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Tomb Raider (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:£13.31+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 17 February 2017
I'm a big Tomb Raider fan. More of the older originals than the newer ones, but this was cheap and had excellent reviews so I decided to give it a go. Well it's all a bit brutal! Gone are the days of idly shooting red dinosaurs or shutter the butler in the fridge, this is SERIOUS BUSINESS.
The first part is so intense I had to go and have a lie down. It's atmospheric, it's scary, the graphics and gameplay are pretty amazing.
This game is however, a commitment and a re-invention of sorts, it has puzzles - but everything is on a much grander scale and part of a story - as opposed to finding a key for a door that opens to a raging T-Rex.

Square Enix really have breathed new life into the Lara Croft story and I look forward to more titles from them.

When I have some time I'd like to take a good few days to just sit down and finish this game, unfortunately life gets in the way a lot.
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on 30 December 2014
Considering all the hype that this game gotten it should surely stand to reason that the game would be phenomenal, but alas this is nowhere near as fun as people make it out to be and in general there are plenty of things that are either flawed or missing for Tomb Raider to really get very interesting.

At least in terms of presentation the game goes a pretty good job. There are beautiful vistas to look at and the environments as well as the characters look suitable gritty for the story too. Similarly the voice acting is done very well done with Camilla Luddington in particular being a perfect pick for Lara, and the music as well as the sound effects are suitable in most cases.

The story, however, was another case entirely. The actual narrative is ridiculous even by video game standards and it's really strange to see Lara sobbing one minute over needing to kill an animal for food and having no problem with slaughtering hordes of enemies the next, none of which makes any sense since the entire point of the game is to show a vulnerable archaeology student turn in to a badass killer. Similarly the actual plot twist is obvious from the off and can be seen coming from a mile away. There are a few set pieces here and there that get your heart pumping but they don't provide much consolation.

As for the general game world.. it's okay, but not all that interesting. There are a few tombs to raid if you want to solve puzzles, you can find scattered audio files that give more context to the story, you can run around breaking open random crates to collect salvage" and so on. However, a big problem here is that a lot of these things are either boring or downright pointless. For example, you can hunt animals in the game but doing so adds nothing since all you get is a small amount of experience and salvage, both of which can already be gained just by playing the game otherwise. For a place that is supposedly open world there really isn't much to do outside if looking around and picking up collectables, which in of itself is little more than filler content.

Your weapons choices are standard with things like a shotgun, a pistol, a machine gun and a bow being your main ones. The guns feel like they do in every other game so nothing new is added there, but the bow was a lot of fun to use and allowed you to quietly pick off enemies which gave it a nice tense feeling to boot. There was also the addition of a pickaxe which allowed you to not only go up previously unclimable walls, but also allow for stealth kills of enemies from behind, which was also quite fun.

The one saving grace that this game did have is the multi-player. The modes range anywhere from a standard team deathmatch type mode to one where a team is trying to scavenge supplies and survive all the while being hunted by the other team. It's also interesting that the environments are able to be moulded in this as you can set traps and so on which can trap the other team, which is a great addition and very fun to experiment with. There are also a lot of weapons, accessories and characters to unlock so there's plenty to sink your teeth in to as you move up the levels. This isn't exceptional by any means, but it is still a whole lot of fun.

Overall the game is presented well with a single player experience that is dull apart from a few things here and there whereas the multi-player is significantly more enjoyable even if it is standard fare.
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on 3 July 2014
I suppose all games are repetitive to an extent, but each game has unique ways of dealing with this. Far Cry and GTAV used the infinitely explorable environment and secondary missions, Uncharted and The Last Of Us used its meticulously scripted characters, emotional cutscenes and graphics, while Tomb Raider appears to rely on its fresh take on adventure gaming already introduced at the beginning of the game.

OK, so weapons are upgradeable, skill points attained are expendable on unique skills, and interesting discoverable items are scattered atop houses and in undergrowth. But... that's about it. However, my most enjoyable feature was the ease in which you control Lara and make her run, jump, dodge, scramble and climb in the environment of the island. Her movement feels very fluid and realistic, and I've never felt annoyed that she did something I didn't intent from the controller - something that did occur with Naughty Dog games.

Unfortunately, this is not really enough to 'hook' me to the game like 'The Last Of Us' did. The whole story is underpinned by a tension of the barrier between the realms of supernatural and physical, but you really don't see much of it until a long way into the game (no spoilers, don't worry). Without this, you tend to rely on your first-hand missions which are mainly to do with helping others, which unfortunately fails to keep the tension levels high. This isn't helped by the simplicity of the story; essentially, a shipwreck, several survivors, (not very) mysterious island and a cult (basically, the 'enemy') who worship a 'Sun Queen' who supposedly controls the weather of the island. I suppose with all the investment going into the gameplay, which I have to say is one of the best experiences (if not 'the' best) I have had in games of this genre, corners must be cut somewhere. But character acting is very very good - just a bit predictable.

Finally, lots of people berating the lack of puzzles in the game, and also them not being challenging enough. Well, I did notice a puzzle theme throughout the game - the most interesting ones are found in tombs (about 2 per section of map), and a few along the main missions, but importantly, they are absolutely brilliantly crafted. Some did make me think for a good while. So for me, someone who hasn't played Lara Croft before, there were enough of these puzzles in the game. Bear in mind that in almost all instances of encountering enemies, you can play strategically and stealthily (you'll see/hear them before they see/hear you), so for me nearly all non-travelling instanced of the game was a puzzle. And a very well executed one.

As much as I enjoyed this game - a refreshing break from Uncharted - so much more could have been done with the supernatural theme. Many will say also that there's too much shooting of enemies - a fair argument, but to be expected with such a weak and shallow storyline. However, never did I really get bored in this game. The weapon mechanics, which I haven't mentioned, are sublime and they have great feel, look and sound. Couple this with a really well designed environment and unique 'brawler' skills which can see Lara dodge attacks, deliver a 'killer' blow or simply throw soil at enemies to daze them, you've got a hugely promising adventure game - one I really hope has a sequel!
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on 21 March 2018
I have completed this game & it's similar to others iv'e played before. I did read some of the reviews before buying it, now iv'e played it i can see there is a similarity to Uncharted plus there's a bit in it that reminds me of Resident Evil 4 as well.So it's not a bad game to play as there are hidden tasks to do to collect Points to boost your weapons upgrade so there is lot of thought gone into this game! Only thing i don't like it's not the original actress who does Lara Croft's voice!
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on 16 October 2014
This is one of the big surprises of this generation for me as I was really just expecting a really poor game just trading off the history of its name. What you actually get is the closest action adventure game to the previously incomparable Uncharted series, which is high praise indeed as I hold the trilogy as some of the finest games ever. Now don’t get me wrong Tomb Raider is good but it is not as good as Uncharted 2 or even 3 for that matter but it definitely gives the first Uncharted game a run for its money.
It does however tick all the boxes to achieve classic status as graphically it is exceptional some of the water and fire sections are breathtakingly beautiful, the sound effects are on point from the sounds of the jungle to the swirling wind storms, the playability offers combat which is smooth yet challenging and the set pieces are the stuff Hollywood would dream of.

Where it falls short though is where Drake and friends succeeds, simply in the story. Tomb Raider is not an overly lengthy game by any means but the story seems to drag on in certain points which leads to a (my pet hate) a number of false endings. This is just a lazy attempt at storytelling and could have been avoided by better characterisation or delivering the story better. On a number of occasions and I won’t go into details you get the beat the baddy, set piece including big explosions and longing look into the distance and you expect the credits to roll, no chance Lara here we go again as we twist the story again even though it has reached what most would say is its natural conclusion.

Tis minor quibble aside it has the distinguished honour of being the only Tomb Raider title I have played to completion. Many years ago I picked up the Tomb Raider game on the original PlayStation which I probably played for the grand total of two hours before deciding it was a bit rubbish and never picking it up or any other Tomb Raider game since. I am glad that I picked up this game and hopefully this is a sign of things to come from Lara Croft.
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on 10 May 2017
If you are a fan of Lara Croft, this game does not disappoint! Going back to beginning, the game begins with Lara as an innocent archaeologist, whose world is about to completely. Watch her transform into the ultimate survivalist by taking down her enemies with brute force, while her movement and traversing is exceptional.

I fell in love with the Tomb Raider franchise after playing Tomb Raider Anniversary. So when Underworld came out, I was eager to buy it. However, I personally felt Underworld was a bit of a let down, with not a lot of effort or thought put into it. Therefore I was rather sceptical about buying the next Tomb Raider, but after seeing the trailer and some of the gameplay, this Tomb Raider did not disappoint! Easily the best Lara Croft game of the series to date, and I wonder how the next one can top this one!
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on 26 October 2013
To be honest, I've never really played Tomb Raider before (OK - I played one game briefly a few years ago, but got bored after a little while.) However, this game is GREAT. Really fun gameply, lots of abilities / tools, great mature story. This is no longer a game for only adolescent boys. My one complaint was it seemed a little short, but that may simply be because I was so into it. The game mechanics were so *fun*, it was a shame for it to stop just when I had begun to master them. Sequel, please!

I played Bioshock Infinite just before this, and I would rate this the better game, mostly on the basis of how *fun* the gameplay of this is. Platforming, puzzle solving (actual puzzles you have to think about, with optional "tombs" too), running and gunning to beat any first person shooter, bow and arrows - fire rope arrows to pull things towards you, create zip lines etc.. - something about the bow and arrows was so fun I often preferred these weapons even when better firepower was available.

Game levels/design are also brilliant. So called "open world" games should take note. Little secrets and things to do everywhere (collectables, narrated diaries, artefacts with genuinely interesting historical relevance narrated by Lara), and while the story and progression is linear, you sometimes re-visit areas, but ALWAYS taking a different path (perhaps on a higher level) - so none of that horrible backtracking present in other games. This is linear storytelling and game progression done RIGHT; it almost feels like an open world game. No load screens; the entire game is streamed as you go (obvious connections between areas in the form of narrow tunnels, but it Works.)

The Lara character was also very sympathetic and extremely likeable as an actual person, a kind, genuine character who fights only because she has to; you really end up rooting for her, something not many games achieve. She's now a person, believable and likeable; no longer simply a walking pair of breasts. Other characters were great too!

Did I mention how fun the gameplay was? It feels like a blast from the past, when games actually used to focus on FUN above all else.

10/10, am now a Tomb Raider fan. Sequel please, hurry up.
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on 29 April 2014
As on old skool Tomb Raider player I was slightly reluctant to buy this reboot TR.

I have many fond memories or TR 1,2 and 3. Nearly everyone was playing them and a community of players started where someone was ahead of me who I could ask question and others were behind me and I could help them, great days.

This new one is better than I thought, the later old TR's after number 3 were pretty terrible. No control at all. All the accuracy of movement was gone.

This one is controlled on the joystick unlike the old first 3 but it is quite forgiving when doing jumps etc. I did miss the old control. But this TR is much faster and it works.

This game isn't so much based on puzzles, there are some and some tricky bits but my biggest memories are the excellent graphics and the shooting of the baddies. There is lots of shooting. Some quite hard to complete and ammo can run out though it manageable. A lot more death and blood and guts in this version.

Did I miss the slower pace and long winded puzzles of the first 3? Yes a bit but the faster pace of this reboot was good.

Auto aim works a bit which helps as the baddies have auto weapons and will cut you down in seconds.

Using stealth with a bow and arrow to take out the baddies is cool, you can select one in a group who wont call for help/backup, if they do all hell breaks lose.

The auto save is good, I didn't hardly have to repeat any of this game. I remember the TR 2 where you had to collect a save crystal which were scarce so you would repeat a lot of it, maybe that's why the old ones seemed to last for ages?! I got through this game pretty quick.

It was worth a go, glad I did it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 24 March 2013
The newest release of Tomb Raider boasts an origin tale for heroine Lara Croft, leaving her a far (but refreshing) cry from the kick-ass large-breasted sex symbol she had been famed for. The story begins with a fresh faced twenty-one year old Lara, newly graduated from university and intending to make her mark in the archaeological field.

Bookish, headstrong, and still quite green, Lara has her ideal first expedition marked out on the lost island of Yamatai in Japan, and with a slightly cautious and alarmed crew, sets out for her first adventure. Lara's determination that their ship, The Endurance, goes through the Dragon's Triangle, leads them into the eye of a brutal storm that leaves the ship stranded on on a beach in Yamatai thick with several other shipwrecks.

Separated from the expedition, badly wounded and terrified, the recently graduated archaeologist, Lara Croft finds no option but to fight for survival when unknown assailants attempt to kill her without mercy. It soon becomes evident that although they have managed to reach the island, the storms that cloud the skies prevent anyone from ever departing. A complex story of mystical powers and a sun queen begin to unravel as Lara tries to desperately solve the mystery of Himiko's curse and why the storms prevent survivors from leaving the island.

The gameplay is a mix of combat (very little melee, mostly gun heavy, although there is also archery to toy with), puzzle solving (all very easy though), and logical thinking. The game follows every closely with Naughty Dog's "Uncharted" series, although the maps in this game are more 'sandbox' (you don't just get forced to always follow a linear path).

Unlike the previous games, in this game, you get to 'build' Lara from scratch by gaining experience points hunting enemies and animals, solving puzzles and finding collectables (journals that expand on pieces of the story, for instance). Once Lara has gained enough experience, you can choose from three lists of skills she can expand on which help her progression as a better marksman, or make her a little more tolerance to being bashed about when falling while climbing. In addition, Lara can also salvage scrap from looting supply boxes, dead bodies, or looting animals she's killed. The salvage accumulates and once she has a decent collection of it, she can upgrade her weapons or tools so that they can help her further explore.

Although this is called "Tomb Raider", in actuality, there are very few actual "tombs" that Lara gets to explore and raid (perhaps one or two per map). The lack of tombs and exploring hidden treasures was very disappointing for the game, I thought, as each tomb was relatively tiny and fast to complete, involving very little climbing or problem solving at all. In fact, most of the logic puzzles in the game were far easier than I had expected and took no more than a minute or so of thinking to get past (people who hate having to look online for walkthroughs and solutions when getting stuck on levels will no doubt love this though).

All in all, the game was enjoyable, but it could have been better. It's a good starting point, it's going in the right direction, but it still needs a few tweaks in the gameplay and definitely more to explore.

As with most games in the same genre, this game also has a multiplayer option available if you have the internet hooked up to your PS3. Multiplayer isn't too much different than any other action game, various modes of play and various things to unlock although it has no modes that are special to new players (no tutorial or ranking for lower levels). Being thrown to the level 50 players as a level one is quite a challenge, and you'll spend more time loading and respawning than you will playing, making it quite a disappointing introduction into the multiplayer part of the game.

Overall, the game is worth buying, but it is over far too quickly. I received it on Wednesday afternoon, and a few nights worth of playing it is all it took to complete (completed it Saturday night). Completing it in a few nights includes the 100% completion of all collectables (in fact, about six hours of gameplay was dedicated to looking for collectables alone, which felt like more than I'd spent getting through the campaign). It was definitely not as epic as I expected it to be.

I definitely found the new build of Lara Croft a much more realistic looking one than the previous version the developers had always chosen for her. She is no longer a scantily clad buxom lass leaping from ledge to ledge. Her figure is more athletic (less busty), her face is more childlike, and her hair is not unrealistically long. An interesting feature added into the game is that the further you progress through the levels/maps, Lara's entire image changes more and more each time. As the game begins, Lara appears to us pristine with perfect skin, pretty, and hair in perfect place, yet as the game goes on, you find more and more dirt smudges and bruises showing, bloodied wounds, and eventually you start seeing deep-looking scars on her skin that really give her new look character. One can't help that due to the scars she was covered with by the end of the game, that her outfit in future games will be full cover and less cleavage than ever before!

The only thing I think that really irked me about the whole game though I have to admit was the voice acting. Other than the very few American characters, the rest of the voice actors were clearly over-acting and forcing their accents to be even thicker than they would normally be resulting in each line of dialogue to be cringe worthy and distracting. The actress who portrayed Lara I felt was a bit of a poor choice; some people found her tone a little whiny and pathetic and I can understand where this comes from, as every time she falls, bumps herself or gets hit, she cries out, screams or yells, and it gets old rather fast when you hear it over and over again. As far as her dialogue went, I found every line coming out sounding unnatural and forced, as if she were reading from a piece of paper; found it every hard to warm to her...she sounded almost as if she were in a trance.

All in all, a good game that has potential, and is definitely a step in the right direction. From what I hear, the developers are already working on the sequel game for PS4, and hopefully, "Tomb Raider" will be raiding more tombs next time around.
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on 20 December 2013
The title says it all. Taken alone, this game is excellent and is worthy of being considered as one of the finest we have seen published in 2013. The animations are very good, the cover and combat systems are a pleasure to play with and make the process of completing the game very smooth and enjoyable. I must say to anyone interested, that buying this guarantees at least 20 hours of great fun.


There are some problems. Firstly, the story. It fits into the context but it's nowhere near to being as captivating as its predecessors. Now, talking of Tomb Raider's predecessors. If you like puzzles, thinking about what to do next, taking your time to work something out (basically, all that the older games stood for), then this is not necessarily the game for you. Don't be misled by the title. I can see how the developers really tried hard to preserve some of the old Tomb Raider magic (hidden rewards, laughably easy tombs to raid) but effectively, this is not a Tomb Raider game.

Fair enough, it's a reboot and as people like to say, it had to change. And so it did. It's a very good game that I thoroughly recommend but I do have one big problem. I must admit that as a TR fan, this did not feel like a TR game.
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