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on 26 March 2014
I'm extremely happy with this machine, not least because of the huge reduction in price. It looks, feels and performs brilliantly and is weighty enough to feel stable in your hands whilst being beautifully balanced for comfort and ease of use. The powerful motor is quiet at all speeds and I will never buy a cheap supermarket model again!
Treat yourself, you deserve it :-D
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on 31 August 2012
Having used many blenders this one has proved to be so durable and excellent my son has purchased 3 for his restaurant. I have never known such professional quality for such a reasonable price.
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on 23 July 2012
I bought this to replace an old Braun hand blender which had lasted for years. I couldn't decide between the kenwood or this, the kenwood could slice this couldn't. Decided on this as I thought, would I really use it just to slice a small amount and the price was less than half and I haven't been disappointed. I have used all the attachments and they work really well. It's nice looking and very sturdy. I have since seen the Kenwood and it's a lot bigger, which is a problem if you struggle for space. All in all very pleased.
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This product was sent to me for review and came well presented in a well padded inner box.
Inside the box, other than the hand blender was the egg whisk, chopper bowl, beaker and very helpful user manual.

My initial impressions were of a well made blender that offered very good value for money. I felt that the hand blender itself was a nice solid weight and it looked very stylish indeed.

The rubbery regions are matte black and matte designs are very popular at the moment. The physical control design is very different from the one that I had here before this arrived as it has on it an on, turbo and a fine adjuster control at the top, ranging from 1 to 5.

I've been using the standard attachment for blending a mixture of frozen fruit, coconut milk and protein powder in the morning and its coped very well with the solid fruit pieces. It wasn't as noisy as I thought it would be given that it's 700W in power and it was surprisingly smooth.

The beaker was a good size at approx 500ml and displayed the units in ml, cups, oz and litres. The other 2 attachments were easy to change and whilst I used the egg / ballon whisk for cream and eggs, the chopper bowl was used for onions, herbs and certain vegetables.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 1 February 2016
I was offered this Andrew James Blender by the company to give my fair and unbiased review on and I am so glad I was! I do all of the cooking in our house and love my kitchen gadgets so was looking forward to giving this latest gadget a good trial – now I have had it a week and the following is my verdict on it…

The actual “power unit” of the gadget – where the motor is housed is quite a chunky piece of equipment – it feels solid and high quality. The three “heads” (for want of a better term!) are attached to this by an interlocking clockwise rotation. The three heads are a balloon whisk, a blender and a chopper. All click nicely into place and feel secure for when you start the device up.

I like the fact that this gadget can just sit in my kitchen drawer and get it out and use as and when without a large amount of fuss and kitchen worktop space being taken up. I have used each of these heads a number of times now.

The chopper chops up my vegetables really well and I’ve made some lovely coleslaw with it! The blender is a synch to use and has converted my boiled vegetables into a really nice thick soup. Lastly I’ve used the whisk to whip some cream (that I had frozen and separated a bit). Each of the attachments works really well and I will be putting them through the paces over the Xmas period and will update if I have any tips or problems over the next 2 weeks.

At the moment it is a big hit with me! It is powerful enough to do all of the jobs I need of it and is reliable and of an excellent quality.

It comes with a measuring jug and a clear instruction book (twelve pages in proper English!)
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on 26 March 2012
My wife has used all of the attachments since purchasing this blender & states that it is possibly the best we have had. Over the years we have had Bosch, Kenwood & cheeper brands, & this is definitely the best for quality, build, ease of use & value for money.
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NOTE: I was contacted directly and was sent this product for free. I was asked to use it fully and to write an honest, unbiased review. My being given a free item in no way influenced my review of this product.

I’ve been using the same stick blender that I bought 15 years ago by Phillips and I don’t think it is even in production any longer, but it has never let me down. I knew this hand blender by Andrew James needed to seriously impress me to get me to throw out my old faithful stick blender that I used for soups everytime I made soup. So, it arrived and fun began!

The box was quite large and I wondered what was in the box, a stick blender or a whole food processor, the box was so big. I opened it excitedly as kitchen equipment does tend to get my adrenalin flowing a wee bit to find what appeared on first sight to be a simply stunning hand blender. I love the colouring of the design. My review model is red and that combined alongside the high quality stainless steel used in the construction of this high-end stick blender creates a simply stunning kitchen appliance.

Its also weighty and before I even switched it on I was impressed. I guess sometimes the old has to make way for the new and after extensive testing of this product, I can confirm before I go into my review proper that I have thrown out my old trusty stick blender (may it rest in peace, it served me well).

This is bigger, bolder, constructed so well that its price belies its quality and featuring a powerful 700W motor, it blends soups to smooth and creamy perfection in almost a nanosecond. Its so fast! I guess the motor is a lot bigger than my trusty old Phillips model was. I honestly cannot remember its motor size and it didn’t say on the unit, I checked before I threw it out. But this is not just a blender, its also a food processor and a whisk! I can’t quite believe you get so much and at such quality for the cost here.

The food processing bowl is excellent quality and comes with a rubber ring that you need to fit to the base when you take it out of the box. The internal chopping blade seems ultra sharp and is certainly uber fast at chopping mixed vegetables. Be sure to use a pulse action so you don’t over process, this unit is so powerful and fast!

The main body of the unit detaches from all attachments, including the standard blender attachment. It merely clips and locks into place in the food processing bowl and the same with the whisk attachment. Its so easy, just fit, twist and lock.

The rubberised hand grip means you won’t drop the unit nor will it get uncomfortable in use. The blender is extremely tactile in use and so much better than the plain plastic of my old unit. I don’t miss that at all since I’ve been using this new and most certainly much improved version of a stick blender.

It offers variable speeds and I always advise people to start off on the lowest setting and move up slowly, that way you stay in total control with a blender stick as powerful as this one is. In fact, this looks so good (just like my pestle & mortar they also sent me) I’m leaving it out on the work surface rather than hiding it away in a cupboard. I love the fact that they care about the look and design of a product as well as its performance. The look of a product matters to me a lot. This looks very good.

Its also a lot quieter than my previous model which is surprising on account of the larger and more powerful motor, but its certainly appreciated by me as a consumer.

That stainless steel whisk is great! I whipped up some double cream to lushness within seconds, it was so fast and because the whisk is a clean and hygienic stainless steel I was able to lick the cream from the whisk before I put it in the sink to wash. I used to avoid that with my old plastic whisk, yuk. I used the included in the kit 500ml beaker to whisk my cream, its just perfect for the job and for many other kitchen tasks too, not just with this blender. The value of this kit is phenomenal!

Hey, try out that turbo power button! wow! its like a sports car with a skilled racing driver behind the wheel. Careful how you go, its powerful! and certainly recommended when chopping hard cheeses such as parmesan. The chopper attachment without the turbo pressed is suitable for chopping meat, vegetables, garlic and I particularly love this for chopping my red onions. The rubber base ring of the processing bowl keeps the bowl still and secure on the counter top when you are using the unit as a mini food processor. I’ve had a huge and very expensive food processor for several years now but more often than not all I want to chop is an onion and a few cloves of garlic. The mess my huge Magimix makes when it comes to washing up is legendary. This offers me the facility to process smaller amounts of food and a tiny amount of washing up in comparison. This unit and its attachments is a much welcomed addition to my busy kitchen.

There are a couple of things to remember:

Do not immerse any part of the main body of the blender stick in water.

Do not fill the processor bowl above the indicator line.

The blender should not be operated for more than 1 minute consecutively.

The included instruction manual covers other safety precautions and will help you learn how to get the best from this superb stick blender. If you don’t have a large food processor, you may well find you don’t need one with the food processing facility offered by this blender.

With this superb and comprehensive kit you can chop, whisk, beat, grind (yes, it will grind coffee beans!!) and blend soup to your hearts content.

Its a great product. Its built to a high-end standard, has more features than I could have hoped for and the accessory kit makes this a one-stop kitchen purchase for the newbie through to the most demanding and expecting of cooks.

This unit has been tested thoroughly by me in my own home kitchen.

Very Highly Recommended!
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on 6 January 2016
I want to give this product 5 stars but i have one niggling issue, i used it for the first time recently to blend vegetable soup but it was unable to cope with the skins from soya beans and possibly the garden peas too. I didn't add many of each and used the fastest speed for some time but the soup had chunks of the skin distributed evenly through it. A simple remedy in the future will be to shell the beans/peas before adding them to the soup but i don't remember my old blender having this problem but i also hadn't added soya beans before either. If you don't add these particular ingredients to the things you will be blending then you will unlikely have a problem. It made easy work of the root vegetables though and the rest of the soup was lovely and smooth. I make a lot of soup so this is why i haven't gone for 5 stars.

In general the blender looks great and unlike some reviewers i don't find it to be too heavy (it does have some weight to it but i expected this given that it isn't made from feathers!) i didn't have an issue removing the attachment when it had condensation on it and it feels pretty sturdy when in use. It will obviously take time to know if i have similar problems to those noted in the negative reviews (like the beakers smashing or the blender packing up when the warranty runs out) so i will review the product again when it has had more use.

Im updating this to also note that the blender cannot handle celery when making a blended soup.
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on 28 January 2013
The reviews on here for this product are all great and together with the price this hand blender seemed like a great product. I have used it to make pesto and to blend soups and have discovered a number of design flaws. The blade in the bowl has a small gap under it so garlic and pine nuts (when making pesto) go underneath it and won't blend down so pesto is lumpy and full of chunks. The blender arm for blending soups has three holes in it which means that when you lift it out of the boiling hot soup, it spins hot liquid up at you as the blades are still slowing down. With most hand blenders the blades are covered over so even when the blades are slowing down they don't spray boiling hot soup at you. Further, some vegetables (cabbage, watercress) which are stringy get caught up in the holes and therefore the blades and have to be pulled out by hand (not pleasant when they have been cooking for an hour and when you know that you'll have to pull them out again shortly). Also, as another reviewer said, the metal arm of the blender has to be twisted into the motor to lock it. It is extremely stiff to lock and almost impossible to remove once used as the motor half gets oily or covered in condensation that you can't get a hold of it to twist it off.
We bought this hand blender set to replace the Braun one which we had which broke and it has been so disappointing to use. I wish I could say like others it's a great product but from an usability point of view it is awful. There are much better hand blenders than this one which are far more user friendly. Buy at your peril!
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on 13 April 2013
A good and surprisingly well made bit of kit. Quite powerful and everything I need out of a blender. Badly let down by a cheap plastic mixing bowl that is made worse by the comparison with the good quality of the rest of the equipment
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