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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 16 August 2011
Following the phenomenal success of the Professor Layton series, I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later! If you have played and enjoyed the Layton games, then `May's Mysteries' could be for you! From the outset, it seems more than a tad similar. From the interaction of the characters, the puzzles, the type of story, bonus puzzles, hints, graphics, music, the similarities never end.

However, that's not to say this isn't an enjoyable game. If, like me, you can't wait for the release of the next Layton, May's Mysteries fills the gap nicely.

So what is the story about? It is a mystery set in a rather strange town called Dragonville where all the children have disappeared. May Stery and her brother Tery crash land nearby during a hot air balloon voyage and Tery sets off to find help. However, he too disappears and May sets off on a quest to find him. Along the way, she encounters many characters and has to complete puzzles to advance.

The puzzles, of course, move the story forward, and are interlaced with voiced animated video scenes. From what I have seen so far, though, you have to solve each puzzle to progress rather than saving it to come back to later if you are struggling.

Instead of a trunk, we have a purse. If you tap on the purse, it opens up other categories:

Questbook - lists all your tasks to complete. Some are central to the story, others are side quests.

Inventory - you collect items as you go along for use later.

Characters - a gallery of all the characters and background information.

Bonus Puzzles - you can unlock lots of bonus puzzles as you go along; great if you have a favourite type.

Story Puzzles - a list of those central to the main story as you come across them.

The types of puzzles include:

Hidden Objects - Write Answer - Colour Area - Connect Dots - Arrange - Check Answer - Matches - Placement - Sliding - Hidden Picture - Pouring - Crossing - Draw Line and more!

These are the usual types of puzzles but some of them I had not come across before and I have been struggling with the Rhythmic ones, in particular! There is also more of a variety of puzzles compared to Layton.

As with Layton, you lose points if you don't complete the puzzle successfully the first time. However, it seems that the puzzles have all the same number of points to begin with (30) rather than being rated according to difficulty. Each puzzle also has 2 hints. The annoying thing is that if you need to try again, you can't just go straight to the puzzle but have to go through the entire conversation again with the character. Also, when you do complete a puzzle, there is little or no explanation about it afterwards, a summing up, as it were. It would also have been useful if the creators had added a memo feature for working out answers.

While this game is not as polished or sophisticated as Layton, it is definitely a welcome addition to the DS games market. I have played for several hours now but feel I have barely touched the surface!

There are over 270 puzzles and mini games so May's Mysteries certainly fills the gap until the next Layton is launched.
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on 6 September 2011
The game, to begin with, is quite a lot like Professor Layton, although its puzzles are visually more interesting and less mathemtically-orientated (though still as difficult). This difference in gameplay means I have enjoyed this game more than any Professor Layton games I have previously played. Would recommend.
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on 16 August 2011
This is a great game similar in formula to the Professor Layton series. I loved the Professor Layton series and although I am only a third through this adventure , I love this too.
There are numerous puzzles to solve, logic, rhythmic and hidden objects. You get given quests and objects to collect before you can progress which means solving a puzzle at each location. You can easily save your progress and there are hints in case you get stuck. The screen isn't as interactive as the Professor Layton series, no gold coins to find or hidden puzzles, and the route you need to take is clear, which makes things a little simple. However i have enjoyed the variety of puzzles and the short animations. The story line is intriguing and it is definately a game you want to just keep on playing.

Highly recommended.
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on 29 January 2012
I am a great fan of Professor Layton and have completed all the games and looking for something new, came accross Mays mysteries. Its really slow, unexciting and has so many words. If you cant do a puzzle you cant move on to the next untill you have done it or if you use the skip function, its as if you have completed the puzzle and you can move on - but you never get to know the right answer. Nether the less I am persevering with it.
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on 31 December 2011
I ordered this game with high expectations after playing the professor layton games. Over all I am a bit disapointed but I think I may have set my expectations a bit high.


Lots of puzzles in the game and bonus puzzles including hidden objects, sliding, hidden picture and lots more.

Story to follow alongside the puzzles


I have found some of the wording in a few of the puzzles a bit confusing, it can be taken in different ways some of the time.

If you solve a puzzle you have been struggling with by chance, there is no explanation to why thats the answer to the puzzle which can be frustrating with some of the more tricky puzzles.

There is no screen to do your working outs on, so you need to do it in your head or grab a pen and paper.

So if like me you are buying this game following professor layton, I wouldnt get your hopes up too much as, in my eyes, it does not match the standards of layton.
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on 6 October 2012
I was very disappointed, although some of the puzzles are fun, on the whole the game is too linear, no additional items to find within the individual screens, some of the explanations of the logic puzzles did not make sense until you tried them several times. No explanations after the solving was given, which I really missed.
Some of the puzzles were rather difficult (for better or for worse) and you either need a good head or piece of paper as well as possibly a calculator.
The story line is nothing to write home about either.
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on 30 September 2011
Well if this game is to help you pass the time well waiting of the new Layton game sorry, but I found it frustrateing, if you did not get the ans first time you have to go back to speaking to who ever. There are 2 hints and they are not very helpfull infact I did more skiping then playing the game.The bonus puzzles are more fun to play then the actual game. Sorry long live Layton.
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on 25 August 2011
The story line is a little odd and tedious to follow, I kept skipping though it as it got boring to read. Also, if you are given a puzzle after a long piece of dialogue and fail to get it right, you have to go through the whole dialogue again to complete the puzzle. Some puzzles were difficult to complete as the instructions weren't always clear and the hints didn't help but most of the puzzles were challenging enough and not too easy. There were a lot of puzzles though and took a while to complete them all so a fair amount of playing time.
I'm a Layton fan and so this game had a lot to live up to and didn't quite make it.
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on 8 September 2011
A great game which will keep you occupied for hours. Found myself playing into the night when I had to be up early next day, just couldn't put it down. Only down side is that some of the puzzles don't make sense and if you follow puzzle criteria then solving is impossible. Along the same lines as Prof Layton games although not up to that standard but overall a great game for puzzle lovers,
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on 12 February 2012
I was quite dissapointed with this game, having played all the professor layton. The games/puzzles were very tricky at times. Wouldn't recommend to a child below teenage years. Nowhere to practice the puzzles except paper and pen. If you couldnt complete a puzzle you coulnt proceed.
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