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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 January 2005
I am 16 years of age an along with all my friends a massive Queen fan. I got this as a gift for Christmas and have already just about played it to dust. It is an incredible album that captures everything unique and brilliant about Queen. The showmanship, the great songs, the eccentricity, the brilliant musicianship, it's all here. Queen were just perfect, with Freddie leading the band with so much flamboyance, personality and charisma, Brian's classic guitar riffs and solos, John Deacon's perfect basslines that laid the foundations for Queen's distinctive sound and last but not least Roger Taylor's drumming, holding the songs together with great rock 'n' roll drum beats yet not overshadowing the rest of the band like some other rock drummers.
Greatest Hits 1 mainly focuses on Queen from the beginning until the early 80s, and contains the legendary Bohemian Rhapsody, the classic single from the Jazz album, Don't Stop Me Now, the barmy Bicycle Race, the equally mental Freddie-penned number Seven Seas of Rhye from Queen II, the unmitigated grandiosity of Somebody to Love, Brian May's timeless anthem We Will Rock You, which is still the archetypal rock anthem. Also featured is Queen's biggest North American hit Another One Bites the Dust, written by John Deacon and featuring a brilliant bassline as well. There is also Freddie's superb rockabilly effort Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which Elvis would be proud of. Not to mention the band's breakthrough hit Killer Queen from Sheer Heart Attack, which launched them on a national level, reaching number 2 in the charts. We Are the Champions rounds off an excellent CD, worthy of the band's brilliance, another anthem still being played the world over to this day.
Volume 2 focuses on 80s Queen through to their brilliant swansong Innuendo. This is my favourite of the 3 albums and has many of Queen's best songs. It includes Roger's two pop gems A Kind of Magic and Radio Ga-Ga, huge hits all over the world and both brilliant songs. Under Pressure is Queen's collaboration with Bowie, with his voice lending gravitas to Freddie's soaring vocals. It also features arguably the finest bassline ever from John. Innuendo is a soaring masterpiece worthy of comparison to Bohemian Rhapsody, encompassing many different varieties of music with great yearning vocals from the inimitable Freddie. I'm Going Slightly Mad is fittingly weird and wonderful, and shows that Freddie never lost his sense of humour right through to the end. The Show Must Go On is a soaring anthem, with Freddie showing admirable strength and defiance even though he knew the end was near. All in all simply incredible.
GH3 is mainly collaborations and solo work from Brian and Freddie, although it does include the beautiful and poignant ballads No-One But You, the Brian May-penned tribute to Rock's greatest showman and These Are the Days of Our Lives, Freddie's haunting and poignant goodbye to his fans, in which he also thanks them for their great support through his tough ordeal.

So go out and buy this and rejoice in the brilliance of the one and only Queen!!! Rock On!!!!!
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on 29 January 2006
I got this album for christmas a couple of years ago from my dad who couldn't believe I had reached the tender age of 15 and not heard Bohemian Rhapsody. I had heard it actually but just didn't know what it was. In a desperate attempt to educate me in the ways of classic rock music he invested in this for me and I am pleased to say that it paid off and I am now a Huge Queen fan! We have both enjoyed the album; him because it has all the old favourites, it's not filled with bsides and unheard material, it is the real Queen deal, and me because it was a great introduction to an absolutely fantastic band. The booklet supplied is a great guide to the history of the band and cd 3 has some interesting versions of old queen classics. All in all,I'd say a very good buy for everyone of any age!
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on 17 November 2000
Forget the so called "fans" who cry "greed!" They seem to forget that "Hits" albums are NOT for die hard fans but for people who just want the well known songs or as an introduction to a "newbie", hey, stuff like this DOES bring in new fans. I should know, "Classic Queen" in the U.S made ME a fan!Anyway, NO CD collection is complete without this masterpiece set of "The Platinum Collection". EVERY hits Queen has had from 1974-1999 is included here. Some "fans" complain about certain songs (like "Keep Yourself Alive") not being included but fail to realize that they WERE NOT HITS!The brilliant opera meets heavy metal "Bohemian Rhapsody", the down and dirty funk of "Another One Bites the Dust", the campy "Killer Queen" to the all out rocker "Hammer To Fall" are now joined by their later hits like "Heaven For Everyone".This set is a one stop goldmine of a few hours of pure musical genius. It's the perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to get to know Queen's musical legacy.The packaging is a beautiful silver slipcase with detailed liner notes AND each CD is a stunning picture disc!You would be a fool NOT to buy this, I promise you'll LOVE it!
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CDs 1 & 2 are perfect. Just some of the best music every writen and recorded. CD3 is a bit of a mish-mash, with the word 'Queen' only being loosely attached to the performers. till it is good to hear George Michael's best performance doing 'Someone To Love' among others.
Of the rest, well . . . they only put the Freddie & Brian solo stuff on as there wasn't enough Queen material to fill it up.
Not that it's not good, just it doesn't really belong on a Queen compilation. So, play the first to CDs (GH 1 & 2) from start to finish and programme in your favourites from the third one.
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on 25 June 2002
Ask any person, whether a Queen fan or not, what their favourite Queen song is and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is bound to be their automatic answer. It's therefore amazingly appropriate that this piece of genius is the song which begins this marathon of Queen hit after Queen hit. For those people who only think of Queen as having written 'Bohemian Rhapsody' this is their chance to experience something out of this world. From the original 'Inisible Man' to the truly heart-wrenching 'Days of our lives' any Queen virgin would receive an awakening from this box set and any die hard fans would be simply proud of what Queen have achieved. Forget the cynics who thing 'The Platinum Collection' is only a gimmick to rake in the cash, this is simply the best cd you'll hear EVER... and as a 17 year old, it makes me proud that we get the chance now to hear music which has defined a generation. Enjoy!
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on 25 July 2002
This best of is outstanding!!! How many bands have enough world class material to have THREE greatest hits albums, and how many of them would sell all 3 for £15?
I have owned GH1 since I was 7 (I am now 16) and I picked up GH2 soon after. Any Queen newbie will be stunned by the sheer variety of tracks on offer here: from the song of the millenium, the operatic Bohemian Rhapsody, anthems such as We Will Rock You to touching songs such as These Are The Days Of Our Lives, Queen cover the whole rock spectrum.
As a nit-picking diehard fan though, I must say that my only complaint is at GH3 - some of the tracks are lacklustre, such as Elton John's The Show Must Go On, which I think is a very poor cover, and also some earlier tracks (primarily Spread Your Wings) could have been added, as they were excluded from the 2 earlier GH albums, but that said, 48ish stunning and timeless tracks out of 51 isn't too bad, and for the asking price, it's an irresistable offer which you can't refuse!
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on 11 July 2003
Just a few days ago, a close friend who asks me about certain music and who he'd like if he wanted something a little camp, a bit boisterous, often sensitive and touching, with soaring vocals and powerful guitar riffs and solos the size of the Empire State building. A hard task to name just one band you'd think, but only one elegant word sprung to my mind. Queen.
My small-minded friend also with one word, stupidly came back to me and said, to my utter disbelief, 'Who?'...The guy is 19, and he claims to have never heard a song by Queen. So still in disbelief I noted to him, that children from 3 years old have heard a Queen song, and it's true they have, and they stick with the people who hear them. So he came back with 3 words: 'What to buy?' And I uttered just 3 words back: 'The Platinum Collection'.
There is no finer greatest hits selections on the market, and from one of the greatest, if not the greatest rock band of all time. There's an astounding 51 tracks on here, and the vast majority are complete gems.
Greatest Hits 1, a personal favourite of mine, is full from one side of the CD to the other with pure majesty, power, joy and ultimately the finest rock music of the 1970's and early 1980's. Of course, it has to kick off the with the grandiose, 'Bohemian Rhapsody', with its sublime mixture of operatics and straight out heavy metal, you can see why it's been voted so many times as the greatest song ever written. We have playful rock, with joyous and smile inducing piano (‘Don’t Stop Me Now', the fantastic 'Somebody To Love', the utter camp of, 'Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy' etc.), we have straight out rock with Queen's own twisted mind (‘Killer Queen', 'Fat Bottomed Girls', 'Bicycle Race', 'You're My Best Friend' etc.), we have some of the greatest anthems ever written, (‘We Will Rock You', 'We Are The Champions' etc.) and even a little bit of thoughtful, emotion (the under-rated, 'Save Me'). Queen throughout the 70's were one of the most creative, powerful and downright creative, and quite literally outrageous bands out there, and to some extent, this one disc proves it. Further research can be found in the like of, 'A Day At The Races' and of course, 'A Night At The Opera'.
The second greatest hits compilation, is a lot more pop orientated, a lot simpler, switching from prog rock glam, to popular hard rock with synths. We have catchy pop tunes, in Queen's own 80's style ('A Kind Of Magic', 'I Want To Break Free', 'The Miracle', 'I'm Going Slightly Mad', 'The Invisible Man' etc.), we have pure rock (The riveting, 'I Want It All', the chugging, 'Breakthru', 'Headlong', the ground shaking, 'Hammer To Fall' etc.) we have a little bit of the prog rock that made Queen famous slightly updated (The quite sublime, 'Innuendo') and a sombre pause for thought amongst the overwhelming powerhouse of sound (the beautiful, 'Who Want To Live Forever'). Queen were voted the best band of the eighties by many British polls, and with a second disc such as this you can see just why. Don't leave home without it.
Ah...now.... Greatest Hits 3...is not. Greatest Hits 3, was seen by many as a final attempt to get money out of the Queen faithful and yet another chance for new fans to buy their entire collection, and going on the offerings available you can see why. As good as some of the songs are on here, they were just not hits nor should they be on any hits collection. For example, Elton John's live take on the fantastic, 'The Show Must Go On' is abysmal. As much as Elton has written some fine songs in his time, his voice just can't take anything that Freddie Mercury ever put his sweet tones to, and Elton turns into the roughest cat howling in the street. The remix of 'Under Pressure' is ok, but it's yet another thought of 'Why is it here?', as does the atrocious Wyclef Jean remixed AND RAPPED version of 'Another One Bites The Dust'. Not only does this say, 'How can you call this a greatest hits collection?' it also makes you say, 'Why couldn't they have released a rarities CD or something?'. But this is an album that's half good, and half bad. The half good is very good. We have some solo work by Freddie ('Barcelona', the fitting, 'The Great Pretender', and the clubby, 'Living On My Own'), one from Brian May (the Ford soundtrack of the early 90's, 'Driven By You'), and we have a few Queen classics that obviously just wouldn't go on GH2 (the rocking, 'Prince Of The Universe' and the touching, thought provoking and ultimately fitting, 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives'), and there are some real gems that they've pulled from the 'Made In Heaven' album too (‘Too Much Love Will Kill You', 'You Don't Fool Me', the majestic, 'Let Me Live', the most powerful Queen song in years, 'Heaven For Everyone' etc.), which unfortunately lacks the albums title track, which was one of the best songs on the album. This also includes Brian, and Roger Taylor's tribute to all those who have died young, such as Princess Diana, and of course, Freddie himself, 'No-one But You'. A curious end also, in the Christmas song, 'Thank God It's Christmas', which could have been placed much better, which would the have left the final two tracks ('These Are The Days...' and 'No-one...') as the final chapter in the Queen book. So it's half good and half bad, and the majority of the half good is from the stunning, 'Made In Heaven', so you figure out what you should do if you want just those songs...
But this is a complete package of a band who've seen it all and done it all, and maybe gone that little bit further, along the way. Through the nervous beginnings, to the confidence of the mid 70's pure pomp, to the 80's pure pop, to the final chapter of the sombre 90's, and with there being so much angst in rock music around right now, why not treat yourself to an antidote to such things? Queen's the key. My small-minded friend is finding that out. I asked him what he thought of 'Platinum...' and he answered me with just 4 words: 'I think it's brilliant', to which I replied likewise with my own 4 words:
'I knew you would'
5 Stars.
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on 28 February 2005
Okay I bought this album for my mum this Christmas knowing that she used to love them and I knew just two tracks which were Another one Bites The Dust and Bicycle Race and thought I'll listen to it if it's on.
Two months on I listen to at least one of the discs every day, generally disc 1. I am know realising why Queen are one of the greatest bands to grace our planet bar the Beatles. Discs 1 and 2 both get 5 stars from me but the reason I have given it 4 stars is that Disc 3 is good but not brilliant. The reason for this is that most of it is solo work or involves other collaborators.
Stand outs:
Disc 1-Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites The Dust, Killer Queen, Don't Stop Me Now, Save Me, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Flash, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions
Disc 2-A Kind Of Magic, Under Pressure, Radio Ga Ga, I Want To Break Free, The Miracle, I'm Going Slightly Mad, The Invisible Man, The Show Must Go On
Disc 3-Barcelona, You Don't Fool Me, Let Me Live, These Are The Days Of Our Lives
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on 7 May 2006
Each disc is packed with amazing songs that will have singing along (loudly) and annoying the neighbours! The first disc is the one most associated with queen as it contains Bohemian Rhapsody, Another one bites the dust, Don't Stop Me Now, We Will Rock You and We are the Champions, along with my two favourites: Killer Queen and Fat Bottomed Girls. The lyrics in Killer Queen are phenominal, how Mercury got the lines to rhyme is beyond me! And the harmony in Fat bottomed girls is second to none. The second CD has some of the other Queen classics like I Want To Break Free and Under Pressure. On the CD i made a discovery of an amazing power ballad (I'm a real sucker for a good power ballad!) Friends will be Friends, this track is brilliant!!! The third disc is usually seen as the weak link in the collection but it still delivers a vast array of powerful songs. The ever outstanding Barcelona! (If you don't break any windows whilst singing along to this you haven't got it loud enough or you're not singing it right!) and another brilliant power ballad that i fell in love with: Too Much Love Will Kill You, Superb. A few more greats are on this CD, Heaven For Everyone, Let Me Live, The Great Pretender, Only the Good Die Young (sung about Freddie and Princess Di) and These are the days of our lives a very emotional farewell from Freddie. This is a must have for all fans of anything let alone Queen. It does appear to be getting increasingly rare though so get it whilst you can!
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What more could anyone want, 3 CD's with all of Queens greatest work. 51 songs and hardly any poor ones, and many many classics. No doubt many Queen fans will say that it is a cash in just for Christmas, and maybe it is. But the collection is not for dedicated fans, as they will already own most of the songs, the collection is for people new to the sound of Queen and this is the best start you can get. So overall 5 stars.
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