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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 19 July 2011
The word "finally" best sums up this book and I won't go too much into the plot because everyone can read the book description above and to add more would spoil it.

Neadless to stay I read the book in one go ignoring family and the world around me. I loved this book though because for the first time I felt like Karin Slaughter really fused the characters from the Grant series and Atlanta series. I love the realism some of the situations described, they would be exactly like most people would behave... rather than they would like to react. Also this is the first book that I found myself re-reading a couple of weeks after, I just couldn't get enough.

Brilliant story, gripping plot and as always will have you hanging on the edge of your seat... so now it's back to a yearly wait for me until I can delve into the world of Sara, Will, Faith etc. Looking forward to it already.

I originally ordered the paper version but as I was out of the country on holiday I ordered the Kindle book.
Arrived in seconds. Well done to Karin Slaughter and well done to Amazon.
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This book opens up with a dramatic starter as Faith returns to her mother's house and is immediately put in the middle of what looks like a war zone. It makes for some high octane reading very early on. It certainly put me in the frame of mind for the investigation that would follow this crazy situation.

I found that by reading the Will Trent books, I had a feel for the characters Will and Faith, but beyond that there were a lot of unanswered questions. This book seems to address Faith and her history which I liked. The books pace starts kind of frenzied and to be honest doesn't let up much pace at all throughout the book, it almost made me read with a sense of urgency.

The story however does require an element of concentration, there are a lot of theories and characters names very early on meaning you really do need to pay attention to follow these threads all the way through. Sadly the downside to such an intense book is that as readers you are so drawn in you forget your surroundings (never good when you forget to turn the bath off').

As the book gets going we see Will Trent with the help of Sara Linton try to discover who is behind the disappearance of Faith's mother. OF course Will has his doubts about Evelyn, but for the sake of his partner he does everything in his power to find her, even if it means breaking the rules. Will is not the sort of character to break the rules, which is where his boss, and Evelyn's close friend, Amanda Wagner comes into play.

Amanda is a character that is slightly off kilter, but a character that I absolutely adore. She is a no nonsense old school woman that is determined to find her friend, and she doesn't care who she has to lie to or trample on to find her. Sara Linton plays the lesser role in the overall story, but as other parts of the series begin to develop, you can see where she is starting to get her life back together.

Following the end of the Grant County series, I was convinced that there would never be a better male lead that Jeffrey Tolliver. I was so wrong, and if I am being completely honest, a little bit smitten with my `new' favourite male lead Will Trent.

As the story reaches its climax, lots of the parts of the puzzle start to come together. The threads that had been interwoven throughout the book now start to be explained, and the ending was absolutely brilliant.

Yet again I read a fast paced, tense thriller by Karin Slaughter that left me feeling sad I had finished another instalment. Having said that it again has left us as readers with the perfect platform for the next part of the series, and boy do I want to know how that goes. I cannot praise Karin Slaughter highly enough, she is an author that has taken chances, but knew exactly where they were leading, and the pathway she took was sheer genius. If you haven't read her work before I would strongly suggest you start at the beginning and work your way through them, you won't be disappointed.
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I'm always excited by the latest instalment in Karin Slaughter's Georgia crime series and have been especially pleased that Sara and Will return in Fallen. When we first met Will, we knew that he'd been involved in investigating Faith's mother's narcotics squad and now we learn a little bit more about that time.

Faith returns late to her mother's home after attending a training session that runs over. She finds her baby daughter locked in the shed, signs of bloodshed in the kitchen and no sign of her mother. Was Will right in thinking Evelyn was involved all those years ago? The rest of the plot digs deep into Faith's family life as her, Will, Sara and Amanda work around the clock to get Evelyn back safe and sound.

I loved the idea that Amanda has a network of tough women, ready to spring into action or convey intelligence. It's definitely a story of empowered women but also women who have made mistakes in their lives. I'm afraid the critical bit of information to the resolution of the plot wasn't very believable. I won't say why as it'd be a huge spoiler and otherwise it was a great pacey read. I don't think established fans will be too disappointed.

Grant County, Will Trent and Georgia all seem to be marked as different series, but with the exception of perhaps Triptych, they really do need to be read in order as there is a lot of ongoing character development in her novels. Some of the titles also differ between UK and US versions.

#1 Blindsighted
#2 Kisscut
#3 A Faint Cold Fear
#4 Indelible
#5 Faithless
#6 Triptych
#7 Skin Privilege (Beyond Reach)
#8 Fractured
#9 Genesis (Undone)
#10 Broken
#11 Fallen
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I love a good crime story and for me there's some authors that I can usually take their name as a sign of quality. One such is Karin Slaughter whose strong emotionally charged characters have a depth of realism about them that few other authors can match. Add to this a high octane full speed ahead plotline that doesn't allow much time to breathe, a great sense of prose and of course the authors deliciously wicked sense of snark to help bring the whole thing together.

For me, this is one of Karin's best books to date and is one that, if you haven't already embarked on an adventure with her before, that I will be highly recommending to old and new readers alike. Finally work into the mix an author who plays for keeps and a surprise or two that you don't see coming and it's a book that was hard to let go of.
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VINE VOICEon 26 July 2011
So we're back again with Sara and Will for what is essentially the 11th book in the series. Also making an appearance are Will's partner Faith and their boss Amanda, but unfortunately no Lena Adams. The story kicks off with Faith coming home expecting to find her mother Evelyn looking after Faith's daughter Emma. But what she finds is a dead man in her laundry room, her daughter locked in the shed, no Evelyn in sight and blood throughout the house. And so kicks off the investigation. Bring in all the regulars and it's pretty well travelled teritory for Slaughter.
I've been a fan of Karin since the beginning, having read all of her books and rated them all very highly but sadly this one just wasn't good enough when compared with her earlier efforts. The whole story is getting a bit trite and where once she was offering up a fresh voice in the genre she's now fading into the background. Read this if you like Slaughter, or the genre... but maybe wait for the paperback.
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on 27 February 2015
Found this lady author at local 20p books in my club. Her books are pacy, bit gruesome, but thoroughly readable, cant put down sort of book. This one is no exception. This story has characters I know from her other books so I'm up to speed with them and feel I know them well. I'm concerned for the characters and have developed a relationship with them. Only problem I've had, reading them out of sequence, need a list to put them in order, will and have bought more of her books.
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on 20 August 2011
I have read every book of hers in chronological order which was a blessing.
I feel I know all the characters well and enjoy their lives' developments as time goes by. In this chapter, we have weird cop Will Trent, his nasty boss Amanda and Will's partner, Sarah the Doctor, Trent's crazy wife and then we meet some more relatives of one of these....Then the story starts!
This is not the usual devious sexual torture / crimes we have enjoyed in the past reads, but a more down to earth violent drug related scenario. I won't say more. Don't get me wrong, it is a big change but I did miss the darker plots that some of her books brought, some were so dark& sick that I never truly managed to forget them, which is a sign of a great book in my opinion.
But the characters are so well developed with some nice hot surprises, that I would go anywhere with them, in the dark even!
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on 26 March 2012
I confess that once I started to read this book I did not put it down until I finished. Like the previous comment I thought 'finally'.

I don't read crime books unless they are by Karin Slaughter and I have enjoyed each one.

With downloading Fallen onto my kindle I did not turn to the last few pages to find out what happened in the end so I just sat there whilst the family starved, the housework went undone until I came to the very end.

I may even re-read it.

Well done Karin and thank you for making my read worthwhile.
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on 4 July 2015
This was not the best Karin Slaughter book that I've ever read but it focuses deeply on the characters like never before giving a great insight into their backgrounds and filling in the gaps not previously covered. The story is complex and I felt like the need to create a mind map so that I could keep track. Very enjoyable book.
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VINE VOICEon 7 May 2013
Well I wasn't expecting that!
This book was great from beginning to end. I love Karin Slaughters style, she reminds me of my favourite Author Kathy Reichs. The medical detail she covers so accurately and her knowledge of Police work is fantastic!
From the first page it grips you and as usual there is a twist at the end and boy what a good one that was, I had no idea.
I am not spoiling it for you but the gist of the story is that an ex Narcotics once disgraced Captain Evenyn Mitchell is kidnapped and her daughter Faith also in the police is driven strait into the middle of it collecting her daughter after she had been looking after her as she worked. Her Partner Will Trent and boss Amanda are called to the scene. faith is suspended while Will and Amanda try untravell the mystery to find Evenyn.
I cannot recommend this enough, it is a great read and very gripping.
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