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on 12 June 2016
Oh the music is a solid four star fantastic, most of the hits are here although no 'Can't Get It Out Of My Head' or 'Strange Magic' (which happens to be a personal favorite). My main complaint however is the lack of thought and care regarding packaging, lack of booklet or written sleeve notes gives it the feel that it's been produced on the cheap as a money maker rather a proud reflection on a great band. Side four could have benefited from better song selection but hey everyone who buys this album pretty much knows what they're going to get.
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on 24 November 2016
I’ve been a fan of ELO since the 1970’s and have some of their albums on cassette tapes, but I’ve never got round to changing them to CD’s.

Have decided to keep all my tapes, (as I still have a cassette player) but wanted to see if there was any CD with all my favourite songs on.

Whilst looking on Amazon I found “All Over The World: The Very Best Of ELO” (2005), I treated myself to that, so now I have all my ELO favourites on one CD. :-)

I love both the music and lyrics that Jeff Lynne composes.

My all-time favourites are:- “All Over The World”, "Mr Blue Sky", "Evil Woman", "Don't Bring Me Down", "Livin' Thing", “Sweet Talkin’ Woman", "Hold On Tight", “Turn to Stone”, “Xanadu” and “Strange Magic”.

I feel Jeff’s music is timeless and it’ll be around for a long, long time as his fans are all different ages, and so much of his music has the feel good factor.

If you’ve never bought any of ELO’s albums before and you’d like to give them a go, then this is the best album to start with. :-)
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on 25 April 2015
ELO combined pop with classical instruments - an unusual approach, and oh boy did it work.

It enhanced their music. Violins and cellos mix seamlessly with synthesisiers and rock 'n' pop. It still sounds fresh today.

ELO's music sounds so American yet they were a British band, from Birmingham.

This 'Very Best Of' album is a great compilation. 'Mr Blue Sky' is great to put on when the sun comes out - the sun lifts you, and 'Mr Blue Sky' just raises your spirits further. It is a truly 'feel-good' track. I have noticed radio stations playing it more and more when the weather is good.

This album gives you other hits such 'Horace Wimp'. The classical influence is very noticeable, with the violins featuring prominently. And who can forget Horace Wimp's 6-day week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday..).

Then there's 'Hold on Tight' (to your dreams) and its English and French lyrics (`Accroches-toi a ton reve, accroches-toi a ton reve. Quand tu vois ton bateau partir...').

ELO's debut album was named `The Electric Light Orchestra' in the UK but `No Answer' in the USA. Why? A record company secretary reportedly phoned the UK company to obtain the album name but was unable to do so. So she left a note saying `No answer'.

The other album well worth buying is Out Of The Blue - in my opinion, their best album ever. Only three tracks from 'Out of the Blue' are on 'All Over The World: The Very Best of ELO' - Mr Blue Sky, Sweet Talkin' Woman and Wild West Hero - so there is very little replication.

A superb album, but don't miss 'Out of the Blue' too.
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on 7 September 2016
The songs are great, no need to review them (although "Last Train to London" and "10538 Overture" should've been included instead of, say, "Wild West Hero" and "Alright") but the actual LP seems slightly 'cheap' and rushed. ELO were known for their vinyl releases- gorgeous gatefold sleeves, lyric inserts, inner sleeves.... this double LP compilation has none of these. No gatefold sleeve, just two LPs squashed in one album cover. Not even a download code for newcomers to get mp3s of the album. So yeah, little disappointed
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on 28 September 2017
This is just fabulous! Husband and I are huge fans of. It's Jeff Lynn and Richard Tandy on keyboards. They can do no wrong. Hope the neighbours enjoy this, as we do tend to up the volume when out in the garden.
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on 15 February 2011
I must admit to being part of the crowd for many years that 'dissed the 'LO. They were never a cool band. And you certainly didn't tell your early 80s school mates that you liked them if you didn't want to be shamed. However - I have an enormous fondness for them - when I hear the likes of Mr Blue Sky I am instantly transported back to the days of the Sunday evening top 20 rundown.
I remember when I worked for HMV in the very early 90s and ELO (II) 'reconvened' and the rep selling it in to us was trying his hardest, but - well it was hardly excitement.
The recent sampling of them has brought about the inevitable re-assessment of their talents. Jeff Lynne never really pretended to be anything else other than a Beatles copyist. But he did do it well.
Only one complaint but its a big one. WHERE is 10538 Overture?!?! Madness.
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on 10 October 2015
All the best songs on one disc. It largely avoids their earlier material which was a bit less cleanly produced and doesn't sit so well with the later songs but I would have preferred to have Roll Over Beethoven and Can't Get it Outta My Head rather than a couple of the songs which are included. So a few small gripes but I still give it five stars because it is ELO. Great to get the free download as well. Now I'm looking forward to their new CD which is out in a few weeks.
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on 15 July 2016
This is a great album and worth get. The songs are better than I remember or has the sound quality got better. Xaqnadu is the ELO version and does not feature Olivia Newton-John. The companion album to this oneis Ticket To The Moon: The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra Volume 2.
Here is the link to the album...
The Very Best of ELO Volume 2 - Ticket to the Moon
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VINE VOICEon 23 May 2014
If you are a fan of the genius of Jeff Lynne, or just love to hear the amazing tracks on this CD, it doesn't get much better. All the favourites are here;'Telephone Line', 'Mr Blue Sky', as well as all the others. To have all the classics on the same CD saves searching through the individual albums, so it's great for the car. It has very good recording and reproduction values, and the sound seems as fresh as ever.
If you don't like them, you wouldn't buy it anyway. Fans only need apply...
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on 1 October 2017
Another record that I had pretty much forgotten about until I watched Guardians of the galaxy 2. Classic stuff from one of the best UK songwriters
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