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on 7 November 2011
Well packed with all items required. Easy to fit and works quietly and cools really well. Fitted to a new system with P8P67, 560Ti, i5 2500K, 750watt PSU and SSD. NOTE!! the bolts which fit through the mobo into the bracket at the rear of the mobo are very close to a printed circuit. I ftted small insulating washers under the bolts on top of the mobo to ensure no short was caused or damage to the circuits.
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on 9 May 2012
I had my hand forced to this solution as my Corsair Vengeance RAM prevented installation of aircooled CPU cooler.

20 minutes to install (carefully!) - Overclocked i7 2600k to 4.4G with max temp (using RealTemp) at 50C and idle at 20-25C!

Effective and quiet on low and medium settings (although jet engine-like at start-up!)

I would recommend this to anyone interested.
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on 15 January 2012
I been using this H2O cooler since last year for my i7 2600K CPU and as usual from 4 cores lowest 24'C highest 32'C (from core temp 1.0) that temperature never change even if I am using Vuze plus playing NFS the run etc... never seen higher temp than that (I am not an expert) but I have been monitoring my PC's temp all the time. this cooler is far better than any coolers I have used from the past...will recommend to all gamers and PC enthusiast.=)
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on 14 June 2012
Had this product in my computer for 4 days now and I haven't seen my CPU temperature go above 30 degrees! Yes it can give out quite the roar when on the max profile setting but at least then you know its working. Felt very sturdy during the installation and the tubing didn't feel too flexible which in my opinion is a good sign. If you are looking for a way to keep your CPU temps down but no going overboard this has to be considered before you choose your aftermarket cooler. Don't let my second statement about the noise level put you off, I can hardly hear it going on the first two settings.

This part of the review does not relate to the product itself but the delivery process, hence why I don't want to tarnish the rating I gave it. I ordered this product and chose first class delivery to get it within 1-2 business days, didn't happen, it actually took 6 business days (10 days in total due to bank holiday). As you can tell I was frustrated as I wanted to get on with my build. Contacted Amazon and they where brilliant, apologized and explained why it happened (was dispatched from France)and they refunded the delivery charges.

All-in-all I am glad I went with the H80.
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on 15 July 2011
Pleased, first time build so not a wealth of experience to go off but it was easy enough to install and I've been impressed with the build quality, a nicely designed piece of kit - elegantly simple if you ask me. Tube, connections all look and feel very solid, as does plate, mountings etc. (I've worked in engineering and trades all my life so aren't that easy to please). The radiator looks just as well built as one off a 'crosser. Fairly quiet on slower fan settings (adjusted with button on cooling plate housing) though it does kick up a bit of a fuss on max - but then it sounds kinda impressive... if you're into that kind of thing. White dial lights around the fan speed button look the business inside the case.
Comes with thermal paste but I removed the CPU to check pins a couple of times as I was having problems starting up the MOBO and the paste hardened off and needed replacing so, if you're an impatient sort, get an extra tube unless you've a computer shop next door.
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on 23 June 2012
This was my first purchase of a liquid cooling product. I was reticent based on reviews detailing noise of trapped air in the system on some examples and difficulty in bolting down to the LGA2011 socket but all fitted perfectly and in operation is completely silent (at least, the hydro side is - the air fans are VERY loud - see below).

The instructions are good, but lack any information regarding the direction of air movement through the fan. After 50/50 trial and error, turns out air is drawn from the plain (unlabelled) side. Also they state that you need to fit the support bracket to the rear of the motherboard to support the boltdown of the CPU heatsink and pump - you don't, at least not on my ASUS Sabertooth X79. This was good news as I'd already installed everything into the case. You will still need the LGA2011 specific top bracket but unlike some reviewers this fitted precisely over the mounting posts, without resorting to a good reaming.

It comes with a healthy slab of thermal joint, so I didn't bother applying any extra compound. Mating faces were good and the thumbscrews pull down evenly and gently as they're fine threaded (don't go too mad tightening them though - the threads still have some way to go in my system even when the CPU is very well clamped).

Access might be an issue for some. My Thermaltake Level 10 GT case is huge but even so having the radiator and the 2 fans installed completely blocks access to one bank of DIMM's - it's about 110mm deep fitted with both fans. I left the front fan off and fitted just one between the case and radiator to allow easy access. I plugged the fan into CPU_FAN and the pump's single wire speed sensor into CPU_OPT. Both reported speeds back to the mobo correctly (between 2200 and 2400 RPM).

Cooling tests showed that even overclocking my i7-3930K 3.2Ghz to over 4Ghz (ratio=41) gave a maximum run temp of 47 degrees C, even when flat out for 20 minutes (SiSoftware Sandra, full suite). This returned to < 30C in less than 30 seconds. If you want to push you volts and FSB further it's good to know there's room to breath. I have also got that whole extra fan that I haven't installed to grow into. Setting slow, medium or fast on the hydro pump (illuminated button in the centre of the CPU cooler) seemed to make no difference to noise and a very slight difference to the temperature gradient of the water - at my current power levels, anyway. I just leave it on fast as it's got more lights, and is therefore prettier.

About those fans - other reviewers are correct, they're loud. I have only one running of the possible two and it's still the loudest thing in the room. Power management utilities seem unable to vary its speed so I'll probably invest in a different fan with speed controllability and hook that up to the CPU_FAN header instead.

I've now been running for a week and it hasn't missed a beat. It's clearly well designed and it was surprisingly easy to fit. For the extra £10 over a good stock air cooler I think it's a great alternative, it's neat and tidy when fitted and way smaller than than a fan and heatsink with the same capacity. Just a minor gripe that you can't monitor or manage the hydro pump fully without acquiring software from Corsair (Corsair Digital Link) - I'm assuming it's a chargeable option, as it seems to need an interesting-looking cable to connect to the CPU hydro pump.

Highly recommended - if you've got space for the depth of the radiator and (at least) one fan, it's a compelling no-brainer alternative to the usual gigantic Frankenstein's labwork that you need to clamp down on processors nowadays if you want to keep them cool using air alone.
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on 18 May 2012
I have had an extremely bad experience with this product. The first item I purchased had a pump which made an extremely loud grinding noise - so loud that you could hear it in the next room over 5 case fans.

So I RMA'd that unit and received a replacement. That one was worse. The pump was even louder than the first one, and the fan controller died after about an hour - so no lights on the unit, and the radiator fans stopped working. But strangely, the pump kept going (I could tell because of the extremely loud noise).

If you look at the Corsair tech support forums ([...]), you will see that mine is not an isolated case. This appears to be a very common problem, and one that Corsair lamentably hasn't fixed.

I would steer well clear of this product.
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on 7 May 2012
Not having built a PC in about a decade, I spent a while investigating my cooling options. What I liked about this product was that it incorporated water cooling without the expense of a full blown water cooling setup.

Installation was extremely simple and once up and running the temperatures have been extremely impressive running in the low 20's centigrade (pretty much room temperature) running an i5 2500K at stock speeds using the lowest fan speed! I've not tried overclocking yet, but based on lab tests, plus the current running temperatures I am completely confident that this will perform well.

For some reason, I had expected the noise levels to be exceptionally low (bearing in mind I am using the lowest speed setting). However, I have been dissappointed to find that noise levels are more noticable than expected.

Also, it is worth mentioning that this is my second cooler. The first worked just as well, but there was a constant loud hard disk type of clicking sound. This is well documented on the forums. At first I was quite put off as there seemed to be a lot of people with this problem. I decided to go for a replacement rather than refund as the Corsair stats indicated that a low percentage of people had this problem (and I had the option for a refund if the replacement had the same problem). I was pleased to find that it didn't and have been running fine for 3+ months. If you have this problem, I would recommend going with the Amazon replacement rather than via Corsair as Amazons Customer service has been exceptional!
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on 26 May 2013
I purchase this cooler knowing that it would never be a super cooler, I got it for a home cinema system as I expected it to be a tiny bit quieter than my previous air coolers. However, the water makes a significant gurgling noise when it starts up and the fans run at such a speed that you might as well just stick an air cooler on the CPU as it will be cheaper, same volume and work more efficiently.

I knew its cooling performance would be less than my previous Scythe cooler, but it could barely keep my E8400 under 60c during normal desktop use, and under load on Prime95 it reached 84c..... and that was at stock speeds.

Useful for cooling everything other than any computer component IMO
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on 30 December 2011
Bought this as I have an original i5 a couple of years old now and didnt want to spend money on a new processor. Overclocking my i5 was overheating too much with just the stock Intel fan.

I read other reviews on this product and thought it was worth the plunge into water cooling given that this was a sealed unit, so none of the messing around (especially if your not a mega enthusiast). The kit comes with everything you need and instructions for both AMD and Intel set-ups. Save for the instructions not telling you which way round to mount the fans for the radiator, the instructions were straight forward and easy to follow.

Once the block is fitted to the CPU, the only tricky part is mounting the radiator and fans so you might want an extra pair of hands for that (though I managed it on my own with some skillful balancing). Other than that it was a smooth install.

I am now able to run my i5 750 (2.6GHz stock speed) at 3.5GHz with only a 35 degree core temperature going up to about 40 degrees under heavy load. Very happy with the product and the price, it has given me a couple more years of quality gaming at least for very little investment!
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