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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 18 November 2016
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on 4 July 2011
If you combined the pop rock sensibility or Kiss & Tell with the catchy electro of A Year Without Rain, the end result might be When The Sun Goes Down, Selena's most mature effort to date.

Love You Like A Love Song- The album opens with the electro elegance of Love You Like A Love Song. Rock Mafia prove to us what makes them the Juggernauts of pop music. The lyrics are consistent, in that they talk about a love interest in musical way, which helps to make this song as good as it is. The production is slick & Selena's vocals show how far they've come since her 2009 debut.

Bang Bang Bang - One of the 3 songs co-written by Gomez. Originally intended for A Year Without Rain, this song easily draws inspiration from Scottish electro duo La Roux. While in the music that's easy to see with it's wild, rollercoaster synths, sadly the lyrics don't match up. Long-time Gomez fans will recall a song titled "I Won't Apologize", a song with a good message but lyrically weak. Sadly this song is rather similar in that sense, but in it's nice to see Selena trying.

Who Says - This is as close as you're going to get to a ballad on this album. One of Selena's most mature tracks to date (Others being "Ghost Of You" and "Live Like There's No Tomorrow"). Completely stripped of the electropop that the band is known for performing, they treat us with a sweet acoustic guitar driven Pop Rock/Contemporary R&B song about being perfect the way you are.

We Own The Night - The album's duet track, this song features and was also co-written by British singer-songwriter Pixie Lott, and where Pixie is, Toby Gad is never far behind. Lott and Gad have given Selena a standard Pixie song, intelligent lyrics, well written melodies and consistency on this laidback Pop/R&B song. The girls' vocals blend very well together and provide another example of how well Selena's voice is improving.

Hit The Lights - One of my favourite songs on the album. Co-written by Leah Haywood, who is responsible for Alison Iraheta's "Pieces" and Ashley Tisdale's "Masquerade" so I was expecting good things. And I was not disappointed. The song is an electro, raise-your-glass tune for the summer about enjoying the now rather worry about what's happened or what will happen.

Whiplash - I think many people have been excited for the one, as it was a song originally recorded (co-written) by the legendary Britney Spears. The song was originally recorded for Spears' "Circus" album. Co-written by Greg Kurstin (Marina & The Diamonds, Ke$ha, Little Boots, Nelly Furtado etc) & Nicole Morier (Sky Ferreira, Miranda Cosgrove, Wynter Gordon), with the songs they have on their resume, it's easy to expect great things from this song, and you'd be right to do so, because it features the infectious hooks, hard hitting beats and catchy lyrics that Spears is known for. Selena made a wise choice in this song, not only has she picked herself a potential hit, but also we've been given a song that was originally set to be binned.

When The Sun Goes Down - The title track where we find, not only Selena on the writing credits but also Joey Clement; The band's bassist. It's easy to see why this song was chosen to provide the title of the album; It's a feel good song, the message is in the same vein of We Own The Night and Hit The Lights, which is having a good time in a night club.
My Dilemma - This song is very Kelly Clarkson, All I Ever Wanted era, with a touch of Katy Perry, so I guess it's somewhere between "Hook Up" & "Long Shot". It's got a slight anthemic feel to it. This foot-stomper will easily have you singing and dancing before you realise it's started.

That's More Like It - A Year Without Rain got "Rock God", WTSGD gets "That's More Like It", Katy Perry adds more of her addictive songwriting skills to one of Selena's project, and like it's predecessor, it's a sassy piece of Electro pop rock that's the perfect girl-power song as it's about having a boyfriend tending to the girl's every need.

Outlaw- The last song Selena wrote on, and probably some of her best lyrical work. This song is very Britney, when she draws influence from 80's techno.

Middle Of Nowhere - A good way to close the album, but something doesn't quite add up. While the big beats on this techno track are quite addictive, the vocal layers don't quite match up to each other, as they sound like different people on the chorus. Nevertheless, it's good enough to make you want another album already, and by the way Selena's been progressing, I'm sure the next one will be great.
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VINE VOICEon 31 July 2011
Apart from Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez is one of the few famous Disney girls to make it as far as a third album and this one is the best yet!

This album shows just how much Selena has come along and proves to us she still has it with this mix of disco, electro and bubblegum pop tracks. There a few gems such as 'Love you like a love song' which is the first released single from the album, Hit the Lights and Whiplash to name a few. There is also a really good duet with Pixie Lott called 'We own the Night' which shows how great they both harmonise together as well as being ultra catchy.

Selena is star, since Wizards of Waverly Place we all knew it, but its nice to like an artist and their music. With all the charity projects that she does, her acting and singing its amazing she the finds time and still looks amazing. I think she is an inspiration and a great role model for children and women alike.

Whether buying for an a child, teen or adult, the album suits them all and as I have said before, watch out Miley because Selena has got it all :)

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on 6 March 2017
Some of the songs are ok I guess, the others are a hit or miss. There are better CD's out there.
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on 11 July 2011
Having quite liked the first album, but been disappointed by the second, I was hoping for a great third album, and I wasn't disappointed. Selena focuses on dance music and techno beats, which is a good move for her, following the success of Naturally. Here's the breakdown of tracks:

Love You Like A Love Song: a good beat, simple lyrics (especially the chorus) but the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you.

Bang Bang Bang: kind of the opposite for me- the more I listen to it, the less I like it. The lyrics are weak and repetitive. It's okay to listen to but not fantastic.

Who Says: beautiful song, beautiful lyrics. Different genre to the other songs- more accoustic guitar than dance pop.

We Own The Night: brilliant, the closest song to a ballad. Features Pixie Lott, who also wrote it, and their voices go really well together.

Hit The Lights: I love the tune to this one. I especially like the lyrics to the verses. The chorus lyrics are less impressive, but they keep the message clear and simple- it's a song about chasing your dreams.

Whiplash: co-written by Britney Spears, and you can definitely tell. The chorus has a brilliant hook that instantly grabs you. Some of the lyrics are a bit odd, for example "lickety split, a girl and a bear, she falls in a pit, sing hello darling," but maybe I just don't understand them. Nevertheless, a brilliant song that'll have you replaying over and over again.

When The Sun Goes Down: I guess from the title track of the album, I was expecting more, but I don't like it very much. It was written by a member of Selena's band The Scene, but I find the subject matter (a party at night) a little boring and uninteresting, and the actual music isn't very exciting either.

My Dilemma: one of the stand out tracks. Amazing lyrics, amazing vocals (how autotuned she actually is though, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure she couldn't pull off many of these well, whilst singing live) and amazing beat and music.

That's More Like It: the worst track for me. Forgettable and immature lyrics ("make my dinner, bring it to me?"). After Rock God on A Year Without Rain, which was one of the best tracks, I was expecting more from Katy Perry's lyrics.

Outlaw: another stand out track, probably my favourite. The lyrics are just beautiful and I love the little country-western riff running through the background; you wouldn't think it would work well with a dance beat, but it does.

Middle Of Nowhere: also a stand out track. More great lyrics, and another great catchy tune.

Dices: the Spanish version of Who Says. As someone who speaks Spanish (to some extent :D) I can appreciate the lyrics. They all translate differently to Who Says, but they are deeper and have more meaning, and Selena sings them beautifully, with a great accent.

I love this album. The only things stopping me from giving it 5 stars are the couple of weak tracks, especially That's More Like It, which just fells like an album filler; and also the fact that Selena has yet to put pen to paper and write her own lyrics. Yes, she is credited in some of the songs, but in her YouTube videos she talks about which bits she co-wrote, and it is actually very little. If she releases a fourth album, which it looks likely following this one, I hope she will have more contribution towards the lyrics.
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on 12 September 2011
If you compare this album to the first by Selena Gomez & The Scene (Kiss and Tell) you can definitely see how their style and sound, and more particularly Selena's voice, has matured throughout the years. I wasn't sure this album could top 'A Year Without Rain' as I was totally in love with that one, but they have definitely done it again! "When The Sun Goes Down" features the three singles 'Love You Like A Love Song', 'Bang, Bang, Bang' and 'Who Says' (a definite anthem for teenage girls!), but for me stand out songs include; 'Middle of Nowhere', and 'Hit The Lights'. What probably surprised me the most was the collaboration with Pixie Lott; 'We Own The Night'. Whilst I'm not the biggest fan of Pixie, and I wasn't sure their two different styles would blend, I thoroughly enjoy this song and they sound so great together.

As with her second album, she has recorded a Spanish version of one of her singles 'Who Says' (Dices), which for me, unfortunately, does not live up to her Spanish version of 'A Year Without Rain' (from her second album). The one song I perhaps don't like as much as the others would be 'Thats More Like It', which in my opinion takes a step backwards, yet however is admittedly rather catchy!

Overall it has an almost techno-pop vibe to it, as opposed to the full on 'Disney' pop of her first album. This time around there are no ballads - just full-on feel good songs. Would definitely recommend to fans of Selena, and to anyone who perhaps is on the fence about her music. Give it a try!
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on 9 July 2011
Not even 2 years since she released her debut album, Selena releases her third album with a more electro-pop style on 11 songs that really showcase how much her voice has developed in recent years.

Love You Like A Love Song - 10/10 - The best song she's ever done - great beat, fab lyrics and an all out summer jam
Bang, Bang, Bang - 10/10 - A great little dancey pop number with fun lyrics and a brilliant chorus
Who Says - 10/10 - A memorable and inspirational song with meaningful lyrics and great vocals from miss Gomez
We Own The Night - 9/10 - A good duet with Pixie Lott but is a little dull and lacks the oomph seen in other songs
Hit The Lights - 10/10 - A fab song with a great party chorus and should be a single (if they release more than 2)
Whiplash - 9/10 - Though this is written by Britney, with a great chorus the bridge ruins it as it's just odd
When The Sun Goes Down - 10/10 - A party club anthem with fantastic lyrics and makes u wanna dance
My Dilemma - 10/10 - A rockier sound, similar to her first album with one of the best choruses - should be a single
That's More Like It - 8/10 - The worst song, written by Katy Perry as it's just forgettable and not up to the others
Outlaw - Similar to 'Off The Chain' resulting in a fantastic track with another great vocal and good lyrics
Middle Of Nowhere - 10/10 - Another favourite as it has an epic chorus and would be amazing live - love it

Overall a great little pop album, with only really one filler. The album should guarantee a fourth (probably in 2012) and fills a gap whilst we wait for new records from Miley and Demi - a real great summer album
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on 28 July 2011
Selena has released 3 albums and I have them all but this on is by far the best.

1) Love You Like A Love Song - 2nd Single. The lyrics at times can be very simple but the beat makes you love to listen to it. 8/10

2) Bang Bang Bang - Promo Single. Everyone says its about Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber and I agree. An okay track not one of my favorites but I don't skip it when I play the album. 7/10

3) Who Says - 1st Single. A beautiful song about how everyone is perfect and can be whoever they want to be. Seems like it doesn't belong on the album though. 10/10

4) We Own The Night - With Pixie Lott. The closest song to a ballad and my 2nd favorite song on the album. 10/10

5) Hit The Lights - My favorite song on the album. Its about following your dreams. It has amazing verses but the chorus lets it down a bit. 10/10

6) Whiplash - Co-written by Britney Spears - Didn't like it the first time I heard it but it has grown on me. The lyrics at time don't make any sense 'Lickety split, A girl falls in a pit, Saying hello darling' 7.5/10

7) When The Sun Goes Down - Title Track. A pop-dance song. It is really catchy but the lyrics in the verses repeat themselves sometimes. 8/10

8) My Dilemma - Dance Track. About when your confused about whether a boy is right for you. Catchy and a good song although it sounds quite auto tuned. 9/10

9) That's More Like It - Co-written by Katy Perry. Was expecting something like 'Rock God'. Sounds very young. Worst track on the album. 6/10

10) Outlaw - Dance-pop. Catchy. Didn't like it at first but now I love it. 8/10

11) Middle Of Nowhere - Very good song. Dance track. The lyrics sound sad but the beat is fast but it works. 9/10

12) Dices - Spanish version of 'Who Says'. Different words to 'Who Says' but still beautiful none the less. 10/10
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on 5 August 2011
I bought this album after i got her second album A Year Without Rain and i didn't know an album could be that amazing than A Year Without Rain but this album is better than all the albums i own put together (and i own a lot of albums) i can't stop listening to this album i want to get up and sing and dance, out of 10 all the song are 9 and 10 and one maybe an 8

Love You Like A Love Song 10/10
Bang Bang Bang 10/10
Who Says 9/10
We Own The Night (Feat. Pixie Lott) 8/10
Hit The Lights 10/10
Whiplash 10/10
When The Sun Goes Down 10/10
My Dilemma 10/10
That's More Like It 9/10
Outlaw 10/10
Middle Of Nowhere 9/10
Dices (Who Says Spanish version) 9/10 - Good For Learning Spanish

The Standout Tracks (In Other Words My Favorite) Are...
Love You Like A Love Song
Bang Bang Bang
When The Sun Goes Down
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on 12 September 2011
My nine year old daughter loves it and has played it constantly since it has arrived. Ideal for all Wizards of Waverley Place and Selena Gomez fans.
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