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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2001
This some what visionary album gives a strange but actual insight of a mad-cap forward thinking mystic who is still to this day out there doing his thang ! Lets be kind to our Julian after all he is a dying breeeed within our not so far out music scean of boy/girl rich kid money crayvers who all need to be sent back to the playground for a good bullying session. Thank God for Julian !
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VINE VOICEon 7 April 2009
After the brilliance of Cope's debut 'World Shut Your Mouth' failed to ignite the charts he returned a year later with an even better offering 'Fried'. With tales of Cope's increasingly erratic and eccentric behaviour circulating in the music press (Copey living on a traffic island, Copey wearing an oversize turtle shell, Copey wandering the streets accosting people with his songs etc...) it seemed to many that the great man was seriously losing his marbles
and possibly "doing a Syd Barrett" (Cope was ingesting large doses of LSD at the time) and being consigned to history as another genius drug addled casualty. When a picture of Cope crawling around with said turtle shell adorned the front cover of 'Fried' it seemed to many that he'd finally cracked, but the music contained on the album belied that media depiction. Kicking off with the rocking fury of 'Reynard The Fox' it was clear that Cope was fired up and had a lot to say, and reports of his creative demise were misplaced. 'Reynard' was a genuine classic and with it's unsettling psyched out ending Cope's so-called "derangement" was clearly reaping creative dividends.

With the gorgeous swirling pop of 'Sunspots', 'Bill Drummond Said' & 'Holy Love' , the sublime acoustic introspection of 'Me Singing' and the incendiary garage rock of 'The Bloody Assizes' this is Cope at his very best. The extra tracks from the 'Sunspots' E.P. are two experimental forays into krautrock territory and hardly essential ('Mik Mak Mok' is frankly annoying) but 'Land of Fear' is exceptional and why it wasn't on the original album is anyone's guess.

With poor promotion 'Fried' failed to ignite much public interest but was a big hit in Japan allowing Cope to tour successfully there and re-coup much needed finances to keep his career going. Thankfully his next venture would be "the big one"...

'Fried' is a classic by any standards but as Cope fans know the great man has seldom made a bad record in 25 years
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VINE VOICEon 15 March 2008
John Peel once said of Julian Cope "Some rum thoughts run through that boy,s head". The cover of Fried would add considerable grist to that particular mill. Huddled stark naked under a giant turtle shell gazing with frankly alarming intent at a red toy lorry emblazoned with the albums title. Fried indeed. Yet the albums contents seemed to speak of an incredibly focussed individual. There is no self indulgent histrionics or frippery .No self aggrandising posturing or cosmic non-sequitors. The original 1984 album had ten cracking pop songs and came hot on the heels of his excellent debut album "World Shut Your Mouth". Cope may have given the impression he was more addled than a big brother contestant but he clearly knew what he was doing.
"Reynard The Fox" is a razor sharp rumination on hunting yet is set to giddy oboe, and galloping guitars. "Bill Drummond Said"( A song Bill Drummond replied to on his 1986 album "The Man" with the song "Julian Cope is Dead") is a breezy acoustic led strum where "If I sit and pray my Christmas tree will die". On "Laughing Boy" and "Me Singing "piano comes to the fore. "Sunspots" is the albums centrepiece , a magnificent explosion of melody via an hypnotic guitar line, cascading keyboards and some obtuse lyrics about being in love with his "very best friend" .
"The Bloody Assizes" about historical genocide is a breathless rush with an addictive slashing guitar refrain. "Search Party" is (Arguably) the albums weakest track but is still a better plangent pop song than you.ll hear on 97.5% of most albums . "Holy Love " has huge emphatic piano chords , like they were played by a man with 5kg lump hammers for fingers. "Torpedo" feels like something of a come down after that but is still an insidious tickle of a song. The extra tracks include the superbly mad as a titanium top hat "Mik Mak Mok"( Originally a b-side on the "Sunspots" single) , a completely addictive slice of pure nonsense.
Fried was dismissed on release , judged more by it,s cover it would seem than the actual music. Never judge an album by it,s cover. Unlike a lot of eighties music it has aged very well .It,s an album of true scouring left field intelligence, brimming with fragility and empathy but is still packed with tunes that would make a Fimble salivate. When asked how i like my music( It does,nt happen often in all honesty) i invariably reply fried
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on 26 December 1999
This has to appear in the top 10 albums af anyone with the slightest taste. It has absolutely everything that god intended for music. From the tear jerking Sunspots to the eargasmic Reynard. Anyone who doesn't have this in their collection should buy it now. Anyone who can't afford to buy it now should stop eating for a week and then buy it. The cover really does say it all. If you find yourself thinking "What the ****????!!!", then go and buy Chris Rea's latest album. For everyone else hit your local record store.
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on 22 June 2009
What more can be said about julian cope, but that he is the king ! You only have to listen to one of the standout tracks "O King of Chaos" to appreciate the genius-like quality of his work. May King julian live on...
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on 19 December 2007
Great collection of songs."The" Syd Barrett album of the Eighties.Pour a favourite tipple,put headphones on,turn the volume up and savour."Sunspots" is a masterpiece fronting some startlingly beautiful melodies that were advanced for the time.Enjoy.
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on 16 October 2007
Julian, mystic, stones, mad, syd, melody, sarcasm, humour, vulnerability, human, genius, lost and found. A very intimate statement by a true English eccentric, he would make more polished and more dirty albums, but this is so brittle.Very lovely.
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on 7 February 2001
Damm fine album. Not as good as 'World Shut Your Mouth' though! (I of course refer to the album, WSYM, not the song which turned up years later on 'saint Julian' another fine album.
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2015
Great for the extra tracks, like 'World Shut Your Mouth' the remastering is absolutely awful. Seek out earlier versions if you can.
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on 10 July 2014
the mans a genius
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