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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 December 2012
I've only had it for about a week, but it is much more sensitive than I expected and its response time is impressive. I wrapped it up in a wet towel to calibrate it as suggested, but it was already perfectly calibrated, and as soon as I removed it the needle went with visible speed down to 61%, which I confirmed with an electronic device of lower quality. I entered the bathroom with it and it went straight to 68%. Its sensitivity is much better than most digital readers, it looks nicer, and has a great response time. I just hope it has good longevity too!
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on 16 November 2016
I really like the styling to this - like a big old pocket watch. And it seems a really useful little gadget, we live in a Victorian converted flat and there is a constant need to monitor the humidity as we have washing drying all the time and the flat has a predisposition to developing mould in little humid corners. We run a dehumidifier which combats this greatly but this little gadget helps to monitor how much it's working. In terms of accuracy - bear in mind that this is a low price item, I've worked in highly humidity controlled work areas and the monitoring equipment can run into hundreds of pounds. So in perspective this will never be completely accurate to that extent but it does it's best and works very effectively. Very pleased with this little one.
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on 27 September 2013
Having two de-humidifiers in the house and weather wise approaching the damp season. I wanted an accurate hygrometer to check the humidity at my pre-set comfort level set on the de-humidifiers. I was surprised to find this comfort level to be as high as it was, being around the 67% humidity. This is only marginally above what they call the perfect zone so no worries. at least I can turn the de-humidifiers up a notch if required.
The unit is a good size for ease of reading. It is robust in its plastic construction. A shelf/table stand would be a benefit but over all an accurate instrument that does exactly what I bought it for !
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on 4 October 2013
I like data. This device gives me data. I have an Ebac dehumidifier (which is superb!) so I wanted a device to monitor the performance of the Ebac. It does just that. Well designed, engineered and manufactured. Gives me the two readings I look for. Sensible size. Easy to hang. Clear dial and coloured divisions. Good value for money. Yeah, I think that deserves 5 stars!
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on 22 February 2013
Plain and simple. Can't write much about this as the picture covers pretty much what to expect from it. I placed it in a few rooms and it adjusted pretty well. I then did an accuracy test in a sealed box with salt and water and it's accurate. If your looking for one of these then this is probably the best for the price you will find.
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on 5 January 2012
Though light and all-plastic in construction, it performs admirably. Calibrated as per the instructions, and it shows very similar temperatures and humidities to the other hygrometer in the house. I think it looks neat, though would've liked it a bit weightier. Chose this over the battery-operated types as I didn't want to get even more batteries and I like analogue items. Recommended.
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on 21 July 2012
One annoying issue I have with the majority of digital hygrometers is that the humidity level displayed jumps by 5% or more as the temperature goes past specific points. For example, on one unit, if the hygrometer shows 65% at 20.0C, it will jump to 60% at 20.1C and vice versa if the temperature falls back to 20.0C. A similar jump occurs about 23C, 26C and so on.

With this analogue hygrometer, it does not jump about with temperature changes and thus appears to be more accurate. The difference is very noticeable when I open a window on a cool day. This hygrometer needle continuously moves down as the humidity level drops, where as the digital units would count down one digit at a time, then suddenly jump back up at least 5% as the temperature falls below a specific point and then continue counting down. When the temperature is 21C, this is within 1% of two of my digital hygrometers.

It has a few other advantages such as being battery-free, clearly showing the condition of the room and the ability to calibrate the hygrometer (unlike digital units). A digital hygrometer with an unhappy face does not give a clue how low or excessive the humidity past the comfort range, where as it's clear from this analogue display how far the needle is above or below the "Perfect" zone, especially to anyone unfamiliar with what the ideal range is.

The only negative point I have is that this does not have a desk stand. It needs to be hung, such as on a picture hook.
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on 24 February 2015
Love the look of this unit (I have the version with the desktop stand), it has a large clear 100mm bezel, so looks like a car speedometer! A clear case of form over function though.

The thermometer is accurate and cannot be faulted. The hygrometer however, is hopeless - reading 20-25% humidity when my Jacob Jensen digital hygrometer display 40% in the same place. Tried it in the bathroom (on a window sill), a long shower gets 85% on the reliable ones and this thing went off the scale! I recalibrated it as per the instructions - the next day another shower read at 98%, but the next day it was off the scale again! My JJ ones recorded consistent 80-85% readings on these 3 occasions.

The hygrometer readout appears to be far too conservative in normal conditions and over-exaggerated in moist conditions. + or - 20% is hopeless, and that's what this offers.

Shame, as it looks fantastic.....
review image
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on 26 November 2015
I actually have 4 of these same models, and 2 digital ones. For some reason (perhaps I'm just old fashioned) I thought I could trust them more than the digital ones, and I can't calibrate the digitals. I wanted to ensure my guitar collection doesn't suffer from the electric heating I have which is so dry in winter.

I've been doing salt calibrations test of all of them, and whilst the digitals go very quickly to 75% humidity in a sealed container with wet salt, these take longer to reach their wildly varying percentages. Then upon adjusting them to 75%, putting them back in the containers to check, and doing this several times until they read exactly 75%, they once again vary wildly when left in the same area of the same room. Some of the percentages are as much as 20% apart, all having been set perfectly at 75% in very controlled conditions (i.e. room temperature), and none of them are close to the reading on the digitals when they've settled to the room conditions.

My advice would be to stick with the digitals, even if like me you find old fashioned dials more aesthetically pleasing.
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on 13 January 2015
These are excellent for my purposes. I have a few (well 3) in the room with my guitars, as winter and heating means the humidity would be down below 30% if I didn't have a humidifier on all the time.

These are adjustable, so you can set them accurately using the damp salt method, and all of mine read perfectly, so much so in fact, that if the one at the farthest point from my storage heater is reading 55%, and the one closest is reading 45%, and I swap them around, they quickly change to read exactly the same.

The only thing which you have to be careful of is adjusting them. The tiny screw is also pressure sensitive, so you have to carefully turn it with a small screwdriver, without putting any pressure on the screw at all, or you'll see the needle make massive swings.

The thermometer I'm not so sure about however, as unlike the hygrometer, the three units I have all read different temperatures, even if I sit them in the same place, but it's the humidity I'm concerned with.
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