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on 26 March 2013
After a lot of research I decided to purchase the Polti Vaporetto Comfort as my first steam cleaner. It's a very versatile little machine, with a huge number of attachments (a large floor brush, plus a cloth to clip onto it for mopping hard floors, three extension poles to use with the floor brush, a smaller head for upholstery and tiles, a window squeegee that attaches to the small brush, and an elasticated cloth to fit over the head the small brush head, two curved tip attachments to get under the rim of the toilet, and three round brush attachments - a small nylon, large nylon and a brass bristled brush) All but the large floor brush, extension poles and cloths fit neatly inside the bottom of the machine.

The machine has a good sized 1.6litre tank. It's taken me 1-1.5hours of cleaning before I've run out of steam. Plenty for domestic cleaning I think. There's an adjustable pressure dial, so you can have the steam full on, down to very gentle, depending on what you're cleaning.

The extension poles for the floor mop do feel a little flimsy; they're plastic. However the instruction manual does stress that you shouldn't use any pressure on the mop when cleaning, just let the steam do the work for you, and to be fair, it cleaned my kitchen tiles beautifully, quickly and effortlessly when I followed those instructions.

I've found that the machine loses pressure fairly frequently, and you have to stop and wait for the light to come back on, which takes about a minute, sometimes less. When I first started using the machine I didn't realise this and continued cleaning with it. However it (obviously, when you think about it!) makes a big difference to the machines performance and I felt a little disappointed with the results I was getting. Once I realised what was happening it's been fine. I use that minute to wipe things down with a cloth, the machine gets back up to pressure and I can get blasting again. I suspect the people who have had problems with the machines cleaning abilities have also not realised this was happening to them, because at full pressure, this thing is amazing.

It could do with retractable power cable. (though it does come with one of those Velcro tabs attached to it to keep the cable neat) It would be nice to have a facility that tells you how much water is left in the machine. But I tend to just fill it to capacity and keep going until I run out of steam. The floor cloth clips onto the top of the large brush, which I found a little tricky. Personally I think it would be much improved if it were an elasticated sock to fit over the head, like the cloth for the smaller attachment. Speaking of cloths, you'll need to buy extras. You only get one of each with the machine.

Overall this is a superb machine, though not perfect. It's left my house so sparkling even my husband has noticed! It's lifted stains out of vertical blinds, carpets and white kitchen worktops, got all the grime out from around taps, loo seat fittings, sink edges, all those places you end up scrubbing with a toothbrush and still can't get clean? This will blast the dirt right out! You can actually see your reflection in the kitchen and bathroom tiles, no residue, no smears, literally sparkling clean. Took seconds to clean mucky finger prints off my windows and get them streak free clean. Blasted blue tack (that had been embedded for years) right out of the carpet pile. Lifts the carpet pile. Cleaned the grime and grease straight off the cooker extractor hood. It's also got a British Allergy seal of approval, so those dust mites don't stand a chance when you steam clean your mattress! And the best thing is it's effortless. You just stand there and wipe up now and then. I held out on buying a steam cleaner for so long, but I wouldn't be without it now.
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on 28 December 2014
I have now had two of these. The first one packed in after a couple of months. The second one (sent free by Amazon, amazing service) lasted a bit over 1year. It gave up the ghost today . It is a fine machine when it works but it just doesn't seem to last. I have now purchased a Karcher unit hoping this will be a bit more solid, time will tell. Would not recommend Polti Vaporetto.
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on 30 December 2012
I've been pondering about buying a steam cleaner for quite sometime and had been looking for a 5 in 1 or a 3 in 1 and this cleaner doesn't have that in its title, but it should, in fact it should be a 5 in 1 and more. It looks like a little hoover that has its tools in its under belly. It has wheels that you can pull or push it along whilst you clean carpets or floors. Today I cleaned my oven, cleaned my playroom carpet and I only stopped because I needed to cook tea and it ran out of steam! Yes that's right, it took that long to run out of steam!!!! (my oven hadn't been cleaned in god knows when too!) I was hesitant when I bought this, I mean it's quite small, but to be honest, I wish I had bought it years ago.
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on 13 July 2012
OMG, what a great addition to my household! I love this steam cleaner. After doing a lot of research online and seriously considering other similar sized steam cleaner, I had narrowed my choice down to the VAX S5 and this Polti, finally opting for the Vaporetto Comfort on the basis of tank size, onboard tool compartment and portability. I was instantly rewarded by all these elements being exactly what I wanted as well as the outcome of the steam cleaning. The Vaporetto is very easy to use; quick to heat up; steam lasts a long time and the flow can be regulated; the tools are useful and simple to fit to the wand and long hose; the wheels and long lead allow easy movement around the room; it packs away compactly in a small space. This steamer has been great to deep clean my stainless steel hob, hood, glass splash back - with no residual smears - as well as the oven (inside out). I now regularly clean with it my kitchen and bathroom floors ending up with sanitized and non sticky soapy residues; carpets have been spot cleaned and upholstery refreshed - stubborn blue-tack imbedded in the kid's carpet popped out in seconds. All in all I could go on waxing lyrical for reams about this machine - I simply love it and have become a bit addicted to using it everywhere in the house. I would highly recommend this Vaporetto Comfort for its sturdy, elegant, compact qualities as well as its effectiveness. An indispensible tools for every home.
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on 1 June 2013
I've had this for a month or so now ... and, despite early reservations, I'm glad I bought it.

I spent some time researching and reading reviews before choosing a steam cleaner and took on board many of the comments made about the successful operation of them before making a purchase.

We have a combination of tile floors, wooden floors and carpet, two large dogs and live rurally in a hard water area - so the mop and bucket never makes it too far back in the cupboard.

So - before switching it on I knew from reviews that:

1. The long handle would be flimsy, but that it was not designed for applying pressure and scrubbing the floor.
2. That condensed water would come out of nozzle before the steam, so I ought to hang it over the sink or a mop bucket until the steam started to come through.
3. That the steam pressure being set too high may result in water rather than steam coming through the nozzle.
4. In a hard water area I'd be advised to use de-ionised water rather than tap water to fill the tank, which is cheap and easily obtained from supermarkets and auto spares shops.

The 'clean with steam' spin lead me to believe that cleaning would be quicker, less effort, more thorough, and more hygienic than ever without the need for cleaning products or elbow grease. The mop and bucket would be banished, along with the polishing cloths and window squeegee.

In reality - the house is cleaner, I do use fewer cleaning products, some time has probably been shaved off of most jobs and perhaps a bit less elbow grease is required - but this is not a magic wand..and the mop lives on...!
It certainly loosens grease and dirt effectively, but the loosened grime still needs wiping away and some surfaces still need buffing up. The 'clean' unscented after-cleaning freshness is reassuring... but again takes some adjusting to if you're used to 'clean' smelling like 'cleaner' !

When I first tried it, I found the flimsy handle was hard to get used to, the combination of squeezing the trigger to release steam, without scrubbing the floors felt all wrong. Also, the hard bristles of the floor attachment add to the desire to apply pressure. The cloth 'mop' cover for the brush was next to useless on tiles with grout grooves, and getting the pressure balance right to avoid over-wetting while at the same time actually releasing any steam seemed impossible and despite all the safety warnings supplied with the product about steam under pressure - the far-from-hot wisps coming out the nozzle (when water wasn't) didn't inspire confidence.

Undeterred, after soaking the floor, I tried it on the windows, and made a puddle ! Then tried it on the stove top, with some cleaning success, but with another puddle of water to be cleaned up. So - not a great start !

However - when I reverted to the mop and bucket to clean up the mess from the kitchen floor I was amazed by the amount of dirt that lifted up, and rather pleased to see that as the grout dried, it was definitely cleaner and more even in colour... and it's fair to say that wiping the greasy puddle from the stove top required much less elbow grease than scrubbing off the burnt on spill marks.

With a bit more practice I have learnt the following:

1. Patience is a virtue ! Leave plenty of time for the unit to heat up before getting started and allow time for reheating and re-pressurising between jobs. The steamer works best in short bursts, allowing the pressure to build back up inside the chamber between applications and the steam pressure improves as the water level drops.

2. Steam in the hose quickly condenses back to water between jobs, so have a bucket or sink handy to release the water before trying to use the steam ever time you've stopped and restarted.

3. Given sufficient heating time, and sufficient capacity for the steam to build up in the tank, the pressure setting doesn't need to be less than half... although this isn't easy to work out and needs some trial and error. I counted that the pressure knob turns 8 rotations from min to max - so started at 3-4 (pointless wisps) and worked up to 5-6 - which is where I keep it set most of the time now.

4. Slower, smaller movements seem to be more effective than quick vigorous movements - electric tooth-brush rather than manual toothbrush style ! Letting the steam do the work for you.

Now that I've started thinking of the steamer as a dirt loosener and lifter - rather than a magic cleaning fairy - I'm really rather pleased with it. I tend to tackle jobs in smaller sections and follow myself around with a mop or cloth as appropriate. I know it sounds silly to steam clean the floor, then mop over it, but it's been amazing to see how much dirt was lifted on the first couple of occasions and how much cleaner the mop bucket water stays now... and by mopping over as I go I can add a touch of fragrance to the water if that takes my fancy.

I've never taken to the mop head attachment as a method of wiping over the floors at the same time as steaming - it's nothing more than cloth bag made from a flat cotton like fabric. It gets dirty quickly and unless it is removed, rinsed and refitted repeatedly just seems like wiping a dirty cloth over the floor - so I just use the brush head attachment and follow with a quick whizz over with a proper mop - rinsed and wrung as required - this seems so much more effective and the time difference between an old fashioned thorough mopping - or steaming then wiping over quickly with mop is negligible... but the results are so much better.

Likewise, the little cloth bag to fit over the smaller brush attachments don't do anything for me either - but a quick wipe over the a 'proper' cleaning cloth or sponge picks up the loosened grime effortlessly and can be rinsed and wrung out between wipes.

It's great in the bathroom on general soap grime - although don't expect miracles on limescale !

I haven't perfected windows or the shower screen yet - again, the grime loosening is obvious, and less effort to achieve - but I'm yet to be convinced that a streak free finish can be achieved with the streamer alone ... so I still squeegee, wipe and polish - that said, with a bit more practice, patience and trial and error - you never know... and I haven't tested it on a carpet yet.

As with other reviewers I'd suggest that the unit could be improved by a water level indicator - and it's a shame the main nozzle attachment doesn't store with the add-on tools inside the body. A cable and hose tidy (rather than a strip of velco by the plug) would also make storage tidier. But on the whole it's a compact, attractive and easy to work with cleaning tool.

The more I use it, and get used to it, the more I'm pleased with it and the better results I achieve with it - so, on the whole I'd recommend it highly... but caution that expectations ought to be realistic and that like other tools, it takes some time to get used to and learn how to use effectively.
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on 7 July 2013
The Polti comes with all the nessercary attachments you would generally require for most cleaning purposes
The unit works well and is good value for the product price
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on 9 February 2013
Light, fast to temp and loads of cleaning time, all of the attachments your will require for all of your jobs, used to clean marble in bathroom and also motorbike - Don't tell the wife!
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on 7 August 2012
I have just received this today.It came in good time and exactly as ordered. The expectation was 5* as shown for this polti item. I read the instructions, put the machine together and waited for it to heat up. I bought it mainly to clean my tiled kitchen floor, so i set it up with the long hoses attached. The cloth positions itself into clips at each end of the large floor cleaner ok. One minus is that the hoses are plastic and they do bend as you press down for cleaning and dont seem very strong, stainless steel would be so much better. Sadly the disappointment continues to kick in.... I went over the kitchen tiled floor with the machine and nothing happened, steam came out but the floor remained as dirty afterwards.It didnt touch the marks/grease spots/ nothing. The only visual clue to me using the machine was that the slate look tiles were wet/damp. I had to get my usual mop out to wipe over the area and elbow grease as usual to clean the floor. So maybe this machine is great on all its other jobs but just not on my floor??? Steam /pressure is good, tools are handy/stored inside the machine. Shall i keep it for other jobs or should i just return it ??? Sorry Polti, i really am trying. This is my first use so hope that machine will not disappoint me any further.
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on 6 June 2013
This is my first steam cleaner, so cannot compare it to others. It does a decent job on my kitchen & bathroom floors and fittings.

-- Decent build quality.
-- Lifts limescale (unless very heavily ingrained) without any effort.
-- Floors dry quite quickly.
-- No need for chemicals.
-- Good range of accessories - most store neatly away in base.
-- Not too heavy to lug around even when full.
-- Heats up quite quickly.

-- Doesn't clean grout as well as I'd expected - perhaps I don't have the right technique.
-- Could do with a few more cloths, especially 'socks' for the small head as the single one supplied saturates very quickly.

-- Read the manual before use!
-- When cleaning floors, let the steam do its work, so rather than scrubbing, go over the area a few times without too much pressure.
-- Make sure you blast the water out before starting to steam.

As another reviewer commented, it's not a miracle worker.
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on 5 February 2013
I read alot of reviews before buying this and initially was very happy. However after less than 3 months and not a great deal of use, the extension handle has broken, a piece has come away inside meaning I can no longer use it for floors. Thankfully Amazon has offered a refund. I can't help feel disappointed. I may consider buying another model. I liked how this one stored most - but not all - of the attachments inside. As for negatives, I wished the power cable was retractable for easy storage, there is no way of telling how much water is inside (I'm not sure why they tell you exactly how much to put in and supply a measuring jug, when unless you use it until empty you have no idea what the fill level is)and the extension handle is very flimsy.
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