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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Colour: Lime Green|Change
Price:£57.09 - £74.95
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VINE VOICEon 17 January 2013
I first started into making proper coffee about 18 months ago as opposed to instant stuff. I have a filter coffee machine and a Gaggia Classic. Gaggia Classic RI8161 Coffee Machine with Professional Filter Holder, Stainless Steel Body

To complement the Gaggia I have a Krups burr grinder Krups Expert GVX231 Burr Coffee Grinder which is perfectly fine but not a very good quality machine for 1-cup usage (I would grind a batch every few days).

Santa this year brought me the Bodum with the aim of getting a fresher grind each time and all round less fuss. It's had a hard few weeks work now so I'll review it.

The Bodum is plastic and glass in construction. The main body is rubberised, the bean container is plastic and the collector is glass. The electrical switch (which is pointless) and the timer setting are both a bit on the tacky side. I feel that given the cost of the grinder, these components could be better.

So after plugging in the 80cm power cable, how does it perform? On the first few uses, I was gutted! There was me expecting to produce perfect Espresso coffee but all I could get was a strong black - no crema. It got to a point where I was considering returning it to santa but then I decided to swallow the loss of a few man points and read the instructions. I'll come to the instructions in a moment but firstly, it turns out that unlike the Krups, the grind setting (achieved by twisting the bean container) MUST be made whilst the grinder is operating. At this point, I took my head up from the instructions and uttered the word 'oops'. A few moments later, I have produced what I call a perfect espresso with a nice big crema dollop on top. Brilliant? I'm not sure to be honest. In my case, it is but in order to achieve my perfect grind, I've had to set the machine on the finest it can go. With some other beans, this maybe an issue. I have tried 4 different brands so far and all have produced no issues however. As it is, I've worked out the perfect time required for it to produce the correct amount of coffee for my beverage and I'm very happy with it.

Back to those instructions I mentioned - they are crazy! I've uploaded images of what we get. To use the Bodum, if you read the instructions first, you'll probably not want to. It sounds like it's ready to kill us! Use an RCD. Make sure the mains on/off switch is readily available in case of emergencies. No liability for accidents caused by having no earth. Don't use in a swimmming pool. (Ok, maybe the last point is a joke)
Once you've agreed to plug in the potential killer, how are we told to use it? Here's my interpretation of the diagrams.
1. Take the lid off
2. Pour your favourite beans in
3. Replace the lid
4. Set the grind setting and grind the beans
5. Make your coffee
6. Empty the beans out of the container by tipping the whole device up (being careful not to get electrocuted, of course)
7. Replace the container

I'm not doing 6 and 7 because this defeats the 1-cup idea that was my aim. I'm not having any problems with coffee quality.

Other silly quotes in the instructions: "Empty the coffee bean container after every grinding operation (20 secs) to avoid overheating the motor." The presence of coffee beans in the container can overheat the motor apparently?
"Warning: In order to prevent the motor from overheating, do not grind more than 1 complete unit (1x20 secs)in succession. After, wait 5 minutes to let the motor cool down before restarting" Yes, that's right, after 20 seconds of use, look at the clock and make sure you don't turn it on again for 5 minutes. I'd love to know what happens if it does overheat but given the price, I won't test it.
"Guarantee requirements. The Guarantee certificate must be filled out by the seller at the time of purchase." Ummmmm, Amazon, send someone over!

All in all, the Bodum is giving me great coffee and I'm happy with it. The instructions are daft. It is giving me less grief than the Krups and perfect coffee is easier to gain. I do think that for the money, it should be more robust in both the hardware and paperwork departments.
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on 27 November 2010
I bought this as a replacement for an expired Russell Hobbs 10934 coffee grinder. That, despite its many failings, could grind coffee quite finely. This Bodum grinder is much better (and at twice the price, so it should be) but has one major failing: it does not grind very finely, and this seems inherent in its design. It has a feature to prevent the burr grinder being damaged by stones accidentally mixed in with coffee beans. That feature results in the grinder being quite a loose assembly. I'm not an espresso drinker but, grinding for paper filter, I have this grinder set on its finest setting and the grounds are still relatively coarse.

As noted by a reviewer of Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder - Orange the instruction leaflet is, to put it mildly, not very helpful. For example, it tells you that the grinder is 'pre-set' to medium grinding, whereas it is only set by inserting the coffee bean container and twisting it (you can only insert the container with the grinder at its coarsest setting). However, once assembled it is quite intuitive to use.

When operating, the grinder grinds quite quickly, the beans flow into the grinder well, and it is no noisier than other burr grinders. But for a grinder where the instructions say it should only be run for 20 seconds before waiting for 5 minutes, the bean container is very over-sized. The seals on both the lids for the bean container and ground container are quite weak, and both come off quite easily. Apart from that the construction seems quite sturdy and solid, and the glass ground container helps to keep static down.
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on 7 April 2014
Yes, l did buy the green version! It matches my kitchen decor and actually sits well on the worktop. This machine is solid. It feels solid and it makes a solid noise as it grinds. The results have been exactly to my requirements. I have a Gaggia Classic and the grind is perfect for this. I use the espresso setting (turned to the far left) I have tried the other settings for a filter machine and find them to be perfect as well. The time of the grind is set rather than the amount to be ground. This is easy to adapt to. For me, on espresso, 5 seconds for one person and 10 seconds for two.
This grinder is easy to clean, a joy to use with its glass container and makes no mess. I do love it.
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2016
A stylish, solid, elegantly-designed burr grinder. Very easy to use: rotate the hopper so that the indicator is adjacent to your preferred grind - the underside of the lid shows a handy cross-ref of quanity/fineness/time - put in your beans and press the little red button to grind and dispense your coffee into the little glass pot.. In fact, you don't really need to put the lid on because it doesn't chuck coffee everywhere and you can leave the timer on 20sec and just touch the little red button again when the ground beans have all been dispensed into the pot. It's impossible to overgrind them. I bought this to replace my expired Russell Hobbs blade grinder, a machine that made a noise akin to a Stuka dive-bomber against a backdrop of WW2 siren. This Bodum machine is comparatively quiet. It makes a kind of rumbly whirr. In fact, my wife walked into the kitchen and uttered the words "Oh, have you done it?". "Yes", I answered. The improved taste is quite a revelation, too, due to the gentler grind preserving the flavour. I'm very happy!
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on 7 February 2016
This is a total game changer compared to my old blade grinder. Coffee really is a different experience. I'm not getting all the fines that I used to get, so the bitterness is greatly reduced, allowing the other flavors to shine through. It can grind fine enough to make an amazing espresso too. Form and function.
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on 2 August 2014
Nice looking grinder but with a fundamental flaw - it simply doesn't grind fine enough for espresso despite what it claims. If this is why you're thinking of buying it, don't. Believe the other reviewers here and look for something different.

No matter how much I tamp, I can't get a pull longer than 10-15 secs using coffee ground on the so-called "espresso" setting on this machine. This means espressos are acidic and lacking body.

It's disappointing from a company which seems to pride itself on producing decent coffee making equipment.

For any other use, it's okay. Looks good in the kitchen, nice big hopper, relatively quiet and the glass jar reduces mess due to static. It will also let you grind direct into a portafilter and doesn't require the jar to be in place to work, like many grinders.

Shame such an otherwise good grinder falls down on such a fundamental thing.
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on 8 February 2015
I have had this grinder now for a little over a week and I am overall very happy with the results. Now to deal with a few of the comments from other reviewers.

Does it grind to a "Proper Espresso" Grind? No, but it does grind pretty fine and if like me you have a pressurised coffee machine then you will be just fine. Just ensure you Tamp firmly and squarely and with a little practice like me you should be just fine.

Can you grind directly into a portafilter? i guess this will depend on the size and make of your portafilter. If like me the portafilter is of the "Small Variety" then I would suggest to avoid mess you just leave the jar in place and using a measuring spoon, spoon from there into your portafilter. I have a airtight container that i use to keep the stuff that drops off as I am leveling off and this keeps just fine for a day or two (but no longer or you will lose taste)

The grinder itself looks great on the worktop, is very quiet and has a large enough hopper to take a standard 250g bag of coffee beans. The glass jar is a great addition as most grinders in this price range have a plastic container and this can cause a great deal of static and is more difficult to clean.

The power lead could be a little longer if you want it in a certain place, if you do not have enough power sockets, you may need to jiggle your kitchen about or like me use a power extension to allow you to keep the grinder next to your coffee machine.

If you are wanting a "Professional" Espresso grind quality then you will need to spend about double the cost of this and perhaps more.

If you have a non pressurised coffee machine then the smallest grind will probably be too coarse and your espresso pulls will probably be a little too fast.

If you are looking to use a french press(cafetiere) or other filter drip style coffee machines then this will do the job just fine and I am sure you will be delighted with the results.
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on 27 February 2013
A good efficient grinder once you trisl snd error to get the grind right for you. The pre selected levels is a courser grind than I prefer but it didn't take long to adjust to my liking. A bit messy when you pull out the jar as there tends to be grinds on top of the lid. Very smart looking though.
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on 16 December 2015
I have a Nespresso machine and that is just perfect for an espresso. I also have a filter machine for the times when I crave the different but nevertheless wonderful flavors that only freshly made filter coffee provides. I keep mu ground coffee in the freezer but never-the less once opened it does lose some of its flavor over time. I love the fresh brewed (from fresh ground) coffee that you can get from a few places in London. Monmouth in Borough Market is one. So I tried to replicate this by buying a grinder and whole beans. Again I tend to store beans in the freezer. I conducted a great deal of research looking at various types of grinder and thinks like static and cleaning. This stood out a mile, it is not cheep if you buy it from some sources, this deal on Amazon was not too bad and furthermore it works a treat.
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on 26 July 2016
This is an excellent, high-quality coffee grinder. My one reservation is that it only barely grinds coffee fine enough for espresso machines. If you don't use an espresso machine, you will find this product to be perfect. If you do use an espresso machine, you might say this grinds just fine enough, or you might say it is not quite fine enough, depending on your opinion. I'd say it is (barely) fine enough, so I'm happy.
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