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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2012
First off some advice to readers new to Karin Slaughter.

This book can be read and enjoyed as standalone piece but personally I think it helps to have read her previous books in The Grant County, Atlanta and Georgia Series.

The story revolves around Faith Mitchell and her family (in particular her Mother Evelyn).

In terms of the guy assigned to solving this case it's Will Trent with a much bigger role for his boss Amanda Wagner.

Where it gets interesting is the brewing relationship between Will Trent and courtesy of The Grant County Series Sara Linton.

It starts with Agent Faith Mitchell returnimg home late from a training seminar find her four-month-old daughter locked in a lean-to shed, her mother's gun missing from the safe, and a trail of blood leading into her house.

Instinctively Faith goes into the house without radio-ing in what she's up to. Everything seems to happen in double quick time as Faith interrupts criminal proceedings and increases the bodycount by two.

Not suprisingly the shootings alert the Police and by the time they arrive, apart from dead bodies and the house is completely turned over Faith's mother has been kidnapped.

Clearly Faith needs to account for her actions which perhaps seem somewhat premature and makes her a suspect in the eyes of the Police.

Faith's partner Will Trent is brought in to try and unravel a seemingly haphazzard crime scene with no real pattern other than the suspicion that something in Evelyn Mitchell's past has caused this situation.

What ensues reveals the broad canvass of Slaughter's characters many of which are flawed in some way.

Faith is a diabetic who became pregnant as a teenager and is as stubborn as a Mule.

Will is dsylexic, is married to an a spiteful female called Angie, who treats Will like dirt but given their relationship together in a number of Children's Homes seem to have an unbreakable bond.

Amanda Wagner is a real ball-buster who does not have a feminine side and is equally tough (again sometimes spiteful) on Will Trent for what seems to be no good reason.

Dr Sara Linton is a highly intellignet woman who is also beset with some personal tragedy.

These are the main protagonists and she weaves them into this book perfectly.

The book is fast paced, tense and takes you to some dark places which include some no holds barred violence but always done in a way which is in character.

The climax of the book is well handled with Faith, and the abductor of her Mother, in an epiphanic moment.

It only fails a full 5 star as it, at times, twists and turns for no good reason but this does not take away the immense enjoyment I derived reading this book.
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on 10 November 2015
There are so many amazing reviews for this book and many others, I sometimes wonder if I will get any votes at all. However, here goes, I have started to re-read Karin Slaughter and Patricia Cornwell after many years of turning my attention to the zombie books I love.
After picking up book 3 in the Georgia trilogy I found that I was once again immersed into the frenzy and the "I cannot put this book down attitude that I have missed for a while"

Faith has come home after a training session, is running late, traffic bad, and cannot get hold of her mother. When she arrives at the house it is like a war zone, and where is the baby?
Every room has been ransacked, doors off hinges, holes in walls, dead man in the kitchen, another dead in the boot of her mother's car. Faith to save her own life shoots two men in the house.
All hell then let's loose, she is suspended, her mother is missing, her brother is getting on her nerves, her son born out of wedlock brings back all the guilt. Her partner and his boos Amanda try to unfurl the mess, whilst Sara Linton a doctor gets brought into the mayhem.
A must read.
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on 8 April 2012
Another excellent story-line from Karin Slaughter. Gets you hooked from page 1 and keeps up the interest until the last page. You had best not be squeamish when reading this, as the description of injuries etc is in detail. Lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing.

I purchased my first Karin Slaughter book on holiday last year from a small selection of books available 'on offer' at the local supermarket on the basis of, "I'll give this one a try" and have bought several others since....all excellent reads. I can thoroughly recommend this book and the writer if you enjoy crime thrillers.
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on 18 August 2011
The book begins explosively, you are right there involved with the situation and holding your breath from the start, when Special Agent Faith Mitchell of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation,arrives at her mother's house to pick up her baby daughter. There she finds, bodies, blood and chaos, the entire house has been torn apart and destroyed. Faith finds two men still alive in the house, however there is no sign of her mother, Evelyn, who is an x Atlanta Police Chief. With the help of Will Trent,her work partner, Dr Sarah Linton and Amanda Wagner (Will and Faiths boss), they set out to find Evelyn.

They need to figure out what has happened and why, before they have a chance to find her. There appears to be a strong drug connection with the bodies they find at the house, and there is history between Will and Evelyn, as he investigated her old drug squad and they all ended up in jail except for Evelyn herself. Will is still unsure about her innocence in this matter, and this is a potential stumbling block, however Amanda, his boss, is her best friend, but plays her cards close to her chest.

The action is fast paced, as we all try to figure out what is happening and why, the story gets more and more confusing with nothing seeming to make sense,and Will and his boss Amanda continue to clash. There is also some more personal issues going on in the background, some of which we are already aware of from previous books.

I would say that if you have read her previous books, you will not be disappointed, if you haven't, and you enjoy a good police thriller, I would highly recommend the entire series. I am certainly waiting for the next one!
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on 10 July 2011
Karin Slaughter is one of the few authors I read in hardback, and she's always worth it. This one is vintage Slaughter, it features Will & Faith from the more recent Georgia books and Sara Linton from the excellent Grant County series. This one centres around the kidnapping of Faith's mother and right from the outset the tension is racked up to the very last as we try to figure out who is behind the kidnapping. Some parts were perhaps a little over graphic for the more delicate reader but is no real surprise for those of us who've been with Slaughter since the gruesome Kisscut. Brilliant crime fiction from one of the very finest writers in the business.
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on 21 July 2011
I've read all of Karin Slaughter's books from the beginning and for me this is the best one. When Sara's husband was killed off I was absolutely gutted and couldn't understand why she did this, especially as it seemed they finally found true happiness. Now I know why (and don't laugh) but I was clapping at the end of the book. This book was so fast-paced it had me holding my breath 'til the end. Between her, Mo (Hayder) and Tess (Gerritsen) I regularly forget to breath.

It's just wonderful to see some strong women writers out there. Highly recommended, can't wait for the next one. Not too bad for the Kindle price. Nice one Amazon.
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on 10 November 2011
Obviously by now you have gathered that I enjoyed Karin Slaughters latest addition Fallen. I thought it was the best one since we lost Jeffery...which I am still not completely over!
But life does move on and if it has to then I happy that it moves on with Will in the frame...he is an absolutly brilliant character.
The best thing about a Karin Slaughter book is you never know exactly what is going to happen, she does like to keep you guessing and this book is no exception. Honestly, throughly enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone.
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on 10 July 2011
First of all if you have not read Karin Slaughter before I would go and get the back catalogue first (all fantastic you wont regret it) because although this could be read as a stand alone book, the characters have appeared in the previous books and its more (for me) about their journey and lives than the actual crime/thriller aspect. This book features Will,Faith,Sara and Amanda for regular readers, Faiths mother is kidnapped, who by and why are the threads that hold the story throughout as the personal relationships evolve/grow/change,I loved it I think it fulfilled my expectations of where the next book should. Karin Slaughter is an excellent writer, I think she gets better with time not worse (Patricia Cornwell you know who you are)and wipes the floor with most of the writers out there. I don't often by hardbacks as I read a lot and it would be too expensive, but there was no way I was going to wait for this in paperback!
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on 30 August 2011
this is another great read from Karen The story line reALLY GRIPS YOU AND ALL OF THE CHARACTERSare being nicely developed
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on 20 August 2011
I have read every book of hers in chronological order which was a blessing.
I feel I know all the characters well and enjoy their lives' developments as time goes by. In this chapter, we have weird cop Will Trent, his nasty boss Amanda and Will's partner, Sarah the Doctor, Trent's crazy wife and then we meet some more relatives of one of these....Then the story starts!
This is not the usual devious sexual torture / crimes we have enjoyed in the past reads, but a more down to earth violent drug related scenario. I won't say more. Don't get me wrong, it is a big change but I did miss the darker plots that some of her books brought, some were so dark& sick that I never truly managed to forget them, which is a sign of a great book in my opinion.
But the characters are so well developed with some nice hot surprises, that I would go anywhere with them, in the dark even!
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