), the touch screen can be imprecise for large fingers and some of the features (such as the 'drag down from the top of the screen' menu) seems to be an afterthought. Overall, I'm kinda used to it now with all its issues, but how much better would it have been with a faster processor and Android, I guess we'll never know. If you asked me to recommend it, I would have to say probably not (certainly not at the current Amazon price), the smart phone industry is moving too fast for the E-6 to be thought of as a decent product now which is a shame. Not surprising Nokia are losing market share now as their products, that loyal customers like myself used to really like, are just not good enough anymore.
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on 10 February 2012
A replacement for my 2 year old E72 which sadly did not survice the washing machine. The E6 is a great phone which makes use of both qwerty keyboard (excellant touch/feel) and touch screen. Most things can be done by whichever input option you prefer.

The web-browers is fast and works really well (a big improvment here) and set up a configuration of the nokia push email service was quick and easy.

Greate camera and flash. If you want a phone for easy communication via meassge/email/web/video this is a greate choice. If you want games and stuff go elsewhere.
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on 24 December 2011
Built by Finnish, but the case is that the touchscreen tends to stop the normal responiveness even on ca +3 degrees Celsius. It just simply does not respond or if works, then with 2 to x pushes.
The screen is somewhat small compared to Samsung or HTC, but I like the qwerty physical keyboard.

The battery is draining out pretty fast taking into consideration, that the screen is quite small (using of course e-mail system during business hours).

For me the really big disappointment was the quality of the camera lenses. This is really bad-bad-bad. Because of business I thought that I can use the phone also for sacanning 1D/2D codes - for that purpose this phone is more like garbage. Only Perfect and BIG codes can be read. What Samsung read with ease and no thinking - Nokia Failed till I gave up in the end. So if thinking about this feature when buying a phone - Avoid if ever possible.

The OVI maps work, but not perfectly - It is better to have alternative map source also with you, when going somewhere not in the bigger towns.

The + is that I like Nokia menu and I am used to Nokia.

Still things to discover with the phone, so maybe adding some info in the future.

In overall rating I would say - so-so, that is why 3*.

It arrived with no problem and so 5* to Amazon.
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