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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2011
I saw an advert for this CD and decided that I had to have it. The album is excellent and is a must for any music collection!

On searching for the title on Amazon I discovered two editions - one from 2005 and one from 2011 (Digitally Remastered apparently - although surely this would have happened on the 2005 version?!?)
I decided to pay for the more expensive 2011 copy - How stupid was that! When I received the cd, it came in a cardboard sleeve and sure enough it said that it was made in 2011. However when I removed the cd from the slip case I discovered that the disc and case insert state that it is infact just the 2005 release with a shiny new cardboard case! This cardboard case is apparently worth around the same as the cd itself since it nearly doubled the price of the original release.

My advice - if you're looking to buy this album, don't bother - buy the original 2005 version. It's cheaper and is the same CD!
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on 19 June 2005
Brilliant single CD. Contrary to views expressed by the music lover from Portsmouth UK all the tracks are 'original' apart from the classy re-interpretation of Xanadu. Horace Wimp is simply a marvellous remaster that adds a totally new dimension to an underrated track. The included version of Xanadu is different to the chart hit which featured Olivia Newton John but personally I think it is better. It features the vocals of the Jeff Lynne and originally appeared on the ELO Flashback box set of 2000. As Jeff Lynne composed the song it could be argued that his version is really the 'original'! A real treat for lapsed ELO fans is the inclusion of the single 'Alright' from the now hard to come by 'Zoom' album. I can thoroughly recommend the purchase of this release if only for the quite superb quality of the remastering. If only all remasters were done with such obvious loving care and appreciation of the source analogue tapes! Perfect for the car. For an 'at home' ELO compilation then the 3CD 'Flashback' competetively priced box set is probably the order of the day for those wishing to delve a little deeper into the work of the Electric Light Orchestra.
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on 6 December 2007
I love ELO. They bring back memories of a very happy childhood in the 1970s and the power and beauty of the work still shines very strongly today. I find it very emotional listening to them having lost my mother very recently and "Mr Blue Sky" transports me back to a golden summer day in the late 70s with all the joys of being a boy-child with forests, bikes and love all around. Music is all about memories and glory and ELO provide both with abundance.
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VINE VOICEon 29 June 2005
It's really not cool to like ELO is it? Even now, after various film directors have used their music for soundtracks and admitted that they, like they really dug them all along, it's not going to do your street cred any good admitting that you think "Wild West Hero "is a wonderfully poignant song about the power of dreams or that "Turn To Stone" makes you so giddy with delight that you would kiss your Grand Mothers whiskery chin if only she was still alive. Guess what? I lost my rarely tangible grasp on any pretensions to street cred years ago so I feel quite secure in proclaiming that I think ELO are fantastic and that this album is a pretty good overview of their career.
That said it misses some real gems out. No "Can't Get It out Of My Head" or "10538 Overture" (The bands early years are sparsely represented here) or no "Ticket to the Moon". It's not a definitive collection by any means. There are far more complete over views of their career available. "Light Years" or "The Ultimate Collection", both double CD, s spring to mind. But for a single album this doesn't do too bad a job of representing what a terrific singles band they were, particularly in the mid 70,s, and showcasing what a superb and under rated songwriter Jeff Lynne was.
He was capable of writing some right clunkers though and it could be argued and I would certainly be up for the challenge, that one or two of the songs on this album hardly represent the band in their best light (No pun intended) No song that has rock n, roll in the title should ever be allowed to pollute the airwaves and The annoyingly jaunty "Rock And Roll Is King" with it's gibberish vocals is no exception. Summarily "Xanadu" is way too slick and polished, lacking the heady organic grace of their earlier material and signalling a transition to a more synthesised sound that would lead to the "Time" album. Though that did have some decent songs on it.
I loved the punk and post punk period; I love innovative challenging music or exciting fresh bands. But mainly I just love great song writing. Jeff Lynne wrote great songs and the band performed them superbly. I think there are better encapsulations of their output available, but this isn't bad and will hopefully lead to an overdue reappraisal of this most maligned of bands.
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on 20 January 2006
These may be harsh words but think about it. Since 2001 when the remastering programme of their original albums started and stopped abruptly this is has now been the second compilation to emerge. When this album emerged last year 2005 there was a large groan from the ELO fan community. This was due in part to the feeling of deja vu but also that the album was not wholly representative of the bands hits. Huge hits such as Last Train to London (No.6, 1979) and even more inexplicably the original No.1 version of Xanadu sung by Olivia Newton John (here substituted by Jeff Lynne's lame "re-interpretation")were left off. Lesser hits such as Rock and Roll Is King (No.13, 1983) were put in their place. And then to really rub it in the inclusion of Alright ( from 2001's ropey, woeful Zoom album)which like it's parent album did'nt make an impression on the charts anywhere in the world. There's also a question mark over the remastering of this album. Having heard the tracks on it I have to say that the remastering on them sounds substandard. If you have the Flashback boxset from 2000 which was remastered by Jeff and others take a listen to it. The tracks on that release really come alive and stand out. On this release they sound limp and lifeless. So to sum up if you want a significant ELO compilation the best one is still Flashback. It's 3 cd's of pure aural ELO joy, has all the hits (though none from Xanadu) and has the best remastering of all the ELO releases (even the 2001 reissues!). But what is really needed rather than another compilaton is for Sony BMG to reissue the remaining albums with bonus material. It's been far too long!!
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on 27 June 2006
This album is very good, and I am a young guy who thinks these are very good and produce some good stuff! I bought this for my dad but I like it also! I heard that these were a very under rated band, well how come, most of this album is better than some of the music today that is in the top 10! Anyways, buy it and try it.
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on 13 March 2006
The Electric Light Orchestra was a favorite part of my youth - listening to their many hits on the radio. And now, I can have their very best on CD. This great album does indeed have all of their very best, including Hold On Tight and Rock And Roll Is King (two of my most favorite). But, I must admit that it had some songs that I do not remember having heard before, including Wild West Hero and Confusion - and these are now a couple of new favorites!
Yes, as you can tell, I love this album. I like the selection of songs on this CD, and with the digital remastering they all sound great! If you are a fan of great rock `n' roll, and love that ELO sound, then this is the album for you. I love this album and highly recommend it to everyone!
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on 12 July 2010
I cannot recommend this album enough to any ELO fan out there.
Don't waste eight pounds on the "Light Years" album, as it is virtually the same as this put onto two disks.
This album holds all the great tracks like "Hold On Tight", "Mr. Blue Sky" and "Sweet Talkin' Woman", as well as some of my personal favourites like "Turn To Stone".
A great purchase, 5/5!
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HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon 17 September 2014

I just happened to turn on the radio a few days ago and caught the beginning of Radio 2's Festival in a Day at Hyde Park 2014. They mentioned that Jeff Lynne ELO were headlining! I of course spent the full set listening to an amazing Jeff Lynne (aged 66 I think!) singing live. After a shaky start (who wouldn't be nervous the first time on stage, live in 28 years!!) ELO were absolutely awesome!

I came on Amazon today to buy this album and its pretty awesome! I defy anyone to not love this album.

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on 14 December 2010
1. "Mr. Blue Sky" Out of the Blue 5:02
2. "Evil Woman" Face the Music 4:11
3. "Don't Bring Me Down" Discovery 4:03
4. "Sweet Talkin' Woman" Out of the Blue 3:47
5. "Shine a Little Love" Discovery 4:11
6. "Turn to Stone" Out of the Blue 3:48
7. "The Diary of Horace Wimp" Discovery 4:16
8. "Confusion" Discovery 3:41
9. "Hold on Tight" Time 3:06
10. "Livin' Thing" A New World Record 3:31
11. "Telephone Line" A New World Record 4:39
12. "All Over the World" Xanadu Soundtrack 4:03
13. "Wild West Hero" Out of the Blue 4:40
14. "Showdown" On the Third Day 4:11
15. "Ma-Ma-Ma Belle" On the Third Day 3:37
16. "Xanadu" Flashback 3:21
17. "Rockaria!" A New World Record 3:12
18. "Strange Magic" Face the Music 4:07
19. "Alright" Zoom 3:10
20. "Rock 'n' Roll Is King" Secret Messages 3:07

Jeff Lynne - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Bev Bevan - Drums, percussion
Richard Tandy - Keyboards, Guitar
Kelly Groucutt - Bass, Vocals
Mik Kaminski - Violin
Hugh McDowell - Cello
Melvyn Gale - Cello
Mike de Albuquerque - Bass ("Showdown", Ma-Ma-Ma Belle)
Mike Edwards - Cello ("Showdown", Ma-Ma-Ma Belle)
Wilfred Gibson - Violin ("Showdown", Ma-Ma-Ma Belle)
Colin Walker - Cello ("Showdown", Ma-Ma-Ma Belle)
Marc Bolan - Guitar on ("Ma-Ma-Ma Belle")
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