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on 22 February 2017
I love this film, I caught some of it on the TV a while back and wanted to see all of it. Was so glad when I tracked down the name and found it on Amazon. I love Christmas films and I love horror films, so combining the two is perfect for me. It taps into the older yule traditions, when the supernatural beings visiting children at that time of year weren't so family friendly or benevolent. It makes a great change from some of the overly saccharine Christmas films out there, and has just the right amount of humour in it too. I especially love the ending, but won't give any spoilers away. Just so you're not surprised when you come to watch it, since it is a Finnish film it is mostly in Finnish with English subtitles, with the occasional bit of English thrown in.
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on 4 March 2014
Going back to the original Christmas legends of what would happen to the naughty and nice children this film plays around with Nordic legends of Father Christmas and does it very well.

I didn't know much about the film before seeing it which meant every twist and turns comes as a pleasant surprise. Although this in the end a horror film with a darkly comic edge the characters are well written. The film does a lot with a smaller budget and doesn't fall foul of using cheap CGI to fill in for special effects.

This is a very enjoyable comic horror set in the world of remote reindeer farming communities, it looks stunning all the way through and the final ending pay off is a really good unexpected turn around that finally explains the title.

I would highly recommend to genre fans and people looking for alternative films for their Christmas movie collections
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on 26 January 2018
A solid entry from the Scandinavian horror genre, very original, as I've come to expect from these films (see also Troll Hunter), and "Santa" is genuinely creepy. It can be a bit slow in places, no spoilers but the endings great! Put it this way its a better Christmas horror movie than Krampus. Definitely worth a watch!
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on 4 December 2011
Set at Christmas time on the Finnish/Russian border, this Finnish movie sets out with tongue firmly in cheek and kicks Hollywood's trite annual Santa offerings firmly between the legs. delving (elving, even) into the darker side of xmas.

A top secret Russian excavation is underway on an isolated, snow-covered hill, near the remote homes of a group of reindeer-hunters. As explosives are used to get inside the hill, strange goings-on begin occurring. One young boy starts reading up on folkloric tales of the dark history of the creature people refer to as "Santa Claus" and, as the village's children start to disappear, becomes convinced that the hill excavations have stumbled onto a terrible discovery, and that time is running out.

With, in parts, an almost fairytale atmosphere plus some Christmas parody thrown in for good measure, this dark Finnish comedy is a welcome relief from the cheesy nonsense of the regular Yuletide yarns.

Great stuff.
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on 10 February 2014
This is one of the most bizarre alternative Christmas movies I have ever seen. It`s pretty ghoulish in parts so not one for smaller children or adults who are squeamish. The film is about the scientific discovery of Santa Claus who has been frozen in ice in a remote part of Finland for a very long time. Children in a nearby village start disappearing and as the film unwinds, we are given a gory explanation of what is really going on. I was disappointed with the end of the film but cannot explain why without spoiling it. The genre is a bit like The Goonies only MUCH more horrible!
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on 29 December 2017
From the same team that brought you Big Game. This is now my favourite Christmas movie.
It starts out as a slow-burn tension-building horror movie and then switches into an action movie while all the time staying a dark dark comedy. The film has an outrageously ridiculous ending but it takes you there in small believable steps. It is very dark, a little scary, funny and an enormously satisfying antidote to the overly sweet glurgy Santa movies that fill the TV schedules every year.
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on 13 August 2016
If you are jaded by Xmas, and hate the commercial horror show it has become, then this film is the perfect antidote for you. Dear old Santa eats children, naked old men are his minions, and a group of hunters save Xmas by blowing up Santa Claus, and herding the (naked) old men using a helicopter! Make up a barrel load of Eggnog, get a bowlful of trifle, slip on this film, and Xmas is once more a time for rejoicing!!
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on 14 January 2015
Story is just great (maybe it helps to know a little about Finns to understand all the humour, though).
Excellent image quality on the BD version.

But: The English subtitles are NOT subtitles in the DVD/BD sense - they are part of the image, and cannot be turned off. Technically speaking, the disk has no subtitles. This is OK if the audience depend on English subtitles, but not if they understand Finnish, if you want to add subtitles in another language (using a software player), and you cannot extract the subtitles for presentation on a braile terminal for visually impaired users. (Yes, people with reduced eyesight DO watch movies!)

Also, the BD version contains NO extras whasoever. The DVD version provides three excellent short movies (among them, the original story about the hunters of Lappland - the one that started the whole thing. Still one of my favorites) But the DVD version does not have English subtitles (although you can find it on the Internet for use in a software player)

So you really need the BD version for excellent image quality and English subtitles, but also the DVD version for other languages and the extras.
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on 19 November 2014
Bought this because of the hype and adds seen on 'youtube' and elsewhere... Wasn't disappointed but there was not nearly enough gore or action for this horror addict. An interesting take on the legend of St. Nick. Fine performances from what would be essentially a cast of nobodies to a average film fan. No doubt Hollywood will remake this and ruin the raw appeal its low budget epicness... subtitled version is better than the dubbed one. I've no prob with subtitles.
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on 20 February 2017
Turns silly half way through after a very promising start. Interesting concept poorly executed. I find it strange that this film has a higher rating over Krampus ? A case of one man's meat I guess. Would not watch again.
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