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on 5 March 2015
I bought this item in December 2013 and had to replace in May 2014 as it suddenly stopped working. I was pleased very the convenience to return the item. However 9 months later, I face exactly the same issue again. Unfortunately, the return window was closed in June 2014 so I cannot return it another time. I was so frustrated and disappointed! Having two items (same model) broken within less than a year is definitely a bad customer experience, especially given the price and the brand of this product. I am also very upset with the return policy as for me, as long as the manufacturer sends you a new item, the guarantee should be extended. Don't buy this product and be very careful with the return policy!
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on 7 March 2017
Bought this in September 2014, worked well for the first 6 months, then one day it made some strained noises and a small piece of rusted metal fell out from behind the soleplate. It continued to work so I continued to use it.

But from that point on it would leak out of the soleplate leaving streaks of water in garments while ironing, this would also happen while it was in the upright position and that created a risk of water getting onto the wire, however well insulated that is always a worry.

Then recently it began tripping the fuse box and the steam stopped working altoghether.
I am a single resident ironing 10-15 garments per week and this iron has lasted barely over 2 years.

I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere and avoiding this product.
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on 1 September 2015
Looking for a great iron, but not sure what you want? As the person who irons most in the house, I wanted an iron which was not only light, but also had a bunch of options. This iron fits the bill. It's not too expensive, it has some great features, like the non drip, the auto shut off, vertical steam and an anodilium sole plate to name but a few.

The sole plate is super smooth, this and the amount of steam you get make ironing easy work. It glides effortlessly, even when topped up with water. I have never tried the vertical steaming although this is possible, I will have to give a try at some point. There were plenty of times before where I would have to answer the door or do something else whilst I was ironing, the auto shut off feature has really helped out. It recognises that there has been no movement for a short period of time, and switches itself off. The cable is only 2.5m, I know it seems like a lot, for me it's enough. I only mention it so you the readers will know. Some people like a 3m cord. My ironing happens right next to a plug socket, so 2.5m is plenty for me.

The only thing is, that if you use it a lot, the rubber on the handle does start to peel. This can look a little unsightly as the rest of the iron stays looking quick swish. There's nothing you can do to stop that though. That was the only problem I found with this iron.
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on 29 January 2016
As other reviewers point out, this produces lots of steam and goes through the reservoir quickly if it is on the full steam setting. But there's no need to have it on such a high setting. It works fine on a lesser one and that is more economical. On the other hand it is just water!

Speaking of which, the instructions say you *must* use tap water, without saying why, which is remiss. I have been using boiled rainwater to no ill effect as the tap water in my area is very hard. With all that steam, it seems a better option to use water without the calcium, and avoid having to decalcify.

I like this iron. It gets hot quickly. Has a nice long flex. Goes off by itself as a safety precaution. Not too heavy or light. Very happy with it after several months of use.
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on 22 November 2015
I chose this iron partly due to the hundreds of 5-star reviews it has on this website - I couldn't believe so many people could be so enthusiastic about an iron. I was a bit disappointed when I used it for the first time, but only because the reviews had built up such high expectations. It's a perfectly good iron, but it performs no better or worse than any other iron I've had.
Based on the description and reviews I was expecting it to be more steamy than it actually is. I think it produces less steam than my old (cheaper) iron. It's mildly annoying that it stops producing steam before all of the water in the tank has been used up, but only mildly. It doesn't drip and it has the narrowest tip I've seen on an iron, which is good for doing in between buttons, between pleats and other fiddly bits. When sitting upright it has a good solid base and is almost impossible to knock over, unlike my last iron. The safety shut off is reassuring and often activates when I get distracted by other things.
The reason I've only given it 4 stars is because it seems to have a different temperature system on the dial from other irons and fabric care labels, which is confusing and I'm suddenly unsure of whether I'm ironing things at the right temperature, e.g. fabrics which have 2 dots on the care label (and which used to iron well at 2 dots on the old iron) don't iron well at 2 dots on this iron and need to be ironed at 3 dots. I am concerned that I am slowly damaging the fabric or that one day something may get a bit melted or singed.
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on 14 July 2015
Its an iron, it works. I havent used steam as I hate all those problems with steam / scale...
" things I dont like, the on indicator light isnt very prominent, Perhaps due to the second thing I dont like - My ironing board had a metal rack for the iron, while resting it is meant to rest horizontally not vertically. The auto shut off shuts of even though Im not done perhaps because it thinks im ironing not resting.. It has a woven cord which I prefer less rather than the rubber ones ans those are easier to clean occasionally
Generally looks good and still working many months later
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on 7 December 2013
I have only had this iron a few days, but first impressions:

The Good:
Brilliant at what it does - I hate ironing - loath it in fact, but this iron zipped through my huge pile of washing in no time at all. It also passed the very creased linen test with no effort. It produces a lot of steam even on the lowest setting. The weight is just right, neither too light nor two heavy. Time will tell (I have had so many irons that fail after about 18 months in some way or other) but best I have had to date as far as function is concerned.

The Bad:
Why oh why did some designer come up with the idea of putting the settings on the black dial in dark red. My sight isn't perfect, but even with my strongest glasses I find it difficult to read - please note this Phillips, a case of form over function. The iron does produce a lot of steam, however it is quite noisy in doing so. I have read reviews of irons that say they are noisy but have never encountered one before, so if a constant loud hissing would be annoying for you, avoid it.

All in all though a very good iron, especially at the price paid. As said before, time will tell.
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on 14 November 2016
I purchased this iron in August 2015. I thought the high price was an indicator of quality and after reading reviews believed this iron was the one for me.

It's quite heavy which is something I wanted. The hole for the water tank is big which makes it very easy to fill. I find it glides beautifully over the clothes.

It is very hot. I have to have the temperature set quite low to prevent scorching. If doing a cotton jumper it does leave a shine even when on low.

I have not been able to use the steam settling above 1 as it spits water everywhere (I think the temp setting would need to be higher). That said when you get the settings right I haven't used a better iron. It does a good job quickly.

The biggest problem I have now (and have seen other similar reviews) is that the auto-off function keeps kicking in whilst I am in the middle of ironing. Now, I do not spend hours ironing. Stuff that. I'm an iron as you go kind of guy which means I use the iron daily for my workshirt. The auto-off function shouldn't be kicking in during the ironing of 1 shirt. I have to turn the iron off and on again at the plug (the manual says simply picking the iron and moving it wakes the iron up again) 3 times before I have finished my shirt.

I think this is a fault with the iron as it has only started doing it the last two weeks. It's a right royal pain my arse. I'm going to have to see if I can get a refund.

In conclusion if you can get the settings right it's wonderful. I can't imagine anyone wanting to have it on the highest setting unless you are ironing molten lava.

It feels good and solid.

If the auto-off function breaks you will be cursing every time you iron.
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on 2 March 2014
OK, like I say, I've never bought an iron on the internet before as I normally like to handle them first to see how heavy they are etc., but I took a chance and ordered this one. I do like it, although if you want a lightweight iron, don't buy this one as it is quite heavy, which I don't mind. It has a long cable and I like the soleplate. I also like the way the water tank fills as the small 'door' that opens to allow you to fill the tank has quite a good seal on it, so you don't get water leaking out. I have found though that I do need to fill the tank two or three times during use (and I don't have a big load of ironing to do normally). I have also found that if I lay the iron down on its heel after ironing an item, I find that it does drip water out onto the next item I iron, which is annoying. However, after accidentally laying the iron down on its soleplate, the drips don't occur. All in all I would say that it is a good product and I think I have made a good choice.
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on 8 October 2016
As commented on elsewhere, this iron is quite heavy but I think that helps to achieve excellent results. The extra long cord is very helpful if you need to move the location of your ironing board occasionally. The iron gets through the fairly large capacity water tank quite quickly, but it steams efficiently, so that is only to be expected. I have only been using this iron for a few weeks and have not yet experienced any unwanted drips or other problems. In my view it is a satisfactory iron.
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