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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 May 2017
We've had this DVD for years now and is still going strong
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on 13 May 2017
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on 22 October 2011
I bought this as a special treat for my Thomas and Friends crazy 3yr old. As expected it was a total hit with him and he asks for it several times a day (I am restricting him to one viewing a day!).

This story is based around Percy and what happens when he makes friends the Diesel engine, a couple of new diesel engines appear in this film as do two new fire engines.

I must say this did slightly scare my little boy at the first viewing as there are a couple of scenes of buildings on fire. When I say scared this was just him coming and sitting on my lap, he hasn't done that since the first time he watched it so it hasn't bothered him since.

All in all great film for little Thomas and Friends fans
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on 27 April 2017
this film is good at keeping the kids quite for a while
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VINE VOICEon 11 July 2014
This is a 2010 CGI feature-length ‘Thomas & Friends’ movie narrated by Michael Angelis with the voices provided by Ben Small, Keith Wickham, Matt Wilkinson, Kerry Shale and Teresa Gallagher.

After a fire stars on the Island of Sodar, Thomas (Small) and Percy (Wickham) race to help and encounter new fire train Belle (Gallagher) whom Thomas takes a shine to straight away. Their friendship soon leads to Percy feeling sad and lonely. As Diesel (Shale) notices this crack in the friendship, he influences Percy to spend more time at the Diesel Works with the Diesel engines. He does so, and is soon influenced and manipulated by Diesel 10 (Wilkinson) who wants to exploit Percy’s good nature for their benefit.

As Diesel 10 uses Percy to get the Diesels in with the Steam-works in a plot to take over the steam engines on the island, Thomas and Belle are unaware of the plot happening behind their back, and with the arrival of new fire truck Flynn (Rupert Degas), Diesel 10 continues his plot.

Only when it is too late does Percy see what has happened, and so swallows his pride to rally Thomas, Belle and the others to confront the Diesels and save the Steamworks from being run amok…

The introduction of wonderfully scary and evil Diesel 10 adds a nice good vs evil theme to this film, with the steam engines going up against the Diesels in a battle for the prestigious Steam-works compared to the dirty, run-down Diesel-works.

A great new fire train, Belle, features here and she is a worthy addition to the team, with lots of great sequences with Thomas that add to the fact you feel so sorry for Percy as he takes centre stage here to simply be isolated, and then manipulated for the Diesels.

Of course, the moral tale of friendship and respect echo here but it’s very well told and narrated, with good effects and great detail in the fire sequences; that classic element of Thomas danger never far away from funny and sweet drama and humour.
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on 17 October 2016
***watched on amazon prime***

I sat and watched this with my 2yr old boy and he was glued, didn’t blink once and chin permanently to the floor. I have seen other reviews saying it’s scary, dark and uncomfortable for toddlers, my boy didn’t flinch once.
Moral of the story is Percy doesn’t feel as special as before since Thomas becomes friendly with new engines. Percy decides to accept an invitation from Diesel to visit him and his friends at the Dieselworks, a place that should never be visited by a steam engine as “diesels can be devious” according to Thomas. Arriving at the Dieselworks, Percy notices that it is run down and dirty compared to the clean and tidy Steamworks. The diesel engines befriend Percy and trick him into assisting with a plan to take over the Steamworks. After the takeover, Percy realises what he has done and who his real friends are and along with the rest steam engines behind him they take back control of the Steamworks again. At the last minute the Fat Controller returns acknowledging the need for a new Dieselworks, Thomas and Percy resolve their issues and are best friends again.
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on 9 October 2014
Freed from the constraints of the five-minute TV format, the makers of Thomas and Friends take the opportunity of an hour long special to explore the murky politics of industrial relations on the Isle of Sodor. The plot centres around the neglected underclass of the diesels. Unloved by the profoundly ‘trainist’ fat controller, the diesels languish in a dirty and semi-derelict dieselworks while the privileged ‘steamies’ enjoy a smart and state of the art steamworks.

Since the fat controller “doesn’t listen to diesels”, the disenfranchised diesels have no recourse but direct action. They organise themselves and stage an illegal occupation of the steamworks. Finding themselves forced out, the steamies come to see the diesels’ point of view and join the petition to get the fat controller to build a new dieselworks. Which he does. Hurrah. Now everyone can get back to Being Really Useful.

That’s not the story the makers of the programme think they’re telling, but it genuinely is the plot. And just in case you missed it, it’s recapped in song at the end.

Yes, there’s also a sub-plot about Percy being insecure, something about a missing hose, and lots of ‘wheeshing and whooshing’. The trains don’t just ‘go’ somewhere. They wheesh and they whoosh, they clatter and clank, they roll and they rumble, all the way from the bargain bin to the charity shop DVD shelf.
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on 19 May 2013
My 5 year old son and I watch many children's shows and movies together.  As I've said in previous reviews, I'm generally impressed when I come across a children's DVD that is entertaining for both adults and children alike.

DAY OF THE DIESELS fits the bill!  

Synopsis:  The threat of fires on the island of Sodor has prompted Sir Topham Hatt to have two new firefighting steam engines brought to the island:  Belle and Flynn.  Thomas' best friend Percy feels dejected after Thomas befriends the new engines; Percy no longer feels "special."  In turn, Percy decides to accept a dubious invitation from Diesel to visit him and his friends at the Dieselworks - a place that, according to Thomas, should never be visited by the steam engines because, in his own words, "diesels can be devious."   Arriving at the Dieselworks, Percy is surprised to discover that the facility is badly run down, dirty, and falling apart; it is the antithesis of the beautiful, clean, and shiny Steamworks facility.  At the  Dieselworks, Percy is greeted by Diesel Ten, the intimidating leader of the diesel engines.  Diesel Ten tricks Percy into believing that he and the diesels are his new best friends; Percy is then duped into assisting Diesel Ten with his devious plan to take over the Steamworks while all of the steam engines are away from the facility.  After the takeover, Percy realizes the error of his ways; he mobilizes the steamies with the intent to take the Steamworks back from the diesels, and a showdown ensues.  However, a last minute intervention on the part of Sir Topham Hatt resolutely resolves the matter, both putting Diesel Ten in his place and acknowledging the need for a new Dieselworks.  In the end, the steamies and the diesels work together to build a new Dieselworks (evoking a rare, benevolent smile from Diesel Ten), and Thomas and Percy resolve their conflict, reaffirming their "best friends" status.

Interestingly, a sub-set of critical reviews on the U.S. Amazon site, (that have garnered significant voter approval), state that this movie is too scary for younger children, and that Diesel Ten is too malevolent a character.  Some of the people that wrote these reviewers even criticize the firefighting scenes as being too graphic for their children.
Admittedly, with his snapping hydraulic claw, large scowling face, and mischievous vocal intonations, there is no doubt concerning the villainous status of Diesel Ten.  However, it is these same qualities that also make him a memorable and unique character within the Thomas and Friends milieu.  
For the record, my 5 year old son was NOT scared by this film; he absolutely loved the firefighting scenes, and stated that Diesel Ten is his favorite character in the movie! He also really liked the film's eponymous closing rock song (quite a radical musical change from the British children's chorus of the stop-motion era).  He periodically sang the song's chorus throughout the rest of the weekend. 

As a final note, I'm also a little bit puzzled by the handful of U.S. Amazon site reviews insinuating that DAY OF THE DIESELS is somehow promoting a "wrong message" to children.  I see this film as one that identifies a myriad of all too common human foibles/transgressions, effectively demonstrating to children the inappropriateness of these behaviors, and ultimately promoting the values of teamwork, honesty, and fairness -- We may deplore the general behavior of Diesel Ten, but via this character we are given a vessel in which we can discuss with our children the fact that not everyone does what is right; some people lie and manipulate others for their own means. Moreover, identifying such behaviors is NOT tantamount to promoting them; to the contrary I believe that DAY OF THE DIESELS effectively communicates that Diesel Ten's behavoir and actions are morally and socially wrong, and justice is ultimately served through the admonitions of Sir Topham Hatt.  Likewise, as adults we may find that Percy's emotional vacillations between self pity, jealousy, and anger over Thomas' new found friendships border on hyperbole.  Yet, again, all human beings experience these emotions at various points in their lives; the lesson taught through the exaggerated example of Percy is that overindulgence in such emotions can cloud our judgement, and lead us to potentially make poor or irrational choices.
While it may not be a particularly enjoyable task to discuss such things as conflict, lying, bullying, negative emotions, etc. with our children, the fact remains that these are ubiquitous realities that all children will eventually face; DAY OF THE DIESELS provides a platform for adults to discuss these issues with young children.

DAY OF THE DIESELS was a fun movie; my son very much enjoyed it, and I intend to purchase a copy of the DVD.  That being said, I also understand that every child is different; what frightens one child may have an opposite effect on another.  If your child has a tendency toward being very easily frightened, you may want to consider getting a copy of this film from your local library and sitting down with your child for an initial viewing.
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on 22 September 2011
Here is a short version of the plot. Percy feels rather depressed because he thinks that Thomas doesn't have time for him anymore. But Diesel, Den, Dart, Norman, Paxton, Sidney and Diesel 10 all persuade Percy to be their friend. But Percy doesn't know that they are just plotting to take over the Steamworks!!!!

This is a really exciting film. True, I think Misty Island Rescue is better, but there are rather dark scenes (dark for a HIT Entertainment at least). It includes laughs, evil, and even some mild horror (for three-year-olds).

If only I could watch this in 3D, or even 4D - that would probably make it even better than Misty Island Rescue.

Most things in it are really excellent. Although this is a five-star review, I was disappointed that Flynn didn't run on roads.

I liked Belle and the CGI animation - I think it looks better than that in Misty Island Rescue, and that was better than Hero of the Rails.

I give thumbs up to this.
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on 16 January 2016
Wow.. my daughter loves Diesel 10 and the diesels.. she used to know that when it was diesel time the trouble wouldn't be far behind. My daughters favourite film is Thomas and the magic railroad, the action sequences, the chases and the grip of it all for a child. So going into this we both expected a film where Diesel 10 is the antagonist to be more of the same kind. The chases and action they could do in CGI! The opportunities are endless.. instead we get a handful of debates, no chases, no action, no gripping confrontation. My daughter sat through the whole thing just waiting for the moment where diesel 10 would snap and show his true colours and watch the steam team battle the diesels in an all out confrontation of some kind. Instead we got some industrial espionage and lines and lines and lines and lines of dialogue. My daughter ignores this on the shelf now and goes straight back to Thomas and the magic railroad. For all its fault at least its a film with teeth.
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